Google New “Image Search Tool” Launch To Detect Misleading and AI Images

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Google has recently declared two new features related to the “Image Search Tool.” The main motive behind this new upcoming feature is to control widely spreading misinformation. Wrong or manipulated information is spreading mainly after the advent of Artificial Intelligence. This AI technology initiated photorealistic fake trivia. 

Alphabet Inc, Google’s parent company, has introduced a feature called “About this image.” This new feature will help you know all the essential information regarding the image, like when an image or its similar ones were primarily indexed over Google.

You can also see on which site or platform they appeared for the first time, and elsewhere you can see them. In simple words, the “about this image” feature helps the users figure out the original source of the photos and contextualize it by debunking evidence provided by any news organization. 

As a second feature, Google will leave a mark on every Google AI-generated photo. Moreover, the tech giant will also collaborate with other AI tools to leave the same markup over their files and photos to sustain the originality.

All major AI graphic tools, including Midjourney and Shutterstock, must keep an originality markup factor. Google makes sure to keep every tool updated on this fact.  

Basically, all the AI-generated images are creating provenance issues. Simply, users are unable to define the original content. Thus, many startups are working on creating a verification or authentication tool.

For instance, you can take the example of Microsoft-backed Truepic Inc. This platform allows the images not to get manipulated by its capture-to-delivery feature. The current features of Google have a very lower tech required but will have an immense impact on the internet and its usage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can Google detect AI-generated content?

Google is associated with the ML (Machine Learning) algorithm, which allows the search engine to detect AI-generated texts, grammar, and syntax. Simply put, Google can easily detect the AI-indicated pattern in the text. 

  • Can Google detect AI copywriting?

Google’s algorithm can professionally check the writing style of the content. Thus, Google can easily search for any inconsistencies and patterns generally formed by AI tools. The search engine easily finds the sentences that contain the keywords but may be meaningless to the readers. 

  • How does Google use AI to get search results?

Google is widely using AI technology to enhance the search feature results. The tech giant is already using this technology in various products, including Google Lens and its brand-new multi-search feature. This feature allows the users to search the text and images simultaneously. In fact, the users will also be able to search directly from their mobile phones. 

  • How does Google deal with AI content?

Google has eventually declared that websites using AI to generate relevant and valuable content won’t be penalized. However, the website’s aim should be to build authority and trustworthiness over the internet. 

  • What AI is Google working on?

Google is currently working on developing generative AI capable enough to do the work on its own. In fact, Google Cloud will also bring various supportive tools for governments, businesses, and developers. The best examples of such tools are Vertex AI and Generative AI applications. 

  • What is Google’s new AI?

Google is currently working on the Search Generative Experience (SGE). This new project is completely based upon generative AI, meaning this AI can act similarly to a human. Artificial Intelligence is going to bring a lot of advanced changes in the world.

  • How accurate is Google AI?

According to the US, Google generates 85% correct content. Google AI has given a United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and scored the highest score till now registered by any AI platform. 



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