Google Maps Bringing The “Immersive View” Feature for Routes; Which Cities Will Have This Feature?

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Google I/O 2023 has given a direct hint of using Artificial Intelligence heavily in all the upcoming projects. Similarly, Google Maps is also coming with an “Immersive View” feature, with the infiltration of AI. 

Google Immersive View was primarily introduced in the Google I/O 2022, where they discussed numerous global cities’ upcoming 3D flyover views. This new immersive view feature will become the core feature of Google Maps. Android and iOS users will soon start getting a more detailed view, including traffic, intersections, weather information, and much more. 

Sundar Pichai (Google’s CEO) stated in the Google I/O 2023 that Google Maps daily provides 20 Billion km of direction. In simple words, many people already believe in seeing their trips and roads while traveling. Now, Google has added to your experience, as you can better view the routes and trips in 3D views in advance. 

Google has claimed that this “Immersive View” feature is more than just a 3D view of streets. This feature will allow you to integrate weather, traffic, and air quality. More than just a travel time, this immersive feature will allow you to experience how you will feel while going through that path. 

What is Google Immersive View Feature?

Google Maps Immersive View for routes is typically a collaboration of computer vision and AI technology. Both will collect billions of street images and videos and present them in a digital representation to the world on Google Maps. Immersive View will help you understand all the route essentials before you start proceeding. 

This feature consists of all the essential route information, such as directions, lanes, intersections, sidewalks, parking, etc. You can even learn about the route’s weather and traffic conditions on a current day and time. Moreover, you can also see the air quality via a time slider. Thus, it will help you select the best route to reach your destination based on all the essential factors. 

Additionally, Google has also talked about the Aerial View API. This API will help the developers to associate the pre-packed and bird’s eye location with their website or application. This feature will properly display the area over your website or app. 

Google has even made its partnership with the real estate company This company uses Google’s Aerial View API, allowing renters to check several properties through visualization and then select a few for physical visits. It has vastly increased the business of 

Plus, Google is also planning to experiment with Photorealistic 3D titles for developers. This experiment has the concept of allowing developers to create customized and immersive map experiences. These immersive maps will enable the companies to develop a unique marketing experience. For instance, a tour and travel company can design interactive map itineraries to attract customers and provide a better preview experience.

Immersive View is coming to these cities…

The Immersive View is planned to be available in 15 cities worldwide. It includes Berlin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Paris, San Jose, Miami, New York, Tokyo, Seattle, Dublin, Amsterdam, Venice, and San Francisco. Android and iOS users can use this new feature while walking, cycling, and driving. 

If you’re an outsider, you can easily visit any of these cities without any hassle. You will have a 3D view of every location in these 15 cities. Google Maps will consist of everything regarding these 15 places. Gradually, Google Maps will soon start covering other towns, including India. 

The best thing about this new feature is that now, Google Maps will direct you and let you know various other essential factors well. It includes the lanes, sidewalks, parking, weather conditions, traffic conditions, and much more of that particular city. They have claimed to provide a multidimensional experience to make your routes and trip plans much quicker and better. 

The Tech giant, Google, is now rolling out a new and advanced feature in their Google Maps. Immersive view features will ease the navigation process, and users can get to know the real-time update regarding the route and destination in a 3D preview. All this is happening because of the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).


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