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Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and CEO of Meta, has announced the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature. The instant messaging application has introduced this feature to protect intimate chats. In simple words, users will be able to safeguard their personal and intimate chats via password and keep them secured in a separate folder. So get ready to lock your personal WhatsApp chats on your Android and iPhones.

The application has taken this step to protect your chat password. As per Zuckerberg’s statement, your protected chats will be password protected and won’t appear in your chat list. 

Locked chats will help you make your chats more private and also give you relief. All the lock chats will be accessed only after filling up the password. The notifications won’t even reveal the message content and sender’s name. Mark Zuckerberg has specifically stated this feature. 

 This locking feature creates a wall in front of your intimate chats. If you want to access those chats, you must use your password or biometric security. This feature would be the most beneficial when you have to give your mobile phone to someone else or your parents, being your WhatsApp opened.

Sometimes, such a situation makes you fall into a deep problem. Thus, WhatsApp officials have found a way out of this problem. Since the notification will also be hidden, you won’t even fear arriving at any new chat at that exact time. 

How to use WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature? 

WhatsApp chat lock feature is very easy to use. It would help if you simply used your password or biometrics, and you will reach your chats securely. To access the Chat Lock feature, you have to follow certain steps. Let’s begin with the steps. 

  1. You have to open your WhatsApp application and go into the Chats sections. 
  2. Click on the one-to-one chats or groups and select the lock option. 
  3. You have to pull down the inbox to access those hidden chats. 
  4. Next, you have to enter the password or use your biometrics. 
  5. This is how you will be able to access the entire new feature. 

With so many amazing features like Whatsapp payment to hassle-free data transfer to your new phone, there will be more addition to the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature intended by the company. You will soon see the locking features for the companion devices, and even you can create a different password for each of your chats. These features will make your chats and media more secure. 

WhatsApp Crucial Step Against Increasing Scam and Fraud Calls 

You would have even observed the growing scams of people over WhatsApp through international mobile numbers. All these spam WhatsApp calls and messages are increasing with every passing day. 

Thus, WhatsApp is collaborating with the Truecaller application, which will help you to identify any spam calls or messages over WhatsApp directly. Alan Mamedi, Truecaller’s Chief Executive, said this upcoming feature is in its beta phase and will launch in late May. 

According to the 2021 Truecaller report, 664,000+ people receive spam calls daily, and around 27,000+ people receive spam calls in an hour in India. Therefore, WhatsApp is taking a crucial step to reduce all these spam calls and messages. These social media companies are working hard to create a safe and secure future. 

WhatsApp is currently focusing more on the privacy issue and bringing many features to make WhatsApp chats secure and encrypted. The company has recently launched various features, including encrypted backups, screenshot blocking, disappearing messages, and increasing control over the last online feature. WhatsApp has also stated this feature is mainly helpful for people who have to give their phones to the family while maintaining their privacy. 


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