Google Chromecast Ultra 2 Rumors Everything You Need To Know

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google chromecast ultra 2 rumors

Google Chromecast Ultra 2 is going to be a game-changer in the Chromecast generation. The rumors are rolling out with its expected release date and features. Tech lovers are expecting a lot from the rumored Chromecast Ultra 2, which will be a 4K streaming device. 

The central concept behind the launching of Chromecast back in 2013 was to convert regular LED/LCD TV into a smart TV. The devices added the spice of ‘smart TV’ to the regular TV by connecting the Chromecast device directly to the HDMI port.

Even though companies like MI, OnePlus are launching Smart TVs with inbuilt casting features, this new rumored Chromecast ultra 2 is going to be amazing. 

What new features will the device offer from the rest of the Chromecast products? According to the confidential source of 9to5Google, the new Google Chromecast Ultra 2 will release with inbuilt Android TV AKA Google TV and a fully functional remote control.

Chromecast has always been a first and best choice among geeks to Cast from smartphones or tablets to the TV. This new Chromecast product from Google will have what other products have never offered. A fully-featured smart platform with its apps and app store. 

Getting to the point: What Google Chromecast Ultra 2 might offer

  • You will get a dongle with in-built Android TV and 4K HDR streaming. 
  • It might release as soon in 2020, but an exact date is yet to go public.
  • The cost of the device will be around $80 or somewhat similar to other Chromecast products.

Speaking of the Design of the new rumored device:

The design is very similar to the previous Chromecast products. The Ultra 2 will have a circular dongle, which will plug to the HDMI port of your TV. A simple rectangular remote has similar minimal buttons as previous designs. 

Google might upgrade to the latest processor, a memory of 2GB or more, and support of HDMI 2.1 for Ultra 2. The Android TV of Ultra 2 will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for next level Television experience. Besides, Ultra 2 will be released with the 10th version of Android TV.

Android TV will have the support of all the streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YoutTube, HBO, Twitch, EPIX, and more. Android TV already has the integration of Smart home via Google assistant; the Ultra 2 will offer these features. 

Google always tries to integrate the latest features to the coming devices. Hence, the Chromecast Ultra 2 might set the bar high. 

In our opinion and considering the rumored features, the new Chromecast ultra 2 can give tough competition to Smart TVs and other Chromecast products.  


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