Spotify New Feature Group Sessions Rolls Out During Lockdown

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Spotify is launching a new feature where music lovers can create a group. They are naming the feature as ‘Group session‘ where Premium users will be able to create a unique Spotify code. Once you share the code with your friends and family, they will be able to connect to your playlist. 

NOTE- The feature is available only for premium members. Only premium members can create a unique code and join the group. 

spotify new feature group sessions

The lockdown period amid COVID-19 is extending. People are looking for ways to be creative enough to pass their time. Social media users started participating in challenges on Instagram or Facebook to make the lockdown period less annoying. 

And now, Spotify’s new feature is a piece of good news for audiophiles. Listening to music with a group of people is now possible through Spotify’s Listening Together feature.  

Every user connected to the group will be able to control the music, add new tracks, and have fun together. The changes made in the playlist by any member will be reflected in all the group member’s playlists. The popular music app is allowing music lovers to enjoy an hour or two with their friends.

Spotify has been developing this group music listening feature for the past few months; it’s finally arrived at the perfect time. So now if you are working from home, cooking, napping on the sofa, you can enjoy that time with your music mates. You need to perform the following steps:

  • The ‘Host’ of the playlist has to tap on the ‘Connect’ menu at the bottom left corner.
  • It will generate a scannable code.
  • Your music mates will be able to scan the code and connect to the playlist.
  • After creating a group, anyone can control the playlist, add tracks, and enjoy group music listening.

With this effort, Spotify is hoping to get more people to subscribe to the premium membership. As people are locked in a home due to coronavirus pandemic, group activities such as ‘Group music listening’ could be fun for music lovers.

The only bummer right now is how to scan the code when your friends are not close to the Scannable code of your playlist? Maybe you can allow your friends to scan the code from your Laptop screen by screen sharing on video calls. Or you can share the screenshot of code. 

The feature is perfect for flatmates and families but right now it’s under the beta version (testing phase). In our opinion, Spotify might develop a better and easier way to create a group session. 


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