[UPDATED] 12 Best Email Finder Tools To LookUp Anyone’s Email

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Finding emails could be challenging. Imagine a scenario where you come across some leads whom you think you can pitch your products or services.

Now, what will you do? You will look to connect with them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, etc. Or you will send them cold messages and wait for the response. Right?

What if we tell you that you can look up to their professional email IDs with the help of the best email finder tools and send them a nice professional email? 

That’s when you can use email finder tools that help you to find someone’s email by just putting their full name, domain name, or social networks (e.g. LinkedIn Profile). Furthermore, these tools offer features like emails verifying, cold email outreach, etc. that you can use after building your list. 

12 Best Email Finder Tools 2020

Using the email generator tool (or its equivalent chrome extension), finding someone’s email address is as easy as cutting melted butter. Here, we hand-picked the collection of top email searching tools that will help you to find the email IDs of the users or professionals whom you want to connect with.

Some of these tools offer free trials, while some email finder tools are free to use. We have tried our best to gather all the info for you; you can use the one at your convenience. 

Let’s start with the best email finder tools list of 2020.

1. SignalHire

SignalHire is a tool that not just provides verified email addresses but also gives verified phone numbers. The tool is the best fit for business professionals, marketers, and salespeople.

SignalHire Chrome Extension can scan and find the social networks of a person. With a few clicks, you get as many emails ids, phone numbers, and social media accounts a person has. It also finds a skype ID or other popular messenger ID of a person you are looking for. 

You can create a search filter with location, skills, job profile, and company name of a person. 

Features offered by SignalHire:

  • Real-time verified emails associated with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.
  • Find phone numbers, social networks, including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Search Filters and keyword search options.
  • You can sync your mailboxes, send bulk emails, and track CRM conversations. 
  • SignalHire also has APIs that you can add to your business tools and customize them.


  • Lead generation Plan: 1000 Email credits a month for $99/mo or $79/mo when billed annually.
  • PhoneBox Plan: 200 phone credits a month for $99/mo or $79/mo when billed annually.
  • Recruiter Pro plan: 200 contact credits a month for $99/mo or $79/mo when billed annually.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom plans based on business needs. 

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2. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is one of the best email finder tools for businesses as it allows you to find email addresses and phone numbers of the people. Once search, the tool returns the full name, job title, location of a person you are looking for.

The free plan offers you ten credits to see how finding emails work with AeroLeads.

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Features offered by AeroLeads:

  1. Finding verified email ids of professionals by uploading names and a company domain.
  2. CRM tools integration to transfer email data to Salesforce or HubSpot quickly.
  3. It has a Chrome extension and a firefox extension for extracting email ids from websites.

Subscription plans of AeroLeads:

The monthly plans start with $49/month with a 700 credit limit to $499/mo with a 10,000 credit limit. The tool also offers an Enterprise plan, which is a customized plan for users based on their requirements. You quote your needs, and their team will quote you the price.

pricing plans

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3. Hunter.io (Look up to 50 emails for FREE per month)

Hunter is one of the best email id finder tools for sales or marketing companies. By just typing a company domain name in a search bar, you can look up the professional email ids of anyone. 

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Features offered by Hunter:

  1. Find bulk email addresses of people you want to get in touch with.
  2. Chrome extension to find an email address associated with any website by simple steps. It also has firefox add-ons, google sheet add-ons. 
  3. Hunter also provides CRM integrations such as Salesforce, Hubspot.
  4. Hunter also has a feature of mail tracking, such as actions taken on the email sent by you.

Subscription Plans of Hunter:

You can find 50 emails per month with the FREE PLAN of Hunter.io after signing up. If you wish to upgrade further, here are the options-

Monthly Plan Subscription: The Starter Plan starts at $49/month gives you access to find 1000 emails/month. Apart from it, the tool offers Growth, PRO, and Enterprise plans. Check their details below.

hunter.io pricing

Annual Plan Subscription: The tool offers 30% OFF on annual pricing. Plans start with a starter plan for $34/mo with monthly 1000 search requests to Enterprise plan of $279/mo with 50000 search requests.

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4. Snov Email Finder Tool  (Find 50 Prospects with emails per month)

Snov helps you to find your potential email prospects from websites and LinkedIn profiles. 370000 users are using this email finding tool. The tool also offers live customer support chat, which helps to clarify any doubts or queries before trying it. 

email generator toolYou can look for the emails by installing its Chrome Extension that helps you to generate the emails from the website domains and LinkedIn when you browse. You can look up to the emails by clicking the extension and save them in a separate list.

finding emails

Watch this quick video tutorial on how to look up someone’s email using Snov.

Features offered by Snov: 

  1. It allows you to browse emails by location, position, or skills via boolean search filters.
  2. Snov also has APIs to add to company applications.
  3. It tracks emails sent from your email box.
  4. You can launch drip email campaigns
  5. If you have an email list already, you can verify your email prospects by importing it.

Subscription Plans of Snov.io

You can look up to 50 prospects/month with emails in the free plan. If you want to find more than 50 leads, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Monthly subscription plans of Snov:

The basic monthly plan S starts at $39/month and goes up to $199/month. Their most recommended plan is L, which costs $129/month that comes with 20,000 credits and 20,000 unique recipients.


Annual subscription plans of Snov:

Plans start with a Small plan for $33/month to XL plan for $166. You get TWO months free if you go with any annual plans.

All the above plans offer multiple benefits, including single/bulk domain searches. 

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5. VoilaNorbert (Search 50 Leads For FREE)

VoilaNorbert allows you to find the email id of any professional person using their name and company’s domain name. You can find 50 leads for FREE after the signup process. Later you will be asked to buy more credits.

find anyone's email

Once you get the contact’s email, you can add it to the list. The tool returns verified or working email ids only. Hence, you don’t have to worry about invalid emails.

email searching tool

VoilaNoberts also helps you to clean your existing emailing list of contacts with its Email List Cleaning feature, which means you can verify the email ids of your contacts (whether working or not) with the help of this tool. The tool charges $.003/email up to 500k and $.001/email above that.

email verification tool

Other Features of VoilaNoberts:

  1. The tool offers verified email lookups to enrich your contacts.
  2. It allows you to integrate CRM tools for better reach out.
  3. VoilaNorbert also has a chrome extension to extract email ids from websites.
  4. It has APIs that you can add to your company’s applications to find emails. 

Subscription Plans by VoilaNorbert:

The tool offers four types of Monthly and Yearly plans named- Valet, Butler, Advisor & Counselor. The monthly plan starts at $49 per month, whereas the yearly plan starts at $39/month. You can save $120-$1200 based on the yearly plan you pick.

email finder tool pricing

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6. RocketReach Email Finder Tool

RocketReach is one of the top email finder tools providing real-time verified data of millions of people for millions of companies worldwide. You can look up to the prospect’s email IDs by searching their names, LinkedIn IDs, etc. via the tool.

email searching tool

The tool provides different services to make your business reach out to people via emails. 

Services offered by RocketReach:

  1. By applying Search criteria, the advance search option allows you to find email ids of anyone.
  2. Bulk Lookups feature allows you to upload a list of missing emails or phone numbers and automatically appends up-to-date email addresses, phone numbers, and work history.
  3. Rocketreach API allows you to add the API of this tool into your application directly. It’s a REST API that will help you to find email ids, company-specific email searches, and much more.
  4.  Email Outreach feature uses your mailbox to send custom emails to relevant people to increase your brand outreach.
  5. RocketReach allows you to integrate Salesforce, Hubspot, and other CRM tools, application tracking systems.
  6. RocketReach also provides chrome extension, so if you are on any relevant clients’ website or their social profiles and click on chrome extension, it will generate email addresses of clients. 

Subscription plans of RocketReach:

You can find up to 10 emails after the signup process. After that, the tool will ask you to upgrade your subscriptions. Here are the pricing plans options-

Monthly Subscription:

  • Essentials Plan: $59/month to find 125 emails/month
  • PRO Plan: $119/month to search 375 emails/month
  • Ultimate Plan: $299/month to generate 1000 emails/month

Annual Subscription:

RocketReach offers 33% savings on their annual subscription plans. Their annual plans start with $468/month gives 1500 lookups/year to $2388/month gives 12000 lookups/year. 

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7. Anymail Finder (Look up to 20 verified emails)

With the Anymail Finder tool, you can dig for email ids using a person’s name or company domain name. You can find unlimited unverified emails with this tool, but if you want to verify them, you can do it for 20 in the free trial. 

This is one of the best email finder tools that do direct server validation of email addresses before delivering them to you. Over 60,000 companies trust Anymail Finder as they find it a reliable tool to get verified emails.

email lookup tool

Features offered by Anymail Finder:

  1. The tool offers bulk search functionality to find a large list of names, jobs, domains of companies, and email ids associated with it.
  2. Anymail Finder provides a REST API to find emails rapidly.
  3. The tool also has a Chrome extension and a web app for quicker and easier email finding.
  4. This tool uses different approaches to give you a list of emails based on your search filter.

Subscription plans of Anymail Finder:

The good thing about their pricing is you only have to pay them to verify your emails. Apart from the free trial, the tool offers three plans-

  • $49 plan that comes with 1000 verified emails
  • $99 plan that comes with 5000 verified emails
  • $149 plan that comes with 10,000 verified emails.


If you want to verify more than 10,000 emails, you can contact Anymail Finder’s team. You can either start with the free trial and upgrade later. 

At any point in time, you can cancel your subscription. Your unused credits will roll month after month. So you don’t have to worry that you will lose credits.

<SignUp For Anymail Finder Today>

8. skrapp.io Email Finder Tool  (150 emails per month)

skrapp lets you reach out to your client by finding their emails using first name, last name, and company domain. The tool returns the verified email ids within milliseconds. You can start with the free trial that is valid for one user and find 150 emails per month

b2b email finder tool

skrapp also handles duplicate searches, which means, you only consume your search limit for new email ids and not the one you already found.

Features offered by skrapp.io:

  1. skrapp has bulk search and bulk email finder feature using the CSV sheet.
  2. If you are a developer, you can add Skrapp’s API into your application for reliable email searching.
  3. Skrapp has a feature of domain search, which can be beneficial for sales teams or recruiters.
  4. It has a chrome extension to extract emails from websites.

Subscription plans of skrapp:

The monthly plan Starter costs $49/month valid for two users and goes up to $299/month, i.e., Global plan valid for 15 users.


The annual Starter plan costs $39/month and goes up to $239, which is a Global plan. You can save up to 20% in yearly plans.

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9. Clearbit Connet

Trusted by over 250,000 people, Clearbit Connect gives you verified email ids of company employees by typing the company’s name along with the name of the employee in a search bar.

find email address

It is a free email address finder tool that helps you to find emails in less than 5 seconds. All you need is to install its Chrome extension for Gmail and start finding email addresses.

Watch this quick video on how to use Clearbit Connect to find any email address-

Clearbit Connect is suitable for marketers, developers, salespeople who are always looking to build their email list. 

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10. Findthat.email

By typing a person’s name and company domain, one can easily find professional email ids of people. This tool also gives the source from where the email id has been extracted. You can signup for the free plan and use 100 verify credits and 50 find credits. The free plan is valid for one user only.

email searching tool

Features offered by Find that email:

  1. Email finding for better sales and business solutions. 
  2. The tool returns verified email ids before giving it to you.
  3. The API of the tool is helpful for developers to integrate into the company’s application.
  4. This tool also has a Chrome extension for easy email extraction from websites.

Subscription plans of Findthat.email:

The pricing plans of Findthat.emil come in three different types- Bundle Plans, Find Plans, and Verify Plans.


Bundle plans start from $29/month to $249/month. The other two types also range in the same way except for the features they offer.

At the moment, the tool is offering a 10% OFF Coupon on their pricing plans. You can try it.

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11. FindThatLead (50 monthly credits)

FindThatLead helps you to generate emails (leads) by typing the company’s name, domain name on its Search Bar. You need to feed the company’s URL, and the tool returns a list of email ids. 

This email search tool is also useful for domain search and leads search. You can search 50 emails with the free credits and send 250 emails daily with the free plan.

email lead generation tool

Features offered by FindThatLead:

  1. The tool gives you verified email ids of professionals by searching their names and company domain. 
  2. It allows you to build email campaigns.
  3. You can find the prospects of your business based on location.
  4. The Chrome extension of this tool allows you to extract email ids from various websites. 

Subscription plans of FindThatLead:

The monthly plan starts with $49/month and goes to $150/month. The annual plan starts at $490/year gives 5000 monthly credits and goest to $1500/year plan that gives 18000 monthly credits.


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12. GetEmail.io (Find Anyone’s email in seconds) 

Find the email address of any professional via GetEmail. The tool uses big data and Machine learning algorithms to find an email ID of people working in any company.

Features offered by GetEmail.io

  • GetEmail.io has a feature of single as well as Bulk Email verification within a few seconds.
  • The tool does a domain check for you along with mail server validation.
  • You can access custom reports on the Dashboard of the tool for your email lookups. 
  • The tool also has an API integration system.
  • The tool has 24×7 chat, call services based on the plan you choose. 
  • You can use GetEmail.io chrome extension for quick access to certain features.

Subscription Plans:

  • A free plan is available with limited features.
  • Basic plan: $49/month
  • Standard Plan: $99/month
  • Premium plan:r $149/month
  • Ultra  Plan: $399/month

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It is no surprise that reaching out to people via email is the best way to get in touch. The traditional way of sending SMS to users with promotional offers are gone these days. It’s good to practice for the local audience. But when you are pitching your product or service online, sending emails is the best way to connect.

Almost everyone goes through their email inbox twice or thrice a day. Moreover, with email sending, you don’t face the challenges of text limitations that you face with SMS. All you need is a great email tool and an email list.

Gathering valid email ids by using the above email lookup tools would save a lot of time for you. We hope you find the list helpful. Keeping your needs and business size in mind, you can choose any email finder tool for yourself.

Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us. If you are using any other email lookup tool, do let us know.

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