ChatGPT vs. Google Bard: 8 Features That ChatGPT is Missing in 2023 But Google Bard Don’t…

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Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, has stated in the Google I/O 2023 event regarding the phenomena of Google Bard across 180+ countries. Tech giant Google recently added various features to its AI bot to increase the user experience. Google has made this vast decision after seeing the incredible buzz of ChatGPT across the industry. 

Competing with its rival ChatGPT, Google AI has unveiled its essential process in making the prompt answers similar to the human touch. Many tech enthusiasts have shown a fantastic response to the launch of Google Bard. 

ChatGPT and Google Bard have unique features and are widely known in the tech Industry. Though both the AI bots are good at their place, eight extraordinary features allow Google Bard to take over the place of ChatGPT in the market very soon. Let’s have a look at all the 8 additional features that Google Bard has: 

8 Extraordinary Features of Google Bard 

  1. Real Time Searching 

Compared to ChatGPT, Google Bard searches real-time content over the Internet based on your prompts. Therefore, Google AI will answer your queries in the most relevant manner and based on up-to-date information from Google. Bard will help you do better research and online work. 

  1. Voice Input Accepted 

Google Bard accepts voice command input, which makes it more convenient for the users to interact with the AI bot. ChatGPT doesn’t get voice command input or interaction. You can use Google AI even when your hands are busy, or you prefer to talk. This voice command feature will help you quickly dictate lengthy texts or queries. 

  1. Export Generated Text In Multiple Formats  

Google Bard is an all-rounder AI bot that allows you to generate texts in multiple formats, including PDF, Word, or HTML. This feature makes sharing the work with your clients, colleagues, boss, or anyone convenient. You can easily export a report in any of the formats mentioned above. However, ChatGPT doesn’t allow exporting the content in multiple formats. 

  1. Generate Web Pages Summaries 

Google AI Bot has the capability to summarize any web page, while ChatGPT doesn’t. This summary can allow you to get a gist of any lengthy or complex draft. You simply have to paste the URL, and the Bard will generate the required summary. Plus, this Google’s AI bot will allow you to maintain the length and level of the summary. 

  1. Generate Multiple Responses 

Google Bard often generates multiple responses for every query. This feature allows you to have much better answers and immediate feedback. In short, you can compare all the Bard’s drafts and select the one more relevant to your requirements. Plus, you can even edit or refine the draft. 

  1. Elaborate on The Code 

Bard is an expert in dealing with coding-related queries and issues. This Google bot has good information regarding the programming languages, as it can even help you debug the existing codes. You need to enter the code; the Bard will provide all the relevant data for you. Moreover, you can ask specific questions regarding the codes and their outputs. 

  1. Provide the Relevant Google Searches 

Google AI is directly connected to the Google search engine, allowing this AI bot to provide additional information regarding your topic. All you need to do is to write “suggest” after any of your queries or prompts, and you will receive a list of Google searches relevant to your topic. Further, you can also click on any suggestions to understand that search better. 

  1. Plan The Entire Trip 

Google AI is much better than ChatGPT in terms of planning a trip. While ChatGPT can only help you set up your itinerary for the trip, Google Bard finds out the best, offering flights, hotels, and activities for your trip. Bard even creates the required itinerary based on your journeys and days. Plus, the Bard can plan everything related to your trip based on your preferences and under your budget. Google AI can even suggest some trending or better things. On the other hand, ChatGPT is also not up-to-date, which is one of its most significant limitations. 

These 8 extraordinary features of Google Bard will enable the AI bot to compete in this growing digital age. Thus, try Google Bard and explore its exceptionally advanced features. 


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