Google’s “Help Me Write” Feature Uses AI to Generate an Email Draft in Seconds!

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We all use emails to apply for job interviews, reach potential customers, sell products, and even pitch our businesses to investors. Many of us get cold feet and tense when drafting an email about whether the email gives the right impression and if we’re writing it correctly.

Well, if you too get tense while writing an email. Worry no more!

The mighty Google has come to your rescue with the “Help Me Write” feature in Gmail.

What is the “Help Me Write” Feature in Gmail?

The feature is just what it sounds like. “Help Me Write” was introduced during the Google I/O Conference, and the feature utilizes artificial intelligence to generate email content within just seconds. The feature is capable of drafting all the common types of email content, regardless of whether you require a professional, casual, or funky draft.

When Will Google’s “Help Me Write” Feature be Available to All?

The “Help Me Write” feature is currently undergoing its development and has been available for Gmail and Google Docs testers since March 2023.

The feature is not out yet for regular users. Owing to typical Google fashion, we can expect the feature to roll out soon in a limited manner across various regions.

Will “Help Me Write” Only Be Available in Gmail?

Google’s “Help Me Write” feature will be available in Gmail as well as the Google Docs application, with the rollout planned as a part of the Google Workspace upgrades.

Of course, once the feature is refined, we expect to be able to see at least some part of the feature make its way to other Google apps as well.

How to Use Google “Help Me Write” in Gmail?

To give you an idea of how the feature will work, Google CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated an example scenario during his Google I/O presentation.

Say that you received an email from an airline stating that your flight reservation has been canceled. The airline is offering you a voucher as compensation, however, you wish to receive a full refund of your expenses. 

Now, to create an automated email draft using “Help Me Write”, you need to first click on the “Reply” button and then the “Help Me Write” button.

Then, you need to type up a brief of what your response is going to be, something like “ask for a full refund for this canceled flight” and then click on the “Generate” button.

During the onscreen demonstration, not only did the “Help Me Write” generate a full email body but also filled up the exact flight details from a previous ticket confirmation email in the inbox.

Once the initial draft is generated, there is a “Recreate” option to regenerate a different response and also a “Refine” option, which gives you the ability to modify the response by either choosing to formalize, elaborate, or shorten the response.

How Can You Use the “Help Me Write” Feature from Google?

Well, the airline example shown onstage demonstrates that the feature can easily tackle complex email reply situations as well.

Considering that, you can definitely use the feature to get an initial draft and most cases your final response, for almost all scenarios that we can think of.

Are you excited about this new feature from Google?

What do you think your best use of the “Help Me Write” feature will be?


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