8 Best Budgeting Apps To Manage Finance In UK

best budgeting apps

Did you ever lose track of where all your money went by the month’s end? Keeping track of all your expenses and finance requires a lot of attention, which is not easy. Budgeting your month and documenting every transaction takes a lot of time. To plan your financial goals and to budget your year without wasting much time is possible by using the best budgeting apps (free, paid, and safe to use).

You can connect your bank account to the budgeting apps, and you will never have to wait for your next month’s salary. These apps will plan your finances and keep you updated with your spendings.

Nowadays, every app uses artificial intelligence to understand the user’s behavior, so do these financial budgeting apps. By studying your spending habits, budgeting apps will suggest some saving options, investment plans, and more.

Moreover, some budgeting apps have grown to fully-featured banks.

8 Best Budgeting Apps In UK 2020

Users ask these common queries across the web-

  • What’s the best budgeting app?
  • How can I budget money in the UK?
  • What’s the best budget app for Android?
  • How safe are budgeting apps?

While we came across such questions, we studied and tried a lot of budgeting apps. While testing out the apps, we found most of these apps support multiple countries.

So, if you are planning to make a family trip to another country or maybe spend a few months for the job, these apps can help you to convert the currency in just a few clicks. These apps work on Android, Mac, iPad, and iPhone, ideal for families, couples, college students, young adults, millennials, beginners and small businesses, 

Let’s go through the list of these eight best budgeting apps in the UK and works in multiple countries.

1. Revolut- UK’s Fastest-Growing Financial App

Revolut makes finance, money spending, and currency conversion flexible. If you are traveling abroad for any reason, Revolut can manage currency conversion for you. It’s one of the best budgeting apps for Android and iOS.

best budgeting apps


  • Revolut offers money conversion without any hidden fees. The app could be perfect for travel enthusiasts and people working abroad. 
  • You can easily exchange 28 currencies with few clicks and a few seconds. 
  • Instantly send money, request money, split bills with friends across the globe.
  • Revolut also offers built-in budgeting and spending analytics. 
  • Make cash withdrawal via contactless Revolut card abroad with zero fees.
  • The app sends a spending notification right after completion of your transaction.
  • Also, the app allows you to buy, hold, or exchange Cryptocurrency.


  • £200 cash withdrawal limit per month.
  • 0.5% fees for foreign exchanges over £5000

Get Started: 

You can open an account on Revolut with a few easy steps right from your phone. You need to add a $20 deposit to get started with the app, and then you can order a free Revolut card.

Supported Countries:

Revolut Supports all EEE countries, the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States. Check all countries here.


  • Standard plan: $0/mo
  • Premium Plan: $9.99/mo

<Try Revolut> <Download Revolut on Android> <Download Revolut on iPhone>

2. N26 – Digital Mobile Bank App

N26, first founded in 2013 at Berlin, is one of the best digital bank and budgeting apps. Tracking your expenses and managing bank accounts abroad is all managed by N26 from your mobile phone. 

mobile bank app


  • N26 keeps track of your budget, spendings via a free bank account with no hidden fees.
  • You can get free Mastercard to withdraw money all over the globe with no extra charges. 
  • With fingerprint ID and advanced 3D secure technology, N26 offers the best security assurance.
  • The app has a full European banking license.
  • N26 keeps you updated with your transactions by real-time push notifications on your smartphones.
  • The app uses advanced artificial intelligence to give you insights, statistics, and analytics on your spending habits.
  • You can also create sub-accounts for your financial goals and put some money aside for your dream purchases. N26 is the best budgeting app for families and couples.


  • Chat support is not prompt. 
  • You can hold only one currency.

Getting Started:

You can open an account free of cost and with zero account maintenance charges. Just put your country and residence and follow the steps in the app to create an account. After verifying your identity by submitting the necessary proof, your account will be ready. Afterward, you can apply for the N26 debit card.

Supported Countries:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US. Check all details here.

Pricing: N26 offers two pricing plans-

1. Personal plans:

  • N26: €0.00/month
  • N26 You: €9.90/month
  • N26: Metal:€16.90/month

2. Business Plans:

  • N26 Business: €0.00/month
  • N26 Business You: €9.90/month

<Try N26> <Download N26 on Android> <Download N26 on iPhone> <N26 Web app>

3. TransferWise – Send Money Abroad

TrasnferWise is one of the most trusted and easy to use budgeting apps for Android, iPhone, or iPad users. It has more than 7 million user base. TransferWise is a faster and cheaper medium to exchange money all over the globe.

money app


  • Transferwise offers currency conversion with real-time exchange rates.
  • You can send or receive money, use the budgeting services of TransferWise with zero hidden charges.
  • TransferWise has offices around the world to help you with your needs.
  • You can pay utility bills, tuition fees, mortgage payments, and more using the app.
  • The app allows you to hold 40 currencies under one account.
  • The app also has a feature to create sub-accounts with different account numbers.
  • You can get TransferWise debit MasterCard to make transactions abroad easily.


  • The app charges fees for money transfer. 
  • Transferwise Mastercard is still not available in all the supported countries.

Getting Started:

You can easily create an account by signing up using Google or Facebook accounts. You need to provide ID proofs, add your bank account and fill necessary details to get the account ready. 

Supported Countries:

The UK, all European countries, The USA, Australia, India, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, and more Find all supported countries here.


TransferWise charges fees based on to which country you are sending/receiving money and transfer mode.

<Try TransferWise> <Download For Android> <Download For iPhone>

4. bunq – Digital Banking & Budgeting App

bunq, primarily based in the Netherlands, is one of the best digital banking and budgeting apps. The app is safe to send you money and saves you time.

digital budgeting app


  • The app lets you create sub-accounts for your financial goals. Parents of high school kids, couples, and senior citizens can use this budgeting app for tracking fees, bills, and more.
  • bunq gives you the freedom to invest money at your own will.
  • You can easily switch to the bunq account as a primary account with zero efforts.
  • The app lets you create saving goals.
  • A Slice group feature keeps track of what amount you paid to whom. 


Depending on your account type, bunq charges money for topping up a credit or debit card.

Getting started:

To create an account, you will need your phone number, address details, and ID proofs. 

Supported Countries:

 European markets: the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and Ireland

Pricing: bunq offers three pricing plans-

1. Supergreen plan: 

  • Personal: €16.99/mo
  • Business: € 19.99/mo

2. Premium plan: 

  • Personal: €7.99/mo
  • Business: € 9.99/mo

3. Travel plan (Free Plan): 

  • Personal: €0/mo
  • Business: €0/mo

<Try bunq> <Download bunq on Android> <Download bunq on iPhone>

5. Emma – Money Manager App

Emma helps you connect all your bank accounts in one place. You get good financial suggestions and budgeting help from Emma.

budget planner app


  • Get a full list of recurring payments across all your accounts with the help of Emma’s analyzing features.
  • Emma automatically sets categories for your expenses and provides insights on your spending habits across all accounts.
  • Emma helps you avoid overdrafts.
  • The app tracks your unnecessary subscriptions to cut down your spendings.
  • Emma also recommends a monthly saving amount based on your spendings.


  • Emma doesn’t offer savings categories for your bills and spendings.
  • It does not support all banks.
  • The app doesn’t have in-app money transfer support.

Getting Started:

You can create an account on Emma by providing necessary details and ID proofs. You can search your bank and connect the account from the Emma app itself. 

Supported Countries:

The app is based in London and is now available in the US and Canada.


  • One month plan: £9.99
  • Six months plan: £39.99 or £6.66/month
  • Twelve months plan: £59.99 or £4.99/mo

<Download Emma on Android> <Download Emma on iPhone>

6. Yolt – Free To Use Budgeting App

Yolt is one of the highly used smart bank apps, which gives the user full control of their banking data. You can securely manage your finances and budgeting via Yolt. The best thing is, Yolt is a free budgeting app; hence it is best for college students or young adults.

free budgeting app


  • Yolt keeps all your accounts in one place. Meaning, you can keep track of your Savings account, Current account, and Credit account using a simple user interface of Yolt.
  • Yolt shows your overall financial spending from all accounts as one ‘Smart balance,’ so you can easily track your expenses.
  • You can track your average spending via statistical spending reports offered by Yolt.
  • You can assign a budget to categories like groceries, shopping, and avoid overspending.
  • The app allows you to move money between your accounts, so you don’t even need your banking apps.


  • Yolt is only available on Smartphones. It doesn’t have a web interface as of now.
  • As of now, Yolt doesn’t have color codes for money credited to and debited from your account. It only uses minus (-) sign for debit and no sign for credit. 

Getting Started:

Download the Yolt app on your smartphone to create an account. Fill your details, add your bank account, and create a secure login PIN. You can start using Yolt’s features from your smartphone.

Supported Countries:

Yolt is available in the UK, Italy, France.


Yolt app is free to download and use.

<Download Yolt app on Android> <Download Yolt app on iPhone>

7. Money Dashboard – Best UK Finance App

Money Dashboard is one of the best UK’s finance apps. The app is perfect for Windows, Mac, and smartphones as well.

uk finance budgeting app


  • Money Dashboard offers the best budget planner to keep your financial goals intact.
  • The app predicts your account balance at a particular time based on your spending habits. You can test different scenarios to predict your cash flow using the prediction system of the app.
  • As the name suggests, the dashboard of this app is best viewed on the web app. You can track expenses, view spending statistics, and a lot more on the dashboard. 
  • Money Dashboard app keeps track of all your accounts, even if your accounts are in different banks, and you spend money using various apps. 
  • Create your budget plan using the Money dashboard, and the app will automatically categorize everything for you.


  • Even though the app shows all your transactions in one place, it takes time to appear all the transactions on the dashboard.
  • The app lacks some of the investment options features.

Getting Started:

You can create an account using the email address; the app asks you to fill some personal details and connect bank accounts. The only time-consuming process is, the app asks you to tag your transactions to create categories. Once you complete all the steps, the app handles your budgeting and financial planning.

Supported Countries:

The UK


Money Dashboard is free to use. However, they have some paid products and services.

<Try Money Dashboard> <Download MD on Android> <Download MD on iPhone>

8. Monzo – Easy Banking App

Monzo manages all your spendings by allowing you to create a full UK bank account. Monzo started with a prepaid Mastercard account and has grown to become a fully-featured digital bank.

banking app


  • First of all, it’s not just a smart card app; you can create a secure bank account with great features on Monzo.
  • If you put your salary into the Monzo account, Monzo gives you the cash one day earlier than your next salary day. They cost no charges for this feature.
  • You can sort your money into sections such as bills, spendings, savings, and Monzo keeps track of everything without you investing much time in it.
  • Monzo allows you to create Bills pots. So you can choose a ‘Rent’ pot to pay your rent, ‘Bill’ pot to pay your bills, ‘Shopping’ pot to spend on your shopping and likewise.
  • You can use your Monzo account anywhere in the world where Mastercard is supported.


  • Monzo has a limit of  £200 free cash withdrawals outside the UK.
  • Some of the users have reported a frozen account or account closed after sending a large amount of money to another account.
  • Monzo doesn’t have a currency conversion feature.

Getting Started:

Once you download the Monzo app, you can create your account by filling a form and providing identity proof. Once you set up your account, you can apply for a Card, and Monzo will send it to your address. For a Monzo card, you need to be a resident of the UK.

Supported Countries:

EEA countries and countries where Mastercard is supported. However, you might cross-check your country by connecting to the Monzo help center.


Monzo doesn’t have subscription plans as it is an authorized bank. It offers free services up to a certain extent, and then they charge for some of the services. For example, Monzo will start charging you for cash withdrawals outside the UK after you cross a specific limit. The charges depend on the amount you withdraw.

<Download Monzo on Android> <Download Monzo on iPhone>

Final Words

What must you consider while choosing a budgeting app for you? The app should be secure and easy to use. Moreover, the app should have easy currency conversion, the ability to send or receive money from accounts all over the globe, and an easily understandable budgeting statistics. 

The apps we picked for you are the best budgeting apps in 2020, with all the above features. You can choose the app that fits all your needs. 

Our team will be happy to hear suggestions from you as well. Feel free to let us know your opinion in the comment section below.


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