Best Android Games To Play This Holiday Season (Free & Paid)

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Are you looking for the best Android games to play online? Holidays are approaching for you to get ready with exciting online mobile games. Let your energy get soaked in the most awaited seasonal spirit of 2019.

Below listed Android games will let you connect new friends. Moreover, invite your friends to join you in the surgical strikes. The battlefield is indeed yours get the most of it and win exciting prizes, unlock adventures, etc.

Let’s grab every single detail about each game before we start so that there’s nothing left unheard.

Best Android Games 2019 – FREE & Paid  

Here are the top ten Android online games that you can play this season. There are a lot of games available over the web but we only come up with the best ones here available in FREE and PAID versions:

1. PUBG Mobile (Free)

PUBG, short for Player’s Unknown Battleground is now available for Android and iPhones. This game has got the first place in the list of Android games as expected. It is evident that this game has acquired lots of attention from the day of its release. Presently PUBG Mobile crossed more than 20 Million active users worldwide in September 2018 according to the Hindustan Times.

The PUBG Mobile is a massive player vs. player battle royal game. In the game, 100 players get dropped from the airplane to the island, and then they fight for their survival. The island is lit up with full of weapons, vehicles and various gears as well.


One of the best-loved features is being able to communicate with the teammates while playing the game. In this, a group of 3 – 4 friends squad up and enjoy the game together while talking.

Though PUBG basics are similar to its Xbox One versions, it has many improvements in controls and features from the Xbox One version.

In the recent update, PUBG Mobile introduced new game modes under Arcade mode section such as Quick Match, Mini Zone, and War mode. A player who is in a hurry can have the ultimate Arcade gaming experience instead of playing classic mode.

<Play PUBG Mobile>


Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are the two favorite games from Supercell studio. The Brawl Star is Supercell’s next big thing which is a mix of Fornite and Supercell’s Clash Royale.

Brawl Stars allows 3 vs. 3 battle where players from all over the world can have the ultimate top-down shooting game experience. Every arena of Brawl stars has 10 fighters, and the player who lasts until the end wins the game. In this game, players fight till death much as they do in Fortnite, team modes require communication and coordination skills like in League of Legends, and just like in Overwatch there are heroes individual strengths, weaknesses, and colorful skins to unlock.

android game

Brawl Star is not just a mix of experience from Fornite, Overwatch, and League of Legends but it a game designed only for mobiles.

One cool thing about Brawl Stars is its accuracy of shooting; although I would not say that it’s perfect, I didn’t find myself struggling with the controls.

As you grow your level in the game, you will be able to unlock upgrades such as new brawler’s stats characters as well as you can unlock new game modes.

<Play Brawl Starts>

3. RWBY: Amity Arena (Free)

RWBY: Amity Arena was introduced under the influence of one of the famous American anime web series. In case you are not aware of RWBY, initially, the series got launched in 2013 from Rooster Teeth where the focus of the series was its four characters Ruby, Weiss,

Blake and Yang. These four characters together form the word RWBY. The Freemium RWBY: Amity Arena combines real-time gaming strategy elements with collectible gameplay card.

android mobile game

You have the choice to pick many unique Huntresses or Hunstmen from the series. Each of the cards has its unique abilities and weapons produced by the set particular substance known as Dust.

<Play RWBY Today>  

4. Fornite (Free)

This is one of the world’s most favorite game, and it happens to be available on Android as well. I know, the feel of playing Fornite with mouse and keyboard for precision headshots doesn’t match with touchscreen controls, but with Fornite for Android, you can complete all of those battle pass challenges right on Android.

best android mobile game

<Play Fornite Today>

5. Holedown

Holedown is most the rarest game that everyone seems to fall in love with it. It has acquired great popularity from the game enthusiasts since it got released on the Google Play store in late July. Holedown is the most recent game developed by the Swedish developer in Jonasson.


The game is all about mining your path through a series of stellar objects. You have control over rain of balls that dart out from the top of your screens, following the way you have set for them.

<Play Holedown>

6. The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old sins is considered as the contrast of escape the room games. The story of the game is about solving puzzles where the players will be given one dollhouse.

On that dollhouse, they have to analyze and find many clues by manipulating various objects within the room. With the help of these clues, they have to solve the puzzle.

best paid android mobile game

In easier words, with The Rooms game, you have to explore the room and discover the secret wonders of the room. Even you can also use the touch gestures of your device to interact with your puzzle box which is full of secrets.

There will be a particular eyepiece using which players can interact with objects that are hidden or null. Don’t worry if you are stuck while manipulating the object you can request for the hint.

<Play The Room>

7. Dissembler

Dissembler is merely a combination of color matching game and tile sliding puzzle game. However it sounds like an ordinary puzzle game, but believe me, it’s more much more interesting than it seems.

In shorts, it’s smart, it’s tough, and its art style of the game gives you the engaging and ultimate gaming experience.

best paid android game

Trust me every single mistake you make in the game will force you to hit the rewind button. The more experience you get, deeper you will go onto this highly addictive game.
Dissembler is the next level mobile puzzling game which lets you think in new and exciting ways.

<Play Dissembler>

8. Death Road to Canada

If you are looking for Road Trip Action game than the Death Road Trip to Canada is the game is for you. This road trip will start in Florida and end in Canada where you get to drive along a few misfits fighting off some 500 Zombies on the way.

One cool thing about Death Road to Canada is that all the events and locations are randomized and not fixed. The players of this game are enthusiastic each time they play because of its randomness. You get a new and fun road trip every time which makes it an exciting and offbeat game.

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In this game, you can create your character traits and ever your misfit’s character where you can ever give them the strengths to throw Sofas over Zombies. Another cool thing, you can tell your car buddies to ‘cool it.’

Your car buddies will have a range of traits that vary from mechanic ability to fix the car during your road trip to the morale meter which will shift as a character eats a good meal.

Your journey begins in Florida, and all you have to do is to survive the trip to Canada. How good are your survival skills and how good you are with choosing the right survival traits for your trip, you can get it tested with the Death Road to Canada Game?

<Play Death Road to Canada>

9. Stranger Things: The Game (Free)

In case you haven’t heard that recently Netflix has released an Android adventure game for mobile devices which is wholly based on their hit web series “Stranger Things.”

So here I’m introducing Stranger Things game app; basically, this game is divided into a series of chapters. The first chapter will give you the way to discover the animated town, lab and a complete mysterious area called “The Upside Down.”

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To navigate the game’s map player will have to complete specific tasks and missions such as activating some switches to open some doors, pushing buttons, attacking guards across levels.

The controls provided in the game are straightforward and familiar where you merely have to tap to start walking to start the interaction. Even shooting, punching, and breaking are super simple with the help of controls.

If you want to cover some distance, all you have to do is drag your finger across the screen as the game is divided into various chapters with the same persuasion as in the show.

<Play Stranger Things>

10. Reigns: Her Majesty

In the game Reigns: Her Majesty, consider that you are a queen of a whole kingdom, where the king is minimal in power, and you are the with all the powers in your hand.

In this game, you will have four stats namely Church, Popularity, Militia and Wealth. All of these stats will begin in the middle. This rule for survival is not allowing any of these stats cross each other either at the bottom or the top.

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Let’s consider that if your popularity reaches zero, you’ll be overthrown by the people, and if your reputation goes too high, you’ll be crushed by your fan in an attempt to kiss your ring.

<Play Reigns>

We hope you like the Android games collection. Do let us know what you think about the list and which Android game is your favorite. If you have any suggestions or feels like your favorite mobile game is missing, feel free to tell us in the comment section below. We would surely include it in the list. 🙂


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