15 Best Tech News Apps For Android And iOS Users

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Do you have the best tech news apps installed on your mobile? Technology is evolving every day with new tech products coming into the market. It gets tough to stay updated with the latest happenings in the technology world as there is a lot of competition, and vast information is available.

E.g., you heard about a new mobile launch this month, and after a week, another one hits the market with advanced features. 

You can’t touch base with the updated info only from reading newspapers or watching television. You need to have tech news apps installed on your mobile device. 

And that’s where this list of best tech news apps for Android and iOS will be handy. Most of the tech lovers like you use these smartphones tech news apps daily.

These best technology apps will keep you updated with the latest technological inventions. For geeks who work in the tech industry, tech news apps are not just for reading news; they can give you ideas to build something new. 

Running short in time? Below is the list of best Tech news apps 2020

15 Best Tech News Apps for Android and iOS 2020

In this post, we have come up with the top-rated and highly used best tech apps for you. A lot of tech news apps share tons of articles and blogs on technology domains. Be it tech tips and tricks, software updates, app reviews, gadgets, hardware and firmware, high-end artificial intelligence robotics, you can read about it on your Android phone or iPhone.

However, when it comes to smartphone apps, the play store or app store offers you a lot of options to download. You might get confused about which one you should use, but choosing the best tech news app will be easier if you read the post ahead. 

Take a look at the list-

1. Findups Daily- Get Instant Tech News In 3 Sentences

Findups Daily is a recently developed Tech news app that keeps you updated on tech topics such as Gadgets, new smartphone releases, reviews of latest laptops, phones, and much more. 

Even though the app is new, tech users have liked this app a lot and given a rating of 4.8. The app brings you knowledge from most trending tech topics, recent technological updates, and business trends as well.

best tech news apps

The app gathers all the trending topics from all the reputed news websites such as CNet, Tech Radar, ZDNet, and more. 

Findups Daily generates a customized news feed for you based on what topics you like and bookmark. 

Under your profile, you can control the news feed, choose the topics to get daily tech updates, and keep yourself up to date with the latest tech news.

Pricing: The app is free to download and use with NO IN-APP purchases. 

<Download Findups Daily on Android>

2. Inshorts- Tech News Summary In 60 Words 

Almost 440 thousand people worldwide are using Inshorts for daily tech news briefings. With 4.6   star ratings, the app is one of the top famous and most-used apps among users. 

What’s best with the app is it releases news only in 60 words, which is a summary of news from all well-known national and international news websites.
top tech news apps

Other than tech news, Inshorts brings news on different topics such as business, sports, etc. The app also shares news from social media sources such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You just have to swipe the 60-word news to the left, and the detailed news from the primary news source will appear. 

Inshorts is available in English for worldwide users and also supports the Hindi Language (which means Indian users can also use this tech news app).

Searching the particular topic, bookmarking the news, sharing the news on social media, and customizing your feed will make you love this app. You can follow the Tech news topic, and you will receive technology news from the app via push notifications throughout the day.

Pricing: Inshorts is a free news app.

<Download Inshorts on Android> <Download Inshorts on iPhone>

3. Medium    

Medium is a versatile app; it not only shares tech news but a lot of different articles on various topics. You will find a lot of significant tech updates, trends, blogs, and reviews on this platform.

Millions of people worldwide also share their thoughts in the form of blogs or series, not only read tech topics on Medium

free tech news app

By following people on Medium, or by clapping on your favorite topics, Medium generates custom feed for you. You can choose topics such as technology, sports, food, health, and more while creating your account.

Most importantly, the app does not annoy you with ads and sends your Medium daily custom mails on the top 5 blogs you picked. 


Without a subscription, Medium allows you to read limited articles per month. To get unlimited access, $5/month, or $50/year, are the two options they offer. 

<Download Medium on Android> <Download Medium on iOS> <Try Medium WebApp>

4. Drippler- Tech Tips & Android News

Drippler covers a lot of topics related to technology, such as tips, news on Android apps, updates, etc. You can read the latest trends and ongoing events in the tech industry.

Around 300 thousand users are reading news on smartphones, laptops, and gadgets using Drippler. The app also covers news on tech tricks, app reviews, software, firmware, articles on games, and tech hacks.

tech news apps

One of the best features of Drippler is, the app detects your smartphone version, OS and brand to deliver you tricks and tips on the device you are using. 


Drippler has In-App purchases from around $2 to $50. However, you get enough features without buying In-App products.

<Download Drippler on Android> <Download Drippler on iOS>

5. Google News

Google News is one of the top news apps that organize news on Technology, Business, Science, Entertainment, and more. 

Google News sends briefings of news to help you stay up to date. The app offers full coverage of daily breaking news from a variety of sources.

google news app

Google News observes your browsing habits, favorite topics, and suggests news articles based on your reading history. 

Both the app and the web app of Google News have a simple interface, which is easy to use. For worldwide tech news and updates, Google News is the best choice.

Pricing: The app has In-App purchases for some modules.

<Download Google News on Android> <Download Google News on iOS> <Try Google News Web>

6. Beebom – Get Tech News Instantly

Beebom is one of the best tech news apps loved by thousands of tech enthusiasts. The app covers articles, videos on a lot of technology topics.

Beebom shares trending tech updates with you in around 200 words. You can control your tech news feed by choosing the topics of your interests under the Profile tab. You can save the news by bookmarking it, and that helps Beebom generate a custom feed for you. 

instant tech news app

Beebom also has a YouTube channel where they share a lot of trends in technology. 

Pricing: The app is a free tech news app/web app with NO purchases for modules.

 <Download Beebom on Android> <Try Beebom on Web

7. Tech News

Tech News app is the simplest and one of the best apps to read technology blogs and news in one place. The app, with thousands of users, has a rating of 4.3 on the play store.

The app’s RSS feed shows the summary of the tech news for sources and takes you to detailed news when you click on it.

tech news app

Tech News app focuses on sharing app reviews, hardware, and software updates, games, and more with the most straightforward user interface. Without wasting your time, the app takes you straight to the tech news.

The app shares the latest tech content from authorized well-known sites such as Gizmodo, CNet, Engadget, ITnews, and more sources.

You can read news with an ad-free, faster and responsive interface offered by Tech News.

Pricing: You don’t have to pay anything to download and use Tech News.

<Download Tech News on Android>

8. Feedly

More than 300 thousand users use Feedly to read recent tech news, tech magazines, YouTube channels, and blogs. The app allows you to organize which magazines, blogs, or Youtube channels you should subscribe to. 

Feedly is connected with 40 million feeds. You can easily read in-depth about your favorite tech niche. As the app uses RSS feed, you can add a URL of the topic or find the topic by name and add it to Feedly. 

feedly news app

Feedly is integrated with major social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and more.


  • The Pro pack is for $6/mo billed annually.
  • The Pro+ pack is for $8.25/mo billed annually.
  • The business pack is for $18/user/mo billed annually. 

<Try Feedly on Android> <Try Feedly on iOS> <Try Feedly web>

9. Flipboard

More than a million users are using Flipboard as their primary source of tech news. Besides reading tech news, you get access to many magazines in tech domains. 

You can follow sources, people and hashtags to create a customizable feed for yourself. The app offers recent headlines, news articles from sources such as The New York Times, CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, and more.

tech news app for android and ios

Pricing: You can download and start reading news on Flipboard free of cost.

<Download Flipboard on Android> <Download Flipboard on iOS>

10. Opera News

Opera News collects news articles, videos at one place from different sources. The app gives you the latest updates in tech, business, finance, and more. Almost 250 thousand people voted opera as one of the best news apps. 

The app generates personalized feed for you based on your area of interest. One of the best features of Opera News is the availability of multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and more. You can read the news in your native language anytime, anywhere.

multilingual tech news app

Another great feature of Opera News is it has both offline reading features as well as a data saver feature via a turbo engine. The app saves 80% of your data and allows you to read offline news by allowing you to download multiple articles.

Pricing: Opera news is free to download and use.

<Download Opera News on Android> <Download Opera News on iOS>

11. Tech News World

Tech News World is another best and fast tech news app available for smartphone users. Compared to other news apps mentioned in the list, this app is entirely new to the play store. 

The app has gained a good reputation and rating from people who tried the app.

best tech news app

As the name suggests, the app brings technology related updates and news on your smartphone. The articles and news available to read on the app are taken from best sources such as CNET, BBC, New York Times, and more.

The app provides breaking news summary via push notifications in languages English, Turkish, Portuguese, Hindi, Tamil, Bangla. The app generates a customized feed with its ad-free interface.

Pricing: The app is free to download and use with no In-APP purchanses.

<Download Tech News World on Android>

12. Geek Tech – Source For High Tech News

Geek tech is the latest and effective tech news app that brings real-time updates to you in the technology domain. The app shares news articles and videos on topics like smartphone reviews, software and hardware updates, new apps, and more.

The best feature of the app is it allows you to create your feed via showing interest to the topic. Also, you can turn off the updates from topics you are not interested in. The app also allows you to save news articles for later read. 

tech news app android

Geek tech has an offline mode where you can view recorded news without consuming internet data.

Pricing: You can download and use the app free of cost.

<Download Geek News on Android

13. TechCrunch

The app primarily shares recent updates, tech events, and stories about startups, Silicon Valley, venture capital, gadgets, apps, etc. It allows you to browse any topic that interests you and sends push notification of real-time updates. 

TechCrunch provides customization options to users and generates feed based on the user’s interests. The app has an offline reading mode where you can save the news and read it later, saving you internet data. 

techcrunch news app

Pricing: Tech Geek goes not charge you anything to read tech news.

<Download TechCrunch on Android>

14. Scooper News

If you love starting your day with a bunch of tech news, sports, entertainment, then Scooper News is the best app for you. With a 4.5-stars rating from 47 thousand people brings you breaking news from all over the world.

Based on your likes, choices of topics and interest, the app offers a custom feed. Tech-related videos on Scooper are amazing to earn knowledge of recent technology trends.

scoopner news app

One of the best features of Scooper News is offline news reading. If you don’t have internet access or ran out of data, Scooper News allows you to read the news in offline mode. 

Pricing: The app is free to download and use.

<Download Scooper News on Android>

15. HN- Hacker News Reader

Hacker News, as the name suggests, focuses mainly on articles related to hacking, blogs, and news. If you are interested in the cybersecurity (tech niche), this app is the best for you. The app is favorite among many tech lovers and hackers. 

You can upvote the stories, comments on the app and can read the articles in ViewText, Google, or the system browser. 

tech news app

Pricing: Hacker News is free to download and read the news.

 <Download Hacker News on Android>

Conclusion- Which Tech News App Is the Best?

When you come across useful tech news apps, it becomes a habit to wake up and open the news app notification before anything else. If you love technology, you can create a YouTube channel to share your views on tech trends, a blog site, or more such ideas. Deciding on the best tech news among thousand is tough, but we hope from the above fifteen you can pick one.

Besides, technology brings ease in day to day activities. That’s why starting your day with real-time tech news from any of the apps mentioned above is the best idea.

Let us know which tech news app you are using on your Android or iPhone? Feel free to share your reviews and suggest more such tech apps in the comment section below.  


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