10 Free Best Email Tracking Tools For Gmail And Outlook 2020

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Have you ever thought about how to track email opens? The emails that you sent via Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other email service, can they be tracked? Yes, it’s possible to track sent emails with the help of the best email tracking tools.

But let’s first understand how email tracking works or what is email tracking?

For example, you send an email to a client via Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, whom you want to pitch your product or service. You really want your client to open the email, read it, and get back to you.

But how would you know that the client opened your email?

In such cases, email tracking softwares are useful. If you use any of the email trackers online with either Gmail or Outlook, the software will notify you as soon as your email will be read.

Best Email Tracking Tools For Gmail & Outlook 2020

Since you understand now how email tracking works and why it is essential to track your emails, let’s get started with the details and features of these email tracking softwares that you should use in 2020.

Remember with a good email tracking tool, gathering data on sent emails is easy and effective. You can get insights on your sent emails within seconds. 

1. Mailtrack.io – Free Email Tracking Software For Gmail (Our #1 Pick)

If you are thinking about how to use a mail tracker in Gmail then you should use Mailtrack. It is one of the best free email tracker tools to track that gives you real-time notifications when your emails are opened by the users.

best email tracking tools

The tool has its email tracking extension available on Chrome Web Store with a 4.5 rating. You just need to install its Chrome extension to start using it. Once you add it to your Chrome Browser, simply sign up to the tool with your Gmail account.

You can also send tracked emails from both iOS and Android mobile systems. In order to do so, you need to install the Mailtrack add-on on your smartphone.

The tool is safe to use and protect your data. Over 1,300,000 users are using Mailtrack. The email tracking software is suitable for your personal use and any small or large business.

In case, if you want to turn off mail tracking in Gmail, you can do that from Mailtrack Dashboard.

Take a look at its features-

Best Features:

  1. Mailtrack shows for how many times and how many hours ago your mail was opened. You can track it by hovering on the green tick in front of the email thread.
  2. The tool also identifies on which device your email was opened. 
  3. The tool provides email and phone support.
  4. Mailtrack works with Gmail for Android.
  5. You receive real-time notifications when a recipient opens your email.
  6. The tool is lightweight as it has no bulky additional features, just straightforward mail tracking.
  7. The software sends you daily reports, reminders, and helps you with monitoring replies.
  8. It also identifies Hot Conversations if someone opens your email multiple times.

Mailtrack Subscription/Pricing Plans:

The free plan offers unlimited tracking but contains a Mailtrack signature. To remove the watermark, you need to upgrade your plan.

free email tracking tool

  • Monthly Pro plan is for $4.99/mo
  • Quarterly Pro plan is for $3.99/mo billed as one payment for $11.90
  • Yearly Pro plan is for $2.49/mo billed as one payment of $29

<Try Mailtrack.io>

2. Mailtag.io – Best Email Tracking Tool For Sales

Mailtag.io is a perfect email tracker for Gmail that helps you to get more sales. Along with insights on email, the tool offers you to schedule follow-up/automate emails with customizes responses.

email tracking tool for sales

The software offers you a 14-day free trial. After you will need to upgrade your plan. The tool is best suited for any size of businesses, bloggers, and freelancers.

Best Features:

  1. The tool tracks when and where your recipients opened the email.
  2. The tool sends you desktop and email notifications for action taken on your email.  You can view more detailed insights on the Mailtag dashboard.
  3. Based on at what time of the day maximum users open your emails, you can schedule the time of delivery of your emails even in a multi-time zone.
  4. You can quickly access frequent features of Mailtag via chrome extension to save your time.

Mailtag Subscription Plans (Currently Offering 30% OFF):

mailtag pricing plans

  • Annual Pro plan: $9.99 /mo/user.
  • Monthly Pro plan: $12.99 /mo/user

<Try Mailtag.io>  

3. Streak – Free Email Tracker For Gmail

Streak is an advanced email tracking tool that tells you ‘When’ and ‘Where’ your email was opened. It gives you detailed analytics of the sent emails via Gmail. The tool not only tells time and location but the type of device on which the mail was opened.

free email tracking software for gmail

The tool is best suited for sales and marketing teams. You can add Streak Chrome Extension for Gmail from Chrome Web Store. The free extension has a rating of 4.5 with over 700,000+ users using it.

Best Features:

  1. This well-developed tool is as easy to use as a spreadsheet. 
  2. The tool automatically captures data from your contacts and Gmail to help you set up follow-up emails, tasks, and reminders.
  3. Streak allows you to integrate Google Sheets, Drive, chats, and more along with Gmail for quick and easy data gathering. 
  4. The tool has a library of frequently written emails by you or your team for easy access and reuse. The tool shares all the notes and emails automatically to the team.
  5. It is easy to track your emails by custom tags and color codes offered by Streak.
  6. The tool also works with Android and iOs.

Streak Subscription Plans:

streak pricing plans

  • Free plan with email tracking, mail merge, and core CRM for an unlimited period.
  • Save 20% on Annual plans: Pro plan for $49/mo/user and Enterprise plan for $129/mo/user
  • Monthly Plans: Pro plan for $59/mo/user and Enterprise plan for $159/mo/user

<Try Streak> <Streak for Android> <Streak for iOS>

4. Mailcastr – Email Tracker App For Gmail

The Mailcastr is a free email tracker app for Gmail that lets you know actions taken on your sent emails. The tools share insights on every email you send to an individual or a group. The Mailcastr is soon releasing email tracking from your mobile phone.

email tracker app for gmail

Best Features:

  1. Mailcastr tells you about who opened your emails along with the time and location of the recipient.
  2. It also shares who clicked on links, and opened the shared documents. 
  3. The dashboard of Mailcastr shows more detailed insights on historical data.
  4. You will receive real-time desktop notifications on each action taken on your email.

Mailcastr Subscription Plans:

mailcastr pricing plans

  • The free plan offers limited services.
  • Annual Pan is for $5/month

<Try Mailcastr>

5. Mixmax – Email Tracking For Gmail

Mixmax helps you to measure the impact of your messages/emails via email tracking. Once you enable Mixmax for Gmail, you get insights on emails every time you send it. The tool sends a real-time notification when someone opens your email.

mixmax email tracking tool

It has features for the individual as well as group email tracking and perfectly suited for moderate or large businesses, sales, and marketing.

Best Features:

  1. Track when, where, and who opened the email you sent via real-time alerts.
  2. If you send an email/newsletter to a group, the tool tells insights when each person from a group opens your email.
  3. You can change the email engagement tactics by tracking which attachments or links from the email are getting more opened. 
  4. Mixmax allows you to create flexible alerts on email engagements across texts, email, or slack.
  5. You get a slack message when someone opens your email more than 3 times.
  6. Mixmax has other advanced features such as instant email scheduling, embedding polls and surveys, and more.

Mixmax Pricing/Subscription Plans:

mixmax pricing plans

  • Starter Plan: $12 /user/mo billed monthly or $9 /user/mo billed annually.
  • SMB plan: $29 /user/mo billed monthly or $24 /user/mo billed annually.
  • Growth Plan: $65 /user/mo billed monthly or $49 /user/mo billed annually.
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact MixMax for a custom plan based on your enterprise’s needs. 

<Try MixMax Email Tracker> <Request Demo>

6. Snov.io – Signature Free Email Tracker Tool For Gmail

Snov.io’s email tracker works with multiple Gmail accounts. It’s a secure and signature free email tracking tool that helps you track your sent emails. You can turn off real-time notifications whenever you want from its Chrome extension- Unlimited Email Tracker. The online email tracker has a 5-star rating with over 40,000 users using the tool. 

free email tracker for gmail

Apart from email tracking the tools offers you to track email analytics, cold outreach and lead generation. outreaching, Snov.io is the best tool. You can track emails sent via your Gmail account within a few seconds. 

Best features:

  1. Snov.io allows you to switch between multiple Gmail accounts to enable email tracking.
  2. Snov.io keeps the activity log of the performance of each sent-email from your account.
  3. The tool helps you find out what type of emails are getting more views, which email has fewer actions taken on it, and much more. You can make changes in emails based on the activity log. 
  4. You can set a reminder for follow-up emails and can schedule them.

Snov.io Subscription Plans:

The Unlimited Email Tracker by Snow.io is completely free to use, however, if you want to try other features offered by Snov.io, following are the pricing plans you should know-


  • Plan S: $39/mo billed monthly and $33/mo billed annually
  • Plas M: $69/mo billed monthly and $58/mo billed annually
  • Plan L: $129/mo billed monthly and $108/mo billed annually
  • Plan Xl: $199/mo billed monthly and $166/mo billed annually

Annual Plan offers 2 months of a free trial

<Try Snov.io

7. Hunter – Simple and Free Email Tracker For Gmail

Hunter is the simplest and effective tool for free Gmail email tracking. The email tracker offered by Hunter has straightforward tracking features except for location tracking. Email tracking with location is not allowed by the tool because of privacy reasons.

mailtracker for gmail

The tool has a 4.7-star rating on Chrome Web Store with over 60,000 users using it. The software is best suited for industry professionals and smart companies. 

Best Features:

  1. The MailTracker Chrome extension by Hunter tells you exactly when your email was opened.
  2. It shows a small icon of desktop or mobile phone to show on which type of device your email was opened. 
  3. The tool shows email tracking details directly on Gmail.
  4. You can plan the follow-up emails based on the tracking insights and reply you receive from your recipients.

Apart from email tracking, Hunter.io offers many services like finding email addresses via domain search or company name, verifying email addresses, cold emailing campaigns, etc.

Subscription Plan:

MailTracker by Hunter.io is completely free to use. If you want to try other features of Huntry.io, following are the pricing plans that you show know- 

hunter.io pricing

<Try Hunter>

8. SalesHandy – Free Email Tracker For Gmail And Outlook

SalesHandy email-tracking is for both Gmail and Outlook users. The tool is easy to use and best for tracking the detailed analytics of the mail you sent. The tool is ideal for businesses and the sales team.

free email tracker for gmail

Apart from email tracking, SalesHandy has additional features such as email templates, mail merge, cold emailing, and more.

Best Features:

  1. SalesHandy has a chrome extension of email tracking for Gmail and a plugin for outlook.
  2. With the real-time email tracking, SalesHandy shows desktop notification of actions taken on your email.
  3. The tool shares detailed statistics on the performance of each email you sent.

SalesHandy Subscription Plans:

saleshandy email tracking tool

  • The free plan has limited features, but it’s free for lifetime
  • Regular plan: $7/mo/user billed yearly or $9/mo/user billed monthly
  • Plus plan: $16/mo/user billed yearly or $20/mo/user billed monthly
  • Enterprise plan: $40/mo/user billed yearly or $50/mo/user billed monthly

<Try Saleshandy>

9. CirrusInsights – Emails and Attachment Tracking For Sales

CirrusInsights helps you to manage your sales and to find the leads for your business by tracking emails and attachments to you sent. The tool tells you about how much time your prospect spent on the documents that you sent via email.

email tracking software for sales

With the insights offered by the tool, adapting new sales strategies is quite easier. You can schedule follow-ups, meetings with the clients, and generate sales right from your inbox.

Best Features:

  1. CirrusInsights offers salesforce integration to boost sales productivity.
  2. It also has a feature of enterprise scheduling to plan meetings with clients and set time availability.
  3. Attachments tracking feature helps you track what happens to the documents you sent along with the email.
  4. The flight plan feature helps you to set up a timeline of the activities to perform in a day.

Subscription Plans For Gmail and Outlook:


  • Starter pack: $36/user/month billed monthly or $27/user/month billed annually
  • Closer pack: $60/user/month billed monthly or $45/user/month billed annually
  • Enterprise plan: Get a Quote from CirrusInsights.

<Start 14 Days Free Trial of CirrusInsights>

10. Leadboxer For Gmail and Outlook Email Tracking

LeadBoxer not only shares insights on your email but also tells who visited your website.  The tool works with both Gmail and Outlook.

Best Features:

  1. Leadboxer allows you to see who opens your email along with the time, location, and contact information of the person.
  2. Tracking the newsletters sent by you is easier with the Leadboxer.
  3. The tool helps you identify your potential leads, clients, and customers by giving them scores based on how many times they open your email.
  4. Leadboxer also identifies anonymous website visitors.

<Try LeadBoxer for Gmail>

Final words

Sending an email to reach the end-user is not enough. Tracking who opens the email you sent is equally important. The above-mentioned email tracking softwares you can use with  Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Mac, etc. and track your emails.

Sending an email has proven to be one of the best mediums to reach more people. That’s why not only sending emails but tracking them is essential too. 

We hope you like the above list of email tracking tools and will choose the best tool most suitable for your business. Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations if any in the comment section below.

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