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Google is rolling out a feature of ‘Transfer music’ to the YouTube Music app from today that will help users to import library from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. The company has been trying to slowly fade away the Google Play Music app and shift to the YouTube music server. 

Google, for the past few years, was enhancing the YouTube music app by adding new features. Now, the company wants to make Play music users feel like home at YouTube music by officially inviting them to the new app. 

The users showed concerns about losing the playlists, music recommendations, and purchases as Google decided to move the server. But Google made it easier for users to continue the music libraries and playlists on YouTube Music App. 

With the transfer button, users can quickly shift all the music, playlists, and add-ons to the YouTube music. User’s personal music preferences will get reflected in YouTube Music as soon as they transfer everything from Google play music.

Google is moving towards making YouTube music as it’s default music app at a steady pace. Users have plenty of time to get used to the YouTube music app. The deadline to shut down the Google Play Music is later this year. The exact date is yet to be announced by Google.

To Transfer the Music, users need to follow the following steps:

  1. Download the YouTube Music App on Android/iOS and login with your Google account. 
  2. At the bottom right corner, click on the ‘Transfer button.’
  3. All your music, playlists, likes and dislikes, purchases, and everything will be transferred to YouTube music.
    import google play music library to youtube music
  4. Google will send you an email and notification after the completion of the transfer, and your new music recommendations will appear immediately after the transfer.
  5. You will be able to find your music and playlists under the ‘Library’ tab in the YouTube music app. Read more about the process here.

In addition to music apps, Google is also allowing podcast listeners to transfer the podcast progress and personal taste to Google Podcasts. The Google Podcasts app will be a default app for podcasts listening and will improve the user experience.

Last year, Google shut down Google Play Artist hub and merged the Play Music with YouTube Music app for indie artists. Google will shut down Play Music soon enough this year and ultimately move to YouTube Music. 

Right now, the good news for all Play Music users is that they are not going to lose anything, rather will gain new features via the YouTube Music app.

The Subscription plan for YouTube Music is the same as Google play music, which is $9.99/month. With this pricing plan, users can get offline music access, ad-free music experience, on-demand streaming, and background listening. Users can extend YouTube music subscription to YouTube Premium at $11.99 per month.

Google Music is not yet a big rival of Spotify due to the less user base. With Google Play Music and YouTube Music, Google was splitting the music user base into two different servers. Now, as the company decided to shift all the music users in one place, the scenario could change.

In our opinion, with YouTube Music, Google might cross the user base of Apple music. But to enter as a rival of Spotify, YouTube Music needs a lot more users to join. 


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