TamTam App Review: Why Choose This Free App As Your Primary Messenger App?

tamtam app review

Have you heard about TamTam before? When we were researching the best messenger apps, we came to know about TamTam. We found it as one of the top messaging apps to make your online life easy. We liked TamTam’s functionality and found that it is suitable for both private usages as well as to set up a business group. So, we decided to cover a detailed article on the TamTam App review along with its tutorial guide.

To help you understand the TamTam Messenger app better, we have covered the following topics:

  • What is the TamTam Messenger? Is it safe to use?
  • Why choose TamTam over other messenger Apps?
  • Best features of TamTam.
  • How to get started with TamTam?
  • How to make effective use of TamTam?

Let’s get started.

TamTam App Review: What Is TamTam Messenger App?

TamTam is a free messenger app that allows you to chat, make a voice or video call. Mail.ru developed and released the TamTam app in May 2017 with a core purpose of faster chatting and calling experience for users.

tamtam messenger app review

The app is compatible and works with both Android and iOS devices. It has gained more than 4-star ratings on both the Play Store and App Store (having 10M+ downloads). The app has extended some of the regular messenger features to a level that will raise the bar of overall user experience. 

<Download TamTam App For Android> <Download TamTam App For iOS>

Why choose TamTam over other messenger Apps?

You must already have tried tons of messenger apps. Whatsapp and Facebook are the most common apps on everyone’s phone. People prefer WhatsApp because almost everyone can be found on WhatsApp by just saving the contact number in your phone directory. The fact that you can quickly get in touch with anyone on WhatsApp is a useful feature. 

Similarly, by searching the name of the person, you can easily find them on Facebook and send them a message. It’s faster to find people on these two apps because of the large user base. 

However, there are drawbacks to these two apps that you might have faced but didn’t realize. 

The primary concern of every user is privacy and good quality for chats and calls. Many of the apps claim to protect your data, but let’s face it; they aren’t safe, are they?

It must have happened to you that you chat about something on WhatsApp, and immediately Instagram starts showing ads about it. 

How on earth your private message got converted into an ad? That certainly does not fall under privacy, does it? 

Every app is trying to be more and more social media app rather than messenger apps. So here are the drawbacks of WhatsApp and Facebook that TamTam has got covered, and we can say that the app is entirely safe for use.

Drawbacks of Whatsapp:

  1. Needs high-speed internet to send and receive messages. 
  2. The group chat limit is for only 256 members.
  3. Group video call limit is up to 8 members only. 
  4. No PC version is available. Whatsapp Web allows you to use it on the browser, but your phone should be in the vicinity and connected to the same network. 

Not having a PC client for Whatsapp makes it inconvenient to use. It limits the app to smartphones. 

However, some of the features are good such as being able to Mute the conversation to avoid distractions. You can easily block contacts, protect your profile picture from strangers, and can set a custom ringtone for each contact. But, even though it shows an end-to-end encryption message on your chat, the data is still not protected.

Drawbacks of Facebook:

  1. First of all, Facebook asks you to download a separate messenger app. 
  2. Both Facebook and Messenger apps take up a lot of space on your phone. The Lite versions of the same apps lack some features, which makes no sense as the user expects a fully-functional messenger app. 
  3. The app consumes a lot of battery and takes up a lot of Internet data. 
  4. No guarantee of privacy. 

Facebook is primarily a social media app. You cannot expect everything in one place as it will increase the size of the app. 

That’s why a separate messenger makes sense as it divides the app size. But, you need to have a Facebook account to use the messenger, the app is not a standalone app. 

The above drawbacks of Whatsapp and Facebook bring us to our next point. 

7 Best Features of TamTam Messenger App:

Here are the 7 seven best features of the TamTam Messenger App that we found surprising and make this app entirely safe for use for your chatting purpose.

1. Chatting: TamTam is a free app to get connected with people across the world. You can chat with your friends and family from your contacts address book. Or you can find people nearby to make new friends. To create a group chat, TamTam allows members to limit up to 20,000, which is almost unlimited. 

2. Voice Calling: TamTam lets you make free calls using the internet to your friends and family. Even if the internet connection is slow, you will still be able to connect with people. TamTam allows up to 100 people in a group voice call. There is an option to create a voice call link that you can share with people to join the call. 

3. Video calls: You can easily make HD quality video calls with up to 100 members. Similar to voice calls, video calls work fine even in slow internet connection. TamTam supports picture-in-picture for video calls for Android users, so you can access other applications on a phone while talking to friends.

4. Security: TamTam uses the TLS cryptographic protocol to protect your chats, calls, and data. Mail.ru has developed its privacy protocol as well as used a blend of some famous encryption algorithms to protect your chat history from getting leaked. Its robust protection algorithm makes TamTam useful for personal and business use. 

5. Channels: TamTam has a lot of great channels to which you can subscribe free of cost. You can access messages and media files shared on that channel. It’s as easy to create your channel as it is to subscribe to the existing one. This feature helps create channels to share news, study notes, recent updates in technology domains, and even for entertainment purposes. 

6. Multi-Device Support: TamTam has smartphone apps as well as PC client apps. You can access your chat calls from any device with perfect synchronization with all other devices. Moreover, to use a PC TamTam app, you don’t need to keep your smartphone connected to the same network or in the vicinity of the PC. All devices work individually and synchronize faster. 

7. Privacy: TamTam allows you to choose who can connect with you via voice or video call, and who can add you to the group chat. You can set your profile to high privacy so that strangers won’t send you messages. You can also auto-delete the TamTam account at a specific interval of time.

<Download TamTam App For Android> <Download TamTam App For iOS>

How To Use TamTam App: Getting Started with TamTam

You just have to follow these eight simple steps to get started using the TamTam messaging app-

1. Install the app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone. The size of the app varies based on the device and operating system.

tamtam app review

2. Once you open the app, it will ask you to create an account using your phone number, Google account, or existing OK messenger account.

tamtam app signin

Choose whichever is more convenient for you. If you choose a Google account to Sign up, you can still link the contact number later from your profile tab.

3. TamTam Messenger will ask you to set a profile picture and choose a name to display on your profile.

tamtam app details

You can set a profile picture later if you want or choose one from your phone gallery. Enter a name and click on “Done”

4. Now you are inside the app. If people from your phone’s contacts are on TamTam, you will be able to find them with the name you have saved.

Similarly, people who have your number saved can find you easily. 

There is a feature of the Profile link. Turning it on enables a public search, which means anyone can search you on TamTam. If you want to keep your account limited to your contacts, you can keep the profile link off.

Otherwise, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of your profile to turn the profile link on. After, set a username in front of tt.me/yourname. The name you set in the public link will be visible to people in a public chat as @yourname

As you can see in the below screenshot, TamTam allows you to automatically delete your account between 1 month to 12 months period.

tamtam profile info

5. To set up your profile, add privacy or change appearance, go to the settings from the bottom right corner.

tamtam profile setup

6. To make a voice call or a video call, you can either create a link or tap on the name of the person you want to call; options will appear.

Another way of making a group video call is creating a group chat and making a call to that chat. Group Chat members can join the call.  Switching from voice call to video call is available by clicking on the video call option next to the end-call button.

tamtam voice call

7. If you search for a channel by its name, link, or description, it will appear in a search result. You can easily subscribe to the channel from the button given at the bottom.

tamtam channels

8. Last but not least, download the PC version for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Once you install the downloaded file, you can log in with the same account and enjoy the device friendliness of TamTam.

How to make effective use of TamTam?

From the features mentioned above and the ease of use, now you have an idea of how TamTam can be useful for your personal and business life. 

Here are some tips to make effective use of TamTam:

  1. If you own a business, TamTam can be used to create a group of all employees as it has a limit of 20,000 members
  2. To conduct an online meeting, TamTam HD video conferencing will serve the purpose. You can add up to 100 members to the conference call. 
  3. If you own coaching classes, you can create a TamTam channel to share notes and even share tutorial videos to the channel.
  4. Reading daily news by subscribing to news channels can save your lot of time. 
  5. As it has a PC version available, you can set up a work-group and handle all conversations from your work laptop.

Final Words:

In this era of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, TamTam offers a lot of features that should be obvious on famous messengers. It’s a bummer that Whatsapp, Facebook, or other well-known apps have failed to provide these apparent features.

For example, no equivalent PC client, less number of members in a group chat, and some security concerns.

We hope you like the detailed review and tutorial on the TamTam messaging app. Let us know about your experience with TamTam.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the app features, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.


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