ChatGPT Vs Google: Which is the Better Choice?

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The ChatGPT Vs Google race was an obvious start. Google has recently dropped its $100 Billion shares in one day in February 2023. The main reason behind this crash was the worst launch of the Google Bard. While using this AI tool, users find its answers wrongful. Google has lost its reputation to the extent that everyone has started believing that Google lost its plot. 

Nowadays, if you search about Google’s loss, you will automatically find out the name of ChatGPT as a potential competitor. At this buzzing time of ChatGPT, Microsoft has heavily invested via its parent company OpenAI and associated it with its search engine Bing. 

The AI scenario was against Google for a few months until the tech giant revealed its plan and potential in its recent 2023 annual conference. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, himself has presented each of their tools and plans regarding Artificial Intelligence, and people showered their full love and support on it. Google’s shares also soared by 8%

Why Did Google Not Join the AI Race At First?

It was not like Google’s technicians and analysts didn’t know about the boom of Artificial Intelligence technology in the Industry. But Google’s team was slightly worried about their golden eggs – search ads. 

Google generates 60% of its topline revenue through search ads. Apple doesn’t make over 50% of its mainstream revenue from the iPhones. Thus, you can understand the main dilemma over Google. 

In the search ads, Google shows various blue links over its SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) and features the most paid link at the topmost position. Due to the low attention span, people click over the first link on the first page. Now, AI has suddenly changed everything, and instead of these blue links, people straightforwardly get their answers most analytically. 

Though it sounds great for the searches, it isn’t good for Google. This AI interference will kill their $100 Million ad revenue. Likewise, on other platforms, Google will have to place the most optimized answers at the top of the searches without any ads or clicks. This is the obvious future of the search engines.

How Did Google Turn The Table? 

Google was not sleeping till now, and they are not even surprised. Google has its dominant AI team. Google’s engineers even published about the conversational search engine in the future in 2021. Google was just calm to protect their search ads revenue. 

Then finally, Microsoft tried to take the first mover advantage and launched Bing 2.0 with AI connected to it. However, nothing changed against Google because of Microsoft. Bing 2.0 hardly inboards around 0.25% of people in the previous three months. People tend not to be switched to another search engine. 

However, the people as their first choice directly prefer ChatGPT to resolve their queries and get answers. Thus, Google is not worried about Bing but ChatGPT.

Thus Google has found a way out.

Suppose you’re searching for the “best smartphone in 2023.” The Google search engine will provide various links and images about mobile phones. At the same time, Google Bard or ChatGPT will go through numerous websites and conversational reviews to provide the best results. Both are in different and distinct ways. And, ChatGPT has already made its buzz in the second one. 

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Therefore, Google has decided to combine both formats and develop its conversational search engine. You will get conversational answers directly from Google and don’t have to use ChatGPT. But how would Google deal with the search ad revenue loss? 

Google has estimated that it is years of habit of people to search over the links, and it won’t vanish overnight. To play safe, Google has shown AI conversational answers that will make you feel you’re talking to an expert stranger about your problem or query. They will also add links and recommendations to sustain their ad revenue. 

ChatGPT Vs Google: The Best Decision of Google

Google is working on finding a way to utilize AI with every Google product. The tech giant is trying to create an AI ecosystem. For instance, people use ChatGPT to write their email for their clients and then paste it into Gmail.

Now, Google has decided to make Gmail capable enough, obviously with the intervention of AI technology, to write an email for you based on your needs and prompts. 

People are now becoming accustomed to copying from one site and pasting it to the required one. But Google is snatching this process and making things easier for people. Google has proven that technology is its battlefield, and no one can beat it. 

What’s your thought on ChatGPT vs Google? Which is better? Do you believe CHATGPT will replace Google in the future?


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