How To Get ChatGPT for Google Sheets Using SheetGPT (A Comprehensive Guide)

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Integrate ChatGPT for Google Sheets and automate your process. Google Sheets is a very useful and feature-rich tool that lets you achieve all spreadsheet functionalities right from within your web browser.

Over time, Google has always added updates to Google Sheets to make it even more easy and convenient to use, such as launching the Google Sheets mobile app, and adding support for add-ons.

There are lots of Google Sheets add-ons available out there that really help get things done quicker.

One such add-on for Google Sheets, which has made quite an impression in recent times, is SheetGPT, which aims to give a new twist to your ordinary use of Google Sheets. Today we’ll be taking a better look at SheetGPT and who can benefit from it.

ChatGPT for Google Sheets: What is SheetGPT?

You may have already figured out the connection between SheetGPT and ChatGPT.

But, NO! SheetGPT isn’t just a ChatGPT-inspired clone for Google Sheets.

So, what’s SheetGPT then?

Well, SheetGPT is an AI tool that uses the image and text generation capabilities of OpenAI and integrates it within Google Sheets. SheetGPT is available as an extension for Google Sheets, which can be installed the same way you’d with any other Google Sheets extension.

How Does SheetGPT Help You?

SheetGPT is mainly focused on people who work on tasks/jobs that are data/content oriented, required collaboration between teams/individuals, or need data to be presented in a structured format.

Below are the features supported by SheetGPT and how they can help you improve the efficiency of the tasks you do on a daily basis.

Create Ideas and Content

With the help of SheetGPT, you can find topic ideas, and captions that work well for popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, generate photo concept ideas, and get downloadable photo prototypes based on your idea. If you’re a content creator, this saves you lots of time and effort which otherwise would be spent on finding topic ideas, captions, etc.

Improve Efficiency of Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketers can use SheetGPT to find keywords that work best for on-page SEO, as well as for social media advertisements. Moreover, the tool is also capable of generating topic titles, outlines, and even entire articles based on the keywords you provide.

Categorize and Clean the Data

SheetGPT is also extremely helpful to people who usually work with a large collection of unformatted and cluttered data.

If you are a student, researcher, etc., and have an extensive collection of data such as surveys or text content, then you can easily categorize the content that is there on the sheet, or you can also choose to have the data summarized for an easier understanding. If the sheet data contains messy input from users, then you can also have the data cleaned and normalized for effective use afterward.

Support for Collaboration

The SheetGPT tool is built to allow various teams and users to collaborate on the same sheet dataset, which works exceptionally well for organizations that have multiple teams working on the same project.

Thus, if you’re looking for an AI-powered data tool to get intelligent results out of your dataset and share them across various teams/users, then this is the best choice out there.

How to Download/Install SheetGPT for Free?

The best part of SheetGPT is that it is free to use, with up to the first 100,000 words of the content generated using the tool.

Regardless of whether you’re a free user or a premium user, you can go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and install SheetGPT from there. If you wish easier access, click here to install SheetGPT instantly.

Once you exhaust the free tier, you can choose from the various plans available.

ChatGPT for Google Sheets: How Much Does SheetGPT Plan Cost?

Below is an overview of the various plans available for SheetGPT users.

chatgpt for google sheets

Individual 1: With a price tag of $29 per month, this plan offers up to 3.5 million words of input and output, or a maximum of up to 200 images. Account sharing is not possible for users in this plan and the technical support option is restricted to online only.

    Professional 1: The pricing of this plan is set at $99 per month and offers up to 10 million input/output words, or up to 1000 images. This plan provides email support along with online-based support, and the account can be shared among users within the same organization.

    Enterprise 1: Priced at $499 per month, the “Enterprise 1” account holders can generate up to 50 million input/output words or up to 5000 images.  Like the “Professional 1” plan, this plan also supports sharing the same account throughout the same organization and provides access to priority email support.

    It’s easier to implement ChatGPT for Google Sheets using SheetGPT. Do let us know what other AI Tools you use to integrate ChatGPT for Google Sheets. We would love to hear your options.

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