10 EASY YouTube Channel Ideas To Get Started In 2019

Are you looking for an easy way to start your own YouTube channel but running out of ideas? YouTube stars made a combined total of over 120 million in 2017, and in 2018 so far it was more than a number. Isn’t that amazing?

YouTube has 550 million users worldwide, and over fifty million people are regularly creating content on YouTube.

Then why not you? With so many people earning and learning more about their niche on this social media platform, it is highly unlikely that you would go out of business anytime soon.

There could be endless ideas for staring your YouTube channel, but we have only compiled the ones that are easy and popular.

Let’s have a look.

7 Easy Ideas For Starting YouTube Channel

If you love creating video content Or someone who thinks that you have the potential to make it big on this video platform but is a little confused about how to go about it? It’s time to make yourself heard in the crowd of content creators with your niche.

Read on to know more about the favourite ideas in video content that will not fade into oblivion as the raging trends die. Not unless you continue to think out of the box.

1. Technology Tutorials

Gadgets have become a part of our routine and have increased our working standards. Having said that we could not afford to lose one right?

technology niche idea for youtube

With so many innovations on track, it sometimes becomes difficult to unlock few features of gadgets we use. And there comes the need of online tutorials guiding all way down to people in need. This niche is for people who love tackling with devices, understands the latest technologies, and more.

Technology tutorial videos can fix minor issues that usually take up too much time at conventional repair centres. By this, you empower the audience with the capability to handle things themselves.

Plus, imagine how many hits you would get every time you discover a new problem with such devices and pave your way around getting to the most straightforward solution! We hear the viewers hitting the subscribe button already.

2. Beauty and Vanity

Beauty and vanity are the most significant reason women turn to YouTube. From red wine stain removal on a white dress to the easiest way to effortlessly pull off a cut crease, women fall back on YouTube for n number of reasons.

beauty niche youtube channel

Other than that, there is this eternal joy of finding your niche in that specific genre. Imagine Tati with her bold move of trying out high-end luxurious products and Jeffrey Star’s use of vibrant colours that one would immediately shrug off without even trying.

According to Frostsnow, the net worth income of Tati is $1.3 million approx. So, the message in this genre is loud and clear. The only way to stand out is to risk, and you shall be rewarded.

3. Home Decor and DIY

Remember those odd household errands that remain untouched because you haven’t had the time to find someone who would get that particular job done for you? And when its time to get it done, it comes with a hefty bill. YouTube has some creators who are actively creating content on home improvement projects and tackling small details with utter precision in layman language.

best home decor youtube tutorials

There are plenty of videos giving you tips and tricks on how to install those dreamy floating shelves; how to make that perfect seating arrangement that invites you to relax with a drink at the end of a gruelling day. Everything is out there, but a lot of your ideas and your perspective on things is missing. It is time that you put those points into action and start creating.

4. Entertainment

Out of all the categories we have spoken about, this is perhaps the category with the maximum amount of potential. From iconic soccer moments that every man wants to relive to those funny scenes from the cherished TV series of all times, you can trigger nostalgia with your creation.

youtube entertainment videos

However, the amount of planning and knowledge is a pre-requisite, and if that’s something right up your alley, there is no looking back for you, my friend!

5. SEO Tutorials

We live in the era of the internet. We rely on the internet to sell and buy everyday items. If you understand pay-per-click and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or are willing to explore more, this genre is going to be a massive hit in the crowd.

SEO tutorials

One can easily guide the audience to their respective destinations. Small and independent businesses are looking for someone to teach them this stuff. Brownie points since you know how to conduct more people to your channel, of course!

Formats That Work Across All YouTube Ideas

Following are a few formats across all the genres mentioned above that present opportunities to emerging YouTube content creators. Utilise (or combine in different permutations and combinations) these ideas to spin a web of the organic, dedicated viewer base.

Here’s the fabulous part, they work like a charmer irrespective of the genre of your channel.

6. Tutorials

When a new makeup look is trending over every other social media platform or e-zine, an overpowering urge washes over everyone to give it a shot.

tutorial ideas youtube

Depending on your target audience, say, women who are not into full-coverage makeup, you can tone down (or tone up depending on the audience again!) and introduce details in the look to accentuate a flattering characteristic. Along with a catchy title and good videography, such videos are an instant hit.

7. Hacks and Tips for Styling

Styling-centric video content is an instant super-hit amongst both sexes. This sub-genre of videos captures the audience best when you cover important events such as interviews, parties and other social gatherings where it is essential that we portray the best version of ourselves.

tips for styling

Once you have hit the sweet spot there with unique content, you can ease your way into creating content for day-to-day situations. This variety in the material also expands your horizon.

8. Unboxing

PR agencies of all top-notch companies believe in sending out packages consisting of their products, preferably new launches in exchange for free reviews — unboxing products that either the brands have trusted you with our products that you have chosen to invest in with your hard-earned money interests the users.

unboxing ideas

Eventually, this kind of content bears the potential to translate into sponsorships and long-term partnerships.

9. Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag Challenges draw a lot of attention and traffic to your content. However, it is a particularly risky game since if the content you create is not convincing enough, the viewers will not only hit the back button but would not care to come back later. First impressions tend to last when it comes to hashtag challenges.


Nevertheless, if you nail it the first time around, then not only will you gain a reputation but the high-risk and high-reward situation will boost your subscriber count and other vital statistics.

10. Listicles

Lists are satisfying. They are simple representations of both the causes, the effects and the relationship between the two variables that are directly or indirectly proportional to each other. With catchy introductions and divider clips to segregate between the items on the list, there is a good scope for all kinds of content to be twisted and moulded into user-friendly content.

Not to forget that they are interesting to read and allows users to be on the same page with a brief but on-point descriptions about each pointer.

Bonus Tip:

Often viewers fall into the trap of believing that everything you create is perfect at once. However, we all know that it is an illusion. A large part of your time and a large part of your funds are dedicated to the content you create. Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to show them that you are only human. After all, nothing is as perfect in the world as it looks like.

We hope this article will help you to start your YouTube Channel in 2019. If you are already running a YouTube channel, do let us know your experience so far about the niche it’s in and how it is growing. We hope your commenting would help other YouTubers to do well with their channel.

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5 Must Reasons Why Brands Should Use Social Media Listening Tools?

Isn’t Social Media The Essential Part Of Every Brand Marketing Strategy?

Everything stands after digital marketing, and additional importance is given to the enhanced online presence. Well, social media listening tools are for both increasing online outreach and generating higher leads.

However, there’s always been confusion between social media listening and social media monitoring; these two are entirely different.

Where social media monitoring is merely analysing and evaluating the comments and questions, social media listening goes way beyond this. If social media monitoring is a leaf, then social media listening is the whole tree.

Let’s understand what is social media listening in detail.

What Is Social Media Listening?

Social media listening involves tracking various conversations based on keywords, topics, brands, phrases, and insights. These insights are later used to discover new opportunities and develop strategies that users like.

It is not only about monotonously responding to messages on your online platforms or evaluating comments. It is more about expanding your horizons to assess the response to your social posts. This response is termed as social media sentiment by some marketers, and it helps in analysing the brand image, delivering content that interest audience, generating innovative ideas for campaigns, enhancing customer experience, and increasing outreach.

Why Is It Important?

To put it just, if you are not using social media listening, you are creating digital strategies with a blindfold. You have no clue what your users connect to, how people are talking about your brand, and what type of posts can increase your outreach. Without social media listening, it is just a lost cause.

Understand this with an example:

Let’s say you have a burger shop. On Monday, a customer comes and orders a burger. After two minutes, he comes back and complains that the vegetables taste stale. You apologise for the inconvenience and give him a refund.

After two-three days, another customer comes and orders the same burger. But, he says it is fantastic. Next Monday, another customer comes, orders a burger, and complains. This goes on for a month or two.

If you are only using social media monitoring, you’ll evaluate this situation as a case-by-case basis, which reveals that it was a one time issue. However, this issue may or may not occur randomly without any reason.

That is where social media listening comes in. Listening tells you that this issue mostly occurs on Mondays. Then you may check vegetables coming in next Monday and figure out that it has to do something with supply coming in on Monday mainly.

This is not to say that monitoring is not essential, it is required. But, listening is also necessary to analyse the bigger picture.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media Listening Tools

social media listening tools benefits

#1 Higher Customer Engagement

While most brands claim that they know their customers, their audience hardly agrees. A study by Pega Corporate revealed that around 64% of decision-makers from telco/broadband companies feel that they know their customers. However, even less than 1/4th of customers agreed to this statement. 1 in 5 customers believes that their providers have no clue of what they want.

Social media listening doesn’t give you an illusion that you know your customers, but it gives you an insight of your customer requirements and how much you are meeting those demands. Once you figure out the difference between the estimated and actual value, you can improve to deliver higher customer engagement.

#2 Identify Effective Strategies

We all know that successful strategies and effective campaigns are formed when you grab opportunities on social media. And most of the times these opportunities are right in front of us, but we don’t see it. Social media listening can help you unravel these hidden opportunities and form effective strategies.

A survey shows that approximately 46% of people on social media stop following a brand that uses too many promotional posts. This means that if you are only willing to target your audience with promotional messages, then you are not going anywhere. You need effective campaigns, and for that, you need to utilise social media listening.

For example, right now, a standard social media plan involves looking at competitors, evaluating various strategies, and coming up with an approach that stands out. However, social media listening will help you form this strategy based on what your audience needs.

Let’s say if your audience is posting about modelling, then you can organise a campaign that tweaks around modelling. The result will enable the winner to sign a modelling contract with your brand.

#3 Discover Competitor’s Reputation

Through social media listening, you can not only listen to your brand’s voice but also what your competitors are doing. It helps in two ways:

First, you can evaluate what your competitors are up to and device a strategy to surge ahead.

Second, negative sentiments towards your competitors are a great chance to pull customers closer to your brand. And if you deliver a positive attitude to these customers, you are in for a lot more. On having a positive experience, 71% customers recommend a brand to other people.

#4 Find Undiscovered Pain Points

Clutch says that 86% of organisations utilise social media listening tools to observe questions, requests, and customer concerns. It means that these businesses can quickly pick up customer pain points. There may be some things that concern your customers, but no one has yet decided to address these issues.

Using social media listening, you can discover these pain points and twist services, products, or add some features to address these pain points.

#5 Identify Social Advocates

Approximately 49% of people listen to influencer recommendations for purchasing services and products. However, what if you don’t select the right influencer? Your outreach will not be as much as possible.

Looking at the greater picture with social media listening will enable you to figure out who important industry influencers are and who are the influencers people listen to? You can utilise this knowledge for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Social Media Listening For a Perfect Strategy

If you look at the above reasons, then you’ll realise that social listening helps you with every business aspect. Your sales team can get bird’s eye view of customer review on products and services and plan accordingly.

Your marketing team will have customer query pattern for forming great strategies. And you’ll be able to engage more customers by rectifying what is bothering them. Brands that closely listen to the audience has the edge over the market and are more likely to surge ahead.

We hope that you will understand now how social media listening can make an impact on your business and why you should use it.

If you like this post, do share it with your friends and colleagues on social networks. In case if you have any queries, do let us know in the comment section below.