8 Email Signature Tools For Professionals 2020 [UPDATED]

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Do you want to have a professional email signature while sending emails to your clients? Do you know you can create a professional email signature for free with email signature tools?

If you never heard about what is an email signature? It basically refers to a piece of text or image added to the end of the email content (whether you use Gmail or any other email service).

An email signature provides information about the individual/organization/company. You can add details such as contact numbers, addresses, website links, social links, etc.

A lot of business professionals, bloggers, freelancers use email signature tools (free or paid) to make their emails look authentic. Sending emails with a professionally designed signature improves conversions and help others to know more about you and your business. Email signature tools allow you to create and customize signatures as per your requirements.

Why It’s So Important To Have An Email Signature?

With over 200 billion emails sent and received each day, most of our email inboxes get filled with spam and unwanted emails.

Therefore, while sending emails, you must include a nice email signature to let your clients know that your email is genuine.

You can manually design and add email signatures within each email that you send, but that would be a time-consuming task if you have to send emails in bulk. Moreover, designing attractive email signatures can be a cumbersome task when done manually.

Having said that, in this post, we have compiled the list of best professional email signature tools that you can use in 2020 and create nice email signature templates while sending emails.

Best Email Signature Tools 2020 [UPDATED List]

There are lots of email signature tools over the web which you can use as free or paid to create your email signatures. Either you can use the pre-built templates that come with these tools or you can create your own HTML signatures.

In most of the cases, we have seen that people love using pre-built templates as they look really nice and professional, moreover, customizable at the same time.

Here we have only covered those tools which are widely used, highly recommended and got good reviews over the web. We also tried to cover the steps with each tool covered that will guide you in creating your email signature.

Let’s begin with the list.

1. Designhill

Designhill is one of the best email signature generator tools that offer eye-catchy templates for your signature. 

Leading publications such as Huffington Post. Forbes, Entrepreneur recommended the Designhill signature tool.

The tool allows you to create a Free email signature for your brand. You can easily add your personal details website link and social media accounts in your favorite signature template. 

Designhil, lets you select text color, link color, font style, avatar size and much more. Just fill the personal and social details in the form and get yourself an email signature for free.

email signature generator tool

Steps to create your email signature on Designhill:

  • Fill all the details in the form including personal information, social media links.
  • Go to the Style tab and change the theme/template as per your wish.
  • Set the text color, font style, link color in the same style tab.
  • In the CTA tab of the form, you can add a link for call-to-action and set the style, color and background color for the same.
  • Before clicking to the ‘Create signature’ Button, scroll down a little bit to add additional fields if you want.
  • You can either add the copy-pasted signature to your Gmail, outlook, apple mail accounts or can get source code. 

Designhills also offers amazing designing services like logo designing, website designing and much more.

<Try Designhills Now>

2. HubSpot

Hubspot is another simplest and free email signature tool to make yourself a good email signature. The procedure to create the email signature is quite easy. You just need to fill up your personal and social details along with the company details that you are working for.

free email signature tool

Here are the simple steps to create an email signature with HubSpot:

  • In the left sidebar, you will find four tabs. The very first tab is to choose the template for your email signature.
  • The second tab is to fill the personal details including your job details and social media links.
  • The third tab is to set the font style, text color, text size, and theme color too.
  • Finally, you can add your profile picture, company logo and Call-to-action URL of your company in the fourth tab. 
  • Once you complete all the requirements in the email signature template, you can add it to your Gmail, Outlook, yahoo mail or apple mail. 

You can either paste it to your email signature or add an HTML code of the same. Either way is easier to add a professional signature to your email.

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3. Gimmio

Gimmio is an excellent email signature tool for businesses and agencies to create as many as a thousand email signatures. Freelancer.com, Template.net, and many other well-known brands have rated this tool as a top email signature tool.

online email signature tool

Steps to create an email signature with Gimmio:

  • From the top left corner, click on the ‘New Signature’ button.
  • The button will take you to the layout tab which lets you select the template/theme for your email signature. Choose a template and click n apply to edit it.
  • The Apply button takes you to the Details tab where you need to put your personal and professional details. You can also add social media links to your accounts.
  • Once you edit the layout and mold it as per your requirements, you just need to install the signature. The tool offers an HTML source code option to add the signature to your email accounts. Or you can copy the signature to the clipboard and paste it to the email signature. 

Quick Tip: This tool allows you to check the signature character length for Gmail. It’s best to confirm the character count before adding the signature to Gmail.

This email signature design tool also offers public layout options for your email signatures. But you can make a custom layout for your business. Pick yourself a template based on your choices and needs. Editing the template is much easier. 

Gimmio offer subscription plans from 1 signature to 100 signatures:

  • 1 person plan: $2.33/month billed yearly, $4/month billed monthly.
  • 3 people plan: $2.92/month billed yearly, $5/month billed monthly.
  • 5 people plan: $4.08/month billed yearly, $7/month billed monthly.
  • 10 people plan: $5.83/month billed yearly, $10/month billed monthly.
  • 25 people plan $11.67/month billed yearly, $20/month billed monthly.
  • 50 people plan $17.50/month billed yearly, $30/month billed monthly.
  • 75 people plan $23.33/month billed yearly, $40/month billed monthly.
  • 100 people plan $29.17/month billed yearly, $50/month billed monthly.
  • 250 people plan $35/month billed yearly, $60/month billed monthly.
  • 500 people plan $40.83/month billed yearly, $70/month billed monthly.
  • 750 people plan $46.67/month billed yearly, $80/month billed monthly.
  • 1000 people plan $52.50/month billed yearly, $90/month billed monthly.

<Try Gimmio Now>

4. Mail-Signatures

‘Mail-Signatures’ a straightforward tool to generate an email signature. You can either develop a signature from scratch or use their own templates. 

email signature tool

Create an email signature using Mail-Signatures:

  • Choose a signature template as per your wish.
  • Now, fill the personal data, company data, company logo, and social media links into the form on the left side of the webpage.
  • Under the Style tab, you can customize font styles and text colors.
  • Once done with the signature designing, you can copy-paste the signature to your Gmail account or any other email account.

The tool is one of the best email signature tools and easy to use. It provides everything on a single webpage. You can customize the template to make it a good looking email signature for your branding. 

<Try Mail-Signatures Now>

5. Signature Maker

The signature maker is the most basic tool and hence the most comfortable tool to create email signatures. The tool allows you to add social media links along with your name and contact details.

The tool does not provide many customization options. However, you can create three types of signatures with this tool.

The signature maker allows you to create an email signature, font signature, and handwritten signature. 

email signature maker tool

Steps to create an email signature using Signature maker:

  • On the top right corner, you will see three options to create a signature.
  • Choose the third option for an email signature. A very basic form will ask you to fill personal, professional and social media details.
  • Once you fill-up the details, you will see a preview of your email signature next to the form. Click on View source to get an HTML code of the signature.
  • Paste the HTML in the signature of any of your email accounts. 
  • Apart from email signatures, you can create a very basic font signature and even a handwriting signature. 

In any type of signature, you can either download a signature, copy-paste it to the email accounts or get an HTML code for the same.

<Try Signature Maker Now>

6. WiseStamp 

WiseStamp is the best email signature tool that allows you to create email signatures for various needs. The platform also offers professional templates and integration options with several tools such as G Suite and Office 365 which can be beneficial while designing email signatures for a whole team.

wisestamp email signature tool

Create an email signature tool using WiseStamp:

  • On the website, Wisestamp will ask you to choose between Individual email signatures or Team email signatures.
  • Once you make your choice, this tool will ask you to fill personal and professional details in the first tab of the form.
  • In the second tab, you can add your social media links and proceed to choose a template.
  • Once you choose the template in the third tab, a design tab will allow you to do some customizations. 
  • After getting everything set in a chosen template, click on ‘Ok, I’m done’. The button will redirect you to choose between Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, any other email account or you can get an HTML code of the signature.

The email signature generation tool is free to use, however, some of its features are available to paid members only.

You can create email signatures for Outlook, Gmail, or any other email client of your choice. While it’s free for Gmail or Outlook365, you need to upgrade to the Pro version to use other email accounts. Even HTML code comes under paid versions. 

You can select the template style and color, font type and size, social icons, photo/logo, etc. while designing the signature.

  • If you wish to unlock the full potential of WiseStamp, then you need to pay $6.00 per month.
  • In case you change your mind, WiseStamp also provides a 30-days money-back guarantee on your purchase as well.

<Try WiseStamp Now>

7. MySignature

MySignature is another professional email signature tool and supports all favorite email clients such as Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and Thunderbird.

The platform features a better user interface in comparison to the others mentioned in this list.

Lots of customization options are offered which makes it an ideal tool for individual and business email signatures.

mysignature email signature tool

Create an email signature using MySignature:

  • Click on the ‘Create signature’ button from the home page.
  • The button will take you to the form where you need to fill personal details along with company details. You can also add personal fields. Under the preview of the signature, there is an option to choose the template.
  • Under the Images tab, you can upload a logo or a banner of the company.
  • You can add as many social media links as you want under the social tab. 
  • From the design tab, customizing your email signature with font style and color is possible.
  • Once you set everything, click on save signature and copy-paste it to your email accounts. You can always go back to the editor for edits. 

All the email signature templates that are available within the platform are designed by specialists to offer better reach and interaction for each email.

Just like WiseStamp, the MySignature email signature tool is also free to use. However, the available features and customization options are limited.

To unlock all the features of MySignature, you need to become a premium member by either purchasing an “Individual Plan” or a “Business Plan”.

  • The pricing of individual plans, if billed monthly, starts at $9 per month for one signature and extends till $48 per month for ten signatures. If you choose a yearly plan, it starts from $4/per month and extends till $20/month.
  • If you go with the business plan, if billed monthly, then pricing starts at $95 per month for 25 signatures and goes all the way up to $250 per month for 100 signatures. However, if you choose a yearly plan, it starts from $45/month and goes till $100/month

All the email signatures that you create will be visible within the dashboard of your profile from where you can edit, clone, and delete them.

<Try MySignature Now>

8. NewOldStamp

NewOldStamp is yet another email signature tool that you can use without having any design or coding skills.

For starters, you can create email signature banner campaigns to test out different email signature designs and find the ones that work best within your emails.

You can either choose from the banner gallery available within the platform or upload your own as well.

All the performance metrics of banner campaigns with your selected email signature is available within the dashboard, and you can go ahead with higher-performing email signatures for better conversions.

newoldstamp email signature tool

Steps to create an email signature using NewOldStamp:

  • From the home page, you can either pick a team signature or a free individual signature option.
  • Once you go ahead with either of the options, a Signature details form will appear. 
  • Fill in your name, company data and social media links to the form. 
  • You can add a company logo as well.
  • Some customization features are available only for the pro version. 
  • Once done, you can save and install the signature to your email accounts. 

NewOldStamp also provides you with the ability to automatically switch to the default signature layout or update the latest changes without having to ask each member within a team to perform a manual update.

Again just like the other two tools mentioned above, creating simple email signatures using NewOldStamp is also quite easy. All you need to do is to sign up for the platform and fill in the necessary details.

To enjoy the full benefits of the platform, you need to become a premium member.

  • The pricing for small business plans starts at $6 per month for one signature and extends all the way till $28 per month for ten signatures.
  • Corporate plans start from $48 per month for 25 signatures and vary up to $198 per month for 100 signatures.

A custom price is quoted for requirements exceeding 100 signatures or for requirements from NGO’s.

<Try NewOldStamp Now>

Final Words

We hope the above-handpicked collection of best free email signature tools help you to create your email signature. Do let us know which is your favorite pick and why?

If you are using any other email signature generator do let us know in the comment section below. We would like to check it out and cover it if it fits.

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