How to Watch Movies Remotely With Friends using StreamParty?

In our busy day-to-day lives, it is essential to spend some quality time doing activities with our friends and family to stay fresh, energetic, and motivated.

However, as you all know, our social, personal, and professional lives all came to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Going out to the cinema with friends is one of the most common social activities that almost all of us enjoy.

However, covid-19 restrictions and social distancing protocols in place around the globe mean that you cannot enjoy movies in the cinema any longer like you used to before.

This is where the StreamParty online service kicks in.

What is StreamParty?

StreamParty is the best option out there for anyone who wishes to watch and enjoy movies with friends, family, or acquaintances living elsewhere.

It’s an online platform that lets you stream videos online and watch them with others over the internet.

Using StreamParty, you can stream videos for public viewing as well as private viewing. When you stream videos publicly, anyone using the StreamParty platform can watch the stream.

However, if you’re streaming the videos privately, only people whom you invite will be able to join the streaming party and watch the video(s).

StreamParty Features: What Makes the Service Special?

Now that you know what the StreamParty service does, below is a quick look at the various features offered by StreamParty to its users.

  • Support for All Popular Streaming Services:
    You can stream videos from various popular streaming services on StreamParty, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, and Joyn.
  • Easy to Use:
    StreamParty is easy to get going with. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to get started with StreamParty. All you need to do is click a few buttons, and you’re good to go.
  • Synchronized Streaming for All Participants:
    One common doubt that users might have regarding online group streaming of videos is synchronization. StreamParty ensures that all the viewers in a single watch party get to experience a synchronized watching experience.
  • Join Others Public Watch Parties:
    There are lots of public watch party streaming by StreamParty users. Therefore, you can always find something new to watch on the platform.
  • Integrated Voice, Video & Text Chats:
    All the members within a single watch party can communicate with each other using text and voice chats. The platform also supports video chat among members within a party, thus offering a virtual theatre-watching experience online.
  • StreamParty Community to Find Like-Minded People:
    There is also an active community of users on StreamParty where you can share posts about the content you love, find content shared by others, and network with like-minded people.

Is StreamParty Completely Free?

With such a plethora of features offered by StreamParty, you might think it is a costly service subscription.

However, the truth is that StreamParty is free for anyone to use!

Yes, you heard that right!

But, there is a catch.

There are few limitations to the free StreamParty account.

If you’re using a free StreamParty account, then you can host unlimited public watch parties. However, you can only host 4 hours of private watch parties.

Another limitation is that only a maximum of 3 people can be added to a single watch party. The positive side is that there is no restriction for video or text chat among the members.

For normal users, the above-mentioned restrictions won’t matter much.

If you’re looking to expand the features offered by StreamParty, you can choose to go with a paid subscription.

The StreamParty “Premium” subscription costs $10 for 3 months ($4 if you choose to pay monthly). The Premium plan allows you to access all the features of StreamParty, with the only restriction being that you can add a maximum of 6 people in a single private watch party.

There is also a StreamParty “Business Lite” plan. In the Business Lite plan, you get all the features supported by the Premium plan. Besides that, you can add up to 50 people to a single private watch party and even use the service commercially to make money.

How to Use StreamParty to Watch Movies/Series Online Remotely with Friends?

Now that you know everything about the StreamParty online video streaming service let us also take you through the steps involved in creating a watch party on StreamParty and enjoying it with your friends.

1. To begin, visit the official website.

2. As you’re new to StreamParty, you need to register an account within the platform. Click on the “Register” button on the top-right corner of the window to sign up to StreamParty.

register on streamparty

3. The ShowParty registration form will now appear. Enter your email address, a new password, and repeat your password in the respective fields. You also need to enable the slider next to the “I agree to the privacy policy and terms” text.

registration form streamparty

4. After filling in the details and agreeing to the terms & policy, click on the “Register” button. Alternatively, you can sign up for StreamParty using your Google account.

5. If you chose to sign up to StreamParty using your email, a confirmation email would be sent to your email address. You need to click on the link within the confirmation email to activate your account.

6. Now, revisit the StreamParty website and log in to your newly created account.

7. As you’re logging in for the first time, you will be asked to enter a username for your StreamParty account and also select the streaming services you’ll be using. Once all the information is entered, click on “Save.”

login to streamparty

Now, you can access your StreamParty account. You can now choose to stream all the publicly available content.

If you wish to start a video stream using StreamParty, follow the below steps:

1. Click on the “Create StreamParty” button on the top right corner of the homepage.

create stream

2. Now, you’ll be asked to install the StreamParty Browser Plugin. Click on the “Install” button and do the same.
install streamparty extension

3. Once the browser plugin is installed, a new popup window will appear where you’ll be asked to pick the streaming service to broadcast through StreamParty.

4. After selecting a service, a new window will launch, redirecting to the service you chose. You may have to log in to the service such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. as per your choice to continue.

5. In the new window, select and play the video you wish to broadcast using StreamParty.

6. Now, select whether you wish to broadcast the video publicly or privately within StreamParty.

streamparty public

7. Regardless of whether you choose public or private streaming, you will have to set a title for your streaming party.

streamparty settings

8. If you click on “Advanced Settings” on the above screen, you can control the play/pause options and video-call within the streaming.

9. You can schedule the Stream Party for a future time or begin the broadcast immediately on the next screen.

schedule streaming

10. If you click on the “Create Party” button, the broadcast will then begin. You can click on the “Share” button for private broadcasts and share the link with people you wish to add to the watching party.

share stream with friends

11. For public broadcasts, anyone using the StreamParty service during the broadcast can watch it live.

And that is it. You have now successfully created a StreamParty account and learned how to begin a stream.

Final Words

As we mentioned earlier, you can join any public broadcast streaming on StreamParty by just clicking on the streaming party displayed on the homepage.

However, if you wish to join a private streaming party hosted by someone else, you will need to link the host to join the party directly.

We hope you found this detailed article on how to use StreamParty to broadcast and watch movies online remotely with friends as helpful and easy to understand.

If you’ve already used StreamParty in the past, feel free to leave your review of the service in the comments below.

How To Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts Easily- 3 Best Tools

Are inactive twitter profiles and bots making your profile look bad? Then learn how to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts in bulk and add value to your profile. 

When we started using Twitter to promote our blog, initially, we had no idea how to handle a Twitter account like a PRO. We used to follow all our tech fellow bloggers and influencers in the same niche. This eventually increased our following counts and mostly who were inactive in retweeting our post, like or comment. 

We now frequently clean our list using the tool that helps us unfollowing unfollowers in no time. This keeps our profile legit and gets real engagement from targeted audiences to our post than before. 

If you have a small list, you can manually find people not following you back and unfollow them right away with these simple steps:

  • Click on your profile on the left-hand side.
  • Then click on the following, a list will be open.
  • A profile that follows you will be shown as: “Follows you.”
  • Select from the rest left inactive accounts and unfollow them as per your choice. 

However, with the massive list, it is challenging to unfollow inactive profiles manually. 

How To Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts?

In this post, we have covered the three best tools that will help you in unfollowing the inactive twitter profiles. We tried to cover each tool with a step by step tutorial guide along with its primary features. The tools covered are both free and paid. You can try any of these based on your requirements. 

Let’s begin. 

1. Unfollower Stats – Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tool 

Unfollower Stats is a straightforward tool to unfollow twitter accounts with one click. The tool helps you reveal people who follow you until a follow back and later unfollow you. These fake followers are a heavy load to your profile and of no use. 

unfollow inactive twitter accounts

Similarly, Unfollower Stats helps you unfollow twitter profiles that spam your twitter feed with unnecessary text and information. Besides the desktop software, this twitter unfollow tool has its iOS app as well. Download it from here.

When you’re not on your desktop, the app on mobile will notify you about unfollowers, inactive accounts, and eggheads in no time. 

How To Get Started With Unfollower Stats Tool:

  • Open
  • Click on the ‘Sign-In with Twitter’ button. 
  • It will take a few seconds to synchronize with your twitter account, and you are done! 

Remember, Unfollower Stats sends you daily stats on your Twitter account, but if anyway you don’t want these stats displayed on your account, follow these steps to disable:

  • Sign in on
  • Select “Settings” on the upper right-hand corner then uncheck ‘Tweet my daily stats
  • Click ‘Save Changes,’ and you are done!

That’s how the Unfollower Stats dashboard will look after synchronization.

unfollowerstats dashboard

Let’s take a look at the features Of Unfollower Stats:

  1. Unfollowers/Inactives – The following feature will help you look at followers unfollowing you. And also those who don’t have a profile picture (egghead), which is a must and makes your profile look legit. 
  2. White/Black Lists – This is an exciting feature of the Unfollower Stats application. You can always put profiles in the white list, to prevent accidental unfollowing actions taken and revert them.
    Similarly, putting profiles on the blacklist will help you avoid the unintentional following. Moreover, the blacklist makes sure you don’t risk accidentally following them again in the future.

UnfollowerStats Pricing Plans:

The twitter unfollow tool offers a Free, Premium, and Pro pricing plan. The free account would give you access to up to 75K followers.

The premium plan offers you everything at a discount price of $2.99/month

unfollower stats pricing

<Try Unfollower Stats Now>

2. Audiense Connect – Smart Twitter Marketing Tool

Audiense Connect is a comprehensive twitter tool. It might look a little difficult at first but focus on the tool parts explained here to get rid of fake followers without any complexity. 

twitter unfollow tool

The Audiense Connect twitter tool has 3 main principal areas:

  • Homepage 
  • Dashboard
  • Community Wall

Let’s understand each one by one-

1) Homepage: To access the homepage, follow these steps:

Open the website

  • Click on menu Products & Plans. 
  • Click on Audiense Connect 
  • Then click on the ‘Sign Up For Free’ button.
  • A sign-up page will appear, fill all the details and you are done!

audiense homepage

As soon as you link your twitter account to the Audiense connect, the first thing you’ll see is your homepage. The page will display all information of your followers and following. 

2) Dashboard: 

Now, to access the dashboard, click the top half of your account panel Go to Dashboard

The dashboard contains information in the Panel and Widget form. You can mouseover the widgets or click on them for more info or click and drag to zoom.

audiense dashboard

You can even create a custom widget just like you do on WordPress. Remember, the app automatically updates the data every 24 hours based on the latest synchronization. 

There are TWO Primary Widgets:

  • Community Insights: Helps you analyze the progress of a community over time.
  • Engagement Stats: Analyse the progress of engagement for 24 hours. 

To understand these two widgets more precisely, read here

3) Community Wall: To open the community wall, you got two options:

  • Click on the bottom half of your account panel.
  • Or click my community on the top menu bar of your homepage.

audiense connect community wall

The community wall shows twitter profiles in the form of user cards. Following unfollowing influences your follower/following ratio. The tool widgets help you make the right decision to perform any action of unfollowing/following to build a strong twitter business influential relationship.   

Audiense Connect Pricing Plan:

Audiense twitter tool offers 3 plans- Free, Twitter Marketing, and Audiense Marketing plans.

To start using the tool you can go with the Free version. Later to use its advanced features, you can upgrade to the Twitter Marketing plan just for $99/month.

audiense pricing

If you go for the annual package you are likely to save 20% Off on Twitter Marketing plan and 50% Off on Audiense Marketing plans

<Try Audiense Connect Now>

3. Circleboom – Twitter Management Tool

Circleboom is the best tool to bulk unfollow fake and inactive Twitter accounts. The tool lets you manage twitter by helping you identify fake or spam profiles, unfollow people not following you back, and more.

unfollow twitter inactive accounts

How to get started with the Circleboom twitter Unfollow Tool:

  • Open Circleboom website, click on the upper right button, “Get Started.”
  • The next step is “Sign in with Twitter.”
  • The application will take seconds to synchronize your account, and you are done!

As you get started with the application, it will scan all your followers and the following information in a pie chart form. The pie stats will depict your inactive followers, overactive (talking too much), egghead (with no profile picture), and fake friends.

What Else Circleboom Can Do?

Besides being the best unfollowing tool with an easy user interface, Circleboom is a complete platform for twitter marketing as well. Let’s take a look at it’s best marketing features that would help you automate twitter your account. 

Four Primary Features of Circleboom: 

  1. Publish
  2. My Tweets
  3. The Circle
  4. User Analytics

circleboom dashboard

Let’s understand the above features one by one-

Publish – This option has these three functions 

  1. Articles: This is the smart way to share articles curated based on your selection. You get hundreds of interest categories to select according to your interest. You can even set your articles in a queue with custom options like select your post-interval along with its start and end time. 
  2. RSS Tweets: Whenever you publish a new article, connect it with the RSS feed to send tweets, and gain engagement with your article.
  3. Sent Items: Shows history of all the items sent through Circleboom Schedule and Articles modules with a yellow (waiting to be sent), green(sent as expected), and red button (failed tweets, you can rework on that and send again). 

My Tweets – Comes equipped with three options, where you perform actions to delete an inactive account or your tweets.

  1. Unlike: You can search and filter all your likes on other profiles done so far, tick to select them all at once to dislike, or search accounts individually to dislike. Remember, your actions will not be recoverable once processed to perform any dislike, RTs, and unfollow tweets.
  2. Delete RTs and Tweets: Delete all or selected last tweets and filter out the retweets from the results shown by choosing this option.
  3. Delete Twitter Archives: This is a new updated feature of Circleboom. 

The Circle Gives you insights about your friends. With this function, you can select dead or inactive, fake or spam, and lost focus twitter profiles to perform unfollowing twitter accounts.  

User Analytics – Gives you overall stats about your Twitter account. You can keep track of tweets mostly loved, liked, and commented by people, your followers’ growth in understanding their twitter marketing strategy, the best time to tweet, etc. The users of Circleboom mostly love this feature.  

Circleboom Pricing Plans:

The tool offers Free, monthly, and annual pricing plans. Free plans restrict you to use a few of its smart features, so you can better go with SAVE FLAT 65% on its annual plan to automate your twitter handling process.

circleboom pricing plan

<Try CircleBoom Now>

Wrapping it Up

We hope the above tutorial with the best 3 three tools help you to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts easily. The list could be endless as there are tools/software/apps available over the web. But we tried our best to keep the tutorial simple and covered with the tools that we tried and tested. 

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and how your experience with the tools. In case of any doubts or help, feel free to let us know.

Also, if you are trying any other tools for unfollowing twitter accounts, we would love to know about it.

How To Create A Logo For FREE In 5 Simple Steps?

Logos are brand identity. Most people recognize a brand by its logo. A tempting or attractive logo entices customers towards your business. Therefore, it becomes crucial for a company to create one unique design that says everything about it.

If you own a restaurant, beauty parlor, clothing boutique, or into any business niche, you can self design a logo for your business for FREE.

With the advancement of technology and tools, you get secure options to create great yet efficient logo designs without even bothering to hire an expert. There are lots of logo making apps and tools over the web to design a logo.

In this post, we’ll be first focusing on this excellent graphic design tool called Canva. The tool works on a drag-and-drop feature to design layouts, logo, print business cards, make classic presentations, etc.

Later we will talk about some other designing tools.

How To Create A Logo For Free Using Canva & Why To Use It? 

We will talk about how to create a logo for free tutorial steps in the later part of the blog. The reason we recommend Canva tool is because of the following reasons-

  • It’s easy to use, and any newbie can try it.
  • You don’t have to have professional designing skills to use.
  • Canva provides numerous pre-built ready to use layouts for Facebook cover, FB story, and post.
  • Pre-built templates are also available for Instagram post and story, YouTube thumbnail, Pinterest, Linkedin posters, etc.

The best thing about Canva is that you get so many handy features with its FREEMIUM like-

  • Free templates for social media marketing, invitations, business cards, flyers, etc.
  • Varieties of logo options where one can start with their free templates, which can be optimized according to the brand’s colors, and fonts.
  • Canva has a vast library of free elements that can be added to the logo template. This comes with a simple to use drag and drop feature.
  • You can even upload your graphics for the logo design if you don’t like a particular feature of the template you are using.

Let’s see how you can use this tool to design your logo.

For your convenience, we have jotted down the logo designing steps in the following way-

  1. Elements of a Logo Design
  2. Crafting A Logo
  3. Designing A Logo With Canva

1. Elements Of A Logo Design- LogoType & LogoMark

Two important elements you must know before designing a logo that helps you in creating an influential logo for your business, i.e. logotype and logomark.

LogoMark is a graphical representation of your brand and product, whereas a LogoType is the typographic treatment of a word or phrase.

Here is an example of a mix of logotype and logomark – Nike’s Logo

nike brand logo

In the above logo, the swoosh is the logomark, while “Nike” is the logotype. The Swoosh defines the wings of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, along with the brand’s ethos: speed, grace, power, and agility.

Brands choose one logomark or the other, and some even choose to go with just one of these. For e.g. Canon and FedEx opted for the logotype, and Apple and Twitter logos have the only logomark.

canon logo

2. Crafting A Logo

Your logo can be used for a variety of things in the future, but that shouldn’t stop you from designing something that can be printed just anywhere.

Check out the steps below to create a logo.

2.1 Start With Your Story

First Rule – You should be able to sell yourself as well as your product. Your logo must connect with your audience. How can you achieve this?

  1. By adding a story to your brand logo.
  2. Define the vision and mission of your company, way of your working, and witness the engagement this brings to your brand.

2.2 Brainstorm Words That Describe Your Brand

You don’t have to brainstorm a lot.

Just go to or and look for synonyms of words that describe your products. For e.g. type- Is it a new food chain or clothing brand? and notice the synonyms.

This will help you to constrain your ideas to some specific words that can represent your brand.

merriam webster

2.3 Sketch Some Ideas Based On These Words

Grab your notepad and pencil and pen down some ideas along with the WHY and a few keywords. The first sketch won’t be right, but keep going and be patient.

Look at these unique logos of HP and GAP as an example-


Avoid popular shapes that are too easy to identify daily. The more creative you can be at this stage, the better you will shape your logo.

So keep trying and make sure you are selective in the colors you choose as they can either make your logo or break it.

2.4 Test Your Top Sketches With Your Buyer Persona

Take these designs and show to your relatives and friends that fall into the category of a buyer persona. Ask them for actual feedback as only the criticisms will only make your final logo better.

Now its time to refine and develop your logo into a usable Digital Format.

2.5. Present, Revise, Deliver

Once you have created a logo, show it your client, and we suggest showing no more than three to five strong options. Take their input, revise, and then deliver.

3. Creating A Logo In Canva

With Canva, you do not require a professional technical guy to create your logo because it’s simple drag and drop. All you need is a bit of creativity.

Follow these five simple steps to design your logo using Canva-

Step 1- Create an account

Signup for the Canva tool either with direct Facebook or Google login. You can also signup with your email by creating a new account.

canva login

Step 2- Choose a Template

Canva has a vast library of pre-designed templates that can be edited. So look around and choose a design that fits the sketch you have made for your logo.

You can also search for templates for a specific industry. There are logos for Games/Recreation, Food/Drinks, Education, Restaurant, Art, Automobiles, Law, Sports, and the list goes on.

canva template

Step 3- Customize your Template

The next step is to customize the template you have picked. When it comes to customizing, you can change fonts, size, color, spacing, and you also reshuffle the elements of the template.

Here is a quick idea of how much you can play with your chosen template and make it your own:-


We have changed the color and orientation of the elements, along with removing the text.

Now, on the left, you can see options – Elements, Text, Backgrounds, and Uploads. Use these tools to give life to your sketch.

Step 4- Upload your images for a personal touch

You can also upload images from the Upload section if you want them to be a part of your logo.

canva free tool

Step-5 Download and Share your Logo

The last and final step is to download the Logo design. You can download your logo in PNG, JPG, PDF Standard, and PDF Print modes according to your requirements.

graphic design tool

Here is the final image.

free image tool

You do not get any watermarks on downloading the Logo Design. You can always come back to edit the design and download the new one.

The logo you are designing should be efficient in terms of usage as it is going to be printed in various sizes, from large files, letterheads, coffee mugs, Tshirts, to as small as on a pen. Each part of your logo should be noticeable no matter what size it’s printed.

Once you have designed your logo with Canvas, you can download it as a PNG, JPG, or PDF file.

Also, you should be a bit creative and do experiments with color and design as a lot of companies use Canva to design their business card, social media images, and flyers. You might see some similar designs floating around if you do not make your creative changes.

Canva PRO Version Features

If you are someone who does advanced designing and editing, the Canva PRO version fits best for you. The PRO plan of Canva starts with $9.95/month whereas the Enterprise plan costs $30 per month. Both plans come with a lot of additional features that are useful for designers and artists.

canva tool pricing

Take a look at the premium features that you get in the paid version-

  1. Access to unlimited high-quality images starting from $1 each along with more than 400000 free photos and templates.
  2. Canva PRO offers unlimited storage facility. You can also upload your own images to use them in a template.
  3. The animator feature of Canva PRO allows you to create animated graphics in the form of gifs and videos.
  4. You can share Canva PRO’s access to your team members via email. You can define the role of the member as a designer, administrator, etc.
  5. Access to premium 1000+ fonts, templates, and elements.
  6. Prior support is also included in the PRO version.
  7. Features like Brand kit where you can create custom logos, and elements for your brand.
  8. You can also create unlimited folders to organize your work on Canva.

<Upgrade To Canva Pro Plan>

Final Words

Working with Canva is genuinely easy. If you like the Freemium already and want to try the PRO version, you can simply upgrade it.

We hope you find this free logo designing tutorial helpful. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you are using any other logo making a free tool, please let us know. We will surely check it out and try to cover it.

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How To Use Instagram For Business In 2019- A Complete Guide

Are you using an Instagram for your Business? Unlike Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, Instagram is an emerging platform for targeted marketing with its almost 700 million monthly active users. If you want to grow your social media presence and drive traffic to your website at the same time while getting paid, Instagram Business Profile is the way.

According to a study by iconosquare, 62% of users follow a brand just because they like it! With visual media taking over read content, if you create the right media content, you will grow your online presence and leads in no time.

If you are new to the whole Instagram Business Account, we have you covered. Here is everything you need to know before you get started with your Instagram posts.

How To Use Instagram For Business?

The first step is setting up your Instagram Business Account. 

The Instagram business account has enhanced features to reach your audience and track your analytics. To begin with, first of all, you’ll need to build an Instagram Business Profile rather than the typical Instagram user Profile.

You can either start fresh or convert your current Insta profile to a business account.

instagram business

Step 1 (is for those who want to start with fresh account):  Download/Open the Instagram app from the Play Store/App Tray. Create a new account if you are starting fresh or log in to your existing account. Now go to your profile and tap on three vertical dots located right side on the upper corner.

Step 2 (is for those who wants to convert their current profile to business):  Go to settings you’ll find one option named “Switch to the business profile,” tap on that option to switch your Instagram account to Business Profile Account.

There is also a feature that allows you to connect your Instagram Business profile with your Facebook Business Page.

Once you are all set, insert all of the information about your business along with:

  1. Username
  2. Profile Image
  3. URL of your site
  4. And a short description (Bio). Accurate information will bring more leads to you.  

Now The Insta Business Account Is Ready So Let’s Get Started With How To Scale Up Business With Instagram:

1. Fine-Tune Your Profile

1.1 Basic Profile Features

Here are some principles on how to keep accurate and updated information of Insta profile: 

Profile photo: Do not forget to change your profile picture and set it to your brand logo. This will allow customers to recognize you while searching on Instagram.

Account name: This should be similar to your account name on other social media handles. If you are a multinational brand and run many accounts on a single social media handle, mention it with your account name. If your business is XYZ and this new page is for Japan, specify it as XYZ Japan.

Username: This again signifies your brand name. As you cannot have spaces here, look for most simple username closest to your brand name.

Website: You can send potential customers directly to your website. Always keep it as your default landing page or latest promotional page.

Bio: Your bio is where you will capture the attention of other users. You only get 150 characters to set a brand voice. So, describe your business or add your brand’s slogan with a punch line. Show your creative side and make your bio exciting but also something that resembles your work.

A few examples:-

You can either keep it simple like TED and have a minimalistic approach.


You can also promote your hashtags like this e-commerce brand Topshop:


Here is another example of Netflix India where they have specified that this account is for Indian people and have a catchy Bio.


1.2 Use Instagram Business Profile Features To Your Advantage

There are certain features in Business Profile that aren’t available in a personal account. Make sure you are using these features correctly.

Contact information: In this, you can add your email address, phone number, or physical address. For this contact info, Instagram creates corresponding buttons (Call, Email, or Get Directions) for your profile.

Call-to-action buttons: Depending on the service you offer to your customers, you can add a Call-to-action button. They can be used for Reservations, Ticket Books, Appointment Booking, etc. right from your Insta Account.

You can set this by clicking Edit Profile: 

Business Account > Contact Options > Add an action button.

2. Give Wings To Your Creativity – Create A Winning Instagram Strategy

2.1 Your Target Audience

The first step to start a successful business is to determine your audience and their demographics. If you set this early on, you will be able to curate content and products for a specific audience. To define demographics, you need to go deeper.

Here is how you can do that:

Compiling Data: You need to know your audience first. You can start by identifying who is already using your products or services. Divide this database into these lines like:

  • Age
  • Location (and time zone)
  • Language
  • Spending power and patterns
  • Interests
  • and, Stage of life.

Always remember to keep service before the product you deliver. This brings more customers to you goodwill to your business. 

2.2 Set goals and objectives

The next step in your strategy is to find a purpose (s). Without goals, your social media strategy will be disoriented, and this will negatively affect your performance and results.

To start with,

Brainstorm precisely what output you need with the Instagram Business Account?

Are you here for creating brand awareness?

OR You want to direct traffic to your website?

OR You want to generate new leads through ads OR Build an Instagram community around your brand etc?

Once you decide on things you want to achieve, you can finally start creating content in that direction.

3. Sharing Great Content

Show users why people love your products and brand. Make interesting videos, as you know video marketing is a boom to the internet. 

3.1 Make You Instagram Business Profile look attractive

If you don’t know Instagram is a photo-video oriented social media platform. You can showcase clothes if you are a clothing brand or images and reactions of your customers on the chef’s unique dishes if you are a food chain.

Whatever may be a product, find the right way to create a recognizable visual identity. Such that your followers can recognize it instantly. For example, have a look at the Instagram handle of Terrible Tiny Tales (ttt). They always use a black background for tales and white for thoughts/questions. So whenever someone is scrolling, their posts are easily distinguished and users stop to read their stories.

ttt official

3.2 Shoot amazing photos and videos and Edit Always

Don’t just shoot and upload. Instead, make a habit of giving a final touch of editing to both images and videos. Instagram provides personalize editing effects and filters. 

3.3 Post Captivating Instagram Stories

Instagram Story section is the right place to show up how creative you can be. With the Stories Section, one can easily capture their follower’s attention to the products. 

Make them versatile with adding Stickers from Stickers Tray where you can find stickers for weather, the current time, location and more which are customizable. You can add location and hashtags as well.

From a recent update, you can make your stories responsive by either letting your followers ask questions to you or by creating fun polls.

3.4 Use Compelling Captions

Instagram being a visual platform shouldn’t restrict you from using captivating captions. These captions make your pictures meaningful and also make your followers think, laugh, and feel a connection to your brand.

instagram captions

To keep your captions distinct, it is excellent to follow certain grammatical propositions or emoji’s or hashtags that your followers can relate to in each post.

3.4 Regular Posting Schedule

Do you have a good number of followers on your Instagram page now? You should now start to post regularly. Now do not overdo your posts and stories to a point where your followers are overwhelmed to mute you or worse – unfollow. Being muted will directly influence your reach, and you do not want that.

Now equally important is the time for posting your content. If you have country-specific pages, you only need to figure out when your audience is online.

You can find this out from the Audience tab from Insights menu available with Instagram Business Profile.

4. Grow and Engage Your Audience

4.1 Building Advertisement Campaign on Instagram

Instagram Business gives the option to market your product or services to the targeted audience.

There are mainly two ways using which you can advertise on Instagram:

  1. Advertisement using Photo and Video: It is similar to other photo posts, but the Photo & Video Ads have the sponsored label on the top of the image.

  2. Advertisement using Carousel: These kinds of ads are similar to Photo ads, but it presents several images that your user can swipe left or right to view it.

This advertisement strategy can also be used to redirect the user to your business website and increase the conversion ratio dramatically.

You can create awareness campaigns with your ads and along with them attach a giveaway or content. Make sure you are highlighting the prize.

The Instagram business profile also has a feature known as “call to action.” You can use this to lets your customers book an appointment, buy tickets or book reservations directly from your business profile.

To set up a call to action, go to “Edit Profile,” then tap on “Contact Options” and just put an action button.

4.2 Interact with your Instagram audience

Engagement with your audience on any social media platform is critical. Because it is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship with your audience. Like other social media platforms, only use ‘@’ special symbol to mention someone in a comment or the story.

In the story, you have the unique option name “Mention” where you can easily tag other people in your story. The user that you have tagged in your post will be visible in the post so that other user can visit its profile and same goes for mentioning.

Let me give you an example about how you can make use of the hashtag, e.g., #JackNMicheal. Make sure that you’re not using some special symbols like &, @, ^, *, etc. as they aren’t allowed.

4.3 Reach a Larger Instagram Following through Hashtags

You are posting great images and content, but how do you reach to a broader audience?

Insta feed is an ever-changing wall where your content can be lost easily. This is where Instagram’s hashtag feature comes in. For approaching a wider audience, use Instagram’s hashtag (#) function. Using hashtags makes you discoverable. With one of Insta’s recent update, users can even follow hashtags.

Use a mix of conventional and specific hashtags for your post’s content. To do this, research on trending hashtags of your industry and brainstorm keywords, phrases relevant to the brand. Create hashtags and encourage the audience to follow and use them on their posts as well.

4.4 Respond to Comments and DM’s

In the early stage of your Instagram account, start with responding to mentions and comments on the posts. This is an excellent way of engaging with your followers. This way, users will be motivated to keep engaging with your brand.

5. Measure Success and Improvise

Once your campaigns and Instagram Business Strategy is on the play, you need to keep an eye on results. And figure out what works and what doesn’t for the users.

Keep track with analytics tools from not only Instagram but also from your other Social Media Accounts.

Keep testing with your stories and posts, you never know what customers might end up loving your brand. 

How To Use WhatsApp Business App-Top Features & Tips

Are you looking forward to using WhatsApp Business app for your business? A lot of us use WhatsApp app for chatting, calls with friends and family, but we never thought that it could be used for business purpose as well.

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are being used by websites/businesses/companies to reach out to their customers, and now WhatsApp as well.

WhatsApp, the most popular Facebook-owned messaging app launched its WhatsApp Business App in January 2018. It is a separate app available on the Google Play Store for Android Users.

The app is only available for Android platforms that own 80% of global market share as of 2016.

<Download WhatsApp Business App Here>

What WhatsApp Business App Offers?

WhatsApp business account is intended to effectively provide various business services as well as easy customer support over mobile communication.

For 1.3 billion WhatsApp users around the world, WhatsApp Business App it’s a perfect platform to implement business strategies.

This app is for a different target audience; targeted to small and medium-sized businesses. If you are a business owner and want to enlarge your customer communication horizons, WhatsApp Business is the right choice to reach out to prospective and existing customers.

whatsapp business

In the following tutorial, we will guide you how to get started and use WhatsApp Business App for your online or offline business services. To sum up the tutorial, here are the following things that you are going to learn.

1. Getting Started with WhatsApp Business App
2. Under Business Settings
3. Features of the App
4. How Can WhatsApp Business Support Your Sales And Marketing?
5. Some Business Tips That You Can Apply

Let’s begin with the tutorial now.

Getting Started with WhatsApp Business App

Follow these below given simple steps to establish your WhatsApp business profile:

Step 1: Download WhatsApp business application which is available on Google Play Store (we have already mentioned the link above).

Step 2: After completing the installation, open the application and enter your business mobile number and sign up with a mobile number.

Now, you will either need an alternate number for WhatsApp Business. If you don’t have a different mobile number, you can use your regular WhatsApp number.

Although, you can use a mobile number either on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business. Thus, if you use your regular WhatsApp number, your profile will be transferred to WhatsApp Business, along with all your contacts.

Understanding WhatsApp Business Settings

Step 3: In the next step you will be asked to set up your Business details. To do this, go to Business Settings. Here, you will see six options.

The six options are:

  • Profile
  • Statistics
  • Short Link

And the other three are messaging tools:

  • Away Message
  • Greetings Message
  • Quick Replies

whatsapp business settings

Let’s see how you can use these options.

Profile: Under this section, you can set up your Business Address, Choose a Category, Enter a description, Set up Business Hours, Website, an official email address.

You can add all these details to keep your customer up to date with your Business Info.

Statistics: The statistics section is an informative section for WhatsApp Business Users. It tells you about the numbers of messages Sent, delivered, read and received.

whatsapp received messages

Short Link: The short link setting makes it easy for customers to send you a message. Your WhatsApp Business short link will be unique for your account, and you can add it to your website, social media, or add in emails.

Anyone who will click on this link will be redirected your WhatsApp Business account, and they can send you a WhatsApp message to you.

whatsapp shortlink

Now once your WhatsApp Business Account profile is complete, you should set the messaging options.

There will be three options and based on your requirements you have to choose the available options such as ‘Away Message,’ ‘Greeting Message,’ and ‘Quick Replies.’

Away Message: This option is useful when you aren’t able to use your WhatsApp Business account.

To setup Away Message, first, tap on the Send Away Message option and to make it active.

After that, set a message that you want the customers to see when you are away.

Now you can set when you want to send this message. You can choose between Always Send, Custom Schedule and Outside Business Hours.

whatsapp away messages

In the Custom Schedule, if you aren’t available between a specific time during the days, you can choose this option.

If you always have Business hours set, select the outside business hours option, and WhatsApp will respond with your chosen message outside your business hours.

You can even select the recipients you wish to send the Away message. You can choose between Everyone, Everyone not in the address book, Everyone except, and Only send to.

Greetings Message: This is one of the best features of WhatsApp Business as you can write a custom message that senders get when they are texting you for the first time.

Tap on the Send Greetings Message and then edit the message you want your customers to have.

Now you can select the recipients for the Greetings message. You can choose between Everyone, Everyone not in the address book, Everyone except, and Only send to.

whatspp greeting message

Quick Replies: There is some necessary information that every new customer is looking for when they text you on your WhatsApp Business account.

For example, if you are a coaching institute, your customers would like the Classroom program details, Distance Learning Couse, Coaching Fee, Registration Links, etc.

whatspp quick replies

Now WhatsApp Business lets you save up to 50 quick replies.

In this, you first create a keyboard shortcut for a message and then type the text.

You can add images and smileys in this message.

Click the + button on the bottom right corner on your phone screen and then add the message, Shortcut, and a keyword.

Once you have added all the info, click save.

Now once you have added all the quick links, all you have to is, write the shortcut while replying and your save quick message will automatically be sent.

Features of WhatsApp Business App

These are some of the features that will be useful while using WhatsApp Business.

  • Run Whatsapp Business App from PC

One cool thing about WhatsApp Business App is that it provides flexible access to your business account on Desktop; that means you can access and manage your customers through

All you have to do is go to WhatsApp web through settings on WhatsApp Business account and scan the QR code on the website.

  • Verified Business: The Green Tick

The official business account is identified by a verified mark which represents that it’s authentic and genuine to its customer.

  • Support of Messaging Tools

You can improve your business marketing through WhatsApp via messaging tools provided in the business account.

The tools have features like ‘quick replies’ which is used to give a faster response of frequently asked questions of customers.

Another option available is ‘greeting messages’ that is given to your customers when conversation start, it contains a brief overview of business services that you’re presently providing.

To tell your customers that you’re out of available for some particular amount of time, ‘away messages’ will help in this scenario that will automatically notice that you’ll not be available at that moment.

  • Broadcasting of Business Updates

WhatsApp for business also helps you to let your customer be aware of new product or service launch by sending regular updates.

It has the feature of broadcasting where you have to select WhatsApp business group on which you want to send any business regarding the update, and presently there is a limit of picking contact numbers up to 256 contacts respectively.

  • Using WhatsApp for Reliable Customer Support

Customer support is one the prime responsibility of any business and WhatsApp for Business has made the job more accessible, and it provides one on one customer interaction to resolve queries of your customers.

You can send document attachments, photos, audio, and videos to help your customer to clear their issues.

  • Using Labels

WhatsApp Business account has a unique feature called Labels. It is available on the menu.

This feature helps you to organize your chats. You can label your customers according to your needs.

For example, you can set up labels like a “prospective customer,” “Unpaid orders,” “New customers,” or “Completed orders.” Labels give a seamless workflow experience.

whatspp labels

To add a label to a chat, hold the conversation and then tap on label option from the menu.

Here, you can either click on any of the five default labels or create your Label.

To view chats by the label, tap on Menu icon – Labels and tap on the label name.

How Can WhatsApp Business Support Your Sales And Marketing?

Let’s see how WhatsApp Business App can help you to grow your sales and marketing.

1. Direct Marketing

WhatsApp has long overtaken the traditional SMS Marketing service, and with twice open rate compared to around 35% for email, there is no doubting WhatsApp potential for marketing.

Alike WhatsApp, the WhatsApp Business account also lets you send audio, video, images, and stickers.

You can get creative as to how you want to represent your brand.

2. Real-Time Customer Service & Customer Support

WhatsApp Business is a valuable tool for nourishing your customers because of its real-time support and accessibility.

It generalizes the communication as more and more customers prefer solutions and answers through texting rather than waiting for email responses and calling.

Customers look forward to avoiding calling a helpdesk in most of the situations. The quick support via WhatsApp and its informal tone makes better conversations for customers.

Bonus: WhatsApp Business Tips

Here are some essential tips that you should follow while using WhatsApp Business.

  • Don’t spam

People don’t like to interact with unknown numbers. Spamming reduces the trust and deteriorates the relationship among customers and your brand.

When you use a Business account to get in touch with your customers, it looks authentic.

  • Appreciate Feedback

Once the customer has purchased a product or services from you; asking for genuine feedback will help you and your brand improve.

Feedback is the key to get the right direction to improve the quality of your product and services. When a customer has used your services, do ask them to give feedback by sending them a quick feedback form.

The affirmative feedback act as a magnet which will attract more and more customers to get associated with your product and services, hence you should always appreciate the feedback.

  • Deals and Discount Status

WhatsApp statuses are almost similar to Instagram stories. You can use WhatsApp Business Stories option to post limited time deals and discount coupons.

Similar to WhatsApp, they will disappear after 24 hours. You can run stories of special offers and discount for your current audience that will improve your sales.

  • Focusing on Quality Service

You should always take care of your customers by questioning them if they found issue regarding the product after post-purchase.

Reliable customer support is essential for any business as it builds a healthy relationship among customer and your business.

Final Thoughts:

The great thing about WhatsApp Business as a tool is that almost everybody knows how to use it. From your staff members to your customers, everyone is accosted to using WhatsApp.

Now, WhatsApp Business isn’t an efficient option for big companies and has more to come from a payments facility to integrations and to be available on iOS.

But, if you are a small to medium business, WhatsApp Business app can help you improve your customer relations with its exciting features like labels, Greetings & Away Messages, Quick Replies and Business Profile options.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful and quickly start using WhatsApp Business App for your own business.

If you have any queries or doubts using the app, feel free to let us know.

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How To Transfer WhatsApp Data To Your New Phone (Android/iPhone)

Whenever you buy a new phone, the most concerned thing that you have is not to lose your WhatsApp chat, and it’s media stuff.

You usually take the help of shopkeeper to transfer all the required data of WhatsApp along with other mobile data (contacts, messages, apps) securely, so that you don’t lose any chats, media files as they are essential.

But you know what you can migrate the WhatsApp data on your own.

Yes, it’s easy.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can easily transfer WhatsApp data from one Android Phone to another.

How To Migrate WhatsApp Data To Another Phone Easily?

Drop your worries to lose access to your WhatsApp conversations and media. Though a new phone helps you to start again, WhatsApp is something you would still want to start with the old one.

Just so you don’t lose access to your old WhatsApp conversations, here we have covered the two easiest methods by which you can migrate WhatsApp to a new phone.

1. Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Local Backup

2. Transfer WhatsApp Data via Google Drive

You can use any one of the methods as per your convenience.

Just in case, if you are an iPhone user and wants to migrate WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android, we have it covered as well.

NOTE: WhatsApp doesn’t support the cross-platform transfers, we will also talk about how you can still have access to your old chats.

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Local Backup

Local Backup gets saved by default on every WhatsApp application. Every night at 0200 hours, WhatsApp automatically creates a local backup in your phone.

Step 1: Creating Local Backup on an old phone:

To migrate your data through Local Backup, you need to take the backup of your latest chats. To make a backup, launch WhatsApp on your present device and then go to:

Menu Button > Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Back Up.

whatsapp backup

You will see when the messages were last backed up and an option ‘Backup’ to do it now.

After clicking ‘Back up’, the process starts displaying ‘Backing up messages’. It takes a few seconds to store the latest backup.

store messages

You will have two options here.

One option is to backup chats on local memory on your phone and second is to save conversations on Google Drive.

It is a safe option always save your chats on Google Drive in case you lose your phone.

Your backup will be saved either on internal memory or SD Card (memory card).

To migrate your data, you should change the backup location to the SD Card.

Note: If you do not want your messages to go to Google Drive, uncheck the box showing the same.

Step 2: Restoring chats and media on the new phone:

Install WhatsApp application on your new mobile phone. In the external memory card/SD card slot of your new phone, insert the SD Card.

You can take the same from the old phone and add it to the new phone.

If your new phone doesn’t have an SD card slot or only have internal memory, then you will have to transfer data through a computer.

To do that, please connect your old phone to the computer through a USB Cable.

Then copy the WhatsApp folder from your old device to the computer.

Now connect your new phone to the computer and transfer the replicated WhatsApp folder (that contains your backed up messages) to your new phone.

restore whatsapp chats

Now, launch WhatsApp on the new phone and verify with the same number that you backed up at last. Follow the WhatsApp verification process.

It takes a few minutes, and a pop-up will appear as ‘Restoring messages’.

restoring messages

PS: If you are transferring files via Local Back, you have to make sure that the WhatsApp Database folder is in Internal Memory before you Launch WhatsApp in your new device.

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Google Drive

Google Drive Backup is nothing but storing your WhatsApp messages directly to the Google Drive account on your Android Phone.

This recent change in WhatsApp has made backups easier for its users.

Your android phone runs on a Gmail Account that is synced to your phone, and every Gmail Account has a Google Drive Account.

So, you don’t have to create a different account for this method. Your Google Drive Account comes with a 15GB of free storage and can easily store WhatsApp Messages Backups.

Before you can migrate via Google Drive, you need to do the following:

  1. Check if your device is in sync with your Google Drive account.
  2. Your Google drive account must have enough space for backing up the messages from WhatsApp.

Step 1: Backing up messages on the old phone:

  • Open WhatsApp and then go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Back Up.
  • You will have to include the account of Google Drive under ‘Google Drive settings’.
  • Choose ‘back up.’

Step 2: Using Backup on New Smartphone:

Add the same account under Google Drive settings and the same phone number, while installing the application on your new phone.

During verification, you will see a pop-up message to restore texts and media from Google Drive.

It takes a few minutes to restore messages and click ‘Next’. Once the restoration is complete, you can use WhatsApp with all your recent texts and media.

PS: FactoryReset removes WhatsApp history, and thus you need to take a WhatsApp backup on Google Drive or iCloud. This will allow you to quickly restore Google Drive WhatsApp backup to Andriod and iCloud backup to iPhone.

Bonus: Transferring WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp backup from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android requires third-party software as transferring of chats from Android to an iPhone, or vice versa is not offered from the company’s side.

This means you can’t use Android WhatsApp back restore to new iPhone or vice versa.

Even if you download the iOS Google Drive, the iPhone WhatsApp application uses the only iCloud for backup.

Thus third party apps are the only option if you want to use your WhatsApp from an old Android/iPhone device to the new iPhone/Android device.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t have access to your old conversations. If you wish to still access your old conversations from WhatsApp, you can email these chats or save them on Google Drive. This is free of cost, and it’s easy.

Follow these steps to save WhatsApp chats:

  • Launch WhatsApp and then open the chat you wish to keep.
  • Go to Menu > More > Export Chat.

data transfer


  • At this point, you will be asked to either export Without Media or Include Media. This depends if you still want media (Images, videos, documents) of the chat.
  • No matter which option you choose, you will now be given various options like:


  • Choose the app which seems fit for you.

Once you save chat to Drive or email it yourself, you will have access to the WhatsApp chat forever.

Applications like iCloud (supported by iPhone WhatsApp only) can be used by iPhone users to transfer chats to their new iPhone. Similarly using Google Drive (supported by Android Google Drive WhatsApp only), Android users can transfer their chats to their new phone.

Final Words

Migrating WhatsApp data between Android is secure if you have access to your old device. In case you have lost your phone, and you want to access texts and media from your stolen device, read our blog on Restoring WhatsApp when your phone gets stolen, here.

We hope you like this tutorial, and it helps you to transfer your WhatsApp data to your new phone quickly. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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How To Live Stream On YouTube – 3 Easiest Ways+Tips

Are you a video blogger and looking for a solution for YouTube live streaming? Live Streaming on YouTube is one of the best ways to directly interact with your subscribers, and if you have Google Adsense approved for your YouTube channel, then you can earn from live streams as well.

In this tutorial, we would guide you with the steps on how to live stream on YouTube? Before you jump into the steps, we would like to share some interesting facts related to YouTube.

  • YouTube is the largest video streaming platform with over a billion active users.
  • More than a billion hours of content goes on YouTube.
  • Over 1000 videos are published on the platform where people earn huge from their channels. 

With such an immense amount of content available on the platform, it becomes an excellent opportunity to connect with the audience of your niche. And the best way to do is live stream your videos on YouTube.

This would help you to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel, and you can create more video content for your audience.

3 Best Ways To Live Streaming On YouTube?

There are three ways to do live streaming on YouTube, and they are:

1. YouTube Live Streaming on Desktop.

2. YouTube Live Streaming on Mobile.

3. YouTube Live Streaming using Webcam.

go live on youtube

Every YouTube channel has the option to do live streaming, and you can choose to go live either from your desktop, using a webcam or by using the official YouTube app on Android/iOS devices.

However, before you begin your live streaming on any device, you will have to verify your phone number(covered below).

Also, for live streaming from a mobile device, you need at least 10,000 subscribers on your channel.

Please keep in mind that even after you verify your YouTube channel, you may not be able to do live streaming if YouTube has put a live streaming restriction on your channel.

The restriction lasts for 90 days. And the reason can be any of the following:

  • If your channel has received a YouTube Community Guidelines strike.
  • The previous live stream is blocked.
  • Or previous live stream is taken down on copyright issues.
  • If your live stream is an actual live broadcast that is copyrighted.

How to Verify Mobile Number on YouTube Channel?

  1. Open the official YouTube verification page by clicking here.
  2. Once the webpage loads, select your country of residence and choose to get the verification code either by call or SMS.
  3. Enter your phone number is the space provided.

    youtube verification
  4. Once you get the verification code on your phone, enter the code in the space provided within the verification page and click on “Submit”.

You will get a message saying that your YouTube account has been verified and that’s it.

How to do YouTube Live Streaming on Desktop?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do live streaming on YouTube from a desktop.

Step 1: Download a YouTube Live verified Streaming Software

To do live streaming on YouTube from a desktop, you need to download a streaming software. You can find a list of YouTube Live verified streaming software for Windows or Mac operating system here.

Step 2: Set up the Streaming Software

The benefit of using a YouTube Live verified streaming software is that it automatically syncs with your YouTube account. All you need to do is find the YouTube logo in the software, click on it and then log in to your YouTube account.

Step 3: Select the Live Streaming Type

First, access your YouTube Live Streaming dashboard by clicking here. And then in the panel on the left side of the webpage, you will see three options: Stream Now, Events, and Camera.

The “Stream Now” option is the easiest way to go live on YouTube. YouTube automatically decides the stream frame rate and resolution so that everyone can view the streaming without any issues.

All you need to do is fill in the title and description of the stream by clicking on the “Basic Info” tab.

youtube basic info

You can also schedule the live stream for a later time, however, once you schedule the streaming, you need to launch both the YouTube Live streaming page and your streaming software to begin the live stream.

Switch to the “Stream Options” tab to select the quality and latency of your stream. You can also choose the privacy setting of the live stream if you wish to keep it private.

The “Events” option will give you greater control over the settings of your live stream. You can also set the start and end times of your stream and provide a more detailed description of the event as well.

Step 4: Start and Stop the Live Streaming

Once set, click on the “Start” button on your streaming software and once you wish to end the streaming, click on the “Stop” button. Once stopped, it will be archived and displayed on your YouTube channel.

How to do YouTube Live Streaming on Mobile?

To go live on YouTube from a mobile device. Do make sure that the YouTube app is updated to its latest version and the app should have permissions to access the storage, mic, and camera on your device.

  1. Launch the YouTube app.
  2. Click on your profile pic to access your profile.
  3. Now click on the “My Channel” option.
  4. A video camera icon will be visible on the top bar alongside your profile name. Click on the same.
  5. If some device permissions are requested, grant mobile live
  6. Click on the “Go Live” option.
  7. Fill the basic info regarding your live video.
  8. Click on “Start”. The live stream will now begin.
  9. When done with the live streaming, click on “Finish” and then click on “OK”.

How to do YouTube Live Streaming using Webcam?

There is no need for any streaming software to begin a YouTube Live session using a webcam.

Just access your YouTube Live Streaming dashboard, and in the left panel of the dashboard click on “Camera” and grant any permissions that are requested.

You can then fill out the necessary info about your live stream and begin the session. Click on the “Stop” button when you wish to end the streaming.

YouTube Live stream using webcam is now only supported on the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Top 5 YouTube Live Tips to Follow

Follow these five tips while doing live streaming on YouTube:

1. Make sure to follow the YouTube Live Streaming Checklist:

While creating a YouTube live session, a checklist will be displayed in the top right corner of the Live Dashboard. Follow the instructions listed in the checklist to make sure that you set up your live session the right way.

2. Make use of the Chat Window:

A chat window will be available for live sessions so that you and the live stream viewers can interact with each other.

Within the chat window, there will be a “gear” icon displayed on top which will allow you to disable the chat window or set to block spam texts automatically.

The “three dots” icon present in the bottom right corner will allow you to access more options related to the chat window.

3. Monetize your YouTube Live session using Google Adsense:

If you have Google Adsense approved for your YouTube channel, then you can enable ads on your live session by clicking on the “Monetization” tab next to the “Basic Info” tab while setting up the session.

4. Share the YouTube Live Link with your Audience:

To get a better reach, share your YouTube Live link with your audience before beginning the live session. The URL is displayed with share options under the “Analytics” tab when you begin with the live streaming.

5. Check your YouTube Live Stream Analytics:

Once you begin a live stream, real-time analytics can be viewed under the “Analytics” tab. You’ll be able to see some people watching the streaming and all the messages that are received in a minute.

Beside the Analytics tab, the “Stream Health” tab will give you insights on the streaming quality of your live session.

Final Words

We hope that you find this YouTube live streaming tutorial interesting along tips. In case you have any doubts or queries regarding live streaming on YouTube, then do ask them in the comment section below and we will help you out with the best answers.

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How To Do Keyword Research For Niche Sites?

Keyword Research is essential to achieve a good SEO score and ranking on Google. It is one of the most important SEO factors along with link generation and content marketing.

The objective of Keyword Research is to find relevant terms that are related to your niche. When you see these relevant terms related to your business, blog or website, it helps to gain a higher ranking on search engines.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Right keywords are related to the subject of the content. Also, most search engines have an internal quality system to check website relevance to related keywords where a website with non-relevant keywords is unlikely to rank well for a particular topic.

keyword research

We hope you understand now the importance of keyword research. Now let’s learn how to do keyword research.

How To Do Keyword Research For Niche Sites – The Easiest Way!

Before you begin with Keyword Research, as a beginner, you need to understand the following definitions first:

1. What is Niche in SEO

2. How to find Niche Topics

What is Niche in SEO?

A niche would be a specific topic on the web you choose for a targeted audience. You should select a niche for which you’re ideally interested in and procure good knowledge about it.

There is giant niche like Android, Heath, Beauty, Food. If you select a niche like that, plenty of organic traffic can be pulled by just curating a good content strategy. 

How to Quickly Find Niche Topics

While finding Niche keywords can be a complicated process, it is preferably not impossible. There are some techniques which make the work easier.

Creating Your First Niche Topic List: The goal here is to find what your target audience searches for in Google. You should be able to write at least five-six niche topics without help. This task is not easy but is preferably not impossible too.

Use The Following Methods For Creating Niche Topic List:

  • Buyer Personas- A semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customer is known as Buyer Persona. Content marketers often use “the field of Dreams” approach to their work. It’s true that great content tends to attract a vast audience naturally. It does not, however, guarantee that it will be the best audience you need for your brand.

You must be very careful about targeting your product to the perfect audience.

Following are the three reasons to define your target audience:

  1. Ensure you’re creating the right content, for the right people.
  2. Better understand how to create content that connects benefits to reader needs.
  3. Increase conversions (thanks to points one and two above).
  • Forums are the meetings or the medium where ideas and views on a particular issue are exchanged. These works like live focus groups that talk about on some topics, and help to find trending topics.

Involving in a forum will make you get information about the topics which are trending nowadays among users.

All you have to do is make these searches on Google (for e.g. here I have taken the example of “dogs” keyword).

keyword research forums

I found “petforums” and clicked it. This is what I saw there.

You can see that forums have subsections: Each of these sections is often a Niche Topic. You can perform the same search operation related to your niche, find forums and make some niche specific topics.

  • Reddit

Reddit is a platform which can be used to find trending topics. Because chances are your target audience is on Reddit.

As a result, with little stalking, you can find fistfuls of Niche Topics with ease.

But how?

Let’s say you sell dog food online.

You head over to Reddit and type Dog food (a broad keyword) and hit search. Look for threads with lots of comments:


In this case, you can add dog food brands in your niche list.

Search and Repeat.

The Head, Body, and Tail

Most of the people in SEO divide keywords in three groups:

  • The Head
  • Body and,
  • (long) Tail

The head keywords are the single word keywords with insane amounts of search volume and competition. Thus, they don’t convert that well.

The Body keywords are the 2-3 word keywords that get decent search volume. These are more specific and relevant to the content.

The long tail keywords are 4+ word phrases (e.g. order vitamin D capsules online ). They don’t have significant search volumes individually, but when combined, long tail keywords make up the majority of online search.

Including all these types of the keywords ensure that your website gets top ranking in search engine whenever a topic is searched.

Find, Refine and Analyse

1. Use a Keyword Research Tool to find Niche Keywords

Let’s say you’ve decided to build an affiliate site offering dog food product reviews. Regardless of how much you have information about food products, it’s challenging, if not impossible, to know ahead of time, what keywords will be going to be profitable for you.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner,, KWFinder, KeywordsEverywhere, etc. will help you find a wide range of potential keyword opportunities including less clear terms that could potentially drive traffic and sales.

Since the site is a new endeavour, you don’t yet have historical data to leverage as a future performance predictor. So, you will need a good basket of possible words, on which you can rely.

Most keyword suggestion tools only generate a few words for your Niche. But if you want to make a broad portfolio of words, including those which you might not be able to come up on your own or which are not related to your subject.

2. Refine your Niche Keyword List

A list of keywords which are the results of your keyword research does not have any inherent value, they are in fact, just suggestions.

It’s what you do with the keywords that matter to you. So, it will be the key to find an effective method of refining your keyword list.

There are several ways by which you can refine your keyword list.

Sometimes, keyword research also contains the tools for this purpose; they can even refine your keyword list and make your work easier.

Remember, your keyword list should be as much as specific to you, your site, and your business as much as possible.

Keywords will only have value when they are relevant to you: you don’t have to use every suggested keyword, but you should be aware of them.

Everything related to use of keywords in your content must be handled with utmost caution, as they might indicate behaviour or purchasing patterns that can be used to inform your display or Facebook advertising.

3. Analyse the competition of your Niche Topic

Finally, the last requirement is to analyse how competitive each keyword phrase is – in other words, evaluating the relative difficulty of ranking for each Niche keyword.

Unfortunately, relative “competition” alone is this not enough to conduct this sort of analysis.

You can use Serpstat to check the keyword difficulty of a keyword. This is what I got when I checked the keyword difficulty of “best food for dogs”.

serpstat keyword difficulty

As you can see the difficulty level for keyword “best food for dogs” is 50.38 and as per evaluation, it’s difficult to rank. There are alternative keywords which we can look up and pick the one that is easier to rank.

That’s all. Now you can find the list relevant list of keywords by following the above process and target them for your business.

We hope this beginner’s guide to keyword research would help you to understand the basics and help your site to rank higher on SERPs.

If you have any queries related to the tutorial, do let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know what other keyword research techniques you follow to find the right keywords for your business.

We would love to hear your thoughts. If you like this post, do share it on social networks.

How To Edit YouTube Video In SIX Easy Steps?

Thinking about how to edit YouTube videos easily? Creating a successful YouTube video depends on two things: shooting and editing. The post-production or the editing process allows the user to modify a clip according to the requirements. It produces a better and more engaging clip.

In past years, video editing was confined to companies that could spare huge budgets and required professionals. Today, anyone with a basic understanding of computers and the internet can edit a YouTube video. There are all sorts of YouTube editing software available, from high end expensive to free or cheap.

For beginners, it could be challenging to invest in PRO editing software. So, for the sake of this tutorial, I will be using the software called Wondershare Filmora to edit the YouTube videos.

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful and intuitive video editing software that works best for amateurs. The software is compatible with both Windows and MAC, also available in FREE/PAID versions. Over 50,000,000 users are satisfied with it.

Before the tutorial begins, let’s take a look at the three crucial steps to edit videos for YouTube.

1. Selecting a Video Editing Software

A video editing program helps to add on-screen texts, graphics, special effects, and assists in managing clips. The output is a single file that is ready to upload on YouTube.

There are paid as well as free software available in the market. When you buy video editing programs like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, they can be complicated. Free software like Lightworks and Hitfilm Express available that are easy to use.

You should check Adobe Premiere Elements 2018, HitFilm Pro, etc. for advanced needs like transitions, special effects, and refined results.

2. Editing, adding text, graphics, and other special effects

The final goal is to create a seamless video that tells your story effectively. The editing program you choose should offer tools that let you edit your files effortlessly.

Many of the software offer timeline view where you can also superimpose other graphics for a better output. Split-screen, soft focus, sepia tone, background music, and many special effects can be added in the slides.

Though do not let these graphics divert your video from telling your story. These are useful in creating an engaging video.

3. Choosing the right file format

Though YouTube accepts most of the formats, always render your file in either 720p or 1080i high definition. Also, make sure you’re using a 16:9 ratio widescreen format.

How To Edit Youtube Videos The Step By Step Guide:

edit youtube video

Now, let’s get started with the tutorial. We are going to apply the above crucial editing steps through Wondershare Filmora software.

1. Selecting the video editing mode

Download the Wondershare Filmora software first. Once you download the software on your desktop, you are all set to make a fantastic video for YouTube.

The software’s landing screen will look like this:

filmora screen

Filmora offers three editing modes- Easy Mode, Instant Cutter, and Action Cam Tool.

Easy mode is for times when you quickly want to edit your videos. Trimming 4k and other large files instantly should be done with Instant Cutter, whereas Action Cam Tool is helpful if the video has been shot on an Action Cam.

There is a fourth option- Full Feature Mode. We will be using this mode as it offers to edit the broadest range of different videos.

2. Create a new project

Let the editor load and once it does, head to the File Menu and click on the New Project option. Here you should select the aspect ratio that your final video will have.


Once you have decided on the aspect ratio, start adding your file. There is an Import button on the upper left corner of the video editor. Select the audio or video files that you want to use in your project.

3. Organize the material you are using in your project

To avoid the mess and save time, you can create folders to sort your media files in My Album section, as working with many files in the same project can be tricky if you have to look for files over and over again.

organize media files

Under My Album tab in the upper right corner of the editor’s screen, click on Add a New Folder and create a folder. Organize your media files in any way that increases your efficiency.

4. Using the timeline to place audio and video files

Do you have other parts in your videos that don’t belong there? So, if you want to cut or trim them, drag them from the Media tab, and drop them on the timeline. You can even rearrange them by just dragging them in the timeline.

Have you completed the trimming or cutting? Want to have a preview? Just hit the Play button and see how your media looks now.

Now, if you find cutting or trimming a difficult task, you can check out the Filmora guide here.

5. Applying Visual Effects

Unwanted parts of the clip are removed. It’s time to add those special effects that engage your audience. You can add music and insert transitions between the clips. Or you can use one of the many visual effects that Filmora Offers.

6. Exporting & Sharing

Do a complete quick check again to see if you have missed adding or cutting something. If everything looks right, you are all set to export your video and share it on your platform.

Click on the export button and select the format of the output you require. Choose the file format that best suits your need, add a title to your clip, and select a folder on the hard drive where you want to save the file.

export video

Filmora also offers its users to share the video on YouTube directly. It will save the time to save the file on your disk and then start the uploading process.

Most importantly, make sure your video is telling your story. A story has a beginning, middle, and end; keep those basics in mind.

Clips and pictures are collections of random shots until an editor uses editing tools to turn it into a beautiful video. It is like providing a structure and creating a polished finished product.

Final Words:

You don’t need to be a professional editor to use editing software, but knowing the basics is always a big help.

We hope you enjoy the tutorial, and it helps you in editing YouTube videos. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Also, if you are using any other software to edit YouTube videos, do share it with us.