PUBG Return: PUBG Mobile Is All Set To Make Indian Fans Happy Once Again

PUBG Return 2.0: PUBG Mobile was one of India’s most popular mobile games till the Indian government imposed a ban in September 2020. But, in a recent update, it seems like PUBG mobile is all set to make a comeback. 

When Will PUBG Return For Indians?

Last week, the PUBG Corporation announced that the game is all set to relaunch in a new avatar, called PUBG Mobile India. However, the game will now have virtual simulation training. Moreover, all the characters will have clothing items from the beginning. Furthermore, it will show green hit effects and not use red to show blood. 

pubg return to india

The Corporation has also stated that the privacy and security of Indian players is its top priority. For the same, it will be holding regular audits verification on the storage systems storing the data.

PUBG also stated that it plans on investing $100 million to boost the esports culture and mobile gaming industry in India. For this, the company will be hiring over 100 Indians to set up India’s base to enhance communications and services. 

Rumors are there that the new version will be re-launched on 20th Nov. However, we expect this to be at work before the end of November.

“After the ban, most of the streamers and e-sports players were on the edge to find a new game that the audience could relate to. They were afraid that PUBG Mobile would not be making a comeback for at least eight to nine months.”  YouTube streamer Salman Ahmad A.K.A. 8bit MAMBA. 

He further said, 

“Games like “Call of Duty”, did not even market themselves properly. They did not host gamer meets or held major tournaments. PUBG Mobile excelled at all of this when it was available in the country. Staging and international staging is very important,”

Akshat Rathee, the MD and co-Founder at NODWIN Gaming, said, 

“We fundamentally don’t see any real difference between what was and what will come in. It’s the same gameplay with some cosmetic changes that suit Indian sensibilities. The love for the genre and the gameplay is not forgotten. The game will be back with the same fervor for the core community,”

The exciting part is that despite PUBG Mobile India being a new game with servers based in the country, the game will allow the use of users’ old IDs. 

This also means that in-game purchases made in the global version will be carried forward to the Indian version. This will come as great news for players who are looking for the long haul. 

Here is How To Use Google Takeout To Download All Your Google Data In 5 Steps

How To Use Google Takeout? In a recent update, Google has announced that it is all set to change its policy of offering free unlimited storage service. From 1st June 2021, you will need to pay for the service if they exceed the 15 GB storage cap. You will need to pay Rs 130 per month or Rs 1,300 yearly for 100 GB storage. 

In case customers don’t want to continue with Google’s storage service, they will need to migrate their data.

Now, how can this be done?

Let’s have a look at Google Takeout Site and its features. 

What is Google Takeout?

Google Takeout will let you easily download all your data, including contacts, Google drive files, and YouTube videos. It allows you to easily backup your data without affecting your Google account. 

However, you will not get to filter the albums when exporting photos and videos. But, you can select or deselect the dates of images you want to export. 

How To Use Google Takeout to Export Photos and Videos?

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account and visit the “” to export your Google data. 

download google data

Step 2: Click on the “Deselect all” option.

download data using google takeout

Step 3: Select Google Photos, scroll down, and then click on “next step.”

how to use google takeout

Step 4: Choose between the frequency options. These include (i) export once (ii) export every two months for one year. 

google takeout

Choose between .zip files and .tgz files. Once done, press on ”Create export.” 

Step 5: Google will then send an email to verify your account. You will get a message that says, “An archive of Google data has been requested.”

Once the process starts, Google will take a few hours or a few days, depending on the date that needs to be downloaded. You will get an email once the process is completed. 

Let us know what you think about this latest update in the comments below!

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How To Use WhatsApp Payment In India- All You Need to Know

Are you looking forward to how to use WhatsApp Payment option? Here is all that you need to know about WhatsApp’s new feature, i.e., WhatsApp payments. 

In a recent development, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has allowed WhatsApp to go live on its United Payments Interface (UPI). 

While Whatsapp has 400+ million active users in India, it is available to a max of 20 million users for now. 

The primary reason for this is that NPCI is implementing a 30% cap on payments via every third party payments app from January 1, 2021.

You will now be able to transfer money instantly and directly between bank accounts. Moreover, this will eliminate the need to create a wallet separately. 

WhatsApp Payment Option Not Showing? How to fix it?

If you are using the older version of WhatsApp, you will not be able to use WhatsApp’s new feature, i.e., the payment option will not show.

how to use whatsapp payment feature

To get the new feature, you will need to update WhatsApp from the GooglePlay store. The feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

How To Use WhatsApp Payments? 

All you need to have is a debit card and a WhatsApp account! Search for the “Payments” in the attachment segment. Then you would need to create a UPI handle and generate a UPI pin. That’s it! Two simple steps and you are good to go!

How to set up your WhatsApp payments account?

Step1: Open WhatsApp and click on the three-dotted icon placed on the screen’s top right corner. 

Step 2:  Select payments and then tap on adding a payment method. A list of bank names will open. 

Step 3: Select your bank’s name, and your number linked to your account will be verified. Note: Make sure the WhatsApp number is the same as the one linked to your bank account. 

Step 4: Once you have completed the verification process, you need to set up a UPI pin similar to how it is done on other apps. 

Which Banks Are Supporting WhatsApp Payments?

WhatsApp is working with five banks; Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Jio Payments Bank, State Bank of India, and HDFC Bank. 

Payment Integration with Amazon and Flipkart

In the future, you will be able to make WhatsApp payments on Amazon and Flipkart. But, as of now, these integrations are not there. 

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LinkedIn New Features: Poll And Virtual Events Rolled Out

Linkedin started rolling out two new features- Polls and Virtual events, to increase the engagements on your network. The virtual events feature is a combination of Linkedin Live and Events, which you can use to bring a community of people together.

As many of the people are working from home these days, the new features of Linkedin are to create a work environment right at your home. 

Linkedin News editor Andrew Seaman shared a screenshot of a poll feature in one of his LinkedIn posts. It’s the best way to get feedback, opinions, and increase engagements with more LinkedIn users. Anyone can create a poll in less than a minute and share it on a feed.

For now, the feature lets you add four options to start a poll. People in your network can vote for only one of the four options. A person voting for an option cannot see who else is voting for which option. If a poll creator wants to get insights on the votes, there is an option to message the voter within the poll. 

The poll feature is not yet available for all the LinkedIn users. But once it rolls out globally to all users, creating a poll will be possible via the ‘Create new post’ feature of LinkedIn. Once a user clicks on ‘Create a new post,’ LinkedIn will show the option of creating a poll. 

Users can create four options for the poll and can select between 24 hours to two weeks to last a poll. Linkedin is recommending writing about a poll before sharing it in the form of a blog and using hashtags to reach more people. 

Speaking of Linkedin Virtual events features, it has the same motive as polls, which is to increase engagements within the network. As physical events are not possible during the Coronavirus pandemic, these virtual events are going to come handy for many people. Linkedin is pairing with third-party broadcast partners such as Wirecast, Streamyard to maintain the production quality of events. These third-party integrations will allow users to create paid events on Linkedin.

Back in 2014, Linkedin decided to shut down its poll feature and took too long to relaunch it. Facebook and Twitter already have a feature of polls for a very long time now. But better late launch than not launching at all, as these features are going to help people build even stronger networks than before. 

Based on what we found regarding two new features of Linkedin, the virtual event feature might become more advanced than today after partnering with third-party platforms.

Google Chromecast Ultra 2 Rumors Everything You Need To Know

Google Chromecast Ultra 2 is going to be a game-changer in the Chromecast generation. The rumors are rolling out with its expected release date and features. Tech lovers are expecting a lot from the rumored Chromecast Ultra 2, which will be a 4K streaming device. 

The central concept behind the launching of Chromecast back in 2013 was to convert regular LED/LCD TV into a smart TV. The devices added the spice of ‘smart TV’ to the regular TV by connecting the Chromecast device directly to the HDMI port.

Even though companies like MI, OnePlus are launching Smart TVs with inbuilt casting features, this new rumored Chromecast ultra 2 is going to be amazing. 

What new features will the device offer from the rest of the Chromecast products? According to the confidential source of 9to5Google, the new Google Chromecast Ultra 2 will release with inbuilt Android TV AKA Google TV and a fully functional remote control.

Chromecast has always been a first and best choice among geeks to Cast from smartphones or tablets to the TV. This new Chromecast product from Google will have what other products have never offered. A fully-featured smart platform with its apps and app store. 

Getting to the point: What Google Chromecast Ultra 2 might offer

  • You will get a dongle with in-built Android TV and 4K HDR streaming. 
  • It might release as soon in 2020, but an exact date is yet to go public.
  • The cost of the device will be around $80 or somewhat similar to other Chromecast products.

Speaking of the Design of the new rumored device:

The design is very similar to the previous Chromecast products. The Ultra 2 will have a circular dongle, which will plug to the HDMI port of your TV. A simple rectangular remote has similar minimal buttons as previous designs. 

Google might upgrade to the latest processor, a memory of 2GB or more, and support of HDMI 2.1 for Ultra 2. The Android TV of Ultra 2 will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for next level Television experience. Besides, Ultra 2 will be released with the 10th version of Android TV.

Android TV will have the support of all the streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YoutTube, HBO, Twitch, EPIX, and more. Android TV already has the integration of Smart home via Google assistant; the Ultra 2 will offer these features. 

Google always tries to integrate the latest features to the coming devices. Hence, the Chromecast Ultra 2 might set the bar high. 

In our opinion and considering the rumored features, the new Chromecast ultra 2 can give tough competition to Smart TVs and other Chromecast products.  

Instagram Lite Disappears From Google Play Store! Might Re-release With The New Version

The Instagram lite app, which was first released in 2018, shuts down. The app has disappeared from the Google Play Store and might re-release with new features. The existing Instagram Lite users received a message ‘Instagram Lite is No longer supported.’ Users have been shifted to the latest version of the Instagram app. 

Instagram Lite was a popular and highly ranked app in selected countries where it was available to download, including Kenya, Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines.

According to the reports, the slimmed version of Instagram, AKA Instagram Lite, got unpublished from Play store in between April 12-15. Instagram Lite, now owned by Facebook, is now under test and development.

According to Facebook spokesperson’s statement, they are rolling back to the testing phase of Instagram lite. They are encouraging users to shift to the original Instagram app until the Lite returns.

The primary goal behind releasing Instagram Lite was to offer some of the features of Instagram without consuming much storage space. Users were able to apply filters on the images, post it on feed, share stories, and explore more content. However, Instagram Lite did not allow users to share videos on feed and send direct messages to their followers. 

The size of the slimmed version of Instagram was merely 573 kilobytes, which was around 1/55th the size of the Instagram app. 

In 2018, Mexico was the first to receive Instagram Lite on Play Store, followed by Kenya, Peru, and the Philippines. The app was ranking on number 8 in Kenya, 12 in Peru, 15 in Mexico, and 22 in the Philippines’s social category apps on Google Play. These four countries had the highest number of downloads on Instagram Lite. 

Due to millions of downloads, the app made its entry in the highest-ranked apps on play store. However, the app vanished from the play store for further testing. Facebook is claiming to test the app and bring it back as soon as it’s ready with the latest version.

Instagram Lite was one of the Lite apps Facebook had launched over the past few years, including Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. The majority of popular tech companies like Uber, Spotify, Twitter, and more launched their Lite versions of apps. Unlike these apps, Instagram Lite did not reach some of emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Brazil, and more. 

For now, Instagram Lite users can use the Instagram web, or Instagram app to stay connected with their followers and enjoy their social life. 

As of now, Facebook did not reveal many details on when Instagram Lite will return.

We think that Facebook might release Instagram Lite in more countries and eventually allow the app globally. 

Import Google Play Music Library To YouTube Music With Transfer Music Feature

Google is rolling out a feature of ‘Transfer music’ to the YouTube Music app from today that will help users to import library from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. The company has been trying to slowly fade away the Google Play Music app and shift to the YouTube music server. 

Google, for the past few years, was enhancing the YouTube music app by adding new features. Now, the company wants to make Play music users feel like home at YouTube music by officially inviting them to the new app. 

The users showed concerns about losing the playlists, music recommendations, and purchases as Google decided to move the server. But Google made it easier for users to continue the music libraries and playlists on YouTube Music App. 

With the transfer button, users can quickly shift all the music, playlists, and add-ons to the YouTube music. User’s personal music preferences will get reflected in YouTube Music as soon as they transfer everything from Google play music.

Google is moving towards making YouTube music as it’s default music app at a steady pace. Users have plenty of time to get used to the YouTube music app. The deadline to shut down the Google Play Music is later this year. The exact date is yet to be announced by Google.

To Transfer the Music, users need to follow the following steps:

  1. Download the YouTube Music App on Android/iOS and login with your Google account. 
  2. At the bottom right corner, click on the ‘Transfer button.’
  3. All your music, playlists, likes and dislikes, purchases, and everything will be transferred to YouTube music.
    import google play music library to youtube music
  4. Google will send you an email and notification after the completion of the transfer, and your new music recommendations will appear immediately after the transfer.
  5. You will be able to find your music and playlists under the ‘Library’ tab in the YouTube music app. Read more about the process here.

In addition to music apps, Google is also allowing podcast listeners to transfer the podcast progress and personal taste to Google Podcasts. The Google Podcasts app will be a default app for podcasts listening and will improve the user experience.

Last year, Google shut down Google Play Artist hub and merged the Play Music with YouTube Music app for indie artists. Google will shut down Play Music soon enough this year and ultimately move to YouTube Music. 

Right now, the good news for all Play Music users is that they are not going to lose anything, rather will gain new features via the YouTube Music app.

The Subscription plan for YouTube Music is the same as Google play music, which is $9.99/month. With this pricing plan, users can get offline music access, ad-free music experience, on-demand streaming, and background listening. Users can extend YouTube music subscription to YouTube Premium at $11.99 per month.

Google Music is not yet a big rival of Spotify due to the less user base. With Google Play Music and YouTube Music, Google was splitting the music user base into two different servers. Now, as the company decided to shift all the music users in one place, the scenario could change.

In our opinion, with YouTube Music, Google might cross the user base of Apple music. But to enter as a rival of Spotify, YouTube Music needs a lot more users to join. 

Spotify New Feature Group Sessions Rolls Out During Lockdown

Spotify is launching a new feature where music lovers can create a group. They are naming the feature as ‘Group session‘ where Premium users will be able to create a unique Spotify code. Once you share the code with your friends and family, they will be able to connect to your playlist. 

NOTE- The feature is available only for premium members. Only premium members can create a unique code and join the group. 

spotify new feature group sessions

The lockdown period amid COVID-19 is extending. People are looking for ways to be creative enough to pass their time. Social media users started participating in challenges on Instagram or Facebook to make the lockdown period less annoying. 

And now, Spotify’s new feature is a piece of good news for audiophiles. Listening to music with a group of people is now possible through Spotify’s Listening Together feature.  

Every user connected to the group will be able to control the music, add new tracks, and have fun together. The changes made in the playlist by any member will be reflected in all the group member’s playlists. The popular music app is allowing music lovers to enjoy an hour or two with their friends.

Spotify has been developing this group music listening feature for the past few months; it’s finally arrived at the perfect time. So now if you are working from home, cooking, napping on the sofa, you can enjoy that time with your music mates. You need to perform the following steps:

  • The ‘Host’ of the playlist has to tap on the ‘Connect’ menu at the bottom left corner.
  • It will generate a scannable code.
  • Your music mates will be able to scan the code and connect to the playlist.
  • After creating a group, anyone can control the playlist, add tracks, and enjoy group music listening.

With this effort, Spotify is hoping to get more people to subscribe to the premium membership. As people are locked in a home due to coronavirus pandemic, group activities such as ‘Group music listening’ could be fun for music lovers.

The only bummer right now is how to scan the code when your friends are not close to the Scannable code of your playlist? Maybe you can allow your friends to scan the code from your Laptop screen by screen sharing on video calls. Or you can share the screenshot of code. 

The feature is perfect for flatmates and families but right now it’s under the beta version (testing phase). In our opinion, Spotify might develop a better and easier way to create a group session. 

Google Plus To Shut Down In April 2019

According to a recent announcement by Google, the consumer version of Google Plus platform is going to shut down in April 2019. 🙁

The reason behind this is the second bug impacted the data of around 52 million users. The API of Google Plus got severely affected by the recent November software update introduced by Google.

Also, in October a bug in the software resulted in the compromise of almost 50k accounts. It was then when the company decided to shut down the platform for good.

It was then when the company decided to shut down the platform for good. Initially, the shutdown deadline was August 2019, but because of the recent bug, it has been shifted to April 2019.

Original Bug Detected THREE Years Back! 

The original bug detected in October has been in existence since 2015, but the developers realized its presence in March 2018.

According to various reports compiled earlier, due to regulatory apprehensions, Google was skeptic about the immediate reporting of the issue. It was then that the Google made their announcement of shutting down the network altogether official.

Although the expedition of the date has taken place considering the current scenario.

According to Google, “No third party had any role in compromising our systems. Or the developers that were able to access the data were responsible for misusing it for approximately six days”.

Google also insisted that they fixed the bug within a week although they informed the users about the same recently.

However, it is confirmed that all APIs of Google Plus is going to shut down within the upcoming 90 days. The incident indicated that the API permitted an app developer to view the details of a user’s profile even which were restricted. This API allowed access to the name, occupation, email address, age, etc. of users even when the public setting was not activated.

Further, Google revealed that even the data shared by another user with the consent of the user was visible. In this case, the setting was not public. Although one of Google blogs says that no financial data, passwords, national identification numbers, or any data that could have lead to identity theft or frauds were visible. Despite the bug, the developers could not access this information.

During the initial data compromise announcement, Google said it was challenging to maintain the Google Plus products, as a majority of the sessions lasted for less than 5 seconds. The reason behind this could be the fact that all Gmail users automatically have a Google Plus account they are not aware of and don’t bother finding out.

Virtual Data Can Be Downloaded

Google is in the process of scrutinizing some other APIs and in the time to come, it is set to provide users with options for downloading all their valuable data from Google Plus.

The blog post also mentions that if enterprise users encounter any further issues, they can reach out to the system administrators as Googe is planning to continue investing in the enterprise area.

Thus, the task of sending out notifications to enterprise users and fixing their problems is one of Google’s top priorities.

YouTube Autoplay Feature On Home Feed For Android & iOS Users

Earlier this year, YouTube’s Home autoplay feature, was only available to the Premium users. But in the recent update, YouTube has planned to make it accessible to all users (including Android and iOS users).

With some other pros including limited to no ads, background play, offline view, access to YouTube Originals and YouTube Music.

youtube autoplay feature

Even though the new feature is out for regular users, it might take a while to roll out among the common masses completely.

In the feature mentioned above, videos can be played with captions on and without sound on the homepage itself. Users can now watch YouTube videos on the go without the need for audio.

The main aim of the feature is to provide the users with a nice preview when scrolling through the home screen. This way, they can quickly decide what they wish to watch without needing to go into the details of each video.

Even though users can control their experience according to their preferences, YouTube has automatically enabled the Autoplay on the Home Feed.

Motto Behind New Feature Of YouTube

The reason behind this update is to promote the increase in user engagement with YouTube videos. When users can preview a video better, it helps them decide what exactly they wish to watch.

This, in turn, increases engagement with the video they choose to watch. With the Autoplay on Home out in the open, Youtube is no far behind its rivals in this area including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Netflix.

What If I Don’t Want To Use YouTube Autoplay New Feature?

The feature is a welcoming one, but in countries with limited data facilities this can turn out to be expensive for users. The best thing about this feature is that users can easily disable it or keep it running only while the wifi is on.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Go to Autoplay
  3. Press Autoplay on Home
  4. Then, choose from the following three options- Wi-Fi only/ Always On/ Off/.