[UPDATED] 8 Best FREE & PAID Android Antivirus Apps 2020

Are you looking for the best free or paid android antivirus apps to secure your Android device? We know a lot of apps are available on Google Play Store, and when you search for the keyword “antivirus,” you get over 200 results.

Well, you do not want to download, install, and try each of them on your device, do you?. It’s hectic. 

So, to help you out, today we bring you a list of 8 best antivirus apps (tried and tested) to keep your Android devices safe. 

antivirus apps android

But before you begin with the list, let’s understand why you should use an Antivirus App on Android?

Why You Need An Antivirus App?

Google’s Android operating system has over 2.5 billion active users and is an integral part of people’s lives all around the world.

Android’s popularity and influence have made it a very favorable target for hackers and other malicious attackers.

As a result, the Hackers try to attack and infect Android devices by attaching malicious virus codes within files that we download, especially in Android applications. Malicious codes are infested mostly in apps that we download from third-party sources.

However, there are virus-infected apps in the Google Play Store as well.

Hence, just like on our PC, the best and most recommended way to keep Android devices safe from virus attacks is by installing antivirus software/app.

8 Best Antivirus Apps to Keep Android Devices Safe (Free & Paid)

Like we mentioned, there are a lot of apps available on the play store, and it’s not possible to use all of them. Hence, we have only compiled the ones that we have tried and tested on our Android phones. These antivirus apps are free to use. However, they also have their paid features.

1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Android phones or tablets could be more vulnerable and prone to virus attacks. Kaspersky mobile antivirus, with a 4.9-star rating from nearly 3 million users, is a free-to-download app to keep your Android devices safe. 

As users keep personal and private information on their phones, keeping it safe from cyber attacks and viruses is crucial.

android antivirus

Some of the key features of Kaspersky:

  • Kaspersky provides features such as auto malware blocking, virus cleaner, and deep scanning on your android devices. 
  • It’s scan on-demand feature allows users to scan spyware, viruses, ransomware, and Trojans on real-time scanning.
  • Kaspersky allows users to locate and lock the stolen device. This feature is significant to keep the data on android devices safe remotely as well. Users can even wipe the personal information from the stolen phone remotely. 
  • The standard features of Kaspersky are anti-theft, App locking, and anti-phishing attack filters. App lock feature lets you add a secret key on apps like message-app, social media apps.
  • Kaspersky’s premium version also blocks dangerous sites and links to keep your device safe from viruses and malware. It prevents phishing attacks, cyber-attacks whenever you are browsing on the internet. 
  • App has some in-app purchases for additional features to keep your data safe.

NOTE: The only problem we found in this app is it does not scan anything that we download from WhatsApp or other apps. It also shows a lot of annoying pop-ups. If you ignore them, additional features are useful.

<Download Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus>

2. Bitdefender Android Antivirus

With a 4.7 star rating from nearly one hundred seventeen thousand users is an award-winning antivirus app for android devices. 

In just 9.5M size, this app uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to protect your devices from cyber attacks and viruses. Also, the app is free to download without any in-app purchases. 

free android antivirus

Key features offered by Bitdefender Antivirus:

  • As the app uses in-cloud scanning for viruses, it does not eat your battery percentage. The scanning process is also light, as it does not store virus signatures on the device. Moreover, the process is faster and does not cause performance issues.
  • Whenever you download any third-party app on your android device, Bitdefender automatically scans for any viruses. 
  • After installing Bitdefender, you don’t have to make any configuration settings. The app is ready to go right after you install it on your android phone or tab. 
  • Upgrading to Bitdefender Mobile security, users will be able to access additional features of the app, including real-time scanning of pages. It also gives the user the ability to lock the device and wipe out data in case of a stolen phone.

NOTE: Some of the issues we found and many other people noticed is it sometimes had to force-stopped after running. It does not let you schedule the scan, which should be an option.

<Download Bitdefender Free Antivirus>

3. Avast Mobile Security

Avast is one of the most trusted mobile security apps by almost 5 million users. With the 4.7 star ratings, the app has 100 million downloads to date. 

The app is not just a protection against viruses, but it provides more features to protect your device.

avast antivirus for android

Key features of Avast Mobile Security:

  • In just 31M size, avast offers Anti-theft, antivirus engine to scan and block attacks on your device. It also gives a feature to lock your apps and cleans junk files. 
  • Ram boosting, power saving, web shield, wifi security, VPN, privacy permissions are some more features of Avast.
  • Moreover, with Avast, you can take a speed test for wifi network, access a web shield, and wifi security features.
  • With the latest 6.26.2 version, avast has added more features such as app insights. The features show how much time a user uses a particular app. 
  • The Premium version of Avast gives additional features and advanced protection. The camera trap feature secretly captures a photo of a thief if your phone gets stolen. 
  • Users can also check the last known location of the device with Avast premium.
  • VPN feature of avast premium hides your online activities and keeps you safe from cyber thefts. 

NOTE: The app frequently shows annoying pop-ups and bug triggers on your phone. However, they have fixed the bugs in the app.

<Download Avast Antivirus>

4. Avira Antivirus Security and VPN

With five hundred thousand users and 4.6-star ratings, Avira is one of the best antivirus apps with ultimate protection. The app provides real-time malware protection for Android devices. 

With Avira, keeping your Android mobile phones and tabs clean and safe from any malware is quite easier.

avira paid antivirus android

Key features of Avira Antivirus:

  • The process of a virus scan and cleaning is super light. It not just scans viruses but blocks and removes spyware and malware.
  • System optimizer of Avira clean devices’ memory and storage to make it faster.
  • Moreover, Avira’s identity protection checks whether your email address or any other account has been leaked online. 
  • Avira, like the previous two apps, also has features to track and wipe out the stolen phones. 
  • In addition, the app offers ransomware protection to ensure the security of your data.
  • Avira’s pro version has additional features such as ultimate wifi security, microphone and camera protection, and web protection to block dangerous websites.

NOTE: Even though run-time scanning of the webpage is good for security, the app has a small bug which scans the webpage even after you leave the page or close the browser. Other features are amazing and trustworthy. 

<Download Avira Antivirus>

5. Security Master

Security Master by Cheetah Mobile is a new and upgraded version of the previously available CM Security app. It features creative diagnosis techniques that protect the device from any malware attacks.

With a 4.6 star rating, the application also features a SafeConnect VPN, which is an entirely free solution to bypass firewalls and access restricted content.

security master android app

Key features of Security Master:

  • Boost the phone and battery performance by optimizing background app activity.
  • Make use of an “intelligent scanning” feature to identify and delete junk, duplicate, and cache files.
  • Lock features and applications within the device using AppLock.
  • Easier access to notifications and messages to make them easier to manage and read.

NOTE:  While some app provides free VPN services in an antivirus app, this app charges for the VPN feature. Also, the size of the app varies with

<Download Security Master>

6. V3 Mobile Security

V3 Mobile Security is a 4.6-star antivirus app for Android that is specially designed to consume way fewer system resources such as battery, CPU, and RAM than competitors.

Also, the application offers real-time protection from virus attacks and has different levels of scanning to identify any threats.

mobile security app


Here are the highlight features of V3 Mobile Security:

  • Anti-Bluelight Filter to reduce the effect of harmful blue rays from displays.
  • Privacy filters to make sure that no app tracks your device activity.
  • Speed boost features to optimize memory use and improve performance.
  • Privacy cleaner to easily clean browser data and cache data.

NOTE: App does not have an option to disable the notification bar of its own. Also, some of its features are not supported on some devices.

<Download V3 Mobile Security>

7. McAfee Security

McAfee is a company that claims to be the largest dedicated security technology company in the world and has more than 31 years of experience in the industry.

With 4.5 stars rating, the McAfee security mobile app makes sure that your phone’s security and privacy in on point always. In addition, the application features a very user-friendly design and a powerful anti-malware engine.

free android antivirus app


Below are the key features offered by the app:

  • Lock your device and applications to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Thief cam protects yourself against thieves.
  • Inbuilt anti-Spyware to stop phishing and other privacy-related attacks.
  • Backup functionality for SMS plus contacts prevents data loss.
  • Ability to track, locate, and sound an alarm on your device remotely.
  • Ability to prevent thieves from uninstalling the McAfee Security app.
  • Kids mode feature help controls the content kids access.
  • Track and optimize data, memory, storage, and battery utilization for better performance.

NOTE: All the features mentioned above are available by default on the free version of the app. However, upgrading to a premium plan will remove advertisements from the application and also provide you with phone support in case you need assistance.

<Download McAfee Security>

8. Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security was awarded “Best Protection 2015” and “Best Android Security 2016” by AV-Test for completing 14 tests with a 100% score in a row. It’s a public security global services provider for personal, enterprise, and government purposes.

Sophos, with a 4.5-star ratings, is a free all-round antivirus and mobile security app that offers all features for free with no in-app purchases or advertisements.

free antivirus app

Below are some of the chief features of Sophos Mobile Security apart from malware protection:

  • Password protect applications with app lock.
  • Set multi-factor authentication.
  • Remotely lock your device or wipe its content in case of loss or theft.
  • Check your WiFi connection for attacks such as a man-in-middle attack.
  • Filter and block illegal, unethical, and malicious content.
  • Get personalized security advice for your device.
  • Block unwanted and spam phone calls.
  • Store and access all your usernames and password using a database that is compatible with KeePass.
  • Find and monitor applications that can access your data.
  • Monitor your cellular data usage.
  • Scan your device for battery-draining apps.

<Download Sophos Mobile Security>

Final Words-

The antivirus apps for Android we listed above provide users with all-around malware protection and additional features. Some of them have their PRO features. If you like trying the paid version, you can.

While choosing an antivirus app for your device, try to pick the one that has the additional features and optimizations that you want. This will help in making sure that you get the best performance and functionality out of the antivirus app on your Android device.

We hope you enjoyed reading the post and find the apps useful. Do let us know which antivirus app you use on your Android phone. We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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Best Free & Paid Cloud Storage Services For Photos 2019

We all want to capture beautiful memories and never want to lose them. But the usual issue that we face across is when our devices have their memory full and we have to either transfer data from phone to external hard disk or we have to delete them. And it’s quite painful.

First it takes time and secondly, it feels bad when we are about to erase them.

In this post, we have come with the best collection of cloud storage that will help you to store your photos and videos on the cloud directly.

Cloud storage services are a quick and easy method to save your data on the internet minus the risk of losing it.

Numerous websites offer free storage ranging between 1 GB – 15 GB of space along with paid plans offering up to 10 TB of online storage space.

We will take you through the most common names like Dropbox and Google Photos to the latest advancements like Shoebox and Canon Irista.

10 Best Free/Paid Cloud Storage For Photos & Videos 2019 

Let’s get started with this amazing image cloud storage options.

1. Google Photos

Google Photos is a cloud storage option developed by Google which backs up almost all media files from multiple devices. It is particularly famous for its 15 GB of unlimited free storage where users can save unlimited images at a resolution of 16 megapixels only. Images over 16 megapixels are compressed to size, and videos are capped at 1080p resolution.          

google photos cloud storage    

Google Photos not only backs up your photos but also allows organizing, sharing, and managing photos and videos. It makes sure you don’t have replicas by removing unnecessary duplicates and also stores the best version available. It also has an in-built image editing tool.

In case users want extra space, you can grab space of 100 GB for about $1.99 per month. Additional storage space 10GB/ 20GB/ 30GB will you cost you around $99.99/ $199.99/ $299.99. Therefore the storage space they are giving at this price is fairly good enough and definitely becomes the first choice of users.

<Try Google Photos>

2. Amazon Prime Photos

Another cloud storage service makes to our list of best cloud storage of option is the Amazon Prime Photos. If you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime, you are allowed to upload any number of high-resolution photos on Amazon Cloud.

amazon prime photos

As a Prime member, the unlimited storage is limited to picture formats only, and other files like documents and videos are counted in an additional 5 GB storage. Also, files larger than 2Gb can’t be uploaded under unlimited section and videos longer than 20 minutes.

amazon storage plans

Those who aren’t using the Amazon Prime Service can buy cloud space. They offer annual storage plans of 100 GB for $11.99 per year and 1 TB for $59.99 per year.

<Try Amazon Prime Photos>

3. Flickr


Flickr is a cloud storage and image sharing platform where people can upload images and share to their friends as well. There are lots of great photo sharing platforms available such as Instagram or Facebook, extremely useful for professional photographers.
Flickr comes with both free and paid options.

The free account limits you to upload only 1000 photos and videos. The Flickr Free plan clearly lacks in term of storage capacity, and also they show ads on account with this plan.

flickr cloud storage

If you wish to go Flickr Pro, you either get a $6.99 per month plan or Annual Plan which will cost you $4.99 /per month. Interestingly, the Annual Plan comes with exclusive discounts from Adobe, Blurb, SmugMug, and Prime. Flickr is designed as an Image sharing platform, so your uploads are by default live on Internet links for the world to see.

Although, you can control who sees or downloads your media files with their sharing options. Furthermore, you can automatically share photos/videos with linked social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

<Try Flickr Cloud Storage>

4. Dropbox

If you’re looking for the lower-cost and yet better cloud image storage option, then Dropbox is for you. It’s simple and has an easy to use interface.

dropbox cloud storage

You can try both Dropbox plans free for 30 days. Dropbox has smart sync which comes with both free and paid plans. Also, you can share files with non-dropbox users as well. It is a cheap storage option for individuals and an excellent platform for teams.

Dropbox Showcase is a platform for photographers where they can turn their files into a beautifully packaged page. This can be shared among partners, and it also keeps track of who’s seen what.

dropbox app

The free plan gives you the cloud storage space of 2 GB, whereas there is two paid plan called Standard and Advanced. Standard plan costs $12.50 / user / month, whereas the Advanced plan costs $20/ user / month; both starting at 3 users.

Additionally, you can connect all your apps with Dropbox-like Gmail, Slack, Adobe, etc.

<Try DropBox>

5. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft’s OneDrive is similar to Google Drive where you can save and access your files from anywhere. OneDrive comes with the support of many integrated apps and is endorsed by Windows 10; thus it has a similar navigation interface as Windows 10.

Although OneDrive is not specifically designed for photographers concerns, thus it’ll disappoint you in terms of the viewing experience. Although in terms of features of paid plans, you get Advanced Security through expiring sharing links and password protected sharing links.

microsoft's onedrive

There are four pricing plans. The first and free version is called OneDrive Basic 5 GB, where you get 5GB of free storage. This plan has no other feature involved. The paid ones are Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, and OneDrive 50 GB. OneDrive 50 GB will cost you $1.99 a month which is also Storage only. Office 365 Personal & Office 365 Home include Premium OneDrive Features and cost $69.99/year and $99.99/year respectively.

<Try OneDrive>

6. Sync.com

Sync.com is a typical cloud data storage service which ensures data security which is also their first priority. It is mainly for users who are wanting to archive data that chokes up their storage space.

Sync provides you with a 5 GB free storage on sign up which users can upgrade anytime. Sync stands out from its competitors because of its 100% privacy and End-to-end encryption that protects the data.

Pricing: There are three plans of sync.com namely Business Solo Plan, Business Pro Plan, and Advanced Business Plan. The business solo plan is for individuals and costs $8 per month along with the 2 TB of protected cloud storage. While Business Pro plan costs you about $5 a month (per user) with 1 TB of cloud storage space per user. This plan has the user capabilities to add another user by the cost of $5 per month.

sync free storage tool

The last one is an Advanced Business Plan costs you $15 per month (per user) that offers you 10 TB of storage cloud storage space. All these plans come with the feature of advanced sharing and collaboration.

<Try Sync>

7. Shoebox

Shoebox is the next best to Google Photos in terms of storage options but better in case of pricing. So Shoebox allows unlimited Photo Backup to its users for free. This is a Secure & Encrypted cloud storage service which is readily available for both Mobile and Desktop Apps. You can even access them via Web Access.

shoebox cloud storage

Shoebox also offers a paid plan of $5/month where you are allowed to store Original Resolution Backup whereas in the free version you can upload only High-Quality Backup. Another different between free and paid versions is in free Shoebox account you can have 15 Minutes of Video Backup whereas, for the Paid member, 10 Hours of Video Backup is available.

You can try Shoebox for free. After 14 days, you will have to pick a plan.

<Try Shoebox>

8. Canon Irista

A couple of years ago Canon launched cloud storage space services along with its photo storing and sharing website. Presently Canon Irista provides 15 GB free cloud storage for storing images which are open for all the countries. The user can avail this free 15 GB free cloud storage just by creating an account.

canon Irista

Once you upload your image, you can directly share images on social media platforms like Facebook or Flickr. Canon Irista supports all kinds of file formats which quite impressive and also it doesn’t have the restriction of file size. Therefore you can upload a photo of any size.

It also has a paid plan for users who require more than 15GB storage. There are two paid plans – Irista 100 GB and Irista 500 GB.

<Try Canon Irista>

9. iCloud

iCloud is a cloud-based storage service introduced by Apple to challenge other cloud storage service. iCloud not only stores photos, but it has the capabilities to store your contacts, calendar, notes and you can even save iWork as well. It comes with 5GB of free storage space.

iCloud allows you to keep the most precious memories captured in the photographs in online servers. If you want to access these images, you can access it directly through any Apple device like iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac. It also lets you access your data via Windows PC as well which is quite impressive.

iCloud storage

iCloud offers three different plans of 50 GB, 200GB and 2 TB. The rates of each plan differ according to the region. Here are details for United States where for a 50 GB of extra storage space, you’ll have to pay $0.99 a month. For 200 GB storage space, it’ll cost you around $2.99 a month.

If you want 2TB storage space, you can get it by paying $9.99 per month.
Complete details of rates for each region are available here.

<Try iCloud>

10. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is well known for its product services like Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, etc. All these services of Adobe can be accessed through all in one service called Adobe Creative Cloud.

It’s a photographer-centric service which also supports the RAW image formats. You have the option of uploading your images from any platform through the apps supported by Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS well.

Adobe has highlighted the region of photography with its individual photography plans. Creative Cloud Photography costs you $39.99 a month when paid annually. For students and teachers, Creative Cloud costs $19.99/ per month for all its apps.
Initially, Adobe Creative Cloud offers a free trial of 7 day period to try it out by yourself. The Creative Cloud is the central spot for all of these programs owned by Adobe.

adobe creative cloud

This feature offers up to 10TB of cloud storage along with all Adobe Creative Cloud Apps. This is a good option for creative heads.

<Try Adobe Creative Cloud Apps>

We hope you find the above-mentioned online cloud storage services helpful. Like we said above, a lot of cloud storage options are available over the web but here we only covered those that free and paid both moreover easy to use.

If you are using any other cloud storage for your photos, feel free to let us know. 

Best Android Games To Play This Holiday Season (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best Android games to play online? Holidays are approaching for you to get ready with exciting online mobile games. Let your energy get soaked in the most awaited seasonal spirit of 2019.

Below listed Android games will let you connect new friends. Moreover, invite your friends to join you in the surgical strikes. The battlefield is indeed yours get the most of it and win exciting prizes, unlock adventures, etc.

Let’s grab every single detail about each game before we start so that there’s nothing left unheard.

Best Android Games 2019 – FREE & Paid  

Here are the top ten Android online games that you can play this season. There are a lot of games available over the web but we only come up with the best ones here available in FREE and PAID versions:

1. PUBG Mobile (Free)

PUBG, short for Player’s Unknown Battleground is now available for Android and iPhones. This game has got the first place in the list of Android games as expected. It is evident that this game has acquired lots of attention from the day of its release. Presently PUBG Mobile crossed more than 20 Million active users worldwide in September 2018 according to the Hindustan Times.

The PUBG Mobile is a massive player vs. player battle royal game. In the game, 100 players get dropped from the airplane to the island, and then they fight for their survival. The island is lit up with full of weapons, vehicles and various gears as well.


One of the best-loved features is being able to communicate with the teammates while playing the game. In this, a group of 3 – 4 friends squad up and enjoy the game together while talking.

Though PUBG basics are similar to its Xbox One versions, it has many improvements in controls and features from the Xbox One version.

In the recent update, PUBG Mobile introduced new game modes under Arcade mode section such as Quick Match, Mini Zone, and War mode. A player who is in a hurry can have the ultimate Arcade gaming experience instead of playing classic mode.

<Play PUBG Mobile>


Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are the two favorite games from Supercell studio. The Brawl Star is Supercell’s next big thing which is a mix of Fornite and Supercell’s Clash Royale.

Brawl Stars allows 3 vs. 3 battle where players from all over the world can have the ultimate top-down shooting game experience. Every arena of Brawl stars has 10 fighters, and the player who lasts until the end wins the game. In this game, players fight till death much as they do in Fortnite, team modes require communication and coordination skills like in League of Legends, and just like in Overwatch there are heroes individual strengths, weaknesses, and colorful skins to unlock.

android game

Brawl Star is not just a mix of experience from Fornite, Overwatch, and League of Legends but it a game designed only for mobiles.

One cool thing about Brawl Stars is its accuracy of shooting; although I would not say that it’s perfect, I didn’t find myself struggling with the controls.

As you grow your level in the game, you will be able to unlock upgrades such as new brawler’s stats characters as well as you can unlock new game modes.

<Play Brawl Starts>

3. RWBY: Amity Arena (Free)

RWBY: Amity Arena was introduced under the influence of one of the famous American anime web series. In case you are not aware of RWBY, initially, the series got launched in 2013 from Rooster Teeth where the focus of the series was its four characters Ruby, Weiss,

Blake and Yang. These four characters together form the word RWBY. The Freemium RWBY: Amity Arena combines real-time gaming strategy elements with collectible gameplay card.

android mobile game

You have the choice to pick many unique Huntresses or Hunstmen from the series. Each of the cards has its unique abilities and weapons produced by the set particular substance known as Dust.

<Play RWBY Today>  

4. Fornite (Free)

This is one of the world’s most favorite game, and it happens to be available on Android as well. I know, the feel of playing Fornite with mouse and keyboard for precision headshots doesn’t match with touchscreen controls, but with Fornite for Android, you can complete all of those battle pass challenges right on Android.

best android mobile game

<Play Fornite Today>

5. Holedown

Holedown is most the rarest game that everyone seems to fall in love with it. It has acquired great popularity from the game enthusiasts since it got released on the Google Play store in late July. Holedown is the most recent game developed by the Swedish developer in Jonasson.


The game is all about mining your path through a series of stellar objects. You have control over rain of balls that dart out from the top of your screens, following the way you have set for them.

<Play Holedown>

6. The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old sins is considered as the contrast of escape the room games. The story of the game is about solving puzzles where the players will be given one dollhouse.

On that dollhouse, they have to analyze and find many clues by manipulating various objects within the room. With the help of these clues, they have to solve the puzzle.

best paid android mobile game

In easier words, with The Rooms game, you have to explore the room and discover the secret wonders of the room. Even you can also use the touch gestures of your device to interact with your puzzle box which is full of secrets.

There will be a particular eyepiece using which players can interact with objects that are hidden or null. Don’t worry if you are stuck while manipulating the object you can request for the hint.

<Play The Room>

7. Dissembler

Dissembler is merely a combination of color matching game and tile sliding puzzle game. However it sounds like an ordinary puzzle game, but believe me, it’s more much more interesting than it seems.

In shorts, it’s smart, it’s tough, and its art style of the game gives you the engaging and ultimate gaming experience.

best paid android game

Trust me every single mistake you make in the game will force you to hit the rewind button. The more experience you get, deeper you will go onto this highly addictive game.
Dissembler is the next level mobile puzzling game which lets you think in new and exciting ways.

<Play Dissembler>

8. Death Road to Canada

If you are looking for Road Trip Action game than the Death Road Trip to Canada is the game is for you. This road trip will start in Florida and end in Canada where you get to drive along a few misfits fighting off some 500 Zombies on the way.

One cool thing about Death Road to Canada is that all the events and locations are randomized and not fixed. The players of this game are enthusiastic each time they play because of its randomness. You get a new and fun road trip every time which makes it an exciting and offbeat game.

paid android game

In this game, you can create your character traits and ever your misfit’s character where you can ever give them the strengths to throw Sofas over Zombies. Another cool thing, you can tell your car buddies to ‘cool it.’

Your car buddies will have a range of traits that vary from mechanic ability to fix the car during your road trip to the morale meter which will shift as a character eats a good meal.

Your journey begins in Florida, and all you have to do is to survive the trip to Canada. How good are your survival skills and how good you are with choosing the right survival traits for your trip, you can get it tested with the Death Road to Canada Game?

<Play Death Road to Canada>

9. Stranger Things: The Game (Free)

In case you haven’t heard that recently Netflix has released an Android adventure game for mobile devices which is wholly based on their hit web series “Stranger Things.”

So here I’m introducing Stranger Things game app; basically, this game is divided into a series of chapters. The first chapter will give you the way to discover the animated town, lab and a complete mysterious area called “The Upside Down.”

free android games

To navigate the game’s map player will have to complete specific tasks and missions such as activating some switches to open some doors, pushing buttons, attacking guards across levels.

The controls provided in the game are straightforward and familiar where you merely have to tap to start walking to start the interaction. Even shooting, punching, and breaking are super simple with the help of controls.

If you want to cover some distance, all you have to do is drag your finger across the screen as the game is divided into various chapters with the same persuasion as in the show.

<Play Stranger Things>

10. Reigns: Her Majesty

In the game Reigns: Her Majesty, consider that you are a queen of a whole kingdom, where the king is minimal in power, and you are the with all the powers in your hand.

In this game, you will have four stats namely Church, Popularity, Militia and Wealth. All of these stats will begin in the middle. This rule for survival is not allowing any of these stats cross each other either at the bottom or the top.

android mobile games

Let’s consider that if your popularity reaches zero, you’ll be overthrown by the people, and if your reputation goes too high, you’ll be crushed by your fan in an attempt to kiss your ring.

<Play Reigns>

We hope you like the Android games collection. Do let us know what you think about the list and which Android game is your favorite. If you have any suggestions or feels like your favorite mobile game is missing, feel free to tell us in the comment section below. We would surely include it in the list. 🙂

Best Travel Planning Apps For Android and iOS

Are you looking for the best travel planning apps for Android and iOS? Whether you have an extended vacation or just a quick weekend getaway on your mind, you must plan it well to make your trip less stressful and more of restful. Living in the generation of mobile apps, you can have your travel planning apps installed on our smartphones.

From trip planners and itinerary generators to online marketplaces for flights and hotels, there is nothing you cannot do with a plethora of travel apps. Gone are the days when things were difficult for travel aficionados. Nowadays, you have all the assistance you need at your fingertips.

Talking further about the best Android and iOS app for travel plans, they work in real time, keeping you in the know. With the information, they deliver advice, insights, tips and warnings.

For example –  if you are travelling and the price of the flight suddenly falls. You will want a notification for that. Or you on a self-drive journey and an accident occur on your route getting an alert on your phone can keep you away from the stress as you can reroute or can take a break until it clears.

From the time you start thinking about your next destination to the moment you feel like returning to your home, having the right travel apps on your mobile can make your journey experience smoother.

Best Travel Apps For Android And iOS

best travel apps

As you know there are lots of travel apps available over the web, so finding the best ones to use becomes difficult. However, we try our best and hand-picked some of the useful travelling apps that have good popularity, reviews and used by users.

Here are some of the best travel apps for both iOS and Android users.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is the platform where it helps connecting travellers with people who have rooms, apartments, homes, and other unique accommodations to rent, this includes tree houses, trailers and boats.

airbnb app

Irrespective of the duration of your journey, Airbnb has options all around the world. In some locations, Airbnb also sells experiences, such as tours, classes, workshops, and excursions. Airbnb also helps you in booking a restaurant reservation.

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The FLIO app helps in making your airport experience easier and cheaper, in a few different ways. People who have faced long layover or flight delay must have noticed the pain of connecting to Wi-Fi. FLIO helps you by taking out the pain of connecting to Wi-Fi rather than tracking down the official network and having to enter a bunch of personal information every time, this app connects and does it all for you in over 350 airports.

Flio app

If you are looking for discounts on foods and drinks, FLIO has the best ones to offer you. Apart from great discounts FLIO also offers other airport amenities like tips on everything from the fastest way to get into town to where the least-crowded bathrooms are and provide live information on flight arrivals, departures, and gates in 900+ airports.

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3. GasBuddy

Whenever you want to refuel your vehicle, you will feel pleased to have GasBuddy on your phone. It is the best-known gas price app. No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, you can search based on the kind of gas you need and then filter your results by brand, location, and price.

GasBuddy app

GasBuddy provides additional features like restrooms, restaurants and car washes. The app also alerts you to daily deals and price hikes at your local stores. The real-time community of users helps in updating the price.

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4. Hopper

Well, how do we even start with this? Flight bookings are essential for travelling. But booking a flight is an uphill task.

To eliminate that annoying part Hopper app comes to our rescue by helping us tracking flight prices and giving us the periodic updates on whether we should buy the ticket or wait.

Hopper app

The level of detail makes this travel app stand out from others. for instance, it doesn’t just tell you to wait to buy your ticket, but gives you a date when the price will rise.

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5. Hotel Tonight

Your dream destination might turn into a nightmare if you do not have a place to sleep. And in case you forgot about the accommodation, your vacation is going to be a mess.


Mostly, hotels can be booked months before the actual check-in date in peak seasons.

HotelTonight app

Hotel Tonight can come handy if you are falling behind on the accommodation department. This app allows you to book hotel rooms at the last minute. You can make your hotel reservations for a stay as soon as tonight and up to seven days out at a discounted rate. Hotel Tonight’s offerings are available at many major cities in North America, Europe, and Australia.

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6. iExit

iExit is a unique app that makes your travelling simpler by showing you highway exit, from gas stations to restaurants to ATMs.

iExit app

iExit uses your device’s location to determine your current situation where you are on the highway so that it can display upcoming exits in real time. You can search for 100 exits on iExits like amenities, rest stops, hotel deals, and much more.

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7. LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy helps you find airport lounges that you can rest in, on more than of the busiest airports. Airport lounges have complex access rules, and the amenities, costs and benefits can vary from each other. But with the LoungeBuddy app, they take out the guesswork and will be your guide through them and will help you in finding the right lounge for you.

LoungeBuddy app

You will have to provide details about your trip, class of service, memberships, credit cards, and any elite status that you may have and the app will help you find the perfect lounge you may access for free or for a one time fee only. You can go through the photos, amenities, and reviews available by the other app users.

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8. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers provides you with a unique trip planning experience designed just for the traveller in you. Just give the details like your starting location and destination with dates of travel, and you will get to discover places along your route that you never knew existed. Roadtrippers app

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The places can be scenic points, roadside attractions, diners, parks, hotels and more. Roadtrippers will redraw the travel map if you find a site you like.

Final Words

Planning a trip can be a pain. But it’s 2019. And you have all the required necessary tools to make your journey a breeze on your App Store or Google Play Store.

So the next time you plan a trip, don’t forget to carry your smartphone with you. Your smartphone has become as important as your passport and credit card. No, not to click those selfies but to make your travel simple, easy and memorable one.

We hope you enjoy reading the post and found the above list of travel apps useful. Do let us know which travel app you use on your Android or iOS phone, also which one is your favourite?

We would love to know your thoughts and surely include it in the list if it’s useful.