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Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has announced the debut of “Magic Editor” in the Google I/O 2023 event. Currently, users edit 1.7 Billion photos every month via Google Photos; thus, Google has decided to utilize AI technology here and come up with a Magic Editor with unlimited capabilities in editing. 

This Google Photos editor will allow you to make any complex editing without any need for any other photo editor. This editor utilizes generative AI tools to edit images beyond human imagination. For instance, you have to select the subject or item, and the tool makes all the required edits with its generative AI properties.

Features of Google’s Magic Editor

Magic Editor is made up to simplify the editing experience. This magic editor will ease the complex and time-consuming editing task. This editing tool utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence, an incredibly generative AI that allows users to make professional edits without any expertise in the editing field. 

This editor allows the users to edit specific portions of the photos, including the foreground and background. Users can fill in the gaps and reposition the elements with total freedom. As far as the features are concerned, Magic Editor has several extraordinary features, including the following:

  • Magic Editor helps enhance the composition of the photo at a beyond level. 
  • Magic Editor allows users to reposition their subjects in their shots while ensuring the overall framing and aesthetic appeal.
  • Magic Editor can also help remove unwanted objects, adjust the brightness of different elements, and relocate subjects.

The Generative AI is one of the main components of the Magic Editor that allows the users to do almost everything with the help of this tool. For instance, if you have a photo of a baby boy’s birth celebration, this tool can add other complementary elements, including benches and balloons, to improve the picture. Plus, this editing tool makes the extra features look much more polished. 

Google Magic Editor Viral Image Examples

Google has shown off an extraordinary example of edited photos by Magic Editor. 

Example of AI deblurring Technology to correct an unfocused image of a young woman. Before and after comparison.

In the above example, Google Magic Editor has given us a clear image that was blurred before.

With the magic editor, you can do pro-level editing skills in just a few clicks. In this tool, generative AI technology will be able to remove the subject from the photo and reposition it anywhere else in the picture. Moreover, you just have to drag and drop.

Magic Editor can fill the gaps present in the photos with the help of AI techniques.

Magic Editor Release

Google plans to release the “Magic Editor” only for several Pixel users at the start to bring necessary updates based on user feedback. But Google will provide the best possible editing experience through this tool. The “Magic Editor” will probably launch with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro at the end of 2023. 

The Magic Editor tool is going to leave a significant impact on the photo editing industry. Google has mixed generative AI technology with a simple user interface. This merger will allow all ordinary people to edit their photos and transform them into something extraordinary. As this software develops with time, it will incredibly impact people. Users will get a chance to unleash their creativity and perspective. 

Magic Editor will bring a revolution in the field of photo editing. This tool has unlimited capabilities due to the integration of generative AI techniques. Google has combined Artificial Intelligence with its already growing tool to change the actual condition of the Industry. 


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