10 Free Best Email Tracking Tools For Gmail And Outlook 2020

Have you ever thought about how to track email opens? The emails that you sent via Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other email service, can they be tracked? Yes, it’s possible to track sent emails with the help of the best email tracking tools.

But let’s first understand how email tracking works or what is email tracking?

For example, you send an email to a client via Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, whom you want to pitch your product or service. You really want your client to open the email, read it, and get back to you.

But how would you know that the client opened your email?

In such cases, email tracking softwares are useful. If you use any of the email trackers online with either Gmail or Outlook, the software will notify you as soon as your email will be read.

Best Email Tracking Tools For Gmail & Outlook 2020

Since you understand now how email tracking works and why it is essential to track your emails, let’s get started with the details and features of these email tracking softwares that you should use in 2020.

Remember with a good email tracking tool, gathering data on sent emails is easy and effective. You can get insights on your sent emails within seconds. 

1. Mailtrack.io – Free Email Tracking Software For Gmail (Our #1 Pick)

If you are thinking about how to use a mail tracker in Gmail then you should use Mailtrack. It is one of the best free email tracker tools to track that gives you real-time notifications when your emails are opened by the users.

best email tracking tools

The tool has its email tracking extension available on Chrome Web Store with a 4.5 rating. You just need to install its Chrome extension to start using it. Once you add it to your Chrome Browser, simply sign up to the tool with your Gmail account.

You can also send tracked emails from both iOS and Android mobile systems. In order to do so, you need to install the Mailtrack add-on on your smartphone.

The tool is safe to use and protect your data. Over 1,300,000 users are using Mailtrack. The email tracking software is suitable for your personal use and any small or large business.

In case, if you want to turn off mail tracking in Gmail, you can do that from Mailtrack Dashboard.

Take a look at its features-

Best Features:

  1. Mailtrack shows for how many times and how many hours ago your mail was opened. You can track it by hovering on the green tick in front of the email thread.
  2. The tool also identifies on which device your email was opened. 
  3. The tool provides email and phone support.
  4. Mailtrack works with Gmail for Android.
  5. You receive real-time notifications when a recipient opens your email.
  6. The tool is lightweight as it has no bulky additional features, just straightforward mail tracking.
  7. The software sends you daily reports, reminders, and helps you with monitoring replies.
  8. It also identifies Hot Conversations if someone opens your email multiple times.

Mailtrack Subscription/Pricing Plans:

The free plan offers unlimited tracking but contains a Mailtrack signature. To remove the watermark, you need to upgrade your plan.

free email tracking tool

  • Monthly Pro plan is for $4.99/mo
  • Quarterly Pro plan is for $3.99/mo billed as one payment for $11.90
  • Yearly Pro plan is for $2.49/mo billed as one payment of $29

<Try Mailtrack.io>

2. Mailtag.io – Best Email Tracking Tool For Sales

Mailtag.io is a perfect email tracker for Gmail that helps you to get more sales. Along with insights on email, the tool offers you to schedule follow-up/automate emails with customizes responses.

email tracking tool for sales

The software offers you a 14-day free trial. After you will need to upgrade your plan. The tool is best suited for any size of businesses, bloggers, and freelancers.

Best Features:

  1. The tool tracks when and where your recipients opened the email.
  2. The tool sends you desktop and email notifications for action taken on your email.  You can view more detailed insights on the Mailtag dashboard.
  3. Based on at what time of the day maximum users open your emails, you can schedule the time of delivery of your emails even in a multi-time zone.
  4. You can quickly access frequent features of Mailtag via chrome extension to save your time.

Mailtag Subscription Plans (Currently Offering 30% OFF):

mailtag pricing plans

  • Annual Pro plan: $9.99 /mo/user.
  • Monthly Pro plan: $12.99 /mo/user

<Try Mailtag.io>  

3. Streak – Free Email Tracker For Gmail

Streak is an advanced email tracking tool that tells you ‘When’ and ‘Where’ your email was opened. It gives you detailed analytics of the sent emails via Gmail. The tool not only tells time and location but the type of device on which the mail was opened.

free email tracking software for gmail

The tool is best suited for sales and marketing teams. You can add Streak Chrome Extension for Gmail from Chrome Web Store. The free extension has a rating of 4.5 with over 700,000+ users using it.

Best Features:

  1. This well-developed tool is as easy to use as a spreadsheet. 
  2. The tool automatically captures data from your contacts and Gmail to help you set up follow-up emails, tasks, and reminders.
  3. Streak allows you to integrate Google Sheets, Drive, chats, and more along with Gmail for quick and easy data gathering. 
  4. The tool has a library of frequently written emails by you or your team for easy access and reuse. The tool shares all the notes and emails automatically to the team.
  5. It is easy to track your emails by custom tags and color codes offered by Streak.
  6. The tool also works with Android and iOs.

Streak Subscription Plans:

streak pricing plans

  • Free plan with email tracking, mail merge, and core CRM for an unlimited period.
  • Save 20% on Annual plans: Pro plan for $49/mo/user and Enterprise plan for $129/mo/user
  • Monthly Plans: Pro plan for $59/mo/user and Enterprise plan for $159/mo/user

<Try Streak> <Streak for Android> <Streak for iOS>

4. Mailcastr – Email Tracker App For Gmail

The Mailcastr is a free email tracker app for Gmail that lets you know actions taken on your sent emails. The tools share insights on every email you send to an individual or a group. The Mailcastr is soon releasing email tracking from your mobile phone.

email tracker app for gmail

Best Features:

  1. Mailcastr tells you about who opened your emails along with the time and location of the recipient.
  2. It also shares who clicked on links, and opened the shared documents. 
  3. The dashboard of Mailcastr shows more detailed insights on historical data.
  4. You will receive real-time desktop notifications on each action taken on your email.

Mailcastr Subscription Plans:

mailcastr pricing plans

  • The free plan offers limited services.
  • Annual Pan is for $5/month

<Try Mailcastr>

5. Mixmax – Email Tracking For Gmail

Mixmax helps you to measure the impact of your messages/emails via email tracking. Once you enable Mixmax for Gmail, you get insights on emails every time you send it. The tool sends a real-time notification when someone opens your email.

mixmax email tracking tool

It has features for the individual as well as group email tracking and perfectly suited for moderate or large businesses, sales, and marketing.

Best Features:

  1. Track when, where, and who opened the email you sent via real-time alerts.
  2. If you send an email/newsletter to a group, the tool tells insights when each person from a group opens your email.
  3. You can change the email engagement tactics by tracking which attachments or links from the email are getting more opened. 
  4. Mixmax allows you to create flexible alerts on email engagements across texts, email, or slack.
  5. You get a slack message when someone opens your email more than 3 times.
  6. Mixmax has other advanced features such as instant email scheduling, embedding polls and surveys, and more.

Mixmax Pricing/Subscription Plans:

mixmax pricing plans

  • Starter Plan: $12 /user/mo billed monthly or $9 /user/mo billed annually.
  • SMB plan: $29 /user/mo billed monthly or $24 /user/mo billed annually.
  • Growth Plan: $65 /user/mo billed monthly or $49 /user/mo billed annually.
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact MixMax for a custom plan based on your enterprise’s needs. 

<Try MixMax Email Tracker> <Request Demo>

6. Snov.io – Signature Free Email Tracker Tool For Gmail

Snov.io’s email tracker works with multiple Gmail accounts. It’s a secure and signature free email tracking tool that helps you track your sent emails. You can turn off real-time notifications whenever you want from its Chrome extension- Unlimited Email Tracker. The online email tracker has a 5-star rating with over 40,000 users using the tool. 

free email tracker for gmail

Apart from email tracking the tools offers you to track email analytics, cold outreach and lead generation. outreaching, Snov.io is the best tool. You can track emails sent via your Gmail account within a few seconds. 

Best features:

  1. Snov.io allows you to switch between multiple Gmail accounts to enable email tracking.
  2. Snov.io keeps the activity log of the performance of each sent-email from your account.
  3. The tool helps you find out what type of emails are getting more views, which email has fewer actions taken on it, and much more. You can make changes in emails based on the activity log. 
  4. You can set a reminder for follow-up emails and can schedule them.

Snov.io Subscription Plans:

The Unlimited Email Tracker by Snow.io is completely free to use, however, if you want to try other features offered by Snov.io, following are the pricing plans you should know-


  • Plan S: $39/mo billed monthly and $33/mo billed annually
  • Plas M: $69/mo billed monthly and $58/mo billed annually
  • Plan L: $129/mo billed monthly and $108/mo billed annually
  • Plan Xl: $199/mo billed monthly and $166/mo billed annually

Annual Plan offers 2 months of a free trial

<Try Snov.io

7. Hunter – Simple and Free Email Tracker For Gmail

Hunter is the simplest and effective tool for free Gmail email tracking. The email tracker offered by Hunter has straightforward tracking features except for location tracking. Email tracking with location is not allowed by the tool because of privacy reasons.

mailtracker for gmail

The tool has a 4.7-star rating on Chrome Web Store with over 60,000 users using it. The software is best suited for industry professionals and smart companies. 

Best Features:

  1. The MailTracker Chrome extension by Hunter tells you exactly when your email was opened.
  2. It shows a small icon of desktop or mobile phone to show on which type of device your email was opened. 
  3. The tool shows email tracking details directly on Gmail.
  4. You can plan the follow-up emails based on the tracking insights and reply you receive from your recipients.

Apart from email tracking, Hunter.io offers many services like finding email addresses via domain search or company name, verifying email addresses, cold emailing campaigns, etc.

Subscription Plan:

MailTracker by Hunter.io is completely free to use. If you want to try other features of Huntry.io, following are the pricing plans that you show know- 

hunter.io pricing

<Try Hunter>

8. SalesHandy – Free Email Tracker For Gmail And Outlook

SalesHandy email-tracking is for both Gmail and Outlook users. The tool is easy to use and best for tracking the detailed analytics of the mail you sent. The tool is ideal for businesses and the sales team.

free email tracker for gmail

Apart from email tracking, SalesHandy has additional features such as email templates, mail merge, cold emailing, and more.

Best Features:

  1. SalesHandy has a chrome extension of email tracking for Gmail and a plugin for outlook.
  2. With the real-time email tracking, SalesHandy shows desktop notification of actions taken on your email.
  3. The tool shares detailed statistics on the performance of each email you sent.

SalesHandy Subscription Plans:

saleshandy email tracking tool

  • The free plan has limited features, but it’s free for lifetime
  • Regular plan: $7/mo/user billed yearly or $9/mo/user billed monthly
  • Plus plan: $16/mo/user billed yearly or $20/mo/user billed monthly
  • Enterprise plan: $40/mo/user billed yearly or $50/mo/user billed monthly

<Try Saleshandy>

9. CirrusInsights – Emails and Attachment Tracking For Sales

CirrusInsights helps you to manage your sales and to find the leads for your business by tracking emails and attachments to you sent. The tool tells you about how much time your prospect spent on the documents that you sent via email.

email tracking software for sales

With the insights offered by the tool, adapting new sales strategies is quite easier. You can schedule follow-ups, meetings with the clients, and generate sales right from your inbox.

Best Features:

  1. CirrusInsights offers salesforce integration to boost sales productivity.
  2. It also has a feature of enterprise scheduling to plan meetings with clients and set time availability.
  3. Attachments tracking feature helps you track what happens to the documents you sent along with the email.
  4. The flight plan feature helps you to set up a timeline of the activities to perform in a day.

Subscription Plans For Gmail and Outlook:


  • Starter pack: $36/user/month billed monthly or $27/user/month billed annually
  • Closer pack: $60/user/month billed monthly or $45/user/month billed annually
  • Enterprise plan: Get a Quote from CirrusInsights.

<Start 14 Days Free Trial of CirrusInsights>

10. Leadboxer For Gmail and Outlook Email Tracking

LeadBoxer not only shares insights on your email but also tells who visited your website.  The tool works with both Gmail and Outlook.

Best Features:

  1. Leadboxer allows you to see who opens your email along with the time, location, and contact information of the person.
  2. Tracking the newsletters sent by you is easier with the Leadboxer.
  3. The tool helps you identify your potential leads, clients, and customers by giving them scores based on how many times they open your email.
  4. Leadboxer also identifies anonymous website visitors.

<Try LeadBoxer for Gmail>

Final words

Sending an email to reach the end-user is not enough. Tracking who opens the email you sent is equally important. The above-mentioned email tracking softwares you can use with  Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Mac, etc. and track your emails.

Sending an email has proven to be one of the best mediums to reach more people. That’s why not only sending emails but tracking them is essential too. 

We hope you like the above list of email tracking tools and will choose the best tool most suitable for your business. Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations if any in the comment section below.

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15 Useful YouTube Chrome Extensions 2020+Bonus YouTube Tips

Are you using YouTube chrome extensions or add-ons on Google chrome browser? If not, then these best browser extensions will change the way you experience YouTube on Google Chrome.

No doubt that YouTube is the one video platform that hasn’t lost its charm over the years. Due to the varied and reliable content (both user-generated and commercial media content), it has emerged as a platform that millennials keep going back to time and again.

Over fifty million YouTubers are actively creating content, and five billion videos are being watched every day. As a one-stop solution to everyday issues, entertainment, and more, it gives way to a never-ending list of gaps.

While Google works relentlessly to address the customer-reported loopholes to improve the user experience, you don’t have to wait for your woes to be resolved.

It takes minutes or less to download third-party YouTube extensions for Chrome.

15 Best YouTube Chrome Browser Extensions 2020

A lot of YouTube add-ons are available for the Chrome browser, but you don’t have to use every single one of them. Here we have compiled the best, frequently updated, YouTube chrome browser extensions, which are handy and easy to use in 2020.

Moreover, these YouTube chrome add-ons have got good ratings and recommended by users who have already used them. Take a look.

1. TubeBuddy

With 4.6 ratings, Tubebuddy is the most important chrome add-on for YouTube vloggers helps to grow YouTube channels. The extension offers advanced YouTube SEO features. Almost 800,000+ vloggers are using TubeBuddy.

youtube chrome addon

Once you install the TubeBuddy Chrome Extension, on the top corner of the YouTube page, you will find the Main menu of TubeBuddy.

Click on it, and you will be able to locate Dashboard, My channel, Analytics, channel health report, Tag explorer, and more. 

Features of TubeBuddy:

  • TubeBuddy offers a Tag tool to explore related tags for your video.
  • The tag tool allows you to find related tags, the search volume of the tags, the competition of the tags, an overall score of the tag.
  • From the analytics of a Tag tool, you can translate the tags.
    For example, if your channel has users from non-English regions of the world, you can translate your tags to different languages by selecting the country and use them to improve video ranking.
  • You will see a dropdown option of TubeBuddy’s tools under all your uploaded videos on the channel.
  • Video SEO tool, Promotions, Thumbnail generator, GIF generator, Annotation tools, Schedule a publish tools are available for each video. 
  • A menu above the list of uploaded videos offers bulk processing options such as bulk delete, bulk update.
  • While uploading the video, TubeBuddy offers on-page tools to optimize your upload process, tag generation to improve SEO.
  • It also offers stats, tags, and video performance tools on the description page of your video. So you can track the stats of your video from the description window while you are watching it.

Create an account on TubeBuddy to access more detailed analytics reports and video performance monitoring. If you have a youtube channel, this Youtube data extension should be in your vlog management.

<Download TubeBuddy Chrome Extension><Try TubeBuddy Pro Today 

2. vidIQ YouTube Chrome Extension

As a YouTuber or vlogger, you need strong analytical grounds to encourage well-informed judgment calls that yield results.

From questions on YouTube SEO to the ranking of search results on the platform, vidIQ, a YouTube-certified browser extension, will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the trade.

more youtube views extension

With approximately 1 million users and a nearly perfect rating of 4.5 stars from eight thousand users, a 2.46 MB browser extension software vidIQ is trusted by AOL, eBay, and Time Inc.  Its latest update on February 6, 2020, with a 3.8.4 version that gives you a fantastic YouTube experience.

Since its inception, vidIQ has been successfully managing over thirty billion YouTube views across eight thousand channels.

Features of vidIQ:

  • vidIQ offers a channel audit tool to show video performance. The tool is one of the best tools for channel marketing.
  • vidIQ also gives a score based on a video ranking algorithm. The score predicts the chances of your video getting recommended in related videos.
  • One of the features offered by vidIQ is video velocity tracker, which identify YouTube video getting viral based on a number of views in real-time.
  • vidIQ Pro allows users to access historical data to check performance based on keywords. Users can research the best keywords for the video content with the PRO version of vidIQ.
  • vidIQ boost and boost+offers SEO features to boost your video and offers personalized coaching for YouTube video creators.
  • The tool improves brand awareness and helps you create an organic audience by deriving insights from both your channel and social media accounts.
  • Priced reasonably depending on your needs and usage, each of the four packages provides their means of advanced account management, content and channel strategy, community management, custom reporting and analysis, and more.
  • vidIQ also allows you to manage multiple channels, create relevant content, and inspire collaboration with fellow YouTubers.

As Paul Cooney, the YouTube Partnership Manager at AOL, says, “vidIQ tackles YouTube SEO head-on with Tag Recommendations, a crucial tool for the growth of AOL’s diverse brand channels.”

In addition to the browser extension, vidIQ also provides customized brand solutions, network solutions, and agency solutions for brands.

<Try vidIQ Today> <Try vidIQ PRO>

3. YouTube Video Downloader By Addoncrop

With a 4.7 star rating from almost 10,000 users, this extension saves a lot of trouble to download a YouTube video.

And not just video downloading, you can also download mp3 of the video by just selecting an option of the convert to MP3. 

youtube chrome extension

You will be asked to install the extension via CrossPilot. Once you add this extension on to your Chrome browser, click ‘Grant permission’ from the extension options to use the extension. This will help you to download both videos with HTTP and HTTPS URL formats.

Now, when you watch a video, you will see a “Download Button” below that YouTube video like this-

download youtube video extension

You can select any format such as MP3, MP4, FLV, and download the video.

Features of YouTube Video Downloader:

  • Download any YouTube video in any quality, starting from 360p to 1080p by just a single click.
  • ‘Convert to MP3’ feature.
  • The extension allows you to choose the time interval of the video to download that portion of the video.
  • You can also download videos from embedded YouTube players by clicking on the Download button at the top right corner of the video player.
  • The extension also allows you to capture high-quality screenshots of the frames in the video. Just pause the video at a frame that you want to capture and click on the camera icon at the bottom right corner of the video.
  • Some advanced features of this extension are dark mode option, float view, auto-pause the video when you leave the page, disables annotations, and much more.

Also, this YouTube add-on by default downloads 120-minute longer videos; you can change the setting from extension options to download longer videos. 

With this many awesome features, this is the YouTube extension that you can’t live without. It’s good for students, too, to download study tutorial videos, which are usually long. 

<Download YouTube Video Downloader Extension

4. SuperYouTube

SuperYouTube is the simplest extension to access YouTube videos description and comments while watching the video without a need to scroll down. Nearly ten thousand users use this 4.5 stars rated extension for daily use. 

chrome extension for youtube

Reading comments while watching a video could be a fun part too. Once you install the extension, on the right-hand side tab, you will see the info, comments, and related videos to the video you are watching.

Features of SuperYouTube:

  • You can change the default tab from the settings. Just click on the extension icon from the top right corner of the Chrome browser to access the settings. You can select default tabs as videos, comments, or info. 
  • It’s easy to control the volume by scrolling up and down on the current playing video.
  • It’s a lightweight extension.
  • All these simple features are available in 104kb size.

SuperYouTube indeed improves your video watching experience on YouTube.

  <Try SuperYouTube Today>

5. Magic Actions For YouTube

With a rating of 4.7, Magic Actions is a multi-utility browser extension with approximately three million users. Small and compact at 317 kB, the latest update on January 1, 2020, with a version, offers a multitude of features.

magic actions browser extension

Magic Actions Features:

  • Magic Vinyl (transforms the video with zoom, horizontal-flip, vertical-flip, color filter, speed booster, and viewing buffering status)
  • Mouse Wheel Volume Control
  • Auto HD 4k capabilities that work with HTML5 videos
  • Dynamic Backlight feature with over 40 different colors presets; customization also available
  • Stops auto-play
  • Well-designed Night theme and OSD on-screen display
  • Creates an endless loop of clips that you want to watch over and over again; simple right clicks to enable and disable loops)
  • Previews of ratings
  • Hides page elements
  • Bypasses country restrictions on videos The Dynamic Backlight feature provides a relaxed ambiance to set the mood for a movie night.
  • The Quick Expand feature plays the selected video in the broadest possible player size, filling your viewing window.
  • The Auto HD feature allows videos at any desired resolution up to full Ultra HD 4k if available. When HD is not available for any video, it automatically adjusts to the highest possible resolution setting.
  • Help and Tips on Chrome, Firefox, and Mozilla

A functional blog with regular updates on Chrome, the browser extensions, and an in-depth explanation of each feature in layman terms.

Multiple themes and browser extensions for deleting and managing history, deleting cookies, and so on Contributions come via Paypal.

The premium features include the contributor’s name, and social media links featured on the website, access to the beta version of the application and priority e-mail support from the team.

<Try Magic Actions Today

6. Loom YouTube Chrome Extensions

Loom, with 4.8 stars from almost 9 thousand users, is one of the best extensions for users who want to create a youtube video. The extension allows you to capture, narrate, and instantly share the videos on YouTube. It offers three options to record the video, Screen+ cam, Screen only, and cam only. 

In Screen+cam mode, you can record the screen along with a small camera circle to interact with people directly. The screen only mode is best for those who do not wish to record themselves on camera. The last option is, of course, to record via camera. 

youtube video recording extension

The latest 3.3.71 version of Loom updated on January 31, 2020, offers following features:

  • Hours of recordings, no limitation on time.
  • Loom offers secure storage for 25 video limit.
  • It gives an option for video trimming and video embedding with instant HTML code.
  • Users can integrate their Gmail, Slack, Jira, and many other accounts with Loom.

Loom Pro Premium offers more features, including HD video, unlimited storage, and premium editing suite for $10 per month.

<Try Loom Today>

7. Looper For YouTube Subscribe Button

Looper is a 93.24kB extension with the latest version 5.17.0 and a rating of 4.8 stars, which automatically adds a loop button below the subscribe button. Both the frequency and the range of the loop can be customized with the button.

It uses Content Script, which reduces the CPU usage is making your device more responsive.

looper chrome extension

It comes with an embedded keyboard shortcut. Every time you want to activate the function, all you have to do is hit P on your keyboard.

The latest update on August 7, 2019, has key features for autoloop.

Features of Looper: 

  • Looper allows users to set a loop in a portion of a range. 
  • A shortcut associated with the letter “P” starts the loop.
  • The autoplay option for the playlist will be disabled after pressing the loop button.
  • Looper displays translation according to the YouTube language. 

Looper, although, has issues with casting using Chromecast, which is a bummer.

You can append “&loop=x” or &start=aa:bb&end=yy:zz” to set the frequency and define the range of the loop by choosing your variables. Easy Peasy!

<Try Looper Today>

8. Enhancer for YouTube

With 4.7 star ratings from over eight thousand users, Enhancer is a browser extension with approximately four hundred and ten thousand users worldwide.

At 566 kB, Enhancer was the fortieth browser extension Microsoft Edge to be added to Windows Store.

youtube chrome extension

The latest version of the application, i.e., v2:0.99, allows the following features:

  • Mouse wheel controlled volume 
  • The extension also removes automatically or on-demand.
  • It allows users to whitelist channels.
  • It supports auto HD playback mode.
  • Users, with Enhancer, can pin the video player.

Likewise, it offers more features to upgrade the user’s video watching experience. 

<Try Enhancer Today>

9. YouTube Playback Speed Control

What’s the most boring thing when it comes to watching lengthy videos? Forwarding it to the important part without missing any details. YouTube Playback Speed Control allows you to increase the playback speed of the video by pressing “+/-” keys. With a rating of 4.7 stars by more than a thousand users, this extension offers the easiest ways to rule over YouTube playback speed 

youtube playback extension

The extension is lightweight with 463KiB size. Its recent update on January 31, 2020, users can easily increase or decrease the speed of HTML video playback using mouse clicks. However, pressing “+/-” keys is much easier as it needs too many mouse clicks to set the desired speed of the video. 

<Try YouTube Playback Speed Control Today>

10. Improve YouTube Chrome Extension

Improve YouTube with two hundred and twelve thousand users, and a rating of 4.5 on the Chrome Web Store is a multi-utility extension for all the little things about YouTube that are not so perfect. The latest update on February 11, 2020, offers amazing features while being 184KiB in size.

youtube shortcuts extension

This extension disables annotation, auto-play, and playlists. The h.264 encoding makes your device more efficient without draining juice from your device or without taking up too much CPU usage.

To add to that is the choice of customizing your video quality and the video size. Add to that the option to control volume by scrolling away on your mouse, and we have got a win-win situation here.

While most of the features remain free, there is a small, one-time donation fee associated with the premium features via crypto-donation.

The premium features include:

  • Creating loops,  reverse playlist, shuffle playlist
  • Taking screenshots
  • Building custom playback speed and volume levels
  • YouTube Mini Player
  • YouTube pop-out Player
  • Default auto-play options (both on and off; works on playlists too)
  • Schedule player changes at night (includes dark color themes, blue-light, and dim display)

Recent updates fix YouTube autoplay, forced theatre mode, Pop-up font size, Moving thumbnails, and much more. 

Enriched with more than forty odd features, Improv YouTube is a one-stop solution for those looking forward to a better YouTube experience.

Improve YouTube Beta’s offerings remain the same for all the YouTube beta users out there.

<Try Improve YouTube Today>

11. Rating Preview for YouTube

Imagine how much time you will save if you can see the bar of likes and dislikes on the YouTube video before even opening them.

With 4.6 ratings and more than eighty-five thousand users, this extension shows the likes and dislikes on the thumbnail of the YouTube video. 

Users will be able to decide whether they want to watch a video based on the likes shows on the bar. It not only saves time but saves data also. 

likes youtube extension

Key features:

  • Customizable rating bar height and thickness.
  • Customized color option for rating bar-style.
  • Occasionally, it shows the RP score of the video with an intelligent algorithm from 0 to 10.

<Try Rating Preview for YouTube Today>

12. Invideo for YouTube

With a 4.3 star rating and almost eighteen thousand users, Invideo is the best extension to search a term inside the YouTube video.

Invideo is a lightweight extension with just 371 KB and enables an inside video search to skip to the desired part of the video.

This particular extension will save a lot of time when it comes to finding the exact part of the video. Users can jump directly to their favorite part of the talk show, a speech, or a series. 

best youtube extension

A green “Invideo” button in line with the title of the video will let you use the feature of Invideo. Sometimes the extension might stop working. However, it will resume its work after reloading the page. 

<Try Invideo Today>

13. Floating YouTube Chrome Extension

Floating for YouTube was rated at 4 stars by over nineteen hundred users with more than three hundred thousand users worldwide, this browser extension is light and compact at 38.46 kB.

Another extension, Floating for YouTube Extension when synced with this application, gives an icon right next in the address bar for ready accessibility.

youtube floating chrome extension

This button creates the floating video player window, which is ideal when you want to catch up on the new episode of your favorite show while checking your emails or keeping yourself entertained while working away with soothing music in the background.

Keyboard shortcuts are embedded for the hard-core techies who generally prefer tapping a few keys instead of dragging the cursor wherever it’s needed. Honestly, it does not get easier than this.

Some of them include:

  • for zoom in
  • for zoom out
  • f for fullscreen mode
  • f followed by the left and right arrow keys to jump back and forth on the video
  • all the four direction keys to move the playback window in the required location on the screen (multitasking does get better with this!)
  • ctrl+shift+9 to pause or hide the floating video playback (command for Mac users.)

With compatibility with both HTML5 and HTTPS videos across YouTube and embedded videos, this app has a role to play in every YouTube user’s life.

<Try Floating Today>

14. Turn Off the Lights

If you are someone who uses YouTube for purely entertainment purposes, this application will enhance the viewing experience for you. With the size of 5.45MB, it’s the latest version supports various browsers. 

Working on a varied range of web browsers and an array of the website including Hulu, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Metacafe, to name a few.

turn off the lights chrome extension

Turn Off the Lights has keyboard shortcuts to toggle the lights, the eye-protection feature, adjust the opacity levels, timestamps, and zooming in and zooming out.

Latest features are:

  • It supports Auto wide mode of video playing. 
  • It has an option to make the screen dark when the user hits the play button.
  • Users can select a video quality up to 8K HD.
  • It has a feature of atmosphere lighting that shows glow around the video player.

<Try Turn Off the Lights Today>

15. Enhancer For Netflix

With 3.9 star ratings from over thirty-one thousand users, Enhancer is a browser extension with approximately three hundred thousand users worldwide.

At 310 kB, Enhancer was the fortieth browser extension Microsoft Edge to be added to Windows Store.

enhancer chrome extension

The latest version of the application, i.e., v6.0.5 allows the following features:

  • With a customized toolbar to suit your needs, including colors, keyboard shortcuts, custom speed, volume and resolution settings, and effects, this browser extension brings YouTube to your fingertips.
  • You can block ads automatically. However, individual channels can be whitelisted, a particularly handy feature for your favorite YouTubers to earn money.
  • The default settings can be adjusted with the mouse wheel once you have enabled the features.
  • The new update of the application released in August 2018 introduced the resizing and repositioning of the player.
  • The good old drag and drop gesture resizes the player, whereas a simple right-click will reposition the player making it convenient to browse for the next video that goes into your playlist.
  • Disables playlist playback.
  • Automatically pauses videos when opened in a background tab.
  • Disables video buffering when the video is running on a background tab.
  • Minimalist browser window that can both be used attached or detached from your browser.
  • The extension provides in-app paid products for a better experience.

Brownie points: All of the above is in addition to the cinema mode and filters. It works on embedded videos too if the src attribute of the video is HTTP:// only. Some embedded videos have the src attribute starting with //, and they are not compatible with this browser extension (Yet.)

Moreover, the tips and tricks and tutorials section on the website are coming soon. With added information, this browser application is already set to up its game — no active affiliate programs associated with this application.

<Try Enhancer Today>

Some Bonus YouTube Tips-

Before you end up reading the article, here are some bonus YouTube tips for you:

1. Download any YouTube video

You can download any YouTube video with a simple ss appended before the link. This should open a savefrom.net webpage in ten-odd seconds.

Choose the highest available video quality, and you will have it saved in your device in no time. Brownie points for this hack since it is compatible with all internet browsers.

2. Extract the audio

Follow the same steps as above and toggle on the video resolution bar to find the “Audio MP4” or associated MP3 format option listed in the dropdown list for your perusal.

When you download, it will extract the audio from the video only.

3. Create a gif from YouTube videos

You can easily convert any YouTube video to gif by adding gif before the link and hit enter. Once you follow that up with a couple of edits, you will be able to achieve the desired results.

Final Words: 

As an open information repository, there is plenty out there on YouTube alone. This has been prevalent to the extent that we have grown to embrace the fact that you shall have an alternate solution to our everyday problems out there.

To improve your experience, efficiency, and functionality on the platform, Chrome web store has plenty of third-party browser extensions to optimize the existing galore of knowledge in place.

Mild, moderate, or severe, every YouTube user has a solution that is out there!

Do let us know which YouTube Chrome browser extension you use and why? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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12 Best Websites Like Canva | Canva Alternatives To Try In 2020

Are you looking for websites like Canva? You would agree on the fact that images are the most attractive element of your post, right? A beautiful image works like a magnet that attracts over 85% of people during social promotions on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin.  

When it comes to designing either a featured image or a logo for the website, the first tool that comes to our mind is Canva, as it is the most recommended social media image tool for bloggers and designers. Creating a logo using Canva is just a matter of a few clicks. But it has certain limitations that make us look for its alternatives. 

We also use Canva for our blog, but most of its elements or say illustrations are not free to use. You have to pay like $1 to remove the watermark on it. This limits us from using the images we need during design. 

Another reason, even though Canva has almost everything that one might need for designing purposes, however, if you need a graphic designing tool for your business, evaluating each tool for efficiency and cost-effectiveness is essential.

Some of the Canva alternatives covered in this post are cheaper and have fully functional editors.

Besides, the free packages of tools vary. Depending on your needs, evaluating the packages of each tool could increase the productivity of your business.

12 Best Websites Like Canva To Try In 2020

Below is the list of some of the graphic design websites like Canva with their features and pricing. Some of them offer free plans too, which are suitable for newbie designers. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Stencil

Stencil is one of the most loved graphic designing tools. Keeping in mind its services, this one is in the list of good Canva alternatives. The stock of images, powered by Pixabay and Pexels are free to use for commercial or non-commercial use. And the tool has tons of fantastic features worth checking. Stencil’s interface is simple to use for even newbie designers.

websites like canva

Features offered by Stencil:

  • Stencil offers more than 2 million stock photos of high resolution.
  • The tool offers over a thousand templates to create social media posts, blog post media, banners, logos, and more. 
  • Once you create a design, Stencil allows you to download the image in any size you want. 
  • With Stencil, you get access to more than 2M icons designed by skilled designers. You can use these icons to create a logo. 
  • The tool also has a good collection of quotes. You can use them to make inspirational posts. 
  • You can either use the Font family of more than 2950 fonts offered by Stencil or can upload your font if needed.
  • Stencil is one of the right options to create Facebook ads, grids, Instagram posts. Moreover, you can directly share the post created in Stencil to various social platforms.
  • Stencil also has addons for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Stencil also has a WordPress addon to use it for your blogs directly.


  • Stencil offers a Hobbyist plan free of cost with limited functionality. 
  • Monthly pro plan is for $15/mo, and Unlimited plan is for $20/mo
  • Annual pro plan is for $9/mo, and the unlimited plan is for $12/mo

<Try Stencil>

2. Snappa      

Even if you are not a graphic designer, Snapp is the best tool for you. Best suited for social media handlers and bloggers, the tool offers easy to use features. The tool has been one of the favorite alternatives to Canva for many designers.

canva alternative

Features offered  by Snappa:

  • One of the most amazing features of Snappa is its fully-featured graphic editor. 
  • Simple drag-drop, font styles, colors, effects, filters, shapes, and images. Everything in one place to design graphics.
  • Snappa offers an extensive collection of more than 3M photos, 100 thousand plus graphics, and a massive font family. 
  • To design social media banners or posts, blog banners or logos, Snappa has a collection of thousands of templates designed by professionals.
  • Resize image feature offered by Snappa is comfortable to use. 
  • You can upload your graphics, fonts, and even create folders for your projects on Snappa.
  • Snappa allows you to connect to your team members and assign them administrator roles. Adding and removing members is comfortable with Snappa.
  • You can connect your social accounts directly to Snappa to share the graphics directly to your social media.
  • Snappa provides video tutorials for newbie designers and has in-house email support to help.


  • The starter pack of Snappa is free to use for one user with limited services.
  • Monthly Pro plan is for $15/mo, and Team plan is for $30/mo
  • Yearly Pro plan is for $10/mo, and Team plan is for $20/mo

<Try Snappa>

3. Fotor

Fotor is another alternative to Canva, with more than 300M+ users. It’s a good photo editor and designing tool with tons of features.

best website like canva

Features of Fotor:

  • Under designing features of fotor, you can create social media posts, YouTube thumbnail, logos, blog banners, gift certificates, invitation cards, resume, and a lot more.
  • Fotor has thousands of templates ready to use designed by skilled designers.
  • Tons of font styles, image shapes, stickers make the tool more efficient to use.
  • Fotor also provides collage maker tools, portrait beauty features for photo editing.
  • You will find guidance blogs on fotor to help you understand designing basics.


  • The monthly subscription plan is at $8.99/mo
  • The yearly subscription plan is at $3.33/mo

<Try Fotor>

4. Visme

Visme is an all-in-one design website like Canva, which is suitable to create any design you want. Be it reports, banners, or social media posts, Visme has it all.

The tool has impressive features for an individual designer or even for businesses.

free canva alternative tool

Features offered by Visme:

  • Visme has a good collection of Presentation templates, infographic templates, document templates, website graphics, and social media templates, which are all easy to customize.
  • You can also create gift cards, invitation cards, Ebook designs, postcards, flyers, and even resume with this tool.
  • The editor of Visme is user-friendly; changing font styles, colors, inserting images, shapes, or charts is just a drag-drop away.
  • You can share your designs via email, directly to social media, embed on to your site, or present online. 
  • You can also set a password to your design to protect it from anyone outside your team. Sharing images, documents, video/gif, PowerPoint, and even html5 file is possible via Visme.
  • With a team plan of Visme, collaboration for brand design management is possible. You can create different folders for each team member. 


3 pricing plans are offered by Visme-

Individual plans:

  • The free plan is available with limited features.
  • The standard plan is for $25/mo  billed monthly and $14/mo billed yearly.
  • The complete plan is for $39/mo, billed monthly, and $25/mo billed yearly.

Business plans:

  • The single plan is for $39/mo billed monthly and $25/mo billed yearly. 
  • The team plan is for $117/mo billed monthly and $75/mo billed yearly.
  • Enterprise plan, you need to contact Visme.

Educational plans:

  • The student plan is $30/semester.
  • The educator plan is for $60/semester.
  • School plan, you need to contact Visme.

  <Try Visme>

5. Adobe Illustrator

Who doesn’t know the Adobe, it is the most famous designing tool loved by designers. The tool has various programs to use; one of them is Adobe Illustrator. The tool is best for logo designing and editing.

similar sites like canva

Features offered by Adobe Illustrator:

  • Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based software where you can create amazing over the top logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile.
  • The tool creates pixel-perfect designs, and software is more suitable for artists and designers.
  • Adobe offers advanced features such as snap to pixel capability, CSS extractor tool, advanced import-export settings, and much more.
  • Editing images, making realtime drawings, and logo designing are some of the best features of adobe illustrator.
  • You can scale your design to any size, create hand-designed art, and share your best work with easy export features. 


  • The annual plan paid monthly is for around $18.58/mo
  • Annual plan, prepaid  is for around $212/year
  • The monthly plan is for around $27/mo

<Try Adobe Illustrator>

6. ZillionDesigns

ZillionDesigns, as the name suggests, has tons of graphic designing features. It is a comprehensive tool to design your logo and icons.

It provides designs for business cards, resumes, letterheads, and more. The tool is one of the best Canva alternatives suitable for anyone. 

other sites like canva

Features offered by ZillionDesigns:

  • The tool offers website designs and templates with complete web design solutions.
  • Book cover design, bottle labels, ticket designs, wedding cards, door signs, and more designing options makes the tool multipurpose.
  • The tool also offers SEO services.
  • Startup contest and set up price where designers come up with the best work, and you finalize one winning design.
  • You get to choose your logo from a pool of designs that are made according to your requirements.
  • You can start the contest from four different packages that vary between $274 to 1173 dollars.


  • Dynamic Duo plan starts at $274
  • Wonderful web trio plan starts at $974
  • Perfect Print trio plan starts at $473
  • Creative Quartet plan starts at $1173

<Try ZillionDesigns>

7. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is the best tool for logo designing and favored for free business logos. It has a simple editor to design your logos or icons. However, the tool has other designing features like Canva too.

sites like canva

Features offered by GraphicSprings:

  • The tool offers customizable templates to create business cards, flyers, YouTube banners, letterheads, book cover designing, and much more.
  • GraphicSprings also has a website builder feature too. You can contact them to get information about website builders.
  • The tool also offers design tips for logo making under the learn section.


  • You have to pay an amount of $19.99 to download the high-resolution logo files.
  • They also offer a Pet custom logo design service at $149, where you receive three original logo concepts within three days.

<Try GraphicSprings>

8. Try Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful by Shopify is an exclusive logo making tool that enables you to generate logos within seconds. The tool offers amazing templates to make a logo. You do not need any technical expertise to create logos. It’s a great Canva alternative option as the tool is free to use.

hatchful canva alternative

Features offered by Hatchful:

  • It has an easy-to-use studio where you can customize logos that are specific to the industry and choose from a library of hundreds of professionally designed templates.
  • You can choose from beauty logos, business logos, clothing logos, food logos, and more such options on Hatchful.
  • As you start building a template for the logo design, it will ask you to 20 industries and then choose the visual style you are looking for in a logo. And in seconds, you are given hundreds of options to choose from in few easy steps.

<Try Hatchful by Shopify>

9. DesignBold

Creating simple yet stunning designs with DesignBold is easy. The tool’s interface is comfortable to use for non-designers too. The versatility in the features of DesignBold makes its entry into the list of Canva alternatives.

canva alternatives free

Features offered by DesignBold:

  • The tool has a massive collection of templates to use for various purposes. Resume templates, social media templates, Business cards, logo, email header, and much more.
  • Drag-drop editing features, filter options, font families, and more options to create your design. The tool also has keyboard shortcuts to ease the designing task.
  • DesignBold had millions of images to use for designing, more than 50 document formats, and trendy layout collection.
  • The tool allows you to download high-resolution images, upload your images, and share it directly to social media. 


  • With basic features, DesignBold has a free plan.
  • Pro plan monthly pricing is $9.99/mo
  • Yearly Pro plan is for $7.99/mo

<Try DesignBold>

10. Crello

Crello, another simplest tool to create graphic designs, social media posts, and animation. The tool’s features are commonly suitable for vloggers, bloggers, social media managers, designers, and ad campaign creators.

design sites like canva

Features offered by Crello:

  • The tool provides more than 25000 templates for commonly used social media, banners for blogging, YouTube thumbnail, business cards, postcards, gift certificates, posters, and much more. 
  • To create animated videos, Crello offers tons of animated elements, objects, and templates to put them together. So you can create a full HD video for your vlogs, blogs, Facebook page, and any other platform.
  • With a massive database of more than 500000+ high-quality premium images, the tool comes handy to create graphic designs by simple drag and drop.
  • You can also create presentations, eBooks, and flyers using Crello.
  • Under the tutorial section, Crello offers a guidance video on various designing elements that can be useful for newbie designers.


  • The free plan allows you to use limited features.
  • The Pro plan with a monthly subscription is for $9.99/mo
  • The Pro plan with a yearly subscription is for $7.77/mo

<Try Crello>

11. PicMonkey

A versatile tool with great designing features, easy-to-use interface, this tool makes it to the list of websites like Canva.

Any non-designer can use the tool to create top-notch designs. The tool is best for photo editing, designing, and touch-ups to beautify pictures.

sites like canva

Features offered by PicMonkey:

  • Simple photo editing options, filters, text editing in images, touch-ups by simple clicks.
  • More than 2400 templates to customize as per your needs, it’s easy to create multi-photo designs with PicMonkey.
  • You can create business cards, logos, invitation cards, ads, via this tool.
  • PicMonkey offers more than 3000 graphics, 200+ font styles, more than a hundred textures to make an eye-catchy design.
  • You can beautify a person’s photo by adjusting facial features and colors such as eye color, hair color.
  • The tool offers cloud storage, which makes it accessible from any device. Creating folders to access and organize your designs is a lot easier. 


  • The basic plan is for $7.99/mo or $72/year.
  • Pro plan is for $12.99/mo or $120/year.
  • The team plan is for $33.99/mo or $300/year.

<Try PicMonkey>

12. Piktochart

Piktochart is more of an infographics and charts designing tool. This one is useful for the sales department, the marketing team. The reason we picked Piktochart in our list of design sites like Canva is because of its unique features. 

canva alternatives

Features offered by Piktochart:

  • The primary niche of the site is infographics. It’s best to design reports, charts, and presentations. 
  • With simple drag-drop features and easy customization options, this tool is best to create any kind of business report. It also provides various color options, shapes, and images.
  •  You can also create social media graphics, flyers, and posters via the Piktochart tool.
  • After designing your reports, you can directly share it with your team, via email, or can download high-res images of the design.
  • The tool also offers video tutorials to learn the designing of infographics.


Piktochart offers three pricing packages:

Regular package:

  • Free plan with limited features.
  • Pro plan with $29/mo for monthly pricing and $27.17/mo for yearly pricing.
  • Pro plan with $52/mo for monthly pricing and $43.33/mo for annual pricing.

NonProfit plans:

  • Individual Pro plan for $39.99/year.
  • Pro team plan for $199.95/year.

Education and Classroom plans:

  • Individual Pro plan for $39.99/year.
  • Pro team plan for $199.95/year.

<Try Piktochart>

Final words

Every designing website offers different templates and themes. You might find what you’re looking for in more than one option.

Some of the designing websites like Canva mentioned above, have various designing tools, themes, and editors, along with good free plans and team plans worth a try.

Try the above Canva alternatives that fit best for you. Do let us know which alternative tool works for you and your experience in the comment section below. If you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations, do let us know.

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8 Best Remote Working Tools To Manage Team During COVID-19

Nobody thought that 2020 would bring this deadly Coronavirus (also called COVID-19). The virus has forced the companies to adopt the work-from-home culture.

The COVID-19 is still affecting the world on a large scale, resulting in a complete lockdown. The Government advisory boards in all the countries have advised the companies, businesses, organizations to allow their employees to work from home during this outbreak. 

remote working software

Due to this sudden change in the workflow, most of the companies face these common remote working challenges-

  • How to keep office people or team members in the loop?
  • How to accomplish tasks?
  • How to track the work progress of a project?
  • How to manage the sales and production teams?

The challenges could be more as most of the organizations have less experience in managing a full-time remote workflow.

However, with the advanced technology, some intelligent remote working tools will help you during this COVID-19 outbreak. These work from home productivity software are capable of putting your team members in one place, assign tasks, manage projects, do video conferencing or team meetings, share files, etc.

8 Best Remote Working Tools To Use During Coronavirus Outbreak

Based on our research, we found these eight best remote working tools to manage your employees.

We have further categorized these eight tools into four groups, each group covering TWO software.

1- Best Task & Project Management Tools

  • Monday
  • Basecamp

2- Best Chat Tools For Team Management

  • Slack
  • Chanty

3- Best Video Conferencing Software For Team Meetings

  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting

4- Best Password Manager Tools

  • Dashlane
  • LastPass

We tried to cover these remote working tools with a brief description along with the pricing and features so that you know all the details before using them.

Let’s check out the list of productive software to simplify your working process and empower workforce productivity during this outbreak. 

Best Task & Project Management Remote Working Software 

To handle a team remotely could be a challenge. But putting in use the tools like Monday and Basecamp, let you measure your employees’ performance, split project among people, track real-time project reports, stay functional, etc. Let’s discuss each of them in detail now –

1. Monday- Task Management Software

Monday is the most effortless virtual work hub application that powers remote teamwork. It is mainly designed for entrepreneurs, businesses who scaled rapidly but struggled to keep their employees engaged, productive, and happy.

best remote working tools

The application brings transparency in work among the management and better collaboration. Start using Monday with these three simple steps:

  • Enter Your Work Email 
  • Enter your account details like – Full Name, Password, Team Name
  • Then, fill the purpose of using Monday for things like Work, Personal, or School. 


You can add teammates, make admin to the one you want, send access to them via invite option, and get started.

You can put Monday to automation so that you focus on achievable targets. Moreover, you can integrate hundreds of existing tools you already using say, Slack, Zoom, Excel, Facebook ads, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and more. 

Monday offers a 14 days Free Trial and 18% Discount on the annual plan. Their pricing plans work according to the “Team Members” you wanted to add. 

monday pricing

<Sign Up For Monday>

2. Basecamp- Project Management Tool

The team behind Basecamp designed the software to handle their team remotely. For the last 20 years, they have been working on the software to make it better. 

The application understands remote working requirements from A to Z and puts your work on automation by default.

remote working tool

With Basecamp, you can easily transition to remote work, split your work, add projects, and assign team members to it, share files, audio, video, assign tasks, deadlines, etc. 

Basecamp comes with the integration of crucial tools like Message Boards, To-dos, Docs & Files, Group Chat, etc. that are needed by the team to get work done. The best part is you can remove the tools if not required, edit or rename the default tool or add third party applications if needed.

What’s Cool About Using Basecamp?

Hold Notifications– Most of us get annoyed with notifications or pop-ups of applications, especially during working hours.

These pop-ups could be messages on projects you’re working on or any query of members in the group. But with Basecamp, you can hold these notifications by setting up the time until you’re back on work. Isn’t it cool?

Hill Charts– An exclusive feature of Basecamp to keep projects on track.

How does it work?

Most of us start with a business or work idea to reach specific goals and accomplishments. But in between lies so many questions, like

  • To-do lists
  • Required people for work
  • Financial resources
  • Investment plans
  • Working capital arrangements, etc.

Here Basecamp helps you tackle all your problems at the uphill phase of the Hill (makes a custom To-do list) and eventually answers all your queries at the downside of the Hill making it happen. This tool is more than just a task management application. 

hill charts

Basecamp offers 30 days Free Trial, where you get three projects, 20 users to add, and 1GB storage space, and the premium plan starts $99/month flat.

pricing plans of basecamp

<Sign Up For Basecamp>

Best Chat Tools For Team Management

The biggest challenge an organization faces in the transition to remote work is to keep their employees or team members in the loop with the projects, tasks, etc. With the help of chat tools like Slack and Chanty, it becomes easier to organize your team conversations. Let’s take a look-

1. Slack- An Organized Channel For Team Conversations

Most of you must have heard or might already be using Slack. But if you’re unaware of why to use Slack, then here are your answers.

Slack is one of the best messaging tools for both desktop and mobile. It brings your team together regardless of any size.  

best messaging tool

With Slack, apart from video or voice calls, you can share and upload files securely (for free). Create separate groups like sales/marketing, HR, production unit, dealers, advertisers, finance department, etc. to manage your team members and keep everyone in the loop. Slack helps you to keep your conversations organized and to stay productive with the work.  

Slack comes with three pricing plans besides the FREE one: Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid. Here’s an overview of its pricing plans-

slack tool pricing

We are using its free plan at the moment, and it fulfills every need. But if your organization size is bigger, you can buy the premium plan. SLACK is offering nearly 60% discounts on their premium plans for Indian companies. 

<Sign Up For Slack>

2. Chanty- Simple Team Chat Software

Chanty is a clean and straightforward team chat software where you can manage conversations in one place. You can do group video calls within the team to conduct meetings or discuss the project.

simple chat tool

Chanty offers a private conversation feature where you can discuss or chat with specific team members by inviting them. You can create new tasks and assign them to specific team members by selecting them. 

If you are using any existing third-party chat tool and want to transfer all the chat history to Chanty, you can do that easily through its “Import” feature. At the moment, Chanty offers import from these third-party chat tools- Flock, Slack, HipChat, and Stride.  

To begin with Chanty, just follow the simple steps below

  1. Signup for the tool.
  2. Set up your team by selecting the business niche, company size, and role.
  3. Define the namespace of your company to set up the URL.

You will get a verification code to your registered email. Just put it and send invites to your team members.

Chanty offers two pricing plans– Free and Business plans. The free plan supports the business size of up to 10 members. For more than ten members, you will require to upgrade to a Business plan that costs $4 per team member every month. However, if you go for the Annual Business Plan (that costs $3 per user per month usually), you will get 50% OFF with additional features.

Take a look-

chanty pricing plans

<Sign Up For Chanty>

Best Video Conferencing Software For Team & Client Meetings

Video conferencing is required when you have clients outside India or vice versa. It helps you to conduct face-to-face meetings, webinars with team members, clients for any business project. Moreover, it binds all your team members through one software.

Let’s check out these two secure user interface video conferencing tools in the market.  

1. Zoom.us- Video & Web Conferencing Software

The Zoom is the number one video conferencing app because of its easy user interface. The software offers HD video and audio options for freelancers, bloggers, mid and big enterprises, businesses, supporting up to 1000 video participants, and 49 videos on the screen.

You can even record your team meetings and webinars to watch later on cloud or locally.

video conferencing tool

What’s best about using Zoom?

Take a look at its crucial features-

Zoom Chats – Create virtual 1:1 or group workspace is keeping all members productive, enabling polling or Q&A from anywhere.

You can even track the engagement of any members during meetings by the attention indicator. Zoom protects your data for up to 10 years with Smarsh and Global Relay integration.  

zoom tool features

Expended Audio – VoIP and toll-based dial in at absolutely no cost. When you set a meeting, just share a dedicated dial-in number to let attendees join quickly without filling any meeting IDs. You can only integrate your existing audio provider (3rd party provider) or switch to SIP- connected audio instead of PSTN. 

Zoom’s pricing plans work according to the enterprise size. The free plan can host up to 100 participants and unlimited 1:1 meetings. Take a look at the other pricing packages of Zoom-

zoom pricing plans

<Sign Up For Zoom>

2. GoToMeeting by LogMeIn- Video Conferencing Software

GoToMeeting by LogMeIn is a mobile and desktop-friendly tool that lets you set up one-click meetings in no time. Voice commands (Siri for iPhone and Ok Google for Android) helps you schedule the next audio or video session instantly.

video conferencing tool

Avoid noting down the points in ongoing meetings because the app lets you collect all data from the cloud recording itself. Some powerful features of GoToMeeting are-

Screen sharing – Train people by providing live sessions at once rather than one-by-one onboarding sessions. While conducting a demo video class, its various existing app integration makes it much easier to communicate, eventually sketches productivity, and brings the best from your employee. 

Audio/ video conferencing – For freelancers, bloggers, and organizations of any size conducting high-quality video calls with your clients will bring an impact on your business. This video conferencing software works fantastic on any platform or operating system (Android, iOS, Mac). 

Conference room equipment – Get a user-friendly hardware bundle in one kit. GoToRoom by Dolby Voice is the best combo of hardware and software to ensure smooth meetings. Small businesses mainly require a clean application that fulfills their basic needs for collaboration, chats, file sharing, sessions, etc. and GoToMeeting is best at it. 

Get 14-days Free Trial for up to 250 participants. Apart from the free plan, GoToMeeting has two premium plans. Take a look-

gotomeeting pricing

<Sign Up For GoToMeeting>

Best Password Manager Tools

Everyone must have stuck in this situation to “Ahh, what’s the password for this.” Now, this is, of course, faced by us too.

We often forget tools login access. But using these safest password manager tools wherein not only you can save your credentials, but also can keep the strong password that the tool suggested.

From today on, you’ll never find yourself worrying about what’s my Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. login credentials. Take a look-

1. Dashlane Password Manager

You must have multiple accounts, and it becomes tough to remember all the passwords, primarily when they consist of various symbols, special characters, numbers, etc. That’s when you can use Dashlane Password Manager, which helps you to keep all of them in one place.

password manager tool

The tool has a fantastic user interface for both mobile and desktop. It automatically fills all your passwords, payments, and personal details as soon as you go for logins on any device.

Though the software also offers a biometric unlock solution to the app. But it is always recommended that you remember the master password, which is required while logging in to this tool. 

Dashlane offers two pricing modules- A free plan and a Premium plan starting at $3.33 per month. You can upgrade to premium plans or switch from premium or premium plus plans within 30 days to get your money back.

dashlane pricing

<Sign Up For Dashlane>

2. LastPass Password Manager

You are going to love this password protection application. The tool is accessible from both PC and Android phone. Though when using the phone, you won’t see the app icon on the main screen, but then go to my app store and click on LastPass to open.

password manager software

When on PC, download the free version or add the browser extension. You will be asked to create a master key once before you start using the app. The fun part is the app allows a memorable passphrase to set your master password. Now, these passphrases can be a movie quote or a lyric from a song. 

As you login to your online accounts like Facebook, Instagram, eCommerce sites, net banking, etc., LastPass will ask you whether you want to save those passwords or not.

If you want to add them to your vault, click add, and it will be saved permanently. The next time you log in to those accounts, the username and password will be automatically filled by the LastPass autofill function.

If you’re willing to share your passwords with family or people at work, forward the login information to them. 

LastPass offers two Personal Plan Packages- Personal and Business.

Personal package has three pricing options- Free, Premium, and Families, whereas Business package has four pricing options- Teams, Enterprise, MFA, and Identity. Have an overview of the plans-

lastpass pricing

<Sign Up For LastPass>

Final Words

No matter what type of business you are running and how much is your company size, the above mentioned remote working tools are perfect for you. Just give them a try and see how it works.

We recommend you to go with the free-trial first, and later you decide whether to upgrade or not.

The above work from home software will surely resolve your remote working challenges and boost your work productivity.

If you face any other issues or challenges while handling your team remotely, feel free to let us know in the comments below. We will surely suggest the tools.

Do let us know what you think about the article overall. We would love to hear your thoughts.

8 Email Signature Tools For Professionals 2020 [UPDATED]

Do you want to have a professional email signature while sending emails to your clients? Do you know you can create a professional email signature for free with email signature tools?

If you never heard about what is an email signature? It basically refers to a piece of text or image added to the end of the email content (whether you use Gmail or any other email service).

An email signature provides information about the individual/organization/company. You can add details such as contact numbers, addresses, website links, social links, etc.

A lot of business professionals, bloggers, freelancers use email signature tools (free or paid) to make their emails look authentic. Sending emails with a professionally designed signature improves conversions and help others to know more about you and your business. Email signature tools allow you to create and customize signatures as per your requirements.

Why It’s So Important To Have An Email Signature?

With over 200 billion emails sent and received each day, most of our email inboxes get filled with spam and unwanted emails.

Therefore, while sending emails, you must include a nice email signature to let your clients know that your email is genuine.

You can manually design and add email signatures within each email that you send, but that would be a time-consuming task if you have to send emails in bulk. Moreover, designing attractive email signatures can be a cumbersome task when done manually.

Having said that, in this post, we have compiled the list of best professional email signature tools that you can use in 2020 and create nice email signature templates while sending emails.

Best Email Signature Tools 2020 [UPDATED List]

There are lots of email signature tools over the web which you can use as free or paid to create your email signatures. Either you can use the pre-built templates that come with these tools or you can create your own HTML signatures.

In most of the cases, we have seen that people love using pre-built templates as they look really nice and professional, moreover, customizable at the same time.

Here we have only covered those tools which are widely used, highly recommended and got good reviews over the web. We also tried to cover the steps with each tool covered that will guide you in creating your email signature.

Let’s begin with the list.

1. Designhill

Designhill is one of the best email signature generator tools that offer eye-catchy templates for your signature. 

Leading publications such as Huffington Post. Forbes, Entrepreneur recommended the Designhill signature tool.

The tool allows you to create a Free email signature for your brand. You can easily add your personal details website link and social media accounts in your favorite signature template. 

Designhil, lets you select text color, link color, font style, avatar size and much more. Just fill the personal and social details in the form and get yourself an email signature for free.

email signature generator tool

Steps to create your email signature on Designhill:

  • Fill all the details in the form including personal information, social media links.
  • Go to the Style tab and change the theme/template as per your wish.
  • Set the text color, font style, link color in the same style tab.
  • In the CTA tab of the form, you can add a link for call-to-action and set the style, color and background color for the same.
  • Before clicking to the ‘Create signature’ Button, scroll down a little bit to add additional fields if you want.
  • You can either add the copy-pasted signature to your Gmail, outlook, apple mail accounts or can get source code. 

Designhills also offers amazing designing services like logo designing, website designing and much more.

<Try Designhills Now>

2. HubSpot

Hubspot is another simplest and free email signature tool to make yourself a good email signature. The procedure to create the email signature is quite easy. You just need to fill up your personal and social details along with the company details that you are working for.

free email signature tool

Here are the simple steps to create an email signature with HubSpot:

  • In the left sidebar, you will find four tabs. The very first tab is to choose the template for your email signature.
  • The second tab is to fill the personal details including your job details and social media links.
  • The third tab is to set the font style, text color, text size, and theme color too.
  • Finally, you can add your profile picture, company logo and Call-to-action URL of your company in the fourth tab. 
  • Once you complete all the requirements in the email signature template, you can add it to your Gmail, Outlook, yahoo mail or apple mail. 

You can either paste it to your email signature or add an HTML code of the same. Either way is easier to add a professional signature to your email.

<Try HubSpot Now>

3. Gimmio

Gimmio is an excellent email signature tool for businesses and agencies to create as many as a thousand email signatures. Freelancer.com, Template.net, and many other well-known brands have rated this tool as a top email signature tool.

online email signature tool

Steps to create an email signature with Gimmio:

  • From the top left corner, click on the ‘New Signature’ button.
  • The button will take you to the layout tab which lets you select the template/theme for your email signature. Choose a template and click n apply to edit it.
  • The Apply button takes you to the Details tab where you need to put your personal and professional details. You can also add social media links to your accounts.
  • Once you edit the layout and mold it as per your requirements, you just need to install the signature. The tool offers an HTML source code option to add the signature to your email accounts. Or you can copy the signature to the clipboard and paste it to the email signature. 

Quick Tip: This tool allows you to check the signature character length for Gmail. It’s best to confirm the character count before adding the signature to Gmail.

This email signature design tool also offers public layout options for your email signatures. But you can make a custom layout for your business. Pick yourself a template based on your choices and needs. Editing the template is much easier. 

Gimmio offer subscription plans from 1 signature to 100 signatures:

  • 1 person plan: $2.33/month billed yearly, $4/month billed monthly.
  • 3 people plan: $2.92/month billed yearly, $5/month billed monthly.
  • 5 people plan: $4.08/month billed yearly, $7/month billed monthly.
  • 10 people plan: $5.83/month billed yearly, $10/month billed monthly.
  • 25 people plan $11.67/month billed yearly, $20/month billed monthly.
  • 50 people plan $17.50/month billed yearly, $30/month billed monthly.
  • 75 people plan $23.33/month billed yearly, $40/month billed monthly.
  • 100 people plan $29.17/month billed yearly, $50/month billed monthly.
  • 250 people plan $35/month billed yearly, $60/month billed monthly.
  • 500 people plan $40.83/month billed yearly, $70/month billed monthly.
  • 750 people plan $46.67/month billed yearly, $80/month billed monthly.
  • 1000 people plan $52.50/month billed yearly, $90/month billed monthly.

<Try Gimmio Now>

4. Mail-Signatures

‘Mail-Signatures’ a straightforward tool to generate an email signature. You can either develop a signature from scratch or use their own templates. 

email signature tool

Create an email signature using Mail-Signatures:

  • Choose a signature template as per your wish.
  • Now, fill the personal data, company data, company logo, and social media links into the form on the left side of the webpage.
  • Under the Style tab, you can customize font styles and text colors.
  • Once done with the signature designing, you can copy-paste the signature to your Gmail account or any other email account.

The tool is one of the best email signature tools and easy to use. It provides everything on a single webpage. You can customize the template to make it a good looking email signature for your branding. 

<Try Mail-Signatures Now>

5. Signature Maker

The signature maker is the most basic tool and hence the most comfortable tool to create email signatures. The tool allows you to add social media links along with your name and contact details.

The tool does not provide many customization options. However, you can create three types of signatures with this tool.

The signature maker allows you to create an email signature, font signature, and handwritten signature. 

email signature maker tool

Steps to create an email signature using Signature maker:

  • On the top right corner, you will see three options to create a signature.
  • Choose the third option for an email signature. A very basic form will ask you to fill personal, professional and social media details.
  • Once you fill-up the details, you will see a preview of your email signature next to the form. Click on View source to get an HTML code of the signature.
  • Paste the HTML in the signature of any of your email accounts. 
  • Apart from email signatures, you can create a very basic font signature and even a handwriting signature. 

In any type of signature, you can either download a signature, copy-paste it to the email accounts or get an HTML code for the same.

<Try Signature Maker Now>

6. WiseStamp 

WiseStamp is the best email signature tool that allows you to create email signatures for various needs. The platform also offers professional templates and integration options with several tools such as G Suite and Office 365 which can be beneficial while designing email signatures for a whole team.

wisestamp email signature tool

Create an email signature tool using WiseStamp:

  • On the website, Wisestamp will ask you to choose between Individual email signatures or Team email signatures.
  • Once you make your choice, this tool will ask you to fill personal and professional details in the first tab of the form.
  • In the second tab, you can add your social media links and proceed to choose a template.
  • Once you choose the template in the third tab, a design tab will allow you to do some customizations. 
  • After getting everything set in a chosen template, click on ‘Ok, I’m done’. The button will redirect you to choose between Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, any other email account or you can get an HTML code of the signature.

The email signature generation tool is free to use, however, some of its features are available to paid members only.

You can create email signatures for Outlook, Gmail, or any other email client of your choice. While it’s free for Gmail or Outlook365, you need to upgrade to the Pro version to use other email accounts. Even HTML code comes under paid versions. 

You can select the template style and color, font type and size, social icons, photo/logo, etc. while designing the signature.

  • If you wish to unlock the full potential of WiseStamp, then you need to pay $6.00 per month.
  • In case you change your mind, WiseStamp also provides a 30-days money-back guarantee on your purchase as well.

<Try WiseStamp Now>

7. MySignature

MySignature is another professional email signature tool and supports all favorite email clients such as Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and Thunderbird.

The platform features a better user interface in comparison to the others mentioned in this list.

Lots of customization options are offered which makes it an ideal tool for individual and business email signatures.

mysignature email signature tool

Create an email signature using MySignature:

  • Click on the ‘Create signature’ button from the home page.
  • The button will take you to the form where you need to fill personal details along with company details. You can also add personal fields. Under the preview of the signature, there is an option to choose the template.
  • Under the Images tab, you can upload a logo or a banner of the company.
  • You can add as many social media links as you want under the social tab. 
  • From the design tab, customizing your email signature with font style and color is possible.
  • Once you set everything, click on save signature and copy-paste it to your email accounts. You can always go back to the editor for edits. 

All the email signature templates that are available within the platform are designed by specialists to offer better reach and interaction for each email.

Just like WiseStamp, the MySignature email signature tool is also free to use. However, the available features and customization options are limited.

To unlock all the features of MySignature, you need to become a premium member by either purchasing an “Individual Plan” or a “Business Plan”.

  • The pricing of individual plans, if billed monthly, starts at $9 per month for one signature and extends till $48 per month for ten signatures. If you choose a yearly plan, it starts from $4/per month and extends till $20/month.
  • If you go with the business plan, if billed monthly, then pricing starts at $95 per month for 25 signatures and goes all the way up to $250 per month for 100 signatures. However, if you choose a yearly plan, it starts from $45/month and goes till $100/month

All the email signatures that you create will be visible within the dashboard of your profile from where you can edit, clone, and delete them.

<Try MySignature Now>

8. NewOldStamp

NewOldStamp is yet another email signature tool that you can use without having any design or coding skills.

For starters, you can create email signature banner campaigns to test out different email signature designs and find the ones that work best within your emails.

You can either choose from the banner gallery available within the platform or upload your own as well.

All the performance metrics of banner campaigns with your selected email signature is available within the dashboard, and you can go ahead with higher-performing email signatures for better conversions.

newoldstamp email signature tool

Steps to create an email signature using NewOldStamp:

  • From the home page, you can either pick a team signature or a free individual signature option.
  • Once you go ahead with either of the options, a Signature details form will appear. 
  • Fill in your name, company data and social media links to the form. 
  • You can add a company logo as well.
  • Some customization features are available only for the pro version. 
  • Once done, you can save and install the signature to your email accounts. 

NewOldStamp also provides you with the ability to automatically switch to the default signature layout or update the latest changes without having to ask each member within a team to perform a manual update.

Again just like the other two tools mentioned above, creating simple email signatures using NewOldStamp is also quite easy. All you need to do is to sign up for the platform and fill in the necessary details.

To enjoy the full benefits of the platform, you need to become a premium member.

  • The pricing for small business plans starts at $6 per month for one signature and extends all the way till $28 per month for ten signatures.
  • Corporate plans start from $48 per month for 25 signatures and vary up to $198 per month for 100 signatures.

A custom price is quoted for requirements exceeding 100 signatures or for requirements from NGO’s.

<Try NewOldStamp Now>

Final Words

We hope the above-handpicked collection of best free email signature tools help you to create your email signature. Do let us know which is your favorite pick and why?

If you are using any other email signature generator do let us know in the comment section below. We would like to check it out and cover it if it fits.

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[UPDATED] 10 Best Cold Emailing Outreach Tools 2020

Are you looking for the best cold emailing outreach tools? Online businesses or brands implement various techniques like social media listening, email marketing, etc. to gain new customers and to keep existing customers come back for more.

Nowadays, digital marketing is taking center stage when it comes to promoting a business. Out of all digital marketing tactics, cold emailing is one of the commonly followed one.

In this article, you will know what cold emails means and the best cold emailing tools that are available in 2020. We did cover some of them last year in 2019 but thought to update the list and provide you the latest ones that people are using in the market.

What is Cold Emailing?

Any email in your inbox that is sent to you by a random business with which you have no prior contact is known as a cold email.

Cold emailing is an email outreach tactic. It is used by businesses to reach out to people whom they feel has the potential to become future customers.

Are Cold Emails Spam?

By its definition, cold emails sound very similar to spam emails. But they are not spam.

Even though recipients of cold emails are strangers, but the selected recipients are a targeted audience. Cold emails have complete details of the sender organization in it with the address.

There are usually prompts within the email, which suggests that what you are reading is an advertisement.

Recipients can opt-out from the mailer so that they do not receive any such email from the particular sender in the future.

10 Best Cold Emailing Outreach Tools 2020 [UPDATED]

Let’s take a look at the tools that you can try to send cold emails to your customers.

1. Woodpecker 

Woodpecker is another excellent cold emailing tool with a simple and easy-to-navigate user interface.

The benefit of Wookpecker is that you can send emails automatically from your Ofice365, Gmail, or Exchange accounts.

Woodpecker email marketing tool

If you have an individual IMAP client, then you can configure to send the emails from it as well.

Woodpecker also features support for Zapier and Pipedrive. Integration with Salesforce will come soon.

The highlight features of Woodpecker revolves around security of the service and teamwork such as the ability to blacklist domains, create teams, share campaigns & prospect list, and so on.

Other features supported by Woodpecker include reply detection, email personalization, email activity tracking, conversion tracking, and much more.

The subscription plans offered by Woodpecker are:

  • Startup (Best for New and Small Organizations): $40 per month/user.
  • Team PRO (Best for Bigger Teams): $50 per month/user.
  • For a B2B (Business to Business) emailing solution, you can contact them for a variable price quote as well.

<Try Woodpecker Today>

2. Snov 

With a clean user interface and useful features, Snov is another widely used cold emailing tool out there.

Along with a web interface to automate your email campaign, there is also a Snov email finder extension available on Google Chrome, which makes it easier to extract prospective email addresses.

Snov also allows users to verify the email addresses in their campaign list and remove any abandoned or wrong ones, thus improving conversion and delivery rate.

cold outreach automation tool

You can get notified when recipients open your email and set triggers that will auto-execute depending on the recipient’s activity in the email.

Campaign results are available in real-time, and you can also set automated follow-up messages if the recipient opens but performs no action within the email.

Below are the subscription plans and pricing offered by Snov.io:

  • Small plan: $39 per month/user.
  • Medium Plan: $69 per month/user.
  • Large Plan: $129 per month/user.
  • Xtra-Large Plan: $199 per month/user.

If you are looking for a custom solution, then Snov also provides personalized cold emailing services as well.

<Try Snov Today>

3. NinjaOutreach 

Another popular choice when it comes to cold emailing tools is Ninja Outreach.

Ninja Outreach is used by bloggers, social media influencers, and business owners alike to improve their reach and generate leads.

email scheduler tool

NinjaOutreach features a straightforward email builder tool that lets you build and schedule emails efficiently with just a few clicks.

The NinjaOutreach inbox can sync with your email client, which makes it easier to view and send emails, all in one place. You can also see stats related to emails sent, such as open rates, reply rates, and also identify emails that are generating leads.

You also get the email and push notifications whenever recipients open, reply, or perform any action within the emails so that you can follow-up easily.

Below are the names and pricing of various plans offered by Ninja Outreach:

Annual Plans:

  • Flex plan: 449/month
  • Pro Plan: $149/month

Monthly Plans:

  • Flex plan: $120/month
  • Pro plan: $399/Month

<Try NinjaOutreach>

4. Klenty

With straightforward setup and user-friendly access, Klenty allows you to send bulk emails right after the setup. You get the regular features like email tracking. But, the tool offers CRM integration like Salesforce, which allows you to import prospects from CRM automatically.

Klenty also offers auto follow-ups, email campaigns to maximize your response rate. You can use their call feature to directly make follow-up calls to your prospect with a single click without leaving Klenty. You can also automatically record your follow-up calls. 

klenty cold emailing tool

Klenty also has a Gmail plugin to ease your follow-ups and reach. It also detects duplicate contacts and collision detection to avoid accidentally contacting the prospect simultaneously.

You can schedule a demo of the tool before you invest in it. And you can also go for a free trial. 

Subscription plans of Klenty:

Annual plans:

  • Tall plan: $25 per month/user
  • Grande plan: $50 per month/user
  • Venti plan: $80 per month/user

Monthly plans:

  • Tall plan: $30 per month/user
  • Grande plan: $60 per month/user
  • Venti plan: $100 per month/user

<TRY Klenty>

5. Mailshake

Mailshake is among the handful of cold emailing tools that allows you to send automated emails from a Gmail address.

Apart from Gmail, Mailshake has integration with other regularly used tools such as Zapier, Pipedrive, Google Sheets, and Hubspot CRM.

cold email sending tool

Mailshake also allows users to track the link activity with emails, perform A/B testing, and track conversions. There are Mailshake iOS and Android apps that you can use as well.

There are custom templates to choose from depending on whether you wish to send a PR email, sales email, or email for link building.

Mailshake offers two subscription plans:

  • Email Outreach: $59 per month/user
  • Sales Engagement: $99 per month/user

<Try Mailshake Today>

6. SmartReach 

If you are a PRO in email campaigning and looking for a feature-rich tool for cold emailing, then SmartReach is what you need.

To begin with, SmartReach allows you to personalize emails, just like all the other tools in this list.

cold emailing tool

Apart from that, you can also choose to send emails to recipients based on their timezones so that they receive emails during active hours. You can also opt to send automated follow-up emails if the receiver doesn’t reply to the prior email.

SmartReach supports all widely used email clients, including Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, Microsoft Exchange, and Mailgun. In case, if you have a custom SMTP or IMAP mail server, you can send the emails from them as well.

SmartReach will notify you when the IP address gets blacklisted. Also, you get advice on how to make your emails more appealing.

While creating a new email campaign, you can add an unlimited number of prospects and can also schedule to gradually scale up the number of emails sent to prevent your emails from being flagged as spam.

The best part about SmartReach is that you can use the tool for free and send emails to a maximum of 100 recipients per month.

For additional features, you can choose from these two premium plans:

  • Standard plan: $24 per month/user.
  • Pro Plan: $39 per month/user
  • Ultimate Plan: $59 per month/user.

<Try SmartReach Today>

7. ColdEmail.Ai (Previously known as LeadCooker)

ColdEmail.Ai is an alternative to Mailshake as it is a feature-packed email automation tool for Gmail users. It is a cloud-based service that helps you to access your account and data from any device.

ColdEmail.Ai allows you to group your prospects with tags and filters so that you send automated emails to precisely targeted recipients only.

mailshake alternative tool

You can see the current status of each email that you have sent and also set an automated response for replies from your prospects as well. This toom is not a CRM tool.

Moreover, set autoresponders for the recipient if he takes some action in the email.

For those who are interested in availing ColdEmail.Ai cold emailing service, there are three plans to choose from:

  • Basic plan: $9 per month/user.
  • Pro Plan: $19 per month/user.
  • Mega plan: (For a team of 3 members): $49 per month.

<Try ColdEmail.Ai Today>

8. Lemlist

Lemlist is more suitable for the sales team, marketing team, agencies, and businesses. You can integrate any CRM tool with Lemlist, including Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, and more. 

Lemlist uses best sending algorithms to maximize your email deliverability. Its lemwarm feature starts automatic email warm-up conversations with other lemlisters, which is a community of lemwarmers. Lemwarm feature assures high deliverability of your emails. 

cold email outreach tool

Lemlist creates personalized messages with unique texts and images for each conversation. 

The regular features like auto follow-ups and email sequencing are also included. Your marketing team will like this tool for sending cold email campaigns.

Subscription plans of Lemlist:

Monthly plans:

  • Silver plan: $29 per month. 
  • Gold plan: $49 per month/user
  • Platinum plan: $99 per month/user

Annual plans:

  • Silver plan: $278 per year.
  • Gold plan: $470 per year/user
  • Platinum plan: $950 per year/user

<TRY Lemlist>

9. QuickMail  

Quickmail is the team-friendly cold emailing tool. It allows multiple accounts to better email reach. This tool is better suited for moderately big enterprises to manage email campaigns on multiple accounts.

It offers features like email automated email sending and follow-ups. You can choose an email template that fits best for your business. 

cold emailing tool

Managing cold emailing features for your team from a single dashboard makes it more comfortable. The tool improves the email deliverability for all accounts. 

Subscription plans of QuickMail:

  • Basic plan: $49 per month
  • Pro plan: $69 per month
  • Enterprise plans: For this plan, you can contact them for more details

<Try QuickMail Today>

10. SalesHandy

With SalesHandy, you don’t have to worry about campaigns and follow-ups. It’s one of the best cold emailing tools for automating and tracking email outreaches. This tool has its extension for Gmail and outlook

Saleshandy offers real-time email tracking with desktop notification. You can also manage email campaigns and get engagement analytics. Of course, scheduling an email is one of its features. 

best cold emailing tool

Other than this, SalesHandy gives access to various email templates. Using the document tracking feature, you can quickly share and track email attachments. 

Subscription Plans for SalesHandy:

  • Free plan: It’s a forever free plan with limited features like Unlimited email tracking. 
  • Regular plan: $7 per month/user for the yearly bill. $9 per month/user for monthly bills.
  • Plus plan:  $16 per month/user for the yearly bill. $20 per month/user for monthly bills.
  • Enterprise plan:  $40 per month/user for the yearly bill. $50 per month/user for monthly bills.

<Try SalesHandy Today>

Final Words

We hope you find the above mentioned cold emailing tools useful. Before picking any tool, make a list containing your requirements and budget to make sure that you get the best tool for your business.

The list could be made endless, but here we only tried to cover the best cold email outreach tools that are widely used and recommended by the users.

Do let us know which cold emailing tool you use for your business and why? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Best Social Media Management & Scheduling Tools 2019 (Free/Paid)

Do you want to make most out of your business with social media tools? If you are running a business and have a great social management team behind it then it’s great, you don’t have to read this post.

But if you are someone who is single handling all the business stuff- clients, publishing posts, social media marketing, etc. , then it becomes quite a challenge that you do all your business tasks and posts regular social updates about your business growth.

Best thing is to pick a social media tool and schedule your posts, updates, tweets in advance. Although there are numerous free and paid social media tools available over the web hence it’s not possible to try every single one of them.

4 Best Social Media Management Tools For 2019

Here in this post, we have handpicked some of the best social media management tools that are popular and offer a range of features. We have also tried to include the price structure, the pros, and cons so that you can have a clear picture of the tool that works best for your business.

Also, these tools have both free and paid versions. You can opt one and have a free trial. Later, you can upgrade it.

Take a look at the list.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media marketing and management tool best for managing all your social profiles in one place. The free version of Hootsuite lets you connect from multiple channels to three social profiles including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

The tools allow you to schedule posts, monitor profiles and respond to users and a lot more. Through the analytics functionality, you will also be able to track success metrics and post engagement as well. Hootsuite offers 30-days Free trial for any of their pricing plans.

social media management tool


1. The auto-scheduling feature allows makes sure that the profile never goes dormant.
2. You can set specific parameters according to your needs.
3. It also provides browser extension that allows to directly scheduling content from web pages.
4. Hootsuite is easy to use, and workflow and approval tools are useful.


1. The free version allows the scheduled number of posts to about 30.
2. There is also a chance of not being able to schedule posts that include multiple images.

Cost for upgrade:

Hootsuite offers three upgrade options. Professional, Team and Business and can range from $29.99 per month to $599.99 per month.

<Try Hootsuite>

2. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is an affordable social media management tool. This tool can be used for publishing, reporting, collaborating with your social networks. AgoraPulse also offers community management metrics and audience categorization.

The tool offers a free trial and you can also book a demo to understand more about its features and working.

social media management tool


1. You can post centrally to all of the social media accounts.
2. Scheduling the content to be delivered at the right time is easy.
3. It offers a unique workflow publishing and client reviewing system.
4. Key metrics and analysis allow you to get an analysis of the growth that you can present to the clients.


1. The plan can be shared with up to 10 people, so not suitable for a large team.

Cost for upgrade:

There are four plans and depending on the number of social media profile the plans can range from $39/month to $239/month.

<Try AgoraPulse>

3. Postcron

Postcron is one of the most powerful tools to publish and schedule posts on social media. It allows users to make routine scheduling and posting of content on the different social media pages.

The tool allows you to auto-post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Pinterest from one dashboard.

social media scheduling tool


1. Through a single platform, you can post on a number of social media platforms.
2. It is easy to learn and user-friendly as well.
3. It also helps with the creation of content.

1. You might face issues with bulk uploader, and customer support is not that good.

Cost for upgrade:

Postcron has four subscription plans ranging from as low as $9.99/month to $ 259/month. One can also avail discounts on the annual memberships, and one-week free trial is available as well.

<Try Postcron>

4. SocialBee

Social Bee is another great social media management tool, and it can easily compete with other tools like CoSchedule and clincher. The tool comes with 14-days free trial.

SocialBee offers ten social profiles. It supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + Twitter and Instagram. It comes with an autoresponder that helps with the growth of Twitter handle. You can also assign one of your RSS/Pocket source as evergreen content as well.

social media tool


1. Content scheduling is easy with SocialBee.
2. The user interface is easy to use.
3. You can have the best articles as Evergreen.


1. Presently there is no native WordPress Integration.

Cost for upgrade:

SocialBee offers three plans that vary mainly on the number of social profiles and can range from $99/month to $399/month.

<Try SocialBee>

Wrapping it up

We know there are a lot of options! But fortunately for you, most of them also offer free plans. You can experiment and find the one that works best for your social media planning. Also, you can’t go wrong when you decide to move towards a social media management tool. This will not only save your time but also possibly earn you some money.

We would like to hear from you! Let us know that most important social media scheduling features that you look for? If you haven’t started using any of these tools yet, what holds you back? Give your opinion in the comment section below.

7 Best Instagram Marketing Tools For 2019

Over the years, Instagram has moved from a casual pastime to a powerful marketing platform for every business working online.

Before January 2018, a user could schedule an Instagram post but had to post manually where the app would send a push notification about the same. It wasn’t until recently, that 3rd party tools were allowed access for posting scheduled posts on Instagram.

No one wants to be left behind in the times when trends change overnight. So, if you are new to Instagram Business, you can read all about it here.

One of the most important parts of content strategy is posting regularly. But do we have time for creating a complete post daily amid dealing with clients and customers?

So, here are a bunch of such tools that will make the whole Instagram posting buzz easier for you and your business.

Best Instagram Marketing Tools For 2019

There are a lot of Instagram marketing/scheduling tools available but we have handpicked only the ones that we have tried and tested.


Hopperhq is a planning and scheduling tool for Instagram which can help boost your Instagram presence. With Hopperhq, you can live a great life and have an online presence on Instagram simultaneously. Hopperhq can directly post your content on Instagram for you. All you have to do is schedule posts whenever you have time, and it handles the rest. No annoying ‘reminders’ or push notifications to post pictures anymore.

However, there is no option for the Android platform yet, but it’s available on iOS enabled devices. For the course of this section, we’ll focus on the Hopperhq desktop version.

Hopperhq has a straightforward, intuitive user interface that makes it easy for the user to cruise around. It has all image editing tools like filters, cropping, contrast, brightness, rotate, stickers, blur, saturation & more. You can not only schedule post but videos as well.

Are you using more than one Instagram account? With Hopperhq you can log in to multiple accounts with a single account and switch quickly. Not just Instagram, this app lets you join Facebook and Twitter where you can schedule posts for these social media accounts as well.

The tool also allows you to draft your post if you want to put caption later. You can edit the post now and save it as a draft to schedule later. On top of all this, it lets you include your preferred @mention & #hashtag on your posts without including it on the body of your post.

You can do bulk uploads to 50 images at once and bulk edit captions and post timings. You also get the drag and drop option for quick scheduling.

They offer 14 days of free trial and pricing is based on some accounts you want to add. For one account of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Hopperhq costs $19/month and $16/per month annually.

hopperhq insta tool

For five accounts, it will cost you Monthly $95/month and Annual $81/month.

hopperhq insta

<Try Hopperhq Now>


Postify is a service that allows you to schedule your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well. The tool offers free services which let you manage five social media accounts.

The Instagram posting through Postify works by sending you a notification or reminder to post the image. This is because Instagram doesn’t let third-party app to post.

If you want to schedule your social media posts for a week and want to do it with no extra cost, Postify is for you. It offers free scheduling where you can add up to 5 social accounts and schedule up to 10 Pending Posts. The free Postify plan comes with a built-in image editor, a Mobile App and also with Post Ideas feature.

Although Positfy also has paid service which varies from $9.99/per month to $79.9/per month. The Basic plan offers you add up to 15 social media accounts and up to 100 Pending Posts and costs $9.99 /month or $99.99 /year. You also get unlimited access to posts history with a basic plan. The next plan is the Professional plan which costs 24.99/month or $249.99 /year.

positfy insta tool

Along with that, Postify also has an Agency plan of $79.9 can handle 200 social media accounts with up to 10000 Pending Posts. In this plan, you have team management – up to 20 teams and 200 members.

postify pricing

All these plans are quite a bit similar to each other in terms of features such as built-in image editor, Mobile App, Post idea and suggestions. The only difference is the number of social accounts you can add and posts you can queue.

<Try Postify Now>


Preppr is a fantastic tool for scheduling your posts on Instagram. This app comes with both automatic and manual posting that lets you decide how you want to publish your post. With automatic posting, you can edit the post with all captions and tags and Preppr will do the rest or you can manually post on a routine. With Preppr you can schedule content days, weeks, or months in advance.

Preppr also has the Media Library that allows you to store photos and videos where you can identify which content has been used already in previous posts, making your task much more comfortable. There is also a caption library which stores your favorite captions and hashtags.

Preppr also keeps a history of your posts using which you can repost your best posts again with the help of posting history.
Another thing about Preppr is that it doesn’t have the restriction on the number of posts. So if you’re busy planning for your upcoming posts, all you’ve to do is schedule your post. Are you scheduling a lot of posts? Use the weekly and monthly calendar previews to have a quick idea of your scheduled Instagram content.

Preppr offers ten days of free trial period where you can schedule from as many Instagram accounts as you like. Post that, it has four pricing plans where all of them vary depending on the number of Instagram accounts being managed. The first plan is called ‘Selfie’ which costs a monthly $9/month and $8/month annually with only one Instagram account.

preppr insta tool

The next plan is called ‘Duo’ costing $17/month and $15/month annually with a maximum of 2 Instagram accounts.
If you want to add more accounts, Preppr has a squad plan which costs $75/month and $65/month annually where you can handle up to 10 Instagram accounts. Also, on ‘The Boss’ plan costing $35/month and $40/month annually allows to manage up to 5 Instagram accounts.

<Try Preppr Now>


OnlyPult is a tool for managing the Instagram account where you can schedule posts along with stories as well. With their easy to use interface, you can schedule a single post or a gallery or multiple images.

OnlyPult is easy to use, and this handy tool costs you $15/month for 3 Instagram account. It sends you a reminder but uploads the scheduled images automatically. Whereas other tools only send a reminder and the user have to do the remaining task manually.

OnlyPult comes with the mass uploading of images based on your detailed schedule. All you have to do is just planning your post; for example 2 posts a day. It also has the option to respond to any comment directly using OnlyPult. Yes, you heard it right! On top of that, it also has the option of sending direct messages. Analytics is one of the most striking features of OnlyPult that allows tracking user interactions and behavior of your followers.


Onlypult has three more pricing plans from which SMM is the most popular plan costing $25 / month. This plan includes 7 Instagram accounts, two managers, and unlimited posting. Next is the AGENCY plan costing $ 49 / month. With this plan, you can add up to 20 Instagram accounts, three managers, and 20 favorites. The last one is the PRO plan costing $ 79 / month. With the PRO plan, you can add up to 40 Instagram accounts, five managers, and 30 favorites.

<Try Onlypult Now>


There are quite a few tools available in the market that can automatically share your scheduled posts on Instagram. PLANN is one such tool that allows you to upload a bunch of photos at the same time and schedule them. So, every time post gets uploaded on your set time; you’ll get a push notification through PLANN tool.

PLANN doesn’t involve high end and advanced features like Hopperhq. So if you are looking for a comfortable and straightforward tool only to schedule your posts, PLANN is the right tool for you.

Though, this tool has a drag and drops feature for proper arrangements of photos. With PLANN, you can draft your captions to save your time. Although, PLANN doesn’t provide the inbuilt photo editing tool so you’ll have to take help of another editing tool to edit your images.

Best part, you can use PLANN for free. The free plan, called ‘Little’ doesn’t involve features like Schedule Instagram Stories, Analytics + Performance, and Strategy Tools which come with its paid plans. The uploads per month are also limited to 30 with Little Plan.

If you want more out of PLANN, you can upgrade to any of the paid plans any time. These are BASIC – US$ 4/month, PREMIUM – US$ 8/month, and UNLIMITED – US$ 12/month. Detailed features of each plan are in the image below.

plan Iista tool

<Try PLANN Now>


Planoly tool is made explicitly for Instagram management that is responsible for managing your Instagram content. This tool is the satisfying Instagram content planner according to user’s genuine review.

It has usual features like post scheduling and drag and drops element. These are the most common features found in all the other Instagram planning tool. If you are looking to sell stuff online, you can add an add-on called Shoplink $‌40/month annually or $50 a month. Shoplink will help you to create a shoppable gallery on your profile which you also add on your blog.

The first paid plan is the Solo plan costing $7/PER MONTH when BILLED ANNUALLY OR $9 MONTH TO MONTH. Next is Duo $15/PER MONTH when BILLED ANNUALLY OR $19 MONTH TO MONTH. You can add only one Instagram account with Solo and two accounts with Duo plan. There are two more plans if users want to add more Instagram Accounts in Planoly. These are

Squad and Team Plans, details on which are in the image below.

planoly pricing

However there is a free plan available, but with decidedly less functionality. The free account costs $0/per month and is FREE TO USE FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT. Just try the free plan and decide if this tool is for you or not.

<Try Planoly Now>


SkedSocial allows you to plan images, captions, and hashtags for your every post. It also has the feature to change the structure of your post instantly. It has a cool looking visual interface with a fruity color that is very attractive. This marketing tool also gives you the seven day trial period free which makes it easy for the users to find whether they want to continue or not.

Pricing Plans of SkedSocial tool are divided into five sections. The first one is the Freelancer plan which costs $25 a month for a single Instagram account. If you want access to two or three Instagram accounts, then you can opt for the Marketer plan costing $75 per month with access to max 3 Instagram accounts.

sked social pricing

Next is the Agency plan where maximum 5 Instagram account can be used and is available at the cost of $135 a month.

Now comes the massive plan, known as the Enterprise plan which costs around $260 a month with the capability of 10 Instagram accounts. The fifth one is a custom plan which is solely based on user requirement. According to the user need, they customize the plan. Pricing of the custom plan depends on the functionality added to the plan. To make a personalized plan, you can contact the SkedSocial team.

<Try SkedSocial Now>

Final Words:

Try the above-mentioned Instagram tools to grab more followers and revenue to your Instagram business account. Leave all manual jangling and switch to an automated process.

The tools are built to save your time that manages to schedule, set autoresponders, reminders so that nothing is lost when you have too much to do. So, choose the best tool for yourself and share your experience here with us.

If you are using any other Instagram marketing tool for your business that you didn’t find in the list, feel free to let us now about it. We would be happy to take a look and cover it.

7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Content Ideas

In our previous post, we covered the tutorial- how to do keyword research for niche sites? Moving forward, in the following article, we will be sharing the list of best free keyword research tools. These tools will help you find all the relevant terms related to your business niche.

So, if you are in the process of starting a new website, these tools will help you to filter the right keywords for your content strategy.

There are paid tools in the market which you can use, but why pay when you can use these free keyword tools to find quality keywords. Learn about the keyword competition and choose the best keywords based on your industry, monthly searches and more.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Here we are sharing the list of best free keyword finder tools that are mostly used by the users.

1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

This free tool has been the top choice of many content marketers for many years now. Google Adwords is an excellent choice while you start and great tool by your side as you grow.

This Keyword Planner tool has robust filtering capabilities. Therefore if you plan on doing SEO and PPC together, this tool will help you determine keywords for PPC as well.

Keyword Planner filters a keyword by considering Average CPC, Competition of particular keyword, Estimated Search Volume or by excluding keywords already there in your PPC account.

Here is how searching for keywords in Google Adwords looks like:-

The first step is to enter the keyword(s) into the search box.

find keyword
Google Adwords will provide you with many keyword ideas along with your search term.

keyword suggestions
Along with keyword ideas, this tool also tells you the average, monthly search volume and competition. Therefore if you pay attention, you will be able to use the right keywords for your next content strategy.

2. Ubersuggest

For all the keywords not available through the Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest does the work. The Ubersuggest tool gives you keywords suggestion by considering the two criteria: target country and target market.

Once you have to enter the target query, select the target country and target market and then click on the suggest button.

free keyword tool

It will give you a list of keyword suggestion, and if you want to expand the keyword click on that keyword it will be automatically, and it’ll give you more ideas about that keyword. The tool is made by the famous marketer, Neil Patel.

3. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere tool does all the job for you like other research tools out there and it’s completely FREE. You can check free search volume, CPC, and competition date of all the keywords that you want. The tool has its extensions available for both Google Chrome browser and FireFox.

keywords everywhere

<Download Keywords Everywhere For Chrome> <Download Keywords Everywhere For Firefox>

You just have to install the extension first and rest of the process becomes too easy. Just type any keyword on Chrome or Firefox and you will get all the relevant data that your audience is looking for.

related keywords

You can export all the keywords into a CSV format. The tool also has an exciting feature of “Bulk Upload Keywords”. By using it you can find search volume, CPC and competition date of an unlimited number of keywords up to 10,000.

4. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

After a point of time, getting new keywords cause a problem. You’re familiar with the top keywords in your niche, but now you want new keywords.

This tool is a great help.

The Adwords & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator by Dan Zambonini can be used for local SEO motive. You can get creative keywords that align with your site, content strategy and marketing goal.

Let me elaborate this, type in three keywords (e.g., “budget”, “purchase”, “best”) and it will generate every single possible permutation from these three keywords.

keyword generator tool

More Keywords you add in each list, more ideas you will have.

The only downside is that some keywords may not make sense. You will have to spend some time searching for keywords that best suit your site. Let this tool guide you if you are looking to find more keyword ideas.

5. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

IMforSMB is a tool that works best for a specific kind of niche. The tool is perfect for local service providers and for those who satisfy the need of local business such as flooring, interior designers, painters, and plumbers as well.

This tool only works for a particular site. This is how the tool works. You’ve to select the service type and then enter the keyword and then click in Generate Keyword.

select business

On Selecting a business category, it asks you to select the services.

bulk keyword generator

As this tool is best for local keywords, the next step is to type in the location. And then you have your keywords:-

bulk keyword finder

In result, you will get the list of similar keywords that means this tool will generate keywords based on your business type and your business location.

The best part is you can export the keywords.

Though this tool doesn’t do anything different than other keyword planners, it is frequently used in the area of small businesses and works pretty well in that area to find the correlated keywords for your niche.

6. SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder

This is free, easy to use and it may provide you with keywords you might have missed with other tools.

So depending upon the approach you are looking for, SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder has a three-level approach.

  • 1 search is for basic results.
  • 2 for deeper insights, and
  • 3 is if you want to really drill down.

SEO keyword finder

Results look like this:-

keyword results

So when you are looking for level 3, you can see level 2 and level 1 results as well.

7. Google Correlate

Back to Google for keyword research tools.

This is one of mostly overlooked tool to find keywords and exceptionally large keyword lists.

Google Correlate generates keywords based on the pattern, and you can begin to grow your keyword list (especially longtails).

Enter a keyword, hit the “Search Correlations” button and give you list of recommended correlated keyword terms based on the default setting of the tool.

real data search

This list will contain ten keywords arranged in descending order from 1 to 0 float numbers based on the correlation.

When you click on show more, it’ll display more ten correlative keywords.

If you want to find more correlated keywords then you can continue the same process till 100.

Although Google Correlate will not display keyword terms which are below 0.6 correlation rate.


Don’t just go with one Keyword Tool instead experiment with all seven of them. This will ensure that you are choosing the right keywords for your website.

Also, a good content strategy should always be open to new and interesting keywords. Depending on one tool may limit your options and this is something you don’t want. As this will hurt your long-term SEO plans.

Have you used some or all of these keywords tools? Share your feedback on which tool(s) worked best for your content strategy.

Also, if you like this post, do share it with your friends and colleagues on social networks.