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Thinking about how to edit YouTube videos easily? Creating a successful YouTube video depends on two things: shooting and editing. The post-production or the editing process allows the user to modify a clip according to the requirements. It produces a better and more engaging clip.

In past years, video editing was confined to companies that could spare huge budgets and required professionals. Today, anyone with a basic understanding of computers and the internet can edit a YouTube video. There are all sorts of YouTube editing software available, from high end expensive to free or cheap.

For beginners, it could be challenging to invest in PRO editing software. So, for the sake of this tutorial, I will be using the software called Wondershare Filmora to edit the YouTube videos.

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful and intuitive video editing software that works best for amateurs. The software is compatible with both Windows and MAC, also available in FREE/PAID versions. Over 50,000,000 users are satisfied with it.

Before the tutorial begins, let’s take a look at the three crucial steps to edit videos for YouTube.

1. Selecting a Video Editing Software

A video editing program helps to add on-screen texts, graphics, special effects, and assists in managing clips. The output is a single file that is ready to upload on YouTube.

There are paid as well as free software available in the market. When you buy video editing programs like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, they can be complicated. Free software like Lightworks and Hitfilm Express available that are easy to use.

You should check Adobe Premiere Elements 2018, HitFilm Pro, etc. for advanced needs like transitions, special effects, and refined results.

2. Editing, adding text, graphics, and other special effects

The final goal is to create a seamless video that tells your story effectively. The editing program you choose should offer tools that let you edit your files effortlessly.

Many of the software offer timeline view where you can also superimpose other graphics for a better output. Split-screen, soft focus, sepia tone, background music, and many special effects can be added in the slides.

Though do not let these graphics divert your video from telling your story. These are useful in creating an engaging video.

3. Choosing the right file format

Though YouTube accepts most of the formats, always render your file in either 720p or 1080i high definition. Also, make sure you’re using a 16:9 ratio widescreen format.

How To Edit Youtube Videos The Step By Step Guide:

edit youtube video

Now, let’s get started with the tutorial. We are going to apply the above crucial editing steps through Wondershare Filmora software.

1. Selecting the video editing mode

Download the Wondershare Filmora software first. Once you download the software on your desktop, you are all set to make a fantastic video for YouTube.

The software’s landing screen will look like this:

filmora screen

Filmora offers three editing modes- Easy Mode, Instant Cutter, and Action Cam Tool.

Easy mode is for times when you quickly want to edit your videos. Trimming 4k and other large files instantly should be done with Instant Cutter, whereas Action Cam Tool is helpful if the video has been shot on an Action Cam.

There is a fourth option- Full Feature Mode. We will be using this mode as it offers to edit the broadest range of different videos.

2. Create a new project

Let the editor load and once it does, head to the File Menu and click on the New Project option. Here you should select the aspect ratio that your final video will have.


Once you have decided on the aspect ratio, start adding your file. There is an Import button on the upper left corner of the video editor. Select the audio or video files that you want to use in your project.

3. Organize the material you are using in your project

To avoid the mess and save time, you can create folders to sort your media files in My Album section, as working with many files in the same project can be tricky if you have to look for files over and over again.

organize media files

Under My Album tab in the upper right corner of the editor’s screen, click on Add a New Folder and create a folder. Organize your media files in any way that increases your efficiency.

4. Using the timeline to place audio and video files

Do you have other parts in your videos that don’t belong there? So, if you want to cut or trim them, drag them from the Media tab, and drop them on the timeline. You can even rearrange them by just dragging them in the timeline.

Have you completed the trimming or cutting? Want to have a preview? Just hit the Play button and see how your media looks now.

Now, if you find cutting or trimming a difficult task, you can check out the Filmora guide here.

5. Applying Visual Effects

Unwanted parts of the clip are removed. It’s time to add those special effects that engage your audience. You can add music and insert transitions between the clips. Or you can use one of the many visual effects that Filmora Offers.

6. Exporting & Sharing

Do a complete quick check again to see if you have missed adding or cutting something. If everything looks right, you are all set to export your video and share it on your platform.

Click on the export button and select the format of the output you require. Choose the file format that best suits your need, add a title to your clip, and select a folder on the hard drive where you want to save the file.

export video

Filmora also offers its users to share the video on YouTube directly. It will save the time to save the file on your disk and then start the uploading process.

Most importantly, make sure your video is telling your story. A story has a beginning, middle, and end; keep those basics in mind.

Clips and pictures are collections of random shots until an editor uses editing tools to turn it into a beautiful video. It is like providing a structure and creating a polished finished product.

Final Words:

You don’t need to be a professional editor to use editing software, but knowing the basics is always a big help.

We hope you enjoy the tutorial, and it helps you in editing YouTube videos. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Also, if you are using any other software to edit YouTube videos, do share it with us.


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