How To Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts Easily- 3 Best Tools

How To
unfollow twitter inactive accounts

Are inactive twitter profiles and bots making your profile look bad? Then learn how to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts in bulk and add value to your profile. 

When we started using Twitter to promote our blog, initially, we had no idea how to handle a Twitter account like a PRO. We used to follow all our tech fellow bloggers and influencers in the same niche. This eventually increased our following counts and mostly who were inactive in retweeting our post, like or comment. 

We now frequently clean our list using the tool that helps us unfollowing unfollowers in no time. This keeps our profile legit and gets real engagement from targeted audiences to our post than before. 

If you have a small list, you can manually find people not following you back and unfollow them right away with these simple steps:

  • Click on your profile on the left-hand side.
  • Then click on the following, a list will be open.
  • A profile that follows you will be shown as: “Follows you.”
  • Select from the rest left inactive accounts and unfollow them as per your choice. 

However, with the massive list, it is challenging to unfollow inactive profiles manually. 

How To Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts?

In this post, we have covered the three best tools that will help you in unfollowing the inactive twitter profiles. We tried to cover each tool with a step by step tutorial guide along with its primary features. The tools covered are both free and paid. You can try any of these based on your requirements. 

Let’s begin. 

1. Unfollower Stats – Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tool 

Unfollower Stats is a straightforward tool to unfollow twitter accounts with one click. The tool helps you reveal people who follow you until a follow back and later unfollow you. These fake followers are a heavy load to your profile and of no use. 

unfollow inactive twitter accounts

Similarly, Unfollower Stats helps you unfollow twitter profiles that spam your twitter feed with unnecessary text and information. Besides the desktop software, this twitter unfollow tool has its iOS app as well. Download it from here.

When you’re not on your desktop, the app on mobile will notify you about unfollowers, inactive accounts, and eggheads in no time. 

How To Get Started With Unfollower Stats Tool:

  • Open
  • Click on the ‘Sign-In with Twitter’ button. 
  • It will take a few seconds to synchronize with your twitter account, and you are done! 

Remember, Unfollower Stats sends you daily stats on your Twitter account, but if anyway you don’t want these stats displayed on your account, follow these steps to disable:

  • Sign in on
  • Select “Settings” on the upper right-hand corner then uncheck ‘Tweet my daily stats
  • Click ‘Save Changes,’ and you are done!

That’s how the Unfollower Stats dashboard will look after synchronization.

unfollowerstats dashboard

Let’s take a look at the features Of Unfollower Stats:

  1. Unfollowers/Inactives – The following feature will help you look at followers unfollowing you. And also those who don’t have a profile picture (egghead), which is a must and makes your profile look legit. 
  2. White/Black Lists – This is an exciting feature of the Unfollower Stats application. You can always put profiles in the white list, to prevent accidental unfollowing actions taken and revert them.
    Similarly, putting profiles on the blacklist will help you avoid the unintentional following. Moreover, the blacklist makes sure you don’t risk accidentally following them again in the future.

UnfollowerStats Pricing Plans:

The twitter unfollow tool offers a Free, Premium, and Pro pricing plan. The free account would give you access to up to 75K followers.

The premium plan offers you everything at a discount price of $2.99/month

unfollower stats pricing

<Try Unfollower Stats Now>

2. Audiense Connect – Smart Twitter Marketing Tool

Audiense Connect is a comprehensive twitter tool. It might look a little difficult at first but focus on the tool parts explained here to get rid of fake followers without any complexity. 

twitter unfollow tool

The Audiense Connect twitter tool has 3 main principal areas:

  • Homepage 
  • Dashboard
  • Community Wall

Let’s understand each one by one-

1) Homepage: To access the homepage, follow these steps:

Open the website

  • Click on menu Products & Plans. 
  • Click on Audiense Connect 
  • Then click on the ‘Sign Up For Free’ button.
  • A sign-up page will appear, fill all the details and you are done!

audiense homepage

As soon as you link your twitter account to the Audiense connect, the first thing you’ll see is your homepage. The page will display all information of your followers and following. 

2) Dashboard: 

Now, to access the dashboard, click the top half of your account panel Go to Dashboard

The dashboard contains information in the Panel and Widget form. You can mouseover the widgets or click on them for more info or click and drag to zoom.

audiense dashboard

You can even create a custom widget just like you do on WordPress. Remember, the app automatically updates the data every 24 hours based on the latest synchronization. 

There are TWO Primary Widgets:

  • Community Insights: Helps you analyze the progress of a community over time.
  • Engagement Stats: Analyse the progress of engagement for 24 hours. 

To understand these two widgets more precisely, read here

3) Community Wall: To open the community wall, you got two options:

  • Click on the bottom half of your account panel.
  • Or click my community on the top menu bar of your homepage.

audiense connect community wall

The community wall shows twitter profiles in the form of user cards. Following unfollowing influences your follower/following ratio. The tool widgets help you make the right decision to perform any action of unfollowing/following to build a strong twitter business influential relationship.   

Audiense Connect Pricing Plan:

Audiense twitter tool offers 3 plans- Free, Twitter Marketing, and Audiense Marketing plans.

To start using the tool you can go with the Free version. Later to use its advanced features, you can upgrade to the Twitter Marketing plan just for $99/month.

audiense pricing

If you go for the annual package you are likely to save 20% Off on Twitter Marketing plan and 50% Off on Audiense Marketing plans

<Try Audiense Connect Now>

3. Circleboom – Twitter Management Tool

Circleboom is the best tool to bulk unfollow fake and inactive Twitter accounts. The tool lets you manage twitter by helping you identify fake or spam profiles, unfollow people not following you back, and more.

unfollow twitter inactive accounts

How to get started with the Circleboom twitter Unfollow Tool:

  • Open Circleboom website, click on the upper right button, “Get Started.”
  • The next step is “Sign in with Twitter.”
  • The application will take seconds to synchronize your account, and you are done!

As you get started with the application, it will scan all your followers and the following information in a pie chart form. The pie stats will depict your inactive followers, overactive (talking too much), egghead (with no profile picture), and fake friends.

What Else Circleboom Can Do?

Besides being the best unfollowing tool with an easy user interface, Circleboom is a complete platform for twitter marketing as well. Let’s take a look at it’s best marketing features that would help you automate twitter your account. 

Four Primary Features of Circleboom: 

  1. Publish
  2. My Tweets
  3. The Circle
  4. User Analytics

circleboom dashboard

Let’s understand the above features one by one-

Publish – This option has these three functions 

  1. Articles: This is the smart way to share articles curated based on your selection. You get hundreds of interest categories to select according to your interest. You can even set your articles in a queue with custom options like select your post-interval along with its start and end time. 
  2. RSS Tweets: Whenever you publish a new article, connect it with the RSS feed to send tweets, and gain engagement with your article.
  3. Sent Items: Shows history of all the items sent through Circleboom Schedule and Articles modules with a yellow (waiting to be sent), green(sent as expected), and red button (failed tweets, you can rework on that and send again). 

My Tweets – Comes equipped with three options, where you perform actions to delete an inactive account or your tweets.

  1. Unlike: You can search and filter all your likes on other profiles done so far, tick to select them all at once to dislike, or search accounts individually to dislike. Remember, your actions will not be recoverable once processed to perform any dislike, RTs, and unfollow tweets.
  2. Delete RTs and Tweets: Delete all or selected last tweets and filter out the retweets from the results shown by choosing this option.
  3. Delete Twitter Archives: This is a new updated feature of Circleboom. 

The Circle Gives you insights about your friends. With this function, you can select dead or inactive, fake or spam, and lost focus twitter profiles to perform unfollowing twitter accounts.  

User Analytics – Gives you overall stats about your Twitter account. You can keep track of tweets mostly loved, liked, and commented by people, your followers’ growth in understanding their twitter marketing strategy, the best time to tweet, etc. The users of Circleboom mostly love this feature.  

Circleboom Pricing Plans:

The tool offers Free, monthly, and annual pricing plans. Free plans restrict you to use a few of its smart features, so you can better go with SAVE FLAT 65% on its annual plan to automate your twitter handling process.

circleboom pricing plan

<Try CircleBoom Now>

Wrapping it Up

We hope the above tutorial with the best 3 three tools help you to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts easily. The list could be endless as there are tools/software/apps available over the web. But we tried our best to keep the tutorial simple and covered with the tools that we tried and tested. 

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and how your experience with the tools. In case of any doubts or help, feel free to let us know.

Also, if you are trying any other tools for unfollowing twitter accounts, we would love to know about it.


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