Instagram Lite Disappears From Google Play Store! Might Re-release With The New Version

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instagram lite disappears

The Instagram lite app, which was first released in 2018, shuts down. The app has disappeared from the Google Play Store and might re-release with new features. The existing Instagram Lite users received a message ‘Instagram Lite is No longer supported.’ Users have been shifted to the latest version of the Instagram app. 

Instagram Lite was a popular and highly ranked app in selected countries where it was available to download, including Kenya, Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines.

According to the reports, the slimmed version of Instagram, AKA Instagram Lite, got unpublished from Play store in between April 12-15. Instagram Lite, now owned by Facebook, is now under test and development.

According to Facebook spokesperson’s statement, they are rolling back to the testing phase of Instagram lite. They are encouraging users to shift to the original Instagram app until the Lite returns.

The primary goal behind releasing Instagram Lite was to offer some of the features of Instagram without consuming much storage space. Users were able to apply filters on the images, post it on feed, share stories, and explore more content. However, Instagram Lite did not allow users to share videos on feed and send direct messages to their followers. 

The size of the slimmed version of Instagram was merely 573 kilobytes, which was around 1/55th the size of the Instagram app. 

In 2018, Mexico was the first to receive Instagram Lite on Play Store, followed by Kenya, Peru, and the Philippines. The app was ranking on number 8 in Kenya, 12 in Peru, 15 in Mexico, and 22 in the Philippines’s social category apps on Google Play. These four countries had the highest number of downloads on Instagram Lite. 

Due to millions of downloads, the app made its entry in the highest-ranked apps on play store. However, the app vanished from the play store for further testing. Facebook is claiming to test the app and bring it back as soon as it’s ready with the latest version.

Instagram Lite was one of the Lite apps Facebook had launched over the past few years, including Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. The majority of popular tech companies like Uber, Spotify, Twitter, and more launched their Lite versions of apps. Unlike these apps, Instagram Lite did not reach some of emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Brazil, and more. 

For now, Instagram Lite users can use the Instagram web, or Instagram app to stay connected with their followers and enjoy their social life. 

As of now, Facebook did not reveal many details on when Instagram Lite will return.

We think that Facebook might release Instagram Lite in more countries and eventually allow the app globally. 


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