Best Android Games To Play This Holiday Season (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best Android games to play online? Holidays are approaching for you to get ready with exciting online mobile games. Let your energy get soaked in the most awaited seasonal spirit of 2019.

Below listed Android games will let you connect new friends. Moreover, invite your friends to join you in the surgical strikes. The battlefield is indeed yours get the most of it and win exciting prizes, unlock adventures, etc.

Let’s grab every single detail about each game before we start so that there’s nothing left unheard.

Best Android Games 2019 – FREE & Paid  

Here are the top ten Android online games that you can play this season. There are a lot of games available over the web but we only come up with the best ones here available in FREE and PAID versions:

1. PUBG Mobile (Free)

PUBG, short for Player’s Unknown Battleground is now available for Android and iPhones. This game has got the first place in the list of Android games as expected. It is evident that this game has acquired lots of attention from the day of its release. Presently PUBG Mobile crossed more than 20 Million active users worldwide in September 2018 according to the Hindustan Times.

The PUBG Mobile is a massive player vs. player battle royal game. In the game, 100 players get dropped from the airplane to the island, and then they fight for their survival. The island is lit up with full of weapons, vehicles and various gears as well.


One of the best-loved features is being able to communicate with the teammates while playing the game. In this, a group of 3 – 4 friends squad up and enjoy the game together while talking.

Though PUBG basics are similar to its Xbox One versions, it has many improvements in controls and features from the Xbox One version.

In the recent update, PUBG Mobile introduced new game modes under Arcade mode section such as Quick Match, Mini Zone, and War mode. A player who is in a hurry can have the ultimate Arcade gaming experience instead of playing classic mode.

<Play PUBG Mobile>


Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are the two favorite games from Supercell studio. The Brawl Star is Supercell’s next big thing which is a mix of Fornite and Supercell’s Clash Royale.

Brawl Stars allows 3 vs. 3 battle where players from all over the world can have the ultimate top-down shooting game experience. Every arena of Brawl stars has 10 fighters, and the player who lasts until the end wins the game. In this game, players fight till death much as they do in Fortnite, team modes require communication and coordination skills like in League of Legends, and just like in Overwatch there are heroes individual strengths, weaknesses, and colorful skins to unlock.

android game

Brawl Star is not just a mix of experience from Fornite, Overwatch, and League of Legends but it a game designed only for mobiles.

One cool thing about Brawl Stars is its accuracy of shooting; although I would not say that it’s perfect, I didn’t find myself struggling with the controls.

As you grow your level in the game, you will be able to unlock upgrades such as new brawler’s stats characters as well as you can unlock new game modes.

<Play Brawl Starts>

3. RWBY: Amity Arena (Free)

RWBY: Amity Arena was introduced under the influence of one of the famous American anime web series. In case you are not aware of RWBY, initially, the series got launched in 2013 from Rooster Teeth where the focus of the series was its four characters Ruby, Weiss,

Blake and Yang. These four characters together form the word RWBY. The Freemium RWBY: Amity Arena combines real-time gaming strategy elements with collectible gameplay card.

android mobile game

You have the choice to pick many unique Huntresses or Hunstmen from the series. Each of the cards has its unique abilities and weapons produced by the set particular substance known as Dust.

<Play RWBY Today>  

4. Fornite (Free)

This is one of the world’s most favorite game, and it happens to be available on Android as well. I know, the feel of playing Fornite with mouse and keyboard for precision headshots doesn’t match with touchscreen controls, but with Fornite for Android, you can complete all of those battle pass challenges right on Android.

best android mobile game

<Play Fornite Today>

5. Holedown

Holedown is most the rarest game that everyone seems to fall in love with it. It has acquired great popularity from the game enthusiasts since it got released on the Google Play store in late July. Holedown is the most recent game developed by the Swedish developer in Jonasson.


The game is all about mining your path through a series of stellar objects. You have control over rain of balls that dart out from the top of your screens, following the way you have set for them.

<Play Holedown>

6. The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old sins is considered as the contrast of escape the room games. The story of the game is about solving puzzles where the players will be given one dollhouse.

On that dollhouse, they have to analyze and find many clues by manipulating various objects within the room. With the help of these clues, they have to solve the puzzle.

best paid android mobile game

In easier words, with The Rooms game, you have to explore the room and discover the secret wonders of the room. Even you can also use the touch gestures of your device to interact with your puzzle box which is full of secrets.

There will be a particular eyepiece using which players can interact with objects that are hidden or null. Don’t worry if you are stuck while manipulating the object you can request for the hint.

<Play The Room>

7. Dissembler

Dissembler is merely a combination of color matching game and tile sliding puzzle game. However it sounds like an ordinary puzzle game, but believe me, it’s more much more interesting than it seems.

In shorts, it’s smart, it’s tough, and its art style of the game gives you the engaging and ultimate gaming experience.

best paid android game

Trust me every single mistake you make in the game will force you to hit the rewind button. The more experience you get, deeper you will go onto this highly addictive game.
Dissembler is the next level mobile puzzling game which lets you think in new and exciting ways.

<Play Dissembler>

8. Death Road to Canada

If you are looking for Road Trip Action game than the Death Road Trip to Canada is the game is for you. This road trip will start in Florida and end in Canada where you get to drive along a few misfits fighting off some 500 Zombies on the way.

One cool thing about Death Road to Canada is that all the events and locations are randomized and not fixed. The players of this game are enthusiastic each time they play because of its randomness. You get a new and fun road trip every time which makes it an exciting and offbeat game.

paid android game

In this game, you can create your character traits and ever your misfit’s character where you can ever give them the strengths to throw Sofas over Zombies. Another cool thing, you can tell your car buddies to ‘cool it.’

Your car buddies will have a range of traits that vary from mechanic ability to fix the car during your road trip to the morale meter which will shift as a character eats a good meal.

Your journey begins in Florida, and all you have to do is to survive the trip to Canada. How good are your survival skills and how good you are with choosing the right survival traits for your trip, you can get it tested with the Death Road to Canada Game?

<Play Death Road to Canada>

9. Stranger Things: The Game (Free)

In case you haven’t heard that recently Netflix has released an Android adventure game for mobile devices which is wholly based on their hit web series “Stranger Things.”

So here I’m introducing Stranger Things game app; basically, this game is divided into a series of chapters. The first chapter will give you the way to discover the animated town, lab and a complete mysterious area called “The Upside Down.”

free android games

To navigate the game’s map player will have to complete specific tasks and missions such as activating some switches to open some doors, pushing buttons, attacking guards across levels.

The controls provided in the game are straightforward and familiar where you merely have to tap to start walking to start the interaction. Even shooting, punching, and breaking are super simple with the help of controls.

If you want to cover some distance, all you have to do is drag your finger across the screen as the game is divided into various chapters with the same persuasion as in the show.

<Play Stranger Things>

10. Reigns: Her Majesty

In the game Reigns: Her Majesty, consider that you are a queen of a whole kingdom, where the king is minimal in power, and you are the with all the powers in your hand.

In this game, you will have four stats namely Church, Popularity, Militia and Wealth. All of these stats will begin in the middle. This rule for survival is not allowing any of these stats cross each other either at the bottom or the top.

android mobile games

Let’s consider that if your popularity reaches zero, you’ll be overthrown by the people, and if your reputation goes too high, you’ll be crushed by your fan in an attempt to kiss your ring.

<Play Reigns>

We hope you like the Android games collection. Do let us know what you think about the list and which Android game is your favorite. If you have any suggestions or feels like your favorite mobile game is missing, feel free to tell us in the comment section below. We would surely include it in the list. 🙂

6 Best Accounting Software For Small And Medium Businesses

You care for your business, right? You would also agree with the fact that key business metrics are all finance related, and financial control is of utmost importance. If the funding of the business runs smooth there comes no issues with the client, agents, and dealers.

Gone are the days that for even sending an invoice people would need to rely on their accountants. Today, cloud-based service providers have made it so simple for us to send payable invoices, outstanding bills or recurring invoices in just one click with online accounting software.

You can monitor, send payment, and keep a backup of your accounting data from anywhere and anytime. It’s all easy if you are using the right tools or software that help saving time.

Now, there comes a bucket full of features when considering an accounting software. Also, all features are also not essential for you, as you may be a small business, mid-sized or large organizations.

However, you should always select an accounting software based on these FIVE critical parameters.

5 Parameters To Check For An Accounting Software 

1. Security

While you tend to adopt an online software, the critical part you need to consider there is the amount of security that software provider is giving you to keep your data safe while its accessible in anywhere mode.

2. Features

Another thing you must judge software on is the kind of features it comes up. Do your secondary research over google and find out what are the features that are coming with the base software against what you need to pay for it.

Many times a low base fare means fewer features and then must pay a considerable amount to have the add on features. Usually, all software companies mention their add-on feature pricing on their website.

3. Easy To Use

An accountant at your company may be more competent while using the software however if you need to just for yourself, you would require a much simpler interface.

4. Scalability

Next thing to consider is scalability, how you can adapt the software as your business grows over time or if not this software them how easy is to transfer your data from this software to new software which is more suitable to your business then.

5. After-Sales Support

One critical aspect of accounting software is the kind of after-sales support. What type of training and help is available while you have the software installed?

6 Best Accounting Software For Your Business

Now as you understand the parameters, let’s take a look at the best accounting software that you can choose according to size and type of your organization.

We thoroughly have gone through the accounting software that is available in the market and handpicked these top 6 based on recommendations, usage, and popularity. We are sure that one of these would be a perfect fit for your business and you won’t have to go elsewhere. 

1. QuickBooks

quickbooks accounting software

QuickBooks which is now powered by Intuit is one of the most smarter accounting software packages when considering an accounting software for the business organization. Over 5.6 million people are already using the software.

The basic plan starts from $10/month for small size business and goes up to $75/month for large business organizations.

Also, you can save 50% OFF if you buy any plan for three months.

Moreover, QuickBooks offers 30 days free trial which you can opt as well before picking up a pricing plan.

Power Puff Features:

  • Comes with a very powerful reporting arena which can be customized as per your needs and requirements.
  • Additional shipping module which helps to provide you with full packaging options and manage your stocks.
  • Provides a very secure environment for your accounting data.
  • Connect your bank to cross-check financial transactions.
  • Time tracking lets you track billable hours by the client and automatically add them to invoices.
  • Multiple access control, share your accounts data with your accounting team for seamless collaboration.
  • Schedule recurring payments to save time and pay them when due.

<TRY QuickBooks By Intuit>

2. FreshBooks

freshbooks software

FreshBooks is all-in-one small business invoicing and accounting solution. It provides an easy, fast and secure accounting environment that helps you saving time in invoicing.

It allows its owners to accept online payments for its deliverables and keep and track a whole lot of billing history to generate invoices and calculate taxes.

It is also flexible to adapt third party applications which can be integrated into it to make it more reliable and functioning.

The pricing starts at $15/month and goes up to $50/month. Custom plans are also available. Also, you can try any plan for FREE before buying it. The company also has 30-days money back policy. So in case, if you don’t like the software, you can ask for a refund.

Star Features:

  • FreshBooks projects management lets you chat, assign projects due dates, share images/files, assign a rate or hour to the client you want in advance.
  • Get or share profit and loss report, sales tax summary, bank reconciliation, payments collected, expense reports in just one click.
  • Know at a glance your business cash flows and how profitable you are, without the headache of spreadsheets or shoeboxes of receipts.

<Try FreshBooks Accounting Software>

3. Zoho Books

zoho books

Over 40 million users trust Zoho, and it’s one of the most popular accounting software available for small enterprises. It helps you to keep you on top of the cash flow of your company and allows you to make smart business decisions based on original data-based reports.

It automates the bank feeds which helps save a lot of time on manual entries and operates in several languages.

The pricing starts at $9/month and goes up to $29/month including free support, powerful apps, integrated suite, etc.

Zoho Books also offers 14-day FREE trial. Moreover, you can always schedule a demo.

Quick Features:

  • Issue GST invoices, send your client online payment options, chase payments, set reminders.
  • Keep track of inventory, set reorder/replenish stock.
  • Manage inventory with vital information like SKU, cost, and stock on hand.
  • Zoho lets you import filtered data from bank to your software by categorizing your banking transactions for easier reconciliation.

<Try Zoho Books>

4. Sage 50Cloud Accounts

sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud Accounts was known as Sage 50cloud. Trusted by 400,000 businesses it provides enterprise-level capabilities for medium and small business.

The software has a unique capability to sync with your Microsoft Outlook and help manage stocks and inventory with its ad. You get the power of desktop software and flexibility of a cloud-based solution.

It offers more than fifty features right in its base package. It comes with automated backups and supports accounting functions for HR, e-commerce, credit card processing, cash flow, budgets, etc.

The pricing starts at $25/month and goes up to $160/month. The Standard and Professional plans come with
30-day FREE trial. The company also offers 30-days money back guarantee for their customers.

SomeInterestingg Features:

  • Allows you to manage cash flow, income, expenses, and payments (comes with all plans).
  • Helps you to create professional invoices and quotes.
  • You can easily connect the software to your bank account.
  • Comes with apps and integrations.

<Try Sage 50cloud Accounts>

5. Xero

xero account software

Perfectly suitable for small businesses, Xero provides full-fledged double bookkeeping features even for a non-finance person. It has standardized most of accounting related tasks and makes it enjoyable to manage the accounts rather than a burden.

It is moderately priced at $9 per month for five invoices and bills and goes to $60 per month for its premium plan. Over 1 million users are using the software.

Some Interesting Features:

  • Simple and easy to use with various institutive features.
  • Tends to simplify transactions for the users and have a powerhouse to manage your stocks.
  • Comes with a varied list of integrations possible with applications like Harvest, Stripe, PayPal, etc.

<Try Xero>

6. Sage Intacct

intacct financial software

Sage Intacct (previously known as Intacct) is an accounting software comes with 100+ API integrations. It has complete core accounting modules and offers multi-currency management.

The company offers custom pricing plans as per business size. So, you need to fill out the form and contact them first to get a pricing quote. 

Some Amazing Features:

  • It’s fast and secure to process transactions.
  • Offers 30-day free trial.
  • Best-In-Class Cloud ERP Software
  • Real-Time Visibility

<Try Sage Intacct>

We hope you found the list of accounting software useful and pick one for your business size. We tried to cover software that comes with a free trial or offers a demo before you buy. This would surely help you to take a firm buying decision.

Do let us know which one you pick from the list. If you are already using accounting software, feel free to let us know.

How To Use WhatsApp Business App-Top Features & Tips

Are you looking forward to using WhatsApp Business app for your business? A lot of us use WhatsApp app for chatting, calls with friends and family, but we never thought that it could be used for business purpose as well.

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are being used by websites/businesses/companies to reach out to their customers, and now WhatsApp as well.

WhatsApp, the most popular Facebook-owned messaging app launched its WhatsApp Business App in January 2018. It is a separate app available on the Google Play Store for Android Users.

The app is only available for Android platforms that own 80% of global market share as of 2016.

<Download WhatsApp Business App Here>

What WhatsApp Business App Offers?

WhatsApp business account is intended to effectively provide various business services as well as easy customer support over mobile communication.

For 1.3 billion WhatsApp users around the world, WhatsApp Business App it’s a perfect platform to implement business strategies.

This app is for a different target audience; targeted to small and medium-sized businesses. If you are a business owner and want to enlarge your customer communication horizons, WhatsApp Business is the right choice to reach out to prospective and existing customers.

whatsapp business

In the following tutorial, we will guide you how to get started and use WhatsApp Business App for your online or offline business services. To sum up the tutorial, here are the following things that you are going to learn.

1. Getting Started with WhatsApp Business App
2. Under Business Settings
3. Features of the App
4. How Can WhatsApp Business Support Your Sales And Marketing?
5. Some Business Tips That You Can Apply

Let’s begin with the tutorial now.

Getting Started with WhatsApp Business App

Follow these below given simple steps to establish your WhatsApp business profile:

Step 1: Download WhatsApp business application which is available on Google Play Store (we have already mentioned the link above).

Step 2: After completing the installation, open the application and enter your business mobile number and sign up with a mobile number.

Now, you will either need an alternate number for WhatsApp Business. If you don’t have a different mobile number, you can use your regular WhatsApp number.

Although, you can use a mobile number either on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business. Thus, if you use your regular WhatsApp number, your profile will be transferred to WhatsApp Business, along with all your contacts.

Understanding WhatsApp Business Settings

Step 3: In the next step you will be asked to set up your Business details. To do this, go to Business Settings. Here, you will see six options.

The six options are:

  • Profile
  • Statistics
  • Short Link

And the other three are messaging tools:

  • Away Message
  • Greetings Message
  • Quick Replies

whatsapp business settings

Let’s see how you can use these options.

Profile: Under this section, you can set up your Business Address, Choose a Category, Enter a description, Set up Business Hours, Website, an official email address.

You can add all these details to keep your customer up to date with your Business Info.

Statistics: The statistics section is an informative section for WhatsApp Business Users. It tells you about the numbers of messages Sent, delivered, read and received.

whatsapp received messages

Short Link: The short link setting makes it easy for customers to send you a message. Your WhatsApp Business short link will be unique for your account, and you can add it to your website, social media, or add in emails.

Anyone who will click on this link will be redirected your WhatsApp Business account, and they can send you a WhatsApp message to you.

whatsapp shortlink

Now once your WhatsApp Business Account profile is complete, you should set the messaging options.

There will be three options and based on your requirements you have to choose the available options such as ‘Away Message,’ ‘Greeting Message,’ and ‘Quick Replies.’

Away Message: This option is useful when you aren’t able to use your WhatsApp Business account.

To setup Away Message, first, tap on the Send Away Message option and to make it active.

After that, set a message that you want the customers to see when you are away.

Now you can set when you want to send this message. You can choose between Always Send, Custom Schedule and Outside Business Hours.

whatsapp away messages

In the Custom Schedule, if you aren’t available between a specific time during the days, you can choose this option.

If you always have Business hours set, select the outside business hours option, and WhatsApp will respond with your chosen message outside your business hours.

You can even select the recipients you wish to send the Away message. You can choose between Everyone, Everyone not in the address book, Everyone except, and Only send to.

Greetings Message: This is one of the best features of WhatsApp Business as you can write a custom message that senders get when they are texting you for the first time.

Tap on the Send Greetings Message and then edit the message you want your customers to have.

Now you can select the recipients for the Greetings message. You can choose between Everyone, Everyone not in the address book, Everyone except, and Only send to.

whatspp greeting message

Quick Replies: There is some necessary information that every new customer is looking for when they text you on your WhatsApp Business account.

For example, if you are a coaching institute, your customers would like the Classroom program details, Distance Learning Couse, Coaching Fee, Registration Links, etc.

whatspp quick replies

Now WhatsApp Business lets you save up to 50 quick replies.

In this, you first create a keyboard shortcut for a message and then type the text.

You can add images and smileys in this message.

Click the + button on the bottom right corner on your phone screen and then add the message, Shortcut, and a keyword.

Once you have added all the info, click save.

Now once you have added all the quick links, all you have to is, write the shortcut while replying and your save quick message will automatically be sent.

Features of WhatsApp Business App

These are some of the features that will be useful while using WhatsApp Business.

  • Run Whatsapp Business App from PC

One cool thing about WhatsApp Business App is that it provides flexible access to your business account on Desktop; that means you can access and manage your customers through

All you have to do is go to WhatsApp web through settings on WhatsApp Business account and scan the QR code on the website.

  • Verified Business: The Green Tick

The official business account is identified by a verified mark which represents that it’s authentic and genuine to its customer.

  • Support of Messaging Tools

You can improve your business marketing through WhatsApp via messaging tools provided in the business account.

The tools have features like ‘quick replies’ which is used to give a faster response of frequently asked questions of customers.

Another option available is ‘greeting messages’ that is given to your customers when conversation start, it contains a brief overview of business services that you’re presently providing.

To tell your customers that you’re out of available for some particular amount of time, ‘away messages’ will help in this scenario that will automatically notice that you’ll not be available at that moment.

  • Broadcasting of Business Updates

WhatsApp for business also helps you to let your customer be aware of new product or service launch by sending regular updates.

It has the feature of broadcasting where you have to select WhatsApp business group on which you want to send any business regarding the update, and presently there is a limit of picking contact numbers up to 256 contacts respectively.

  • Using WhatsApp for Reliable Customer Support

Customer support is one the prime responsibility of any business and WhatsApp for Business has made the job more accessible, and it provides one on one customer interaction to resolve queries of your customers.

You can send document attachments, photos, audio, and videos to help your customer to clear their issues.

  • Using Labels

WhatsApp Business account has a unique feature called Labels. It is available on the menu.

This feature helps you to organize your chats. You can label your customers according to your needs.

For example, you can set up labels like a “prospective customer,” “Unpaid orders,” “New customers,” or “Completed orders.” Labels give a seamless workflow experience.

whatspp labels

To add a label to a chat, hold the conversation and then tap on label option from the menu.

Here, you can either click on any of the five default labels or create your Label.

To view chats by the label, tap on Menu icon – Labels and tap on the label name.

How Can WhatsApp Business Support Your Sales And Marketing?

Let’s see how WhatsApp Business App can help you to grow your sales and marketing.

1. Direct Marketing

WhatsApp has long overtaken the traditional SMS Marketing service, and with twice open rate compared to around 35% for email, there is no doubting WhatsApp potential for marketing.

Alike WhatsApp, the WhatsApp Business account also lets you send audio, video, images, and stickers.

You can get creative as to how you want to represent your brand.

2. Real-Time Customer Service & Customer Support

WhatsApp Business is a valuable tool for nourishing your customers because of its real-time support and accessibility.

It generalizes the communication as more and more customers prefer solutions and answers through texting rather than waiting for email responses and calling.

Customers look forward to avoiding calling a helpdesk in most of the situations. The quick support via WhatsApp and its informal tone makes better conversations for customers.

Bonus: WhatsApp Business Tips

Here are some essential tips that you should follow while using WhatsApp Business.

  • Don’t spam

People don’t like to interact with unknown numbers. Spamming reduces the trust and deteriorates the relationship among customers and your brand.

When you use a Business account to get in touch with your customers, it looks authentic.

  • Appreciate Feedback

Once the customer has purchased a product or services from you; asking for genuine feedback will help you and your brand improve.

Feedback is the key to get the right direction to improve the quality of your product and services. When a customer has used your services, do ask them to give feedback by sending them a quick feedback form.

The affirmative feedback act as a magnet which will attract more and more customers to get associated with your product and services, hence you should always appreciate the feedback.

  • Deals and Discount Status

WhatsApp statuses are almost similar to Instagram stories. You can use WhatsApp Business Stories option to post limited time deals and discount coupons.

Similar to WhatsApp, they will disappear after 24 hours. You can run stories of special offers and discount for your current audience that will improve your sales.

  • Focusing on Quality Service

You should always take care of your customers by questioning them if they found issue regarding the product after post-purchase.

Reliable customer support is essential for any business as it builds a healthy relationship among customer and your business.

Final Thoughts:

The great thing about WhatsApp Business as a tool is that almost everybody knows how to use it. From your staff members to your customers, everyone is accosted to using WhatsApp.

Now, WhatsApp Business isn’t an efficient option for big companies and has more to come from a payments facility to integrations and to be available on iOS.

But, if you are a small to medium business, WhatsApp Business app can help you improve your customer relations with its exciting features like labels, Greetings & Away Messages, Quick Replies and Business Profile options.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful and quickly start using WhatsApp Business App for your own business.

If you have any queries or doubts using the app, feel free to let us know.

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Google Plus To Shut Down In April 2019

According to a recent announcement by Google, the consumer version of Google Plus platform is going to shut down in April 2019. 🙁

The reason behind this is the second bug impacted the data of around 52 million users. The API of Google Plus got severely affected by the recent November software update introduced by Google.

Also, in October a bug in the software resulted in the compromise of almost 50k accounts. It was then when the company decided to shut down the platform for good.

It was then when the company decided to shut down the platform for good. Initially, the shutdown deadline was August 2019, but because of the recent bug, it has been shifted to April 2019.

Original Bug Detected THREE Years Back! 

The original bug detected in October has been in existence since 2015, but the developers realized its presence in March 2018.

According to various reports compiled earlier, due to regulatory apprehensions, Google was skeptic about the immediate reporting of the issue. It was then that the Google made their announcement of shutting down the network altogether official.

Although the expedition of the date has taken place considering the current scenario.

According to Google, “No third party had any role in compromising our systems. Or the developers that were able to access the data were responsible for misusing it for approximately six days”.

Google also insisted that they fixed the bug within a week although they informed the users about the same recently.

However, it is confirmed that all APIs of Google Plus is going to shut down within the upcoming 90 days. The incident indicated that the API permitted an app developer to view the details of a user’s profile even which were restricted. This API allowed access to the name, occupation, email address, age, etc. of users even when the public setting was not activated.

Further, Google revealed that even the data shared by another user with the consent of the user was visible. In this case, the setting was not public. Although one of Google blogs says that no financial data, passwords, national identification numbers, or any data that could have lead to identity theft or frauds were visible. Despite the bug, the developers could not access this information.

During the initial data compromise announcement, Google said it was challenging to maintain the Google Plus products, as a majority of the sessions lasted for less than 5 seconds. The reason behind this could be the fact that all Gmail users automatically have a Google Plus account they are not aware of and don’t bother finding out.

Virtual Data Can Be Downloaded

Google is in the process of scrutinizing some other APIs and in the time to come, it is set to provide users with options for downloading all their valuable data from Google Plus.

The blog post also mentions that if enterprise users encounter any further issues, they can reach out to the system administrators as Googe is planning to continue investing in the enterprise area.

Thus, the task of sending out notifications to enterprise users and fixing their problems is one of Google’s top priorities.

[Latest] 12 Useful WhatsApp Tricks You (Probably) Didn’t Know About

Looking for the latest WhatsApp Tricks? There are loads of tricks will make your WhatsApp use easier and time-saving.

In this article, we will show you new WhatsApp Tricks that will change the way you have been using your favorite messaging app.

12 Latest And Useful WhatsApp Tricks 

From sharing location feature to looking for media files and disabling last seen feature, here are 12 useful and updated WhatsApp Tricks that you should know.

1. Backing Up Chats (Helps When You Switch Phones)

WhatsApp allows you to back up your recent chats and media through a cloud storage service that can retrieve the last backed up conversation when you switch your device. You can set WhatsApp to automatically backup chats around midnight.

You can find this option under Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Auto Backup. WhatsApp uses Google Drive for backup in Android and iCloud in case of iPhones.

whatsapp chats

If you are migrating your phone and you need a backup from 11 AM rather than 02 AM, you can manually back up data.

whatsapp chat backup

For a detailed version of how you can migrate WhatsApp chats read here.

2. Check Who Has Read Your Messages

WhatsApp now has a new feature: Blue Ticks. If you enable blue ticks feature, the delivered ticks will turn blue once the recipient sees your texts.

For Android phones, you can easily do this by putting your finger on the particular text and then swiping right to the left. Tap on the text and then tap on Menu button > Info.

Go to your Whatsapp application and click on Settings. Choose Account and select Privacy. Under Messaging, check the box that shows Read Receipts.

read receipts

Note: You turn off Read Receipts if you do not wish others to see if you have read texts and not replied. Although, if you turn off read receipts, you won’t be able to see other people’s read receipts. It’s a two-way road.

3. Sharing location made it easier

It is a great feature that helps you to share your real-time location or current location. If your recipient is coming to visit your place or vice versa, you can enable live location.

sharing location

Now, you have the option to choose your real-time location between 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. If the current position is shared, you and the recipient can track the location and easily find each other in crowded places.

How to enable location sharing?

  • Go to Whatsapp application and select the contact to which you wish to send the location.
  • Click Attach symbol and select Location.
  • You can select Share Live Location or Current location depending on the needs.

share data

4. Delete messages for everyone on WhatsApp

The Delete Message option has been the latest boon by WhatsApp for every user. The new delete button enables you to delete a message if you sent that message by mistake to a person or group. The ‘delete for everyone’ option allows you to delete texts for personal chats or group messages.

You can see this option if you long press the message you wish to delete. Once you tap a text, options like Delete Message for me, and delete message for everyone will appear.

del message

After clicking on ‘delete message for everyone,’ the recipient sees the message as ‘This message was deleted.’

delete whatsapp message

There is a time limit to delete the message else it will get delivered. You need to remove the message within 7 minutes from the sent time. It was seven minutes and later on extended to sixty-eight minutes.

It’s worth mentioning that this works only if both the sender and receiver are using the latest version of WhatsApp.

5. Swipe right to reply to specific messages

To reply a specific text from the chat, swipe the text right, and you can type your text as a reply to the particular text in the chat. This feature can be used for both group chats and individual chats.

6. Message Formatting

A new WhatsApp feature allows you to format the text in three different ways. The three formatting techniques are: bold, italicize, and strikethrough.

You can also use different fonts. It is an excellent feature for differentiating the text used in a message. It is an easy and quick method if you are using WhatsApp for professional purpose.

A. Bold the text: Add an asterisk at the front and end of the part of the text to bold it. For example, you wish to bold ‘apple’ in the sentence ‘an apple a day.’ Type’apple’ and the line changes as ‘An apple a day.’

whatsapp A

B. Italicize the text: Add underscore at the front and end of the word to be italicized. For example, type ‘apple ‘and the sentence appears as ‘An apple a day.’


C. Strike out the word or a part of the text: Add a tilde symbol at the front and end of the text. For example, type ~apple~ the sentence becomes ‘an apple a day.’

whatsapp C

Interestingly, you can also use various fonts in your text. To write in a different font: You need to add three symbols at the front and end of the text. For example, type ‘‘‘apple’ ‘‘to display it as ‘an apple a day’.

whatspp D

7. Group video calls

Have we always somehow stayed connected to school/college friends or family members? But a video call makes more sense right? Having all those faces live on your phone after a long time is sometimes all we longed for.

In the older version of WhatsApp, you can make a video call to only one person. Now WhatsApp has enabled group video calling feature where you can make video calls to groups.

How to make a group video call?

  • Open your Whatsapp application and select a member to start a video call.
  • It connects, rings and the video call connection to that friend is established.
  • Now select the plus icon by which you can add the second recipient.
  • When the second recipient gets added, you can add the third by clicking the plus symbol.
  • Or you can directly make a group call directly to a Group Chat.

8. Edit Photos And Videos Before Sending

WhatsApp now allows you to crop and edit images before sending and you can also trim a specific part of a video before sending to a person and even turn it into a GIF if you wish.

Select the image you want to send, and then you can crop the image or add stickers and text before uploading it as a story or sending to a person.

edit whatsapp photo

Likewise, before you send a video, you can trim it. You see this option at the top before posting the video.

9. Pinning Conversations

WhatsApp introduced the Pin Chat feature in May’18 for Android users and July’18 for iOS users.

By this option, you can pin up to three chats at the top of your WhatsApp chats page. This means, no matter how texts or group texts you receive, these three chats will stay on the top.

That is even if, there are no messages from any of the three pinned chats. To pin a conversation in Android, tap and hold on a specific chat, you will see a menu appearing on the top.

Tap on the first option that is the pin icon. You can also unpin the chat by tapping and holding the conversation, and again clicking on the pin icon.

iPhone users can swipe right to pin and swipe left to unpin a chat from chat list.

10. Quickly Find The Media, Links, And Docs In The Group

Are you part of groups where you get numerous important links, images, documents that need to be accessed a lot? Looking for media files from Files Folder is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But the new WhatsApp feature lets you look for media files for each group or personal chat quickly. All you have to do is, go to Group Info > Media.

Here you can quickly look for Links, Documents and Media.

whatsapp documents

11. Remove The “Last Seen” Time

There are times when you don’t want people to know when you were last using WhatsApp. You can turn off the Last Seen Option from Settings.

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen. Once you tap the last seen option, you will have three choices. Tap on Nobody to make sure no one sees your last seen.

last seen

Note – This will simultaneously turn off other people’s Last seen too. Meaning, you can’t see when your friends and colleagues were last using WhatsApp.

12. WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web allows its users to use WhatsApp on your laptop or computers. The only condition is, no matter where your phone is, it should be connected to the internet.

WhatsApp allows to set up a virtual WhatsApp on your desktop where you can use all it’s regular features apart from one. You can’t yet pick calls via WhatsApp web.

connect whatsapp web

Final Words:

We hope you find the above WhatsApp tricks worth and useful. WhatsApp keeps releasing new features, and with every latest updated version, there are some cool WhatsApp tricks involved.

We shared the best tricks here that you could be handy for you while using the app. We would keep updating this post frequently whenever there is a new WhatsApp trick.

If you know any other cool tricks that we should include in the post, feel free to let us know below.

How To Transfer WhatsApp Data To Your New Phone (Android/iPhone)

Whenever you buy a new phone, the most concerned thing that you have is not to lose your WhatsApp chat, and it’s media stuff.

You usually take the help of shopkeeper to transfer all the required data of WhatsApp along with other mobile data (contacts, messages, apps) securely, so that you don’t lose any chats, media files as they are essential.

But you know what you can migrate the WhatsApp data on your own.

Yes, it’s easy.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can easily transfer WhatsApp data from one Android Phone to another.

How To Migrate WhatsApp Data To Another Phone Easily?

Drop your worries to lose access to your WhatsApp conversations and media. Though a new phone helps you to start again, WhatsApp is something you would still want to start with the old one.

Just so you don’t lose access to your old WhatsApp conversations, here we have covered the two easiest methods by which you can migrate WhatsApp to a new phone.

1. Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Local Backup

2. Transfer WhatsApp Data via Google Drive

You can use any one of the methods as per your convenience.

Just in case, if you are an iPhone user and wants to migrate WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android, we have it covered as well.

NOTE: WhatsApp doesn’t support the cross-platform transfers, we will also talk about how you can still have access to your old chats.

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Local Backup

Local Backup gets saved by default on every WhatsApp application. Every night at 0200 hours, WhatsApp automatically creates a local backup in your phone.

Step 1: Creating Local Backup on an old phone:

To migrate your data through Local Backup, you need to take the backup of your latest chats. To make a backup, launch WhatsApp on your present device and then go to:

Menu Button > Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Back Up.

whatsapp backup

You will see when the messages were last backed up and an option ‘Backup’ to do it now.

After clicking ‘Back up’, the process starts displaying ‘Backing up messages’. It takes a few seconds to store the latest backup.

store messages

You will have two options here.

One option is to backup chats on local memory on your phone and second is to save conversations on Google Drive.

It is a safe option always save your chats on Google Drive in case you lose your phone.

Your backup will be saved either on internal memory or SD Card (memory card).

To migrate your data, you should change the backup location to the SD Card.

Note: If you do not want your messages to go to Google Drive, uncheck the box showing the same.

Step 2: Restoring chats and media on the new phone:

Install WhatsApp application on your new mobile phone. In the external memory card/SD card slot of your new phone, insert the SD Card.

You can take the same from the old phone and add it to the new phone.

If your new phone doesn’t have an SD card slot or only have internal memory, then you will have to transfer data through a computer.

To do that, please connect your old phone to the computer through a USB Cable.

Then copy the WhatsApp folder from your old device to the computer.

Now connect your new phone to the computer and transfer the replicated WhatsApp folder (that contains your backed up messages) to your new phone.

restore whatsapp chats

Now, launch WhatsApp on the new phone and verify with the same number that you backed up at last. Follow the WhatsApp verification process.

It takes a few minutes, and a pop-up will appear as ‘Restoring messages’.

restoring messages

PS: If you are transferring files via Local Back, you have to make sure that the WhatsApp Database folder is in Internal Memory before you Launch WhatsApp in your new device.

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Google Drive

Google Drive Backup is nothing but storing your WhatsApp messages directly to the Google Drive account on your Android Phone.

This recent change in WhatsApp has made backups easier for its users.

Your android phone runs on a Gmail Account that is synced to your phone, and every Gmail Account has a Google Drive Account.

So, you don’t have to create a different account for this method. Your Google Drive Account comes with a 15GB of free storage and can easily store WhatsApp Messages Backups.

Before you can migrate via Google Drive, you need to do the following:

  1. Check if your device is in sync with your Google Drive account.
  2. Your Google drive account must have enough space for backing up the messages from WhatsApp.

Step 1: Backing up messages on the old phone:

  • Open WhatsApp and then go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Back Up.
  • You will have to include the account of Google Drive under ‘Google Drive settings’.
  • Choose ‘back up.’

Step 2: Using Backup on New Smartphone:

Add the same account under Google Drive settings and the same phone number, while installing the application on your new phone.

During verification, you will see a pop-up message to restore texts and media from Google Drive.

It takes a few minutes to restore messages and click ‘Next’. Once the restoration is complete, you can use WhatsApp with all your recent texts and media.

PS: FactoryReset removes WhatsApp history, and thus you need to take a WhatsApp backup on Google Drive or iCloud. This will allow you to quickly restore Google Drive WhatsApp backup to Andriod and iCloud backup to iPhone.

Bonus: Transferring WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp backup from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android requires third-party software as transferring of chats from Android to an iPhone, or vice versa is not offered from the company’s side.

This means you can’t use Android WhatsApp back restore to new iPhone or vice versa.

Even if you download the iOS Google Drive, the iPhone WhatsApp application uses the only iCloud for backup.

Thus third party apps are the only option if you want to use your WhatsApp from an old Android/iPhone device to the new iPhone/Android device.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t have access to your old conversations. If you wish to still access your old conversations from WhatsApp, you can email these chats or save them on Google Drive. This is free of cost, and it’s easy.

Follow these steps to save WhatsApp chats:

  • Launch WhatsApp and then open the chat you wish to keep.
  • Go to Menu > More > Export Chat.

data transfer


  • At this point, you will be asked to either export Without Media or Include Media. This depends if you still want media (Images, videos, documents) of the chat.
  • No matter which option you choose, you will now be given various options like:


  • Choose the app which seems fit for you.

Once you save chat to Drive or email it yourself, you will have access to the WhatsApp chat forever.

Applications like iCloud (supported by iPhone WhatsApp only) can be used by iPhone users to transfer chats to their new iPhone. Similarly using Google Drive (supported by Android Google Drive WhatsApp only), Android users can transfer their chats to their new phone.

Final Words

Migrating WhatsApp data between Android is secure if you have access to your old device. In case you have lost your phone, and you want to access texts and media from your stolen device, read our blog on Restoring WhatsApp when your phone gets stolen, here.

We hope you like this tutorial, and it helps you to transfer your WhatsApp data to your new phone quickly. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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YouTube Autoplay Feature On Home Feed For Android & iOS Users

Earlier this year, YouTube’s Home autoplay feature, was only available to the Premium users. But in the recent update, YouTube has planned to make it accessible to all users (including Android and iOS users).

With some other pros including limited to no ads, background play, offline view, access to YouTube Originals and YouTube Music.

youtube autoplay feature

Even though the new feature is out for regular users, it might take a while to roll out among the common masses completely.

In the feature mentioned above, videos can be played with captions on and without sound on the homepage itself. Users can now watch YouTube videos on the go without the need for audio.

The main aim of the feature is to provide the users with a nice preview when scrolling through the home screen. This way, they can quickly decide what they wish to watch without needing to go into the details of each video.

Even though users can control their experience according to their preferences, YouTube has automatically enabled the Autoplay on the Home Feed.

Motto Behind New Feature Of YouTube

The reason behind this update is to promote the increase in user engagement with YouTube videos. When users can preview a video better, it helps them decide what exactly they wish to watch.

This, in turn, increases engagement with the video they choose to watch. With the Autoplay on Home out in the open, Youtube is no far behind its rivals in this area including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Netflix.

What If I Don’t Want To Use YouTube Autoplay New Feature?

The feature is a welcoming one, but in countries with limited data facilities this can turn out to be expensive for users. The best thing about this feature is that users can easily disable it or keep it running only while the wifi is on.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Go to Autoplay
  3. Press Autoplay on Home
  4. Then, choose from the following three options- Wi-Fi only/ Always On/ Off/.

Instagram Launched NEW Walkie-Talkie Direct Message Feature

There was a whirl in the world of social media with the launch of Instagram Direct. The feature can send voice messages smoothly in a private chat.

Just after the completion of five years of the voice message feature on Facebook, Instagram direct is all set to release its walkie-talkie feature.

How To Use Instagram Walkie-Talkie Feature?

All users need to do is hold the microphone button while recording messages and release it to send the message. The process is similar to that of WhatsApp and Facebook Products.

Apple’s iMessage platform incorporated this feature way before. Since the announcement of Instagram rolling out the new feature on a Tweet, users are eagerly waiting to witness the functioning in action.

instagram new feature tweet

Using Instagram direct, you can share videos, short clips, pictures and messages.

Now, with the implementation of the voice messaging feature, sharing audios won’t be a hassle anymore. Whether it is about shouting out a compliment or whispering a secret, the users will be able to express themselves as they like and the receiver will perceive it as it is without any modifications.

The duration of these messages can be as long as one minute, and they are permanent, unlike pictures and messages that disappear after a while.

The group chats on Android and iOS will also have this feature. When a user is leaving a message, he or she can opt for being off the camera. This enables countries to save data costs while audio and video calling.

Also, in some countries where languages are not available on the platform, the users can avail this feature regardless of the language they speak.

How To Send Audio Message On Instagram App?

To send the audio message, open your Instagram app and browse through the right section. After that, select the desired user or select multiple users as per your wish.

Just next to the camera button rests the microphone option in the message bar.

If you wish to discard a recorded message, swipe to the corner in the left side.

In iMessage, the audio is dropped if the user does not manually select to keep it. Unlike that, this feature facilitates the permanent storage of messages.

To sum up, this is an excellent initiative by Instagram although an increased duration of the voice message is preferred.

Who knows? If we stay tuned, it might come up with an upgrade just in time!

WhatsApp Launches First TV Campaign To Fight Fake News

We all know how disappointing and annoying click bais can be. Opening a post and finding out that it is all fake news can get to someone’s nerves.

This experience is entirely relatable while coming across fake news on WhatsApp. Apart from being incredibly irritating, such false news items can cause more harm than one can imagine.

WhatsApp First TV Campaign To Fight Fake News In India

To tackle this issue, WhatsApp initiated the running of a new ad campaign on TV that will curb this problem in India. Notably, during the election time, this step becomes furthermore essential.

WhatsApp has been on the radar for circulating fake news. Resultant it has received an enormous amount of criticism for the same. As a result, the instances of mob lynching have been on the rise, thus, disturbing the placidity of the society.

The Facebook-owned company has initiated a total of 3 campaigns after performing extensive research throughout the country. That’s how one of their campaign videos share the message:

The developers gained an insight to the inconvenience the spread of false news was causing to the common masses.The experience of real users has contributed significantly to the development of these ad campaigns.

WhatsApp Campaigns Are Being Advertising In Different Languages

To expand its reach to a broad audience base, the campaign is available in nine different languages. Users can access the three films on YouTube, Facebook, and TV.

The languages include Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Assamese, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam.

Just before the onset of elections in Telangana and Rajasthan, the campaign began to take a form. Users can also count this as an effort to regulate the spread of fake news in the upcoming next year’s elections.

In a statement, WhatsApp said that:

The films of 60 seconds duration had highlighted real-world scenarios of the dangers of believing in fake news.

Over time, dangerous rumours have been making their way through school groups and families which created a lot of unnecessary nuisance.

In each movie, the protagonists make everyone aware of the harmful effects of fake news. And continues to tell them how to protect themselves from their influence.

One way to stay away from the adverse effects of fake WhatsApp news is to make sure to block unknown senders and leave groups in which the problem is rampant.

Print media is all set to extend its support to the Ads by including them in their releases. Various cinema and news channels will also set the stage to raise awareness among the audience of different age groups.

In August, they released a radio campaign persuading users to double check the information before believing blindly.

The app is designed to facilitate secure communication among friends and family and help people in business carry out professional conversations.

WhatsApp is all set to educate people about the circulation of misinformation as it profoundly cares for the safety of the users.

This also includes robust spam detection. The government has warned WhatsApp regarding the fake information epidemic.

Also, instructed to curb the issue although WhatsApp has denied government’s proposal of tracking messages as this goes against the privacy standards.

How To Live Stream On YouTube – 3 Easiest Ways+Tips

Are you a video blogger and looking for a solution for YouTube live streaming? Live Streaming on YouTube is one of the best ways to directly interact with your subscribers, and if you have Google Adsense approved for your YouTube channel, then you can earn from live streams as well.

In this tutorial, we would guide you with the steps on how to live stream on YouTube? Before you jump into the steps, we would like to share some interesting facts related to YouTube.

  • YouTube is the largest video streaming platform with over a billion active users.
  • More than a billion hours of content goes on YouTube.
  • Over 1000 videos are published on the platform where people earn huge from their channels. 

With such an immense amount of content available on the platform, it becomes an excellent opportunity to connect with the audience of your niche. And the best way to do is live stream your videos on YouTube.

This would help you to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel, and you can create more video content for your audience.

3 Best Ways To Live Streaming On YouTube?

There are three ways to do live streaming on YouTube, and they are:

1. YouTube Live Streaming on Desktop.

2. YouTube Live Streaming on Mobile.

3. YouTube Live Streaming using Webcam.

go live on youtube

Every YouTube channel has the option to do live streaming, and you can choose to go live either from your desktop, using a webcam or by using the official YouTube app on Android/iOS devices.

However, before you begin your live streaming on any device, you will have to verify your phone number(covered below).

Also, for live streaming from a mobile device, you need at least 10,000 subscribers on your channel.

Please keep in mind that even after you verify your YouTube channel, you may not be able to do live streaming if YouTube has put a live streaming restriction on your channel.

The restriction lasts for 90 days. And the reason can be any of the following:

  • If your channel has received a YouTube Community Guidelines strike.
  • The previous live stream is blocked.
  • Or previous live stream is taken down on copyright issues.
  • If your live stream is an actual live broadcast that is copyrighted.

How to Verify Mobile Number on YouTube Channel?

  1. Open the official YouTube verification page by clicking here.
  2. Once the webpage loads, select your country of residence and choose to get the verification code either by call or SMS.
  3. Enter your phone number is the space provided.

    youtube verification
  4. Once you get the verification code on your phone, enter the code in the space provided within the verification page and click on “Submit”.

You will get a message saying that your YouTube account has been verified and that’s it.

How to do YouTube Live Streaming on Desktop?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do live streaming on YouTube from a desktop.

Step 1: Download a YouTube Live verified Streaming Software

To do live streaming on YouTube from a desktop, you need to download a streaming software. You can find a list of YouTube Live verified streaming software for Windows or Mac operating system here.

Step 2: Set up the Streaming Software

The benefit of using a YouTube Live verified streaming software is that it automatically syncs with your YouTube account. All you need to do is find the YouTube logo in the software, click on it and then log in to your YouTube account.

Step 3: Select the Live Streaming Type

First, access your YouTube Live Streaming dashboard by clicking here. And then in the panel on the left side of the webpage, you will see three options: Stream Now, Events, and Camera.

The “Stream Now” option is the easiest way to go live on YouTube. YouTube automatically decides the stream frame rate and resolution so that everyone can view the streaming without any issues.

All you need to do is fill in the title and description of the stream by clicking on the “Basic Info” tab.

youtube basic info

You can also schedule the live stream for a later time, however, once you schedule the streaming, you need to launch both the YouTube Live streaming page and your streaming software to begin the live stream.

Switch to the “Stream Options” tab to select the quality and latency of your stream. You can also choose the privacy setting of the live stream if you wish to keep it private.

The “Events” option will give you greater control over the settings of your live stream. You can also set the start and end times of your stream and provide a more detailed description of the event as well.

Step 4: Start and Stop the Live Streaming

Once set, click on the “Start” button on your streaming software and once you wish to end the streaming, click on the “Stop” button. Once stopped, it will be archived and displayed on your YouTube channel.

How to do YouTube Live Streaming on Mobile?

To go live on YouTube from a mobile device. Do make sure that the YouTube app is updated to its latest version and the app should have permissions to access the storage, mic, and camera on your device.

  1. Launch the YouTube app.
  2. Click on your profile pic to access your profile.
  3. Now click on the “My Channel” option.
  4. A video camera icon will be visible on the top bar alongside your profile name. Click on the same.
  5. If some device permissions are requested, grant mobile live
  6. Click on the “Go Live” option.
  7. Fill the basic info regarding your live video.
  8. Click on “Start”. The live stream will now begin.
  9. When done with the live streaming, click on “Finish” and then click on “OK”.

How to do YouTube Live Streaming using Webcam?

There is no need for any streaming software to begin a YouTube Live session using a webcam.

Just access your YouTube Live Streaming dashboard, and in the left panel of the dashboard click on “Camera” and grant any permissions that are requested.

You can then fill out the necessary info about your live stream and begin the session. Click on the “Stop” button when you wish to end the streaming.

YouTube Live stream using webcam is now only supported on the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Top 5 YouTube Live Tips to Follow

Follow these five tips while doing live streaming on YouTube:

1. Make sure to follow the YouTube Live Streaming Checklist:

While creating a YouTube live session, a checklist will be displayed in the top right corner of the Live Dashboard. Follow the instructions listed in the checklist to make sure that you set up your live session the right way.

2. Make use of the Chat Window:

A chat window will be available for live sessions so that you and the live stream viewers can interact with each other.

Within the chat window, there will be a “gear” icon displayed on top which will allow you to disable the chat window or set to block spam texts automatically.

The “three dots” icon present in the bottom right corner will allow you to access more options related to the chat window.

3. Monetize your YouTube Live session using Google Adsense:

If you have Google Adsense approved for your YouTube channel, then you can enable ads on your live session by clicking on the “Monetization” tab next to the “Basic Info” tab while setting up the session.

4. Share the YouTube Live Link with your Audience:

To get a better reach, share your YouTube Live link with your audience before beginning the live session. The URL is displayed with share options under the “Analytics” tab when you begin with the live streaming.

5. Check your YouTube Live Stream Analytics:

Once you begin a live stream, real-time analytics can be viewed under the “Analytics” tab. You’ll be able to see some people watching the streaming and all the messages that are received in a minute.

Beside the Analytics tab, the “Stream Health” tab will give you insights on the streaming quality of your live session.

Final Words

We hope that you find this YouTube live streaming tutorial interesting along tips. In case you have any doubts or queries regarding live streaming on YouTube, then do ask them in the comment section below and we will help you out with the best answers.

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