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Have you ever thought of watching a Netflix episode with your friends remotely? You must have done it by meeting together at one of your friends’ homes to watch the show. But what if you can do it remotely? 

Yes, it is possible to watch a series together in sync with your friends from your places by using the StreamParty browser extension. You can even play and pause in sync, chat with your friends by texting or video calling during the episode.

StreamParty Review- Watch TV Shows Remotely With StreamParty Browser Extension

Here in this article, we have covered a detailed StreamParty review and tutorial guide on its browser extension. The following topics that you are going to learn.

  • What is StreamParty?
  • How does it work?
  • How do I use StreamParty?

Let’s get started with StreamParty review and its tutorial guide.

What is StreamParty?

StreamParty is an extension that works on all browsers based on Chromium (Chrome, Opera, Brave) and Firefox. The extension lets you watch YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon prime shows together remotely with your friends. It syncs the current episode on the browser of all the members in the party.

How Does StreamParty Extension Work?

The StreamPatry browser extension brought to you a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite shows together, no matter at which corner of the world you all are in. The extension allows you to create a streaming party, which is a browser link. With the link, your friends can join the TV show you all are watching together. Chrome extensions never fail to make our life easier. StreamParty is one of them. 

We bet till now, you decide a time to watch the episode together with your friends and text them that you are playing the episode. But you have no idea how to sync. StreamParty can help you with that. 

Besides, now none of your TV show buddies need to worry about getting spoilers from each other as you will be finishing the show together. 

Let’s dig into the topic more and see how you can set up your StreamParty and use it.

How Do I use StreamParty- Getting started with the Extension

You must already be on the Chrome extension store to add StreamParty to your browser. Let’s walk through the process to set up your virtual party.

  1. First thing first, register to the StreamParty. You can sign up using your Google account. Set a username and password of your choice.streamparty registration
  2. Add a StreamParty extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser.streamparty extension
  3. Login to the extension using the username and password, and you are set.streamparty login

See? That was easy. 

As now your extension is set, here is how you can create a streaming party.

Creating a Streaming Party

  1. Open the episode that you and your friends have decided to watch in a browser.streamparty review
    Currently, StreamParty supports four streaming sites: Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Disney+. The extension will ask for permission to access the site, click on Give permission.
  2. Once you load the episode on the browser, click on the StreamParty extension from your browser’s top right corner. A small window will pop up. Click on the start party button. If you turn on the toggle button, ‘Only I have the access,’ only you can control the episode
  3. After clicking on the start party button, you will see an option to copy the invite
  4. Copy the link and share it with your friends. As you can see, the chatbox shows who is joining and pausing the video. All activities of users will appear in the chatbox window. At the bottom, there is an option to send a message to your friends while watching the video.
  5. Ask your friends to copy and paste the link in their browser to join the party. The link will load the current episode, and everyone will be able to stream it in sync. 

That was how you could create a virtual streaming party with your friends. 

You must be wondering how many members can join the party and for how long. To answer your doubts, let’s get into some specifications of the StreamParty extension.

Specifications of StreamParty-

  1. To enjoy the Steamparty, all the members in the group need to have the extension installed in their browser.
  2. Secondly, if you are watching Nextflix, Prime, or Disney+, all the members need to have subscriptions to those sites. If you send the link to the Netflix episode, it asks to login to the Netflix account. You should be already logged in to your Netflix account before pasting the party link to your browser.
  3. The free version of the extension will let you create a streaming party for only 5 hours with just three members. To enjoy more ours, you can buy extra hours. But to add more people, there are paid versions of the extension. The person creating a party can have a premium plan. The hours from the rest of the members with a free plan won’t get deducted.

StreamParty Pricing Plans-

Here are the pricing plans that you can buy-

  1. The Free version will give you 5 hours/ month. You can add ten extra hours by paying €2.00.
  2. The Premium Plan: For €4/month or €9/three months, you will get unlimited time for six members to the party. There is a video chat option in this plan where you will be able to see your friends in a chat window and video chat with them.
  3. Business Lite Plan: For €5/month or €12/three months, you get to add up to 50 members in a party for an unlimited time. But the video chat feature will be limited to 6 people only.streamparty pricing plans

By choosing any of the plans above, you will be all set to host a virtual streaming party with your friends and family. 

StreamParty Limitations

All apps, extensions, and softwares have some limitations, and they improve on it with further updates. 

Right now, StreamParty works only on the browser and not with the android apps of the streaming sites. You cannot enjoy the streaming party on your phone. But the team of developers is working on extending the features to more entertainment sites and apps. Sooner or later, new features will be released.

Another limitation is, you need to create a new link for every next episode. One link will work for one episode and won’t autoplay the next episode. This feature will also get upgraded soon to create one party once and for all the episodes. 

Final Words:

We did try and tested the StreamParty extension in Chrome, and it works smoothly. If you face any issues, the team of developers helps you get to resolve it. As of now, you can enjoy StreamParty on your PC browser. 

Do you like the StreamParty review and the tutorial guide on its complete use? Let us know about your experience with StreamParty. If you need queries, doubts, or need any help, feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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