3 Best Logo Making Apps For Android And iPhone Users

best logo making apps

Do you want to design logos with free logo making apps?

American art director Paul Rand once said, “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

That’s TRUE. The logo is a primary representative or an identity of a brand. A small piece of design tells a lot about a company. 

Websites, stores, brands, any small business needs a logo to make customers aware of their brand.

Making a logo that needs designing skills is not a case. With enough creativity, you can make your logo within a short time. 

We have already talked about steps to design a logo for free in one of our previous posts.

In this post, we will be sharing some of the best logo making apps for android and iPhone users to design a logo. The list of logo maker apps below is all rated 4+ stars and simple to use.  

Best Logo Making Apps 2020

The apps below need no designing skills to make a logo. Anyone with a smartphone, either Android or iPhone, can make a stunning logo without any hassle.

You can use your creativity, keeping in mind the theme of your brand/website. You can create lettermark logos, wordmark, or pictorial mark logos via these apps.

Take a quick look at the apps that you are going to read in this post-

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3 Best Logo Making Apps for iPhone Users

If you are using an iPhone, you can try these logo making apps to design a logo-

1. Logo Maker Shop

With a 4.8 star rating on App Store, this app lets you create an eye-catchy logo for your company or website within a few minutes. All the features are user friendly and comfortable for non-designers.

logo maker app

What’s best about Logo Maker Shop?

  1. You can choose a template for your logo from 1000+ inbuilt templates created by the best designers.
  2. Logo Maker Shop allows you to customize your logo template by offering tons of font styles, font colors, doodles, symbols, shapes, and background options
  3. As the app has iCloud support, you can edit your logo on iPhone or iPad anytime you want. Simple save and undo/redo options make it easier to use.
  4. The app generates top-notch resolution logos as a result. 

Subscription fees:

Logo maker Shop is free to download. However, to access unlimited designs and editing options, the annual subscription is just for $39.99. 

Or you can go for a $4.99 weekly plan, $12.99 monthly plan depending on how frequently you are going to need the app.  

<Try Logo Maker Shop>

2. Logo Maker For iPhone

Creating an attractive logo for your website/company is just a matter of a few clicks using this app. This 4.6-star app is loved by almost 65 thousand iPhone/iPad users.

best logo making app

What’s best about the Logo Maker App?

  1. This app provides more than a thousand templates for logo creation. Skilled designers created these templates.
  2. Advanced design elements to customize the logo. You can try various filters to make your logo match with your theme.
  3. The Logo Maker app provides a lot of font styles and color options. 
  4. Logo Maker also offers badges, icons, stickers to make logos, business cards, and much more. You can download the final logo in high resolution for printing as well.

Subscription fees:

Logo maker allows you to opt for three days of a free trial. Its weekly subscription is $4.99, and the annual subscription fee is $39.99.

<Try Logo Maker App>

3. Watercolor Logo Maker

With this 4.5 star app, you can create a beautiful watercolor logo for your brand. This app would be the best choice for artistic websites and creative art businesses. 

best logo maker app

What’s best about Watercolor Logo Maker?

  1. Logo Design and shapes have a look of watercolors. You can select a logo category and start customizing your design. 
  2. You can pick a watercolor texture, font styles, and colors to create a logo. They even have options for 3D logos and shapes.
  3. This app is best for artists, designers, photographers for multipurpose use. However, anyone with no designing background can use it.
  4. The final logo will be of good quality and resolution.

Subscription Fees:

You can download this app for free. To use certain features, you need to pay for in-app purchases. 

<Try Watercolor Logo Maker>

Top 3 Logo Making Apps for Android Users

Take a look at the best logo maker apps for android users. There are lots of logo making android apps in the Google Play Store, but we have only covered the ones that have good ratings and recommendations.

1. Logo Maker Plus

With a 4.6 star rating, the app gives you a lot of designing options. This app provides multiple features; hence it could be useful for freelance designers for multipurpose use.

free logo maker app

What’s best About Logo Maker Plus?

  1. First of all, the app is not just for logo creation. You can create Posters, Facebook or Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, and much more.
  2. You just need to pick a template for creating a logo or any other design. The editing options like border, shadow effect, gradient color are smooth in this app. Customizations using tons of font families and text colors will make your logo beautiful.
  3. Doodles, border options, shapes, and filters are available to follow the theme of your brand/website.
  4. And of course, the app gives a high-resolution logo downloadable for you.

Subscription Fee:

This app has some in-app purchases ranging from $3-$23 based on how many features you want to access for logo making. 

<Download Logo Maker Plus

2. Logo Maker For Android App

With a lot of customization options and easy steps, anyone can design a logo for their brand. This 4.5-star app lets you create a logo and save it in your device within a few minutes.

logo maker app

What’s best about Logo Maker?

  1. You can choose a template for your logo from more than 2000 template options designed by skilled designers.
  2. Font style and color editor, logo adjustment, and filter options are easy to use.
  3. Multiple background and overlay options are available
  4. The app has a feature of watercolor logos, too, and the final logo design is of high quality.

Subscription fee:

The app is free to download. However, it has in-app purchases ranging from $1-$82 for some features based on your needs.

<Download Logo Maker App

3. Desygner: Free Graphic Design app

Desygner has a 4.7-star rating and has impressive features for social media as well. This versatile app comes handy for learning designers and even for non-designers.

logo maker app android

What’s best about Desygner App?

  1. The app is not just for logo designing. You can design social media posts, graphics, and banners.
  2. Templates for almost all frequently used social media apps are available.
  3. It’s also useful to make a book cover for authors and magazine covers. The customization options with font, background, and styles are amazing.
  4. It’s an online tool so you can edit your designs on any device. 
  5. The quality of the final logo image is excellent.

Subscription plan:

Most of the features of this app are free to use. To get access to some advanced features, you need to pay fees ranging from $1.5-$55, depending on your needs.

<Download Desygner Logo Making App

Final Words: 

While designing a logo, do consider your brand’s theme. The logo you make will be your brand’s identity. Choose any of the above apps and get started to make a stunning logo.

If you are a designer, an annual subscription plan will be a good option for you. However, if you are going to generate a logo only for once, try weekly subscriptions or free trials.

We hope you find the above list of logo making apps useful. If you have any queries related to the post, feel free to ask in the comment section below.  

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