Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max to Feature World’s Thinnest Display

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Update – As always, Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone series this year. Just like every year following an iPhone launch, leaks and rumors about the next-gen Apple iPhones begin making rounds, and things haven’t been really different about the upcoming iPhone 15 series either.

The latest of all iPhone 15 rumors is about the Pro and Pro Max specifically. According to the latest reports, the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to feature the “world’s thinnest display”.

So, what’s the world’s thinnest display supposed to mean?

Well, if true, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will have the thinnest bezels on any smartphone in the market. The title of the world’s thinnest display bezel is currently held by Xiaomi 13, which measures 1.81mm. If the reports are to be believed, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models will have bezels that measure 1.55mm, which will be 0.06 inches thinner than that of the Xiaomi 13.

The claim of iPhone 15 Pro models having super-thin bezels was first reported on the Twitter profile @UniverseIce, well-known for bringing out leaks about upcoming Apple products and others.

Buyers waiting for the non-Pro iPhone 15 models are up for disappointment, as they are not expected to have the flashy thin display as the Pro models, and will most likely retain the design and display found on the current non-Pro models.

What Do We Know About Apple iPhone 15 Models So Far?

For people interested in knowing more about the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 series, let’s take you through some of the leaks, rumors, and expectations that are running around.

Apple iPhone 15 Lineup

Over the years, Apple has been experimenting with new models in its iPhone lineup. The three device models that have been constantly seen in the lineup are the standard iPhone, the iPhone Pro, and the iPhone Pro Max.

We have seen Apple try out the smaller iPhone Mini series for a couple of years, which was replaced by the Apple iPhone 14 Max last year, which is basically a standard iPhone 14 with a larger display and a larger battery.

Just like the iPhone Mini series, the iPhone 14 Max has also failed to make an impression in Apple’s iPhone sales numbers.

Thus, Apple is rumored that Apple will kill off the larger standard iPhone Max series. Instead, the company is expected to launch the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra, which would be the most experienced and the most feature-packed iPhone model this year.

Apple iPhone New Features

One of the most-expected changes on the newer iPhone models is the replacement of the lightning port with a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer. This change is highly likely to make it to the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup considering the EU ruling which mandates Apple to add a USB Type-C port for all devices.

Another expectation is for Apple to bring the “Dynamic Island” feature to all the iPhone 15 models, which is currently only seen in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

Again, as with every year, the internal specs are definitely going to get a bump. Apple may choose to continue the trend of last year, wherein the iPhone 14 and 14 Max had a year-old chip, whereas the Pro models had a brand-new chip.

Anyhow, Apple chipsets are quite powerful, so having last-gen chipsets won’t make much of a difference in performance, and will definitely make buyers happy if the prices are reduced.

Apple iPhone 15 Launch and Price

As with every year, the Apple iPhone 15 launch is expected to happen during the first two weeks of September. We may see the same prices retained for iPhone models this year as last year, considering that the world remains on the fear of a global recession, and Apple wouldn’t want to take a hit in sales due to increased prices.


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