LinkedIn New Features: Poll And Virtual Events Rolled Out

Linkedin started rolling out two new features- Polls and Virtual events, to increase the engagements on your network. The virtual events feature is a combination of Linkedin Live and Events, which you can use to bring a community of people together.

As many of the people are working from home these days, the new features of Linkedin are to create a work environment right at your home. 

Linkedin News editor Andrew Seaman shared a screenshot of a poll feature in one of his LinkedIn posts. It’s the best way to get feedback, opinions, and increase engagements with more LinkedIn users. Anyone can create a poll in less than a minute and share it on a feed.

For now, the feature lets you add four options to start a poll. People in your network can vote for only one of the four options. A person voting for an option cannot see who else is voting for which option. If a poll creator wants to get insights on the votes, there is an option to message the voter within the poll. 

The poll feature is not yet available for all the LinkedIn users. But once it rolls out globally to all users, creating a poll will be possible via the ‘Create new post’ feature of LinkedIn. Once a user clicks on ‘Create a new post,’ LinkedIn will show the option of creating a poll. 

Users can create four options for the poll and can select between 24 hours to two weeks to last a poll. Linkedin is recommending writing about a poll before sharing it in the form of a blog and using hashtags to reach more people. 

Speaking of Linkedin Virtual events features, it has the same motive as polls, which is to increase engagements within the network. As physical events are not possible during the Coronavirus pandemic, these virtual events are going to come handy for many people. Linkedin is pairing with third-party broadcast partners such as Wirecast, Streamyard to maintain the production quality of events. These third-party integrations will allow users to create paid events on Linkedin.

Back in 2014, Linkedin decided to shut down its poll feature and took too long to relaunch it. Facebook and Twitter already have a feature of polls for a very long time now. But better late launch than not launching at all, as these features are going to help people build even stronger networks than before. 

Based on what we found regarding two new features of Linkedin, the virtual event feature might become more advanced than today after partnering with third-party platforms.

Google Chromecast Ultra 2 Rumors Everything You Need To Know

Google Chromecast Ultra 2 is going to be a game-changer in the Chromecast generation. The rumors are rolling out with its expected release date and features. Tech lovers are expecting a lot from the rumored Chromecast Ultra 2, which will be a 4K streaming device. 

The central concept behind the launching of Chromecast back in 2013 was to convert regular LED/LCD TV into a smart TV. The devices added the spice of ‘smart TV’ to the regular TV by connecting the Chromecast device directly to the HDMI port.

Even though companies like MI, OnePlus are launching Smart TVs with inbuilt casting features, this new rumored Chromecast ultra 2 is going to be amazing. 

What new features will the device offer from the rest of the Chromecast products? According to the confidential source of 9to5Google, the new Google Chromecast Ultra 2 will release with inbuilt Android TV AKA Google TV and a fully functional remote control.

Chromecast has always been a first and best choice among geeks to Cast from smartphones or tablets to the TV. This new Chromecast product from Google will have what other products have never offered. A fully-featured smart platform with its apps and app store. 

Getting to the point: What Google Chromecast Ultra 2 might offer

  • You will get a dongle with in-built Android TV and 4K HDR streaming. 
  • It might release as soon in 2020, but an exact date is yet to go public.
  • The cost of the device will be around $80 or somewhat similar to other Chromecast products.

Speaking of the Design of the new rumored device:

The design is very similar to the previous Chromecast products. The Ultra 2 will have a circular dongle, which will plug to the HDMI port of your TV. A simple rectangular remote has similar minimal buttons as previous designs. 

Google might upgrade to the latest processor, a memory of 2GB or more, and support of HDMI 2.1 for Ultra 2. The Android TV of Ultra 2 will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for next level Television experience. Besides, Ultra 2 will be released with the 10th version of Android TV.

Android TV will have the support of all the streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YoutTube, HBO, Twitch, EPIX, and more. Android TV already has the integration of Smart home via Google assistant; the Ultra 2 will offer these features. 

Google always tries to integrate the latest features to the coming devices. Hence, the Chromecast Ultra 2 might set the bar high. 

In our opinion and considering the rumored features, the new Chromecast ultra 2 can give tough competition to Smart TVs and other Chromecast products.  

Instagram Lite Disappears From Google Play Store! Might Re-release With The New Version

The Instagram lite app, which was first released in 2018, shuts down. The app has disappeared from the Google Play Store and might re-release with new features. The existing Instagram Lite users received a message ‘Instagram Lite is No longer supported.’ Users have been shifted to the latest version of the Instagram app. 

Instagram Lite was a popular and highly ranked app in selected countries where it was available to download, including Kenya, Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines.

According to the reports, the slimmed version of Instagram, AKA Instagram Lite, got unpublished from Play store in between April 12-15. Instagram Lite, now owned by Facebook, is now under test and development.

According to Facebook spokesperson’s statement, they are rolling back to the testing phase of Instagram lite. They are encouraging users to shift to the original Instagram app until the Lite returns.

The primary goal behind releasing Instagram Lite was to offer some of the features of Instagram without consuming much storage space. Users were able to apply filters on the images, post it on feed, share stories, and explore more content. However, Instagram Lite did not allow users to share videos on feed and send direct messages to their followers. 

The size of the slimmed version of Instagram was merely 573 kilobytes, which was around 1/55th the size of the Instagram app. 

In 2018, Mexico was the first to receive Instagram Lite on Play Store, followed by Kenya, Peru, and the Philippines. The app was ranking on number 8 in Kenya, 12 in Peru, 15 in Mexico, and 22 in the Philippines’s social category apps on Google Play. These four countries had the highest number of downloads on Instagram Lite. 

Due to millions of downloads, the app made its entry in the highest-ranked apps on play store. However, the app vanished from the play store for further testing. Facebook is claiming to test the app and bring it back as soon as it’s ready with the latest version.

Instagram Lite was one of the Lite apps Facebook had launched over the past few years, including Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. The majority of popular tech companies like Uber, Spotify, Twitter, and more launched their Lite versions of apps. Unlike these apps, Instagram Lite did not reach some of emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Brazil, and more. 

For now, Instagram Lite users can use the Instagram web, or Instagram app to stay connected with their followers and enjoy their social life. 

As of now, Facebook did not reveal many details on when Instagram Lite will return.

We think that Facebook might release Instagram Lite in more countries and eventually allow the app globally. 

Import Google Play Music Library To YouTube Music With Transfer Music Feature

Google is rolling out a feature of ‘Transfer music’ to the YouTube Music app from today that will help users to import library from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. The company has been trying to slowly fade away the Google Play Music app and shift to the YouTube music server. 

Google, for the past few years, was enhancing the YouTube music app by adding new features. Now, the company wants to make Play music users feel like home at YouTube music by officially inviting them to the new app. 

The users showed concerns about losing the playlists, music recommendations, and purchases as Google decided to move the server. But Google made it easier for users to continue the music libraries and playlists on YouTube Music App. 

With the transfer button, users can quickly shift all the music, playlists, and add-ons to the YouTube music. User’s personal music preferences will get reflected in YouTube Music as soon as they transfer everything from Google play music.

Google is moving towards making YouTube music as it’s default music app at a steady pace. Users have plenty of time to get used to the YouTube music app. The deadline to shut down the Google Play Music is later this year. The exact date is yet to be announced by Google.

To Transfer the Music, users need to follow the following steps:

  1. Download the YouTube Music App on Android/iOS and login with your Google account. 
  2. At the bottom right corner, click on the ‘Transfer button.’
  3. All your music, playlists, likes and dislikes, purchases, and everything will be transferred to YouTube music.
    import google play music library to youtube music
  4. Google will send you an email and notification after the completion of the transfer, and your new music recommendations will appear immediately after the transfer.
  5. You will be able to find your music and playlists under the ‘Library’ tab in the YouTube music app. Read more about the process here.

In addition to music apps, Google is also allowing podcast listeners to transfer the podcast progress and personal taste to Google Podcasts. The Google Podcasts app will be a default app for podcasts listening and will improve the user experience.

Last year, Google shut down Google Play Artist hub and merged the Play Music with YouTube Music app for indie artists. Google will shut down Play Music soon enough this year and ultimately move to YouTube Music. 

Right now, the good news for all Play Music users is that they are not going to lose anything, rather will gain new features via the YouTube Music app.

The Subscription plan for YouTube Music is the same as Google play music, which is $9.99/month. With this pricing plan, users can get offline music access, ad-free music experience, on-demand streaming, and background listening. Users can extend YouTube music subscription to YouTube Premium at $11.99 per month.

Google Music is not yet a big rival of Spotify due to the less user base. With Google Play Music and YouTube Music, Google was splitting the music user base into two different servers. Now, as the company decided to shift all the music users in one place, the scenario could change.

In our opinion, with YouTube Music, Google might cross the user base of Apple music. But to enter as a rival of Spotify, YouTube Music needs a lot more users to join. 

Spotify New Feature Group Sessions Rolls Out During Lockdown

Spotify is launching a new feature where music lovers can create a group. They are naming the feature as ‘Group session‘ where Premium users will be able to create a unique Spotify code. Once you share the code with your friends and family, they will be able to connect to your playlist. 

NOTE- The feature is available only for premium members. Only premium members can create a unique code and join the group. 

spotify new feature group sessions

The lockdown period amid COVID-19 is extending. People are looking for ways to be creative enough to pass their time. Social media users started participating in challenges on Instagram or Facebook to make the lockdown period less annoying. 

And now, Spotify’s new feature is a piece of good news for audiophiles. Listening to music with a group of people is now possible through Spotify’s Listening Together feature.  

Every user connected to the group will be able to control the music, add new tracks, and have fun together. The changes made in the playlist by any member will be reflected in all the group member’s playlists. The popular music app is allowing music lovers to enjoy an hour or two with their friends.

Spotify has been developing this group music listening feature for the past few months; it’s finally arrived at the perfect time. So now if you are working from home, cooking, napping on the sofa, you can enjoy that time with your music mates. You need to perform the following steps:

  • The ‘Host’ of the playlist has to tap on the ‘Connect’ menu at the bottom left corner.
  • It will generate a scannable code.
  • Your music mates will be able to scan the code and connect to the playlist.
  • After creating a group, anyone can control the playlist, add tracks, and enjoy group music listening.

With this effort, Spotify is hoping to get more people to subscribe to the premium membership. As people are locked in a home due to coronavirus pandemic, group activities such as ‘Group music listening’ could be fun for music lovers.

The only bummer right now is how to scan the code when your friends are not close to the Scannable code of your playlist? Maybe you can allow your friends to scan the code from your Laptop screen by screen sharing on video calls. Or you can share the screenshot of code. 

The feature is perfect for flatmates and families but right now it’s under the beta version (testing phase). In our opinion, Spotify might develop a better and easier way to create a group session. 

15 Best Tech News Apps For Android And iOS Users

Do you have the best tech news apps installed on your mobile? Technology is evolving every day with new tech products coming into the market. It gets tough to stay updated with the latest happenings in the technology world as there is a lot of competition, and vast information is available.

E.g., you heard about a new mobile launch this month, and after a week, another one hits the market with advanced features. 

You can’t touch base with the updated info only from reading newspapers or watching television. You need to have tech news apps installed on your mobile device. 

And that’s where this list of best tech news apps for Android and iOS will be handy. Most of the tech lovers like you use these smartphones tech news apps daily.

These best technology apps will keep you updated with the latest technological inventions. For geeks who work in the tech industry, tech news apps are not just for reading news; they can give you ideas to build something new. 

Running short in time? Below is the list of best Tech news apps 2020

15 Best Tech News Apps for Android and iOS 2020

In this post, we have come up with the top-rated and highly used best tech apps for you. A lot of tech news apps share tons of articles and blogs on technology domains. Be it tech tips and tricks, software updates, app reviews, gadgets, hardware and firmware, high-end artificial intelligence robotics, you can read about it on your Android phone or iPhone.

However, when it comes to smartphone apps, the play store or app store offers you a lot of options to download. You might get confused about which one you should use, but choosing the best tech news app will be easier if you read the post ahead. 

Take a look at the list-

1. Findups Daily- Get Instant Tech News In 3 Sentences

Findups Daily is a recently developed Tech news app that keeps you updated on tech topics such as Gadgets, new smartphone releases, reviews of latest laptops, phones, and much more. 

Even though the app is new, tech users have liked this app a lot and given a rating of 4.8. The app brings you knowledge from most trending tech topics, recent technological updates, and business trends as well.

best tech news apps

The app gathers all the trending topics from all the reputed news websites such as CNet, Tech Radar, ZDNet, and more. 

Findups Daily generates a customized news feed for you based on what topics you like and bookmark. 

Under your profile, you can control the news feed, choose the topics to get daily tech updates, and keep yourself up to date with the latest tech news.

Pricing: The app is free to download and use with NO IN-APP purchases. 

<Download Findups Daily on Android>

2. Inshorts- Tech News Summary In 60 Words 

Almost 440 thousand people worldwide are using Inshorts for daily tech news briefings. With 4.6   star ratings, the app is one of the top famous and most-used apps among users. 

What’s best with the app is it releases news only in 60 words, which is a summary of news from all well-known national and international news websites.
top tech news apps

Other than tech news, Inshorts brings news on different topics such as business, sports, etc. The app also shares news from social media sources such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You just have to swipe the 60-word news to the left, and the detailed news from the primary news source will appear. 

Inshorts is available in English for worldwide users and also supports the Hindi Language (which means Indian users can also use this tech news app).

Searching the particular topic, bookmarking the news, sharing the news on social media, and customizing your feed will make you love this app. You can follow the Tech news topic, and you will receive technology news from the app via push notifications throughout the day.

Pricing: Inshorts is a free news app.

<Download Inshorts on Android> <Download Inshorts on iPhone>

3. Medium    

Medium is a versatile app; it not only shares tech news but a lot of different articles on various topics. You will find a lot of significant tech updates, trends, blogs, and reviews on this platform.

Millions of people worldwide also share their thoughts in the form of blogs or series, not only read tech topics on Medium

free tech news app

By following people on Medium, or by clapping on your favorite topics, Medium generates custom feed for you. You can choose topics such as technology, sports, food, health, and more while creating your account.

Most importantly, the app does not annoy you with ads and sends your Medium daily custom mails on the top 5 blogs you picked. 


Without a subscription, Medium allows you to read limited articles per month. To get unlimited access, $5/month, or $50/year, are the two options they offer. 

<Download Medium on Android> <Download Medium on iOS> <Try Medium WebApp>

4. Drippler- Tech Tips & Android News

Drippler covers a lot of topics related to technology, such as tips, news on Android apps, updates, etc. You can read the latest trends and ongoing events in the tech industry.

Around 300 thousand users are reading news on smartphones, laptops, and gadgets using Drippler. The app also covers news on tech tricks, app reviews, software, firmware, articles on games, and tech hacks.

tech news apps

One of the best features of Drippler is, the app detects your smartphone version, OS and brand to deliver you tricks and tips on the device you are using. 


Drippler has In-App purchases from around $2 to $50. However, you get enough features without buying In-App products.

<Download Drippler on Android> <Download Drippler on iOS>

5. Google News

Google News is one of the top news apps that organize news on Technology, Business, Science, Entertainment, and more. 

Google News sends briefings of news to help you stay up to date. The app offers full coverage of daily breaking news from a variety of sources.

google news app

Google News observes your browsing habits, favorite topics, and suggests news articles based on your reading history. 

Both the app and the web app of Google News have a simple interface, which is easy to use. For worldwide tech news and updates, Google News is the best choice.

Pricing: The app has In-App purchases for some modules.

<Download Google News on Android> <Download Google News on iOS> <Try Google News Web>

6. Beebom – Get Tech News Instantly

Beebom is one of the best tech news apps loved by thousands of tech enthusiasts. The app covers articles, videos on a lot of technology topics.

Beebom shares trending tech updates with you in around 200 words. You can control your tech news feed by choosing the topics of your interests under the Profile tab. You can save the news by bookmarking it, and that helps Beebom generate a custom feed for you. 

instant tech news app

Beebom also has a YouTube channel where they share a lot of trends in technology. 

Pricing: The app is a free tech news app/web app with NO purchases for modules.

 <Download Beebom on Android> <Try Beebom on Web

7. Tech News

Tech News app is the simplest and one of the best apps to read technology blogs and news in one place. The app, with thousands of users, has a rating of 4.3 on the play store.

The app’s RSS feed shows the summary of the tech news for sources and takes you to detailed news when you click on it.

tech news app

Tech News app focuses on sharing app reviews, hardware, and software updates, games, and more with the most straightforward user interface. Without wasting your time, the app takes you straight to the tech news.

The app shares the latest tech content from authorized well-known sites such as Gizmodo, CNet, Engadget, ITnews, and more sources.

You can read news with an ad-free, faster and responsive interface offered by Tech News.

Pricing: You don’t have to pay anything to download and use Tech News.

<Download Tech News on Android>

8. Feedly

More than 300 thousand users use Feedly to read recent tech news, tech magazines, YouTube channels, and blogs. The app allows you to organize which magazines, blogs, or Youtube channels you should subscribe to. 

Feedly is connected with 40 million feeds. You can easily read in-depth about your favorite tech niche. As the app uses RSS feed, you can add a URL of the topic or find the topic by name and add it to Feedly. 

feedly news app

Feedly is integrated with major social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and more.


  • The Pro pack is for $6/mo billed annually.
  • The Pro+ pack is for $8.25/mo billed annually.
  • The business pack is for $18/user/mo billed annually. 

<Try Feedly on Android> <Try Feedly on iOS> <Try Feedly web>

9. Flipboard

More than a million users are using Flipboard as their primary source of tech news. Besides reading tech news, you get access to many magazines in tech domains. 

You can follow sources, people and hashtags to create a customizable feed for yourself. The app offers recent headlines, news articles from sources such as The New York Times, CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, and more.

tech news app for android and ios

Pricing: You can download and start reading news on Flipboard free of cost.

<Download Flipboard on Android> <Download Flipboard on iOS>

10. Opera News

Opera News collects news articles, videos at one place from different sources. The app gives you the latest updates in tech, business, finance, and more. Almost 250 thousand people voted opera as one of the best news apps. 

The app generates personalized feed for you based on your area of interest. One of the best features of Opera News is the availability of multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and more. You can read the news in your native language anytime, anywhere.

multilingual tech news app

Another great feature of Opera News is it has both offline reading features as well as a data saver feature via a turbo engine. The app saves 80% of your data and allows you to read offline news by allowing you to download multiple articles.

Pricing: Opera news is free to download and use.

<Download Opera News on Android> <Download Opera News on iOS>

11. Tech News World

Tech News World is another best and fast tech news app available for smartphone users. Compared to other news apps mentioned in the list, this app is entirely new to the play store. 

The app has gained a good reputation and rating from people who tried the app.

best tech news app

As the name suggests, the app brings technology related updates and news on your smartphone. The articles and news available to read on the app are taken from best sources such as CNET, BBC, New York Times, and more.

The app provides breaking news summary via push notifications in languages English, Turkish, Portuguese, Hindi, Tamil, Bangla. The app generates a customized feed with its ad-free interface.

Pricing: The app is free to download and use with no In-APP purchanses.

<Download Tech News World on Android>

12. Geek Tech – Source For High Tech News

Geek tech is the latest and effective tech news app that brings real-time updates to you in the technology domain. The app shares news articles and videos on topics like smartphone reviews, software and hardware updates, new apps, and more.

The best feature of the app is it allows you to create your feed via showing interest to the topic. Also, you can turn off the updates from topics you are not interested in. The app also allows you to save news articles for later read. 

tech news app android

Geek tech has an offline mode where you can view recorded news without consuming internet data.

Pricing: You can download and use the app free of cost.

<Download Geek News on Android

13. TechCrunch

The app primarily shares recent updates, tech events, and stories about startups, Silicon Valley, venture capital, gadgets, apps, etc. It allows you to browse any topic that interests you and sends push notification of real-time updates. 

TechCrunch provides customization options to users and generates feed based on the user’s interests. The app has an offline reading mode where you can save the news and read it later, saving you internet data. 

techcrunch news app

Pricing: Tech Geek goes not charge you anything to read tech news.

<Download TechCrunch on Android>

14. Scooper News

If you love starting your day with a bunch of tech news, sports, entertainment, then Scooper News is the best app for you. With a 4.5-stars rating from 47 thousand people brings you breaking news from all over the world.

Based on your likes, choices of topics and interest, the app offers a custom feed. Tech-related videos on Scooper are amazing to earn knowledge of recent technology trends.

scoopner news app

One of the best features of Scooper News is offline news reading. If you don’t have internet access or ran out of data, Scooper News allows you to read the news in offline mode. 

Pricing: The app is free to download and use.

<Download Scooper News on Android>

15. HN- Hacker News Reader

Hacker News, as the name suggests, focuses mainly on articles related to hacking, blogs, and news. If you are interested in the cybersecurity (tech niche), this app is the best for you. The app is favorite among many tech lovers and hackers. 

You can upvote the stories, comments on the app and can read the articles in ViewText, Google, or the system browser. 

tech news app

Pricing: Hacker News is free to download and read the news.

 <Download Hacker News on Android>

Conclusion- Which Tech News App Is the Best?

When you come across useful tech news apps, it becomes a habit to wake up and open the news app notification before anything else. If you love technology, you can create a YouTube channel to share your views on tech trends, a blog site, or more such ideas. Deciding on the best tech news among thousand is tough, but we hope from the above fifteen you can pick one.

Besides, technology brings ease in day to day activities. That’s why starting your day with real-time tech news from any of the apps mentioned above is the best idea.

Let us know which tech news app you are using on your Android or iPhone? Feel free to share your reviews and suggest more such tech apps in the comment section below.  

How To Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts Easily- 3 Best Tools

Are inactive twitter profiles and bots making your profile look bad? Then learn how to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts in bulk and add value to your profile. 

When we started using Twitter to promote our blog, initially, we had no idea how to handle a Twitter account like a PRO. We used to follow all our tech fellow bloggers and influencers in the same niche. This eventually increased our following counts and mostly who were inactive in retweeting our post, like or comment. 

We now frequently clean our list using the tool that helps us unfollowing unfollowers in no time. This keeps our profile legit and gets real engagement from targeted audiences to our post than before. 

If you have a small list, you can manually find people not following you back and unfollow them right away with these simple steps:

  • Click on your profile on the left-hand side.
  • Then click on the following, a list will be open.
  • A profile that follows you will be shown as: “Follows you.”
  • Select from the rest left inactive accounts and unfollow them as per your choice. 

However, with the massive list, it is challenging to unfollow inactive profiles manually. 

How To Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts?

In this post, we have covered the three best tools that will help you in unfollowing the inactive twitter profiles. We tried to cover each tool with a step by step tutorial guide along with its primary features. The tools covered are both free and paid. You can try any of these based on your requirements. 

Let’s begin. 

1. Unfollower Stats – Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tool 

Unfollower Stats is a straightforward tool to unfollow twitter accounts with one click. The tool helps you reveal people who follow you until a follow back and later unfollow you. These fake followers are a heavy load to your profile and of no use. 

unfollow inactive twitter accounts

Similarly, Unfollower Stats helps you unfollow twitter profiles that spam your twitter feed with unnecessary text and information. Besides the desktop software, this twitter unfollow tool has its iOS app as well. Download it from here.

When you’re not on your desktop, the app on mobile will notify you about unfollowers, inactive accounts, and eggheads in no time. 

How To Get Started With Unfollower Stats Tool:

  • Open
  • Click on the ‘Sign-In with Twitter’ button. 
  • It will take a few seconds to synchronize with your twitter account, and you are done! 

Remember, Unfollower Stats sends you daily stats on your Twitter account, but if anyway you don’t want these stats displayed on your account, follow these steps to disable:

  • Sign in on
  • Select “Settings” on the upper right-hand corner then uncheck ‘Tweet my daily stats
  • Click ‘Save Changes,’ and you are done!

That’s how the Unfollower Stats dashboard will look after synchronization.

unfollowerstats dashboard

Let’s take a look at the features Of Unfollower Stats:

  1. Unfollowers/Inactives – The following feature will help you look at followers unfollowing you. And also those who don’t have a profile picture (egghead), which is a must and makes your profile look legit. 
  2. White/Black Lists – This is an exciting feature of the Unfollower Stats application. You can always put profiles in the white list, to prevent accidental unfollowing actions taken and revert them.
    Similarly, putting profiles on the blacklist will help you avoid the unintentional following. Moreover, the blacklist makes sure you don’t risk accidentally following them again in the future.

UnfollowerStats Pricing Plans:

The twitter unfollow tool offers a Free, Premium, and Pro pricing plan. The free account would give you access to up to 75K followers.

The premium plan offers you everything at a discount price of $2.99/month

unfollower stats pricing

<Try Unfollower Stats Now>

2. Audiense Connect – Smart Twitter Marketing Tool

Audiense Connect is a comprehensive twitter tool. It might look a little difficult at first but focus on the tool parts explained here to get rid of fake followers without any complexity. 

twitter unfollow tool

The Audiense Connect twitter tool has 3 main principal areas:

  • Homepage 
  • Dashboard
  • Community Wall

Let’s understand each one by one-

1) Homepage: To access the homepage, follow these steps:

Open the website

  • Click on menu Products & Plans. 
  • Click on Audiense Connect 
  • Then click on the ‘Sign Up For Free’ button.
  • A sign-up page will appear, fill all the details and you are done!

audiense homepage

As soon as you link your twitter account to the Audiense connect, the first thing you’ll see is your homepage. The page will display all information of your followers and following. 

2) Dashboard: 

Now, to access the dashboard, click the top half of your account panel Go to Dashboard

The dashboard contains information in the Panel and Widget form. You can mouseover the widgets or click on them for more info or click and drag to zoom.

audiense dashboard

You can even create a custom widget just like you do on WordPress. Remember, the app automatically updates the data every 24 hours based on the latest synchronization. 

There are TWO Primary Widgets:

  • Community Insights: Helps you analyze the progress of a community over time.
  • Engagement Stats: Analyse the progress of engagement for 24 hours. 

To understand these two widgets more precisely, read here

3) Community Wall: To open the community wall, you got two options:

  • Click on the bottom half of your account panel.
  • Or click my community on the top menu bar of your homepage.

audiense connect community wall

The community wall shows twitter profiles in the form of user cards. Following unfollowing influences your follower/following ratio. The tool widgets help you make the right decision to perform any action of unfollowing/following to build a strong twitter business influential relationship.   

Audiense Connect Pricing Plan:

Audiense twitter tool offers 3 plans- Free, Twitter Marketing, and Audiense Marketing plans.

To start using the tool you can go with the Free version. Later to use its advanced features, you can upgrade to the Twitter Marketing plan just for $99/month.

audiense pricing

If you go for the annual package you are likely to save 20% Off on Twitter Marketing plan and 50% Off on Audiense Marketing plans

<Try Audiense Connect Now>

3. Circleboom – Twitter Management Tool

Circleboom is the best tool to bulk unfollow fake and inactive Twitter accounts. The tool lets you manage twitter by helping you identify fake or spam profiles, unfollow people not following you back, and more.

unfollow twitter inactive accounts

How to get started with the Circleboom twitter Unfollow Tool:

  • Open Circleboom website, click on the upper right button, “Get Started.”
  • The next step is “Sign in with Twitter.”
  • The application will take seconds to synchronize your account, and you are done!

As you get started with the application, it will scan all your followers and the following information in a pie chart form. The pie stats will depict your inactive followers, overactive (talking too much), egghead (with no profile picture), and fake friends.

What Else Circleboom Can Do?

Besides being the best unfollowing tool with an easy user interface, Circleboom is a complete platform for twitter marketing as well. Let’s take a look at it’s best marketing features that would help you automate twitter your account. 

Four Primary Features of Circleboom: 

  1. Publish
  2. My Tweets
  3. The Circle
  4. User Analytics

circleboom dashboard

Let’s understand the above features one by one-

Publish – This option has these three functions 

  1. Articles: This is the smart way to share articles curated based on your selection. You get hundreds of interest categories to select according to your interest. You can even set your articles in a queue with custom options like select your post-interval along with its start and end time. 
  2. RSS Tweets: Whenever you publish a new article, connect it with the RSS feed to send tweets, and gain engagement with your article.
  3. Sent Items: Shows history of all the items sent through Circleboom Schedule and Articles modules with a yellow (waiting to be sent), green(sent as expected), and red button (failed tweets, you can rework on that and send again). 

My Tweets – Comes equipped with three options, where you perform actions to delete an inactive account or your tweets.

  1. Unlike: You can search and filter all your likes on other profiles done so far, tick to select them all at once to dislike, or search accounts individually to dislike. Remember, your actions will not be recoverable once processed to perform any dislike, RTs, and unfollow tweets.
  2. Delete RTs and Tweets: Delete all or selected last tweets and filter out the retweets from the results shown by choosing this option.
  3. Delete Twitter Archives: This is a new updated feature of Circleboom. 

The Circle Gives you insights about your friends. With this function, you can select dead or inactive, fake or spam, and lost focus twitter profiles to perform unfollowing twitter accounts.  

User Analytics – Gives you overall stats about your Twitter account. You can keep track of tweets mostly loved, liked, and commented by people, your followers’ growth in understanding their twitter marketing strategy, the best time to tweet, etc. The users of Circleboom mostly love this feature.  

Circleboom Pricing Plans:

The tool offers Free, monthly, and annual pricing plans. Free plans restrict you to use a few of its smart features, so you can better go with SAVE FLAT 65% on its annual plan to automate your twitter handling process.

circleboom pricing plan

<Try CircleBoom Now>

Wrapping it Up

We hope the above tutorial with the best 3 three tools help you to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts easily. The list could be endless as there are tools/software/apps available over the web. But we tried our best to keep the tutorial simple and covered with the tools that we tried and tested. 

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and how your experience with the tools. In case of any doubts or help, feel free to let us know.

Also, if you are trying any other tools for unfollowing twitter accounts, we would love to know about it.

9 Best Video Editing Software For Android And iOS Users (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best video editing software for Android and iOS? Shooting videos and images from Android/iOS is easy, but it is the editing part that is tricky. That’s why there’s a need for a video editing app. The app that runs on your Android/iOs device and doesn’t limit you when it comes to functions and features.

Google Play Store and iTunes are packed with many kinds of video editing apps. Since a lot of apps are available, it becomes difficult to decide which one you should use.

Also Read- Best Video Editing Software For YouTube

Best Video Editing Software For Android And iOS (Free & Paid)

Here we have come up with the hand-picked collection of free video editing software, for both Android and iOS users. These apps (software) have good reviews over the store, a high number of installations, and frequently updated. You can choose the best video editing app that fits your needs.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

The app working on the base of Adobe Sensei Artificial intelligence helps you create and edit high-quality video on your android or iOS device. It’s one of the best video editing apps that anyone can use for regular video editing purposes.

best video editing software for android

Adobe premier rush offers built-in templates to customize. Some animated templates are available as well. You can customize color, font size, and style, add motion graphics, and more to the video.


  • It has a cross-device video editor that lets you create and share a professional high-quality video from smartphones, tabs, or desktop PC.
  • The app offers various editing filters, effects, video speed control, which are easy to apply and use.
  • The app has a built-in professional camera functionality that you can use to capture videos right from the app.
  • Drag-drop features make the editing more comfortable and even newbies can try the app.
  • Various tools allow you to crop the video, trim the video, add effects, voiceovers, frames, photos, graphics, and more.
  • The sensei AI helps to balance and synchronize the audio, does noise reduction and auto-ducking.
  • You can also export a 4K quality video in portrait or landscape form.

To use unlimited features of the app on all devices that you use, a premium plan for $9.99 with optional in-app purchases would be a good choice. You also get 100GB of cloud storage in the plan. You can also opt for Adobe creative cloud membership.

<Download Adobe Premiere Rush For Android><Download Adobe Premiere Rush For iPhone>

2. GoPro App

GoPro app, suitable for making fun videos is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The app is cross-platform making it easy to use on any device.

best video editing software


  • Easily upload the recent footage from the camera to the phone or the device you are using to edit the video.
  • You can choose a frame, apply effects to the frames, choose a perfect theme from the available options, and add transitions and music.
  • Trimming the video, adding color effects, stickers, photos, shapes is just a matter of simple clicks.
  • You can directly post the videos edited from GoPro to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other compatible social platforms.

GoPro app has In-app purchases depending on the features. GoPro Plus subscription unlocks more features for a $4.99/mo or $4.17/mo for a yearly subscription.

With GoPro Plus subscription, you get unlimited access to the cloud where you can backup your videos in original quality and access from any device.  

<Download GoPro on Android><Download GoPro on iPhone>

3. KineMaster

KineMaster, another best app for editing and exporting the videos up to 4K resolution. The app is easy to use and offers an instant preview of the video you are editing.

best app for editing video


  • With KineMaster, you can add multiple layers of videos, photos, text, and handwriting.
  • Reverse video features, special effects and filters, speed control, and more amazing features available in the app.
  • KineMaster also has a blending mode to give beautiful effects to the video frames.
  • The app offers easy to use keyframe animation tool to add motion layers.
  • Audio tools such as volume envelope tool, ducking, and audio synchronization are available in the tool.

The free version of the tool performs the majority of the editing tasks. However, the free version has a watermark, which you can remove by opting for a premium version of KineMaster. 

<Download KineMaster for Android> <Download KineMaster for iphone>

4. FilmoraGo

Filmora Go is a free Android video maker, a product of Wondershare Filmora that is as powerful as its desktop version.

You can smoothly edit clips on the go. This software offers a comfortable UI design to produce intuitive and exciting clips.

free video editing app

When you start the application, it will prompt you to create a new video. Firstly, you can add videos and images from your phone gallery. It will preview all the video files and pictures of your phone. Here you can pick multiple videos as well by taping the tick mark to each video you want to add.

You can try their ready-made themes with a single tap for a new look. If you have multiple media files, you can apply fun transitions to switch between them. Although, you can crop the video or change its aspect ratio.


  • The app is FREE to use with NO ADS.
  • Some IN-APP PURCHASE based on what features you are willing to unlock.
  • READY-MADE THEMES that you can select and edit as per your needs.
  • Brief Wordmark at the end.

These features coupled with common color optimization options, speed adjustment. And no ads to disturb you make editing a fun experience.

There are no ads although it has in-app purchases for additional filters and effects.

<Download FilmoraGo for Android> <Download FilmoraGo for iOS>

5. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is the right video editing application when you’re after something fun. You can edit existing videos or capture clips directly from the app.

This app is available for free in the Android market and provides storyboard editing tools, multiple capture lenses, slideshow, collage maker, and music video maker as well.

viva video editing software


  • This app works in portrait mode only, and each tool is clearly labeled. To spice up your dull video, use our favorite Parkour filter. 
  • It adds dramatic spins, wipes, and random zooms to your clips. There are more than 60 additional effects available that you can download from its store.
  • The video is watermarked with the app’s name and there’s a five-minute limit on exported clips.
  • You can export the final video in resolution from 720p to 4K. 

The app has In-App purchases to unlock additional features based on your needs.

<Download VivaVideo for Android> <Download VivaVideo For iOS>

6. Quik

Quik is a compact video editing tool which is available for free for Android users. Few taps and the video editor allow the user to create amazing videos.

Quick editing tool


  • You can customize the clip by adding beautiful transition effects along with the music. 
  • It also allows adding text and music which makes the video editing process fast and exciting. 
  • You can share the video on almost all the social media platforms using its sharing options.
  • Videos and photos captured in HERO5 and GoPro cameras are of massive size, and with good quality, even media files are taken from heavy cameras also work perfectly in this tool. So it gives robustness to the delivered videos which are a great thing.
  • It also provides adjustment of fonts, filters, and graphics for your video and you can personalize your video story with the feature of text overlay and title slide.

<Download Quik for Android> <Download Quik for iOS>

7. VideoShow

VideoShow is a professional video editing tool for smartphone users. The tool is very appealing, tidy, and comes with a bright home screen. It has everything to deliver to you, some shiny changes to video projects in front of your mini screen of the Android device.

professional video editing app


  • It is free to use and there is no restriction on any part of this application. 
  • It has features like a distinct toolbox with few small handy tools such as ultra-cut, fast trim, a video compressor and video to mp3 converter resides in this category.
  • It offers a large variety of editing features for free of cost which is very admirable. Hence it will take place on every android device in no time though its performance and compatibility.

<Download VideoShow for Android> <Download VideoShow for iOS>

8. PowerDirector Video Editor App

PowerDirector is known as a professional video editing application for Android (only). It is an exhaustive video editing tool that gives a fantastic user-friendly environment to its Android users. Users can access any part of the app free of cost without spending a single penny.

best video editing app


  • Some of the highlighted features include Magic movie wizard, Express project, motion tracking, 360- degree video, Multicam editing, content-aware, and project encoding & exporting as well.
  • PowerDirector employs optimization of 64-bit graphics hardware acceleration integrated with SVRT and Open Computing language support which makes the video editing process smoother.
  • The blending mode option lets you create exposure effects by overlay clips.
  • The tool has 400+ free templates, stickers, font styles, and color options, and video effect options for free.

<Download PowerDirector for Android>

9. Funimate Video Editor

Funimate Video Editor allows editors to easily make eye-catching video projects by adding funny effects to it. It comes with 20 different enhanced effects which make the video more thrilling and attractive at the same time.

free music video editing app


  • The app provides 100+ advanced video effects accessible from the video editor.
  • Adding the audio, photos, custom effects to the video can be done by simple clicks.
  • Funimate tool allows users to directly share the videos to all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Whatsapp, and iMessage as well.
  • This video editing tool comes with pro subscription packs at $3 per week which provides more effects and extra features added to it.

The app has In-App purchases for some products to use. Based on your needs, you can pay for the chosen product.

<Download Funimate for Android> <Download Funimate for iOS>

Final Words

We keep appending new apps to the list when we find some more best editing apps for Android and iOS.

More video editing apps could be covered here, but we tried to keep the list precise and straightforward. We hope you enjoy using the apps mentioned in the list above.

If you have any queries related to the apps, do let us know. Also, share your experience and tell us which app you like the most?

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8 Best Video Editing Software For YouTube (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best video editing software? We have already covered a step by step guide on how to edit a YouTube video that would help you to edit your videos like a PRO.

Here in this post, we have come up with the list of free and paid YouTube video maker software that you can use for YouTube video editing on an advanced level.

Since there are lots of video editing software available over the web, so we decided to hand-pick some of the best ones here in this article.

8 Best Video Editing Software For YouTube- Free & Paid

All of these softwares have their free version as well paid version. You can try these softwares according to your requirements. They all are compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC OS X.

Let’s take a look-

youtube editing software

1. FlexClip- Free Online YouTube Video Maker

FlexClip is a simple yet multipurpose video editing tool. Trimming your videos or adding animated elements in your YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos is just a matter of seconds in FlexClip.

free youtube video editing software

The software offers various templates such as business video templates, lifestyle video, wedding videos, social media videos, birthday parties templates, and much more. It provides simple to use customization options for a chosen template.

The free version of FlexClip is available with basic features- 1 stock video/project, can be used for a maximum of 12 projects, etc. The monthly plans start from $8.99/mo to $15.99/mo, whereas the Annual Plans of Flexclip starts from $4.99/mo to $7.99/mo.

pricing of flexclip

FlexClip amazing features-

  • With the help of a large media library, you can use high-resolution photos offered by Flexclip.
  • You can add text, music, the watermark of your copyrights to your videos.
  • Add effects, filters, image adjustments, aspect ratio management, 
  • After completion of video editing, you can preview the video before exporting it into 480p, 720p, or full HD format.
  • Trim your videos easily without bothering about video quality issues.
  • Merge multiple videos into one in just a few minutes.

<Download FlexClip>

2. Lightworks – Professional Video Editing Software

Over 25 years, Lightworks has been the best choice for film editing and used for some of the best films like The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugo, Pulp Fiction, and more.

professional video editing tool

The latest version of Lightworks is v14.5 comes with the complete video creation package that helps you to make or edit videos for YouTube, social media, or a 4K film project. The best part about this video editing tool is that it allows you to upload an edited video directly on YouTube or Vimeo. Take a look at this quick video tutorial of how this editing software works-

The latest version offers a 7-days FREE trial. You can simply download the software in 32-bit or 64-bit for Windows. The software is also compatible with Linux and Mac. Later, if you want to upgrade to the PRO version, simply just register on the site and extend it.

The PRO version comes with three Premium licenses- Monthly, Year, and Outright. Take a look at its pricing-

lightworks pro pricing

Take a look at its amazing features-

  • It allows you to export the 4K resolution videos with any compatible file format.
  • Enhanced capabilities to support Blackmagic, AJA and Matrox I/O hardware along with that it also supports Lightworks Console control.
  • It comes with an easy to use, and intuitive user interface.
  • It also has an impressive range of file importing formats and supports the VFX panel.

<Download Lightworks> <Shop Lightworks PRO Version>

3. Blender- Free & Open Source 3D Creator

Blender is a free software to use. It is mainly a 3D rendering tool for artists, and it comes with an effective video editing tool. You can use Blender’s video editor for audio mixing, visualization effects, scene editing, adding images, and much more.

free video editor

Blender’s Awesome Features-

  • With Blender, controlling the speed of the video, adjusting the layers and keyframes is quite comfortable.
  • Blender also offers courses for 3D printing, VFX, character modeling, and more.
  • The Blender comes in Windows, macOS, Linux versions to download.

<Download Blender Now>

4. Movie Maker (Free & Paid Version)

If you are looking for a video editing tool for Windows, Movie Maker Pro is the best option for you. It allows you to create/edit a video on Windows 10 machine easily. This software is available to download on Microsoft store.

best youtube video editor software

Movie Maker comes with both free and paid versions. The free version- Movie Maker 10 pretty much has all the regular features such as video trimming, filter, background music, and slideshows. 

The Pro version- HD Movie Maker, which costs $14.99, gives you access to more advanced tools such as slow/fast motion, photo overlay, and full HD output. For advanced visual effects and video stabilization, the PRO version would be more relevant.

At the moment, you can save 40% OFF and get the Pro version at $8.99 only.

<HD Movie Maker> <Try Movie Maker Pro>

5. HitFilm- Express & PRO

Hitfilm by FXhome offers both free and paid video editing software. HitFilm Express is a free version and provides a pleasant and stylish user interface.

It has features like a separate trimmer, a zoomable preview window which makes the video editing process a bit efficient.

free video editing software

HitFilm Express supports the YouTube publishing tool which can upload up to 30 fps videos. It provides composite shot that lets you create a timeline for the special effects, motion graphics as well as animation.

The layout panel structure of HitFilm express is designed exclusively. The panel can easily rearrange and customize elements like text and images within your clip which lets you place all objects wherever you want to put them in the video clip accurately.

The paid version of the software- HitFilm PRO has a fast and flexible workflow layout. It provides more than 500 effects through which you can create muzzle flashes, energy distortions, explosions, as well as particle emitters and much more stuff you can do it with this video editing tool.

paid video editing tool

HitFilm PRO video editing tool can synchronize audio imported from different sources that save lots of time and improves the accuracy of your audio.

It provides visual effects formed in a single tool and non-linear editor that removes switching from various tasks among audio and graphics. Also compatible with massive visual effects projects. Take a look at the pricing-

hitfilm pricing

<Try HitFilm Demo> Try HitFilm Pro Version><Download HitFilm Express>

6. Adobe Premiere Pro CC & Premiere Elements 2020

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a video editing app developed by Adobe. When it comes to editing a project, Adobe Premiere Pro CC allows a great deal of control for users.

Adobe Premiere Pro is quite flexible. It offers easy integration between its other apps like: After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Story, etc.

While After Effects compositions can be directly imported and Photoshop directly in Adobe. This easy integration enables easy transfer of data among the software without interrupting the flow of video editing.

adobe pricing

Adobe Premiere Pro has an excellent responsive design. It also provides integrated keyframes in the motion graphics. Moreover, they are continuously working on the interface to make effective at the same time responsive design. Also, on quality improvement to provide better video editing experience to the user.

Most of the professional YouTubers use this tool to produce a better quality video for their audience.


  • Sync your settings with Creative Cloud to access your computer from anywhere.
  • Improved Source and Program Monitor panels
  • You can export media with closed captions, either embedded or as separate files.
  • Enhanced customer support

Adobe has a Premiere Elements version too. Adobe Premiere Elements provides an add-on feature called Candid Moment. This lets you pick the quality images from the entire video content so that you won’t miss the excellent shot while you’re recording a video.

adobe elements pricing

The editing interface looks the same as it was in the previous version. Moreover, it provides a standard timeline on the bottom side, and content panels are shared across the upper half.

Adobe Premiere Element provides a unique feature of Bounce Back. This helps the video’s motion moves in a forward and backward direction with a resembling bounce effect.

<Try Adobe Premiere Pro><Try Adobe Premiere Element Version

7. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple Final Cut Pro X is an Apple Inc non-linear video editing application. The Apple Cut Pro X Interface offers a trackless Magnetic Timeline. This makes the video editing process a smoother experience. Editors can also assign roles in the timeline.

paid video editing software

Final Cut Pro X provides 360-Degree VR along with effects and titles. This helps you remove the rig of a camera from the image. It supports the HDR display with advanced color grading tools resulting in a greater adjustment of viewing angle.

It can also interact with your MacBook’s’s Touch Bar that changes its appearance accordingly. It has reliable support for multi-cam editing. That includes 64 different viewing angles from which you’ll be able to use only 16 angles at a time.

The software offers a FREE trial for 30 days. The paid version is available at around $300.

<Try Apple Final Cut Pro X>

8. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector comes up with a new generation 360-degree tool for video editing considering transition effects, motion tracking, stabilization, and view designer is also provided.

It has one the best feature of the color tool, which includes HDR effect, split toning, color grading, as well as a lookup table (LUT).

cyberlink software

It provides the functionality of Video collages. That is featuring a picture inside a picture template. The best thing about CyberLink PowerDirector is that it provides automatic adjustment of audio according to the background sound level that makes it unique from other video editing tools.

<Try CyberLink PowerDirector>

Final Words

We hope you enjoy this particular listicle on paid and free video editing software for YouTube. If you are a beginner, you can start with free versions and learn the basics. 

Later you can try the paid ones. If you are using any other YouTube video editing software, feel free to let us know. We will surely try it and cover it in the blog. 

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8 Best Remote Working Tools To Manage Team During COVID-19

Nobody thought that 2020 would bring this deadly Coronavirus (also called COVID-19). The virus has forced the companies to adopt the work-from-home culture.

The COVID-19 is still affecting the world on a large scale, resulting in a complete lockdown. The Government advisory boards in all the countries have advised the companies, businesses, organizations to allow their employees to work from home during this outbreak. 

remote working software

Due to this sudden change in the workflow, most of the companies face these common remote working challenges-

  • How to keep office people or team members in the loop?
  • How to accomplish tasks?
  • How to track the work progress of a project?
  • How to manage the sales and production teams?

The challenges could be more as most of the organizations have less experience in managing a full-time remote workflow.

However, with the advanced technology, some intelligent remote working tools will help you during this COVID-19 outbreak. These work from home productivity software are capable of putting your team members in one place, assign tasks, manage projects, do video conferencing or team meetings, share files, etc.

8 Best Remote Working Tools To Use During Coronavirus Outbreak

Based on our research, we found these eight best remote working tools to manage your employees.

We have further categorized these eight tools into four groups, each group covering TWO software.

1- Best Task & Project Management Tools

  • Monday
  • Basecamp

2- Best Chat Tools For Team Management

  • Slack
  • Chanty

3- Best Video Conferencing Software For Team Meetings

  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting

4- Best Password Manager Tools

  • Dashlane
  • LastPass

We tried to cover these remote working tools with a brief description along with the pricing and features so that you know all the details before using them.

Let’s check out the list of productive software to simplify your working process and empower workforce productivity during this outbreak. 

Best Task & Project Management Remote Working Software 

To handle a team remotely could be a challenge. But putting in use the tools like Monday and Basecamp, let you measure your employees’ performance, split project among people, track real-time project reports, stay functional, etc. Let’s discuss each of them in detail now –

1. Monday- Task Management Software

Monday is the most effortless virtual work hub application that powers remote teamwork. It is mainly designed for entrepreneurs, businesses who scaled rapidly but struggled to keep their employees engaged, productive, and happy.

best remote working tools

The application brings transparency in work among the management and better collaboration. Start using Monday with these three simple steps:

  • Enter Your Work Email 
  • Enter your account details like – Full Name, Password, Team Name
  • Then, fill the purpose of using Monday for things like Work, Personal, or School. 


You can add teammates, make admin to the one you want, send access to them via invite option, and get started.

You can put Monday to automation so that you focus on achievable targets. Moreover, you can integrate hundreds of existing tools you already using say, Slack, Zoom, Excel, Facebook ads, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and more. 

Monday offers a 14 days Free Trial and 18% Discount on the annual plan. Their pricing plans work according to the “Team Members” you wanted to add. 

monday pricing

<Sign Up For Monday>

2. Basecamp- Project Management Tool

The team behind Basecamp designed the software to handle their team remotely. For the last 20 years, they have been working on the software to make it better. 

The application understands remote working requirements from A to Z and puts your work on automation by default.

remote working tool

With Basecamp, you can easily transition to remote work, split your work, add projects, and assign team members to it, share files, audio, video, assign tasks, deadlines, etc. 

Basecamp comes with the integration of crucial tools like Message Boards, To-dos, Docs & Files, Group Chat, etc. that are needed by the team to get work done. The best part is you can remove the tools if not required, edit or rename the default tool or add third party applications if needed.

What’s Cool About Using Basecamp?

Hold Notifications– Most of us get annoyed with notifications or pop-ups of applications, especially during working hours.

These pop-ups could be messages on projects you’re working on or any query of members in the group. But with Basecamp, you can hold these notifications by setting up the time until you’re back on work. Isn’t it cool?

Hill Charts– An exclusive feature of Basecamp to keep projects on track.

How does it work?

Most of us start with a business or work idea to reach specific goals and accomplishments. But in between lies so many questions, like

  • To-do lists
  • Required people for work
  • Financial resources
  • Investment plans
  • Working capital arrangements, etc.

Here Basecamp helps you tackle all your problems at the uphill phase of the Hill (makes a custom To-do list) and eventually answers all your queries at the downside of the Hill making it happen. This tool is more than just a task management application. 

hill charts

Basecamp offers 30 days Free Trial, where you get three projects, 20 users to add, and 1GB storage space, and the premium plan starts $99/month flat.

pricing plans of basecamp

<Sign Up For Basecamp>

Best Chat Tools For Team Management

The biggest challenge an organization faces in the transition to remote work is to keep their employees or team members in the loop with the projects, tasks, etc. With the help of chat tools like Slack and Chanty, it becomes easier to organize your team conversations. Let’s take a look-

1. Slack- An Organized Channel For Team Conversations

Most of you must have heard or might already be using Slack. But if you’re unaware of why to use Slack, then here are your answers.

Slack is one of the best messaging tools for both desktop and mobile. It brings your team together regardless of any size.  

best messaging tool

With Slack, apart from video or voice calls, you can share and upload files securely (for free). Create separate groups like sales/marketing, HR, production unit, dealers, advertisers, finance department, etc. to manage your team members and keep everyone in the loop. Slack helps you to keep your conversations organized and to stay productive with the work.  

Slack comes with three pricing plans besides the FREE one: Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid. Here’s an overview of its pricing plans-

slack tool pricing

We are using its free plan at the moment, and it fulfills every need. But if your organization size is bigger, you can buy the premium plan. SLACK is offering nearly 60% discounts on their premium plans for Indian companies. 

<Sign Up For Slack>

2. Chanty- Simple Team Chat Software

Chanty is a clean and straightforward team chat software where you can manage conversations in one place. You can do group video calls within the team to conduct meetings or discuss the project.

simple chat tool

Chanty offers a private conversation feature where you can discuss or chat with specific team members by inviting them. You can create new tasks and assign them to specific team members by selecting them. 

If you are using any existing third-party chat tool and want to transfer all the chat history to Chanty, you can do that easily through its “Import” feature. At the moment, Chanty offers import from these third-party chat tools- Flock, Slack, HipChat, and Stride.  

To begin with Chanty, just follow the simple steps below

  1. Signup for the tool.
  2. Set up your team by selecting the business niche, company size, and role.
  3. Define the namespace of your company to set up the URL.

You will get a verification code to your registered email. Just put it and send invites to your team members.

Chanty offers two pricing plans– Free and Business plans. The free plan supports the business size of up to 10 members. For more than ten members, you will require to upgrade to a Business plan that costs $4 per team member every month. However, if you go for the Annual Business Plan (that costs $3 per user per month usually), you will get 50% OFF with additional features.

Take a look-

chanty pricing plans

<Sign Up For Chanty>

Best Video Conferencing Software For Team & Client Meetings

Video conferencing is required when you have clients outside India or vice versa. It helps you to conduct face-to-face meetings, webinars with team members, clients for any business project. Moreover, it binds all your team members through one software.

Let’s check out these two secure user interface video conferencing tools in the market.  

1. Video & Web Conferencing Software

The Zoom is the number one video conferencing app because of its easy user interface. The software offers HD video and audio options for freelancers, bloggers, mid and big enterprises, businesses, supporting up to 1000 video participants, and 49 videos on the screen.

You can even record your team meetings and webinars to watch later on cloud or locally.

video conferencing tool

What’s best about using Zoom?

Take a look at its crucial features-

Zoom Chats – Create virtual 1:1 or group workspace is keeping all members productive, enabling polling or Q&A from anywhere.

You can even track the engagement of any members during meetings by the attention indicator. Zoom protects your data for up to 10 years with Smarsh and Global Relay integration.  

zoom tool features

Expended Audio – VoIP and toll-based dial in at absolutely no cost. When you set a meeting, just share a dedicated dial-in number to let attendees join quickly without filling any meeting IDs. You can only integrate your existing audio provider (3rd party provider) or switch to SIP- connected audio instead of PSTN. 

Zoom’s pricing plans work according to the enterprise size. The free plan can host up to 100 participants and unlimited 1:1 meetings. Take a look at the other pricing packages of Zoom-

zoom pricing plans

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2. GoToMeeting by LogMeIn- Video Conferencing Software

GoToMeeting by LogMeIn is a mobile and desktop-friendly tool that lets you set up one-click meetings in no time. Voice commands (Siri for iPhone and Ok Google for Android) helps you schedule the next audio or video session instantly.

video conferencing tool

Avoid noting down the points in ongoing meetings because the app lets you collect all data from the cloud recording itself. Some powerful features of GoToMeeting are-

Screen sharing – Train people by providing live sessions at once rather than one-by-one onboarding sessions. While conducting a demo video class, its various existing app integration makes it much easier to communicate, eventually sketches productivity, and brings the best from your employee. 

Audio/ video conferencing – For freelancers, bloggers, and organizations of any size conducting high-quality video calls with your clients will bring an impact on your business. This video conferencing software works fantastic on any platform or operating system (Android, iOS, Mac). 

Conference room equipment – Get a user-friendly hardware bundle in one kit. GoToRoom by Dolby Voice is the best combo of hardware and software to ensure smooth meetings. Small businesses mainly require a clean application that fulfills their basic needs for collaboration, chats, file sharing, sessions, etc. and GoToMeeting is best at it. 

Get 14-days Free Trial for up to 250 participants. Apart from the free plan, GoToMeeting has two premium plans. Take a look-

gotomeeting pricing

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Best Password Manager Tools

Everyone must have stuck in this situation to “Ahh, what’s the password for this.” Now, this is, of course, faced by us too.

We often forget tools login access. But using these safest password manager tools wherein not only you can save your credentials, but also can keep the strong password that the tool suggested.

From today on, you’ll never find yourself worrying about what’s my Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. login credentials. Take a look-

1. Dashlane Password Manager

You must have multiple accounts, and it becomes tough to remember all the passwords, primarily when they consist of various symbols, special characters, numbers, etc. That’s when you can use Dashlane Password Manager, which helps you to keep all of them in one place.

password manager tool

The tool has a fantastic user interface for both mobile and desktop. It automatically fills all your passwords, payments, and personal details as soon as you go for logins on any device.

Though the software also offers a biometric unlock solution to the app. But it is always recommended that you remember the master password, which is required while logging in to this tool. 

Dashlane offers two pricing modules- A free plan and a Premium plan starting at $3.33 per month. You can upgrade to premium plans or switch from premium or premium plus plans within 30 days to get your money back.

dashlane pricing

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2. LastPass Password Manager

You are going to love this password protection application. The tool is accessible from both PC and Android phone. Though when using the phone, you won’t see the app icon on the main screen, but then go to my app store and click on LastPass to open.

password manager software

When on PC, download the free version or add the browser extension. You will be asked to create a master key once before you start using the app. The fun part is the app allows a memorable passphrase to set your master password. Now, these passphrases can be a movie quote or a lyric from a song. 

As you login to your online accounts like Facebook, Instagram, eCommerce sites, net banking, etc., LastPass will ask you whether you want to save those passwords or not.

If you want to add them to your vault, click add, and it will be saved permanently. The next time you log in to those accounts, the username and password will be automatically filled by the LastPass autofill function.

If you’re willing to share your passwords with family or people at work, forward the login information to them. 

LastPass offers two Personal Plan Packages- Personal and Business.

Personal package has three pricing options- Free, Premium, and Families, whereas Business package has four pricing options- Teams, Enterprise, MFA, and Identity. Have an overview of the plans-

lastpass pricing

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Final Words

No matter what type of business you are running and how much is your company size, the above mentioned remote working tools are perfect for you. Just give them a try and see how it works.

We recommend you to go with the free-trial first, and later you decide whether to upgrade or not.

The above work from home software will surely resolve your remote working challenges and boost your work productivity.

If you face any other issues or challenges while handling your team remotely, feel free to let us know in the comments below. We will surely suggest the tools.

Do let us know what you think about the article overall. We would love to hear your thoughts.