Do you want to have a professional email signature while sending emails to your clients? Sending emails with a professionally designed signature will improve conversions.

An email signature refers to a piece of text or image added to the end of email content. It usually provides information about the individual/organization/company.

You can add details such as contact numbers, address, website link, etc.

Why You Should Have An Email Signature?

Email signature tools allow you to create and customize signatures as per your requirements. You can then easily attach them to all the emails as well.

With over 200 billion emails sent and received each day, most of our email inboxes get filled with spam and unwanted emails.

Therefore, while sending emails, you must include a nice email signature to let your clients know that your email is genuine.

You can manually design and add email signatures within each email that you send, but that would be a time-consuming task if you have to send emails in bulk.

Moreover, designing attractive email signatures can be a cumbersome task when done manually.

Top 3 Email Signature Tools 2019

In this post, we have compiled the list of top 3 professional email signature tools that you can use in 2019 and create nice email signature templates while sending emails.

Let’s begin with the list.


wisestamp email signature tool

WiseStamp is the best email signature tool out there and allows you to create email signatures for various needs.

The platform also offers professional templates and integration options with several tools such as G Suite and Office 365 which can be beneficial while designing email signatures for a whole team.

You can create email signatures for Outlook, Gmail, or any other email client of your choice.

The email signature generation tool is free to use, however, some of its features are available to paid members only.

You can select the template style and color, font type and size, social icons, photo/logo, etc. while designing the signature.

  • If you wish to unlock the full potential of WiseStamp, then you need to pay $6.00 per month.
  • In case you change your mind, WiseStamp also provides 30-days money back guarantee on your purchase as well.

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mysignature email signature tool

MySignature is another professional email signature tool and supports all favorite email clients such as Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and Thunderbird.

The platform features a better user interface in comparison to the others mentioned in this list.

Lots of customization options are offered which it makes an ideal tool for individual and business email signatures.

All the email signature templates that are available within the platform are designed by specialists to offer better reach and interaction for each email.

Just like WiseStamp, the MySignature email signature tool is also free to use. However, the available features and customization options are limited.

To unlock all the features of MySignature, you need to become a premium member by either purchasing an “Individual Plan” or a “Business Plan”.

  • The pricing of individual plans starts at $9 per month for one signature and extends till $48 per month for ten signatures.
  • If you go with the business plan, then pricing starts at $95 per month for 25 signatures and goes all the way up to $250 per month for 100 signatures.

All the email signatures that you create will be visible within the dashboard of your profile from where you can edit, clone, and delete them.

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newoldstamp email signature tool

NewOldStamp is yet another email signature tool that you can use without having any design or coding skills.

Just like the other two email signature tools listed above, NewOldStamp also allows you to customize email signatures the way you like it completely. Also, the platform supports all the commonly used personal and business-oriented email clients as well.

However, what sets NewOldStamp apart from the above two is the features provided within the platform.

For starters, you can create email signature banner campaigns to test out different email signature designs and find the ones that work best within your emails.

You can either choose from the banner gallery available within the platform or upload your own as well.

All the performance metrics of banner campaigns with your selected email signature is available within the dashboard, and you can go ahead with higher performing email signatures for better conversions.

NewOldStamp also provides you with the ability to automatically switch to the default signature layout or update the latest changes without having to ask each member within a team to perform a manual update.

Again just like the other two tools mentioned above, creating simple email signatures using NewOldStamp is also quite easy. All you need to do is to sign up to the platform and fill in necessary details.

To enjoy the full benefits of the platform, you need to become a premium member.

  • The pricing for small business plans starts at $6 per month for one signature and extends all the way till $28 per month for ten signatures.
  • Corporate plans start from $48 per month for 25 signatures and vary up to $198 per month for 100 signatures.

A custom price is quoted for requirements exceeding 100 signatures or for requirements from NGO’s.

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Final Words

We believe that you found our picks on the top professional email signature tools helpful.

If you are currently using some other email signature tool that you feel like should make it to the above list, then please do mention your choice as a comment below.

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