Geoffery Hinton (The Godfather of AI) Quits Google and Warns About the Upcoming Danger of AI Over Humans

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Geoffery Hinton, widely known as the Godfather of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has quit the job at Google.

He announced his official resignation in a statement in the New York Times. In the statement, he said that he regretted the work he had done in AI. He talked about some scary development of these AI chatbots in the near future. 

According to him, artificial intelligence will be more intelligent than humans in just a few years, and It is a big threat to human existence. 

In a recent tweet on Monday, Hinton said that he had left Google to freely speak about the growing danger of artificial intelligence without specifically criticizing Google. He didn’t want his statements to impact Google in any way, and Google has also responsibly responded to the resignation of Hinton. 

Dr. Hinton’s hard work and commitment to the neural network and deep learning have created powerful systems like ChatGPT. This AI works over the same neural networks humans use to learn and process Information. ChatGPT also learns from its experience, just like a human. It is known as deep learning. 

The information level would sooner be taken by artificial intelligence as the same as the human brains. It has been stated by the British-Canadian cognitive psychologist and scientist in a statement given to the BBC. 

For instance, the latest version of ChatGPT works as a general knowledge tool and can do simple reasoning. Very soon, they will also be allowed to grow in reasoning, which will boost their thinking power. Artificial intelligence is growing more rapidly than expected, and it is a significant threat to humans. Thus, we should get worried. 

To develop this Intelligence, The New York Times has portrayed Dr. Hinton as a “bad actor” who would use the AI badly. Additionally, BBC mentioned it as a worst-case scenario or a nightmare. Here, you can imagine how people like Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un will use the technology. Putin has even allowed the AI bots to create their sub-goals. 

This is the Intelligence we have never seen before. Humans are biological systems, while these are just digital systems, with the benefit of having as many copies of the same weight and model. Suppose there are 10,000 AI bots; if one of them learns something new, the rest would automatically know about it. It will allow these chatbots to grab and know more than a human. And, Information is the key to ruling anything, even this world. 

Hold On to The AI Development 

Elon Musk and all other potential AI developers have signed an open letter to take hold of developing this artificial intelligence system. They all believe that we should stick to the recent version of ChatGPT only until we research the safety measures to handle any future uncertainties. Yoshua Bengio (also known as the Godfather of AI) has also signed the letter. 

However, Dr. Hinton has stated that AI would benefit us in the short term. Thus, we should not stop developing this tool. He said that even if the US stops researching AI, China will surely not and will take a significant lead. 

The chairman of the UK’s Advanced Research and Invention Agency, named Matt Clifford, suggested working primarily on AI’s safety measures to control any future uncertainty

Dr. Hinton also said that I am just a scientist; my work is to discover and develop new technologies. It is the responsibility of the Government to create the policy regarding it. They should focus on how it should not get into the wrong hands. 

Google Took A Responsible Approach 

Dr. Hinton has stated that if said anything regarding the artificial intelligence remaining in Google might directly criticize Google. While Google responded responsibly to my resignation, they also understood what I wanted. 

Jeff Dean (Chief Scientist At Google) appreciated Dr. Honiton for their entire work time at Google. He has also mentioned that Google keeps its responsible approach towards developing AI and innovates new things. Dr. Hinton’s step has an aware number of lawmakers, advocates, and tech insiders who are putting their potential opinions regarding displacing the Job and spreading misinformation. 



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