12 Best Websites Like Canva | Canva Alternatives To Try In 2020

design websites like canva

Are you looking for websites like Canva? You would agree on the fact that images are the most attractive element of your post, right? A beautiful image works like a magnet that attracts over 85% of people during social promotions on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin.  

When it comes to designing either a featured image or a logo for the website, the first tool that comes to our mind is Canva, as it is the most recommended social media image tool for bloggers and designers. Creating a logo using Canva is just a matter of a few clicks. But it has certain limitations that make us look for its alternatives. 

We also use Canva for our blog, but most of its elements or say illustrations are not free to use. You have to pay like $1 to remove the watermark on it. This limits us from using the images we need during design. 

Another reason, even though Canva has almost everything that one might need for designing purposes, however, if you need a graphic designing tool for your business, evaluating each tool for efficiency and cost-effectiveness is essential.

Some of the Canva alternatives covered in this post are cheaper and have fully functional editors.

Besides, the free packages of tools vary. Depending on your needs, evaluating the packages of each tool could increase the productivity of your business.

12 Best Websites Like Canva To Try In 2020

Below is the list of some of the graphic design websites like Canva with their features and pricing. Some of them offer free plans too, which are suitable for newbie designers. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Stencil

Stencil is one of the most loved graphic designing tools. Keeping in mind its services, this one is in the list of good Canva alternatives. The stock of images, powered by Pixabay and Pexels are free to use for commercial or non-commercial use. And the tool has tons of fantastic features worth checking. Stencil’s interface is simple to use for even newbie designers.

websites like canva

Features offered by Stencil:

  • Stencil offers more than 2 million stock photos of high resolution.
  • The tool offers over a thousand templates to create social media posts, blog post media, banners, logos, and more. 
  • Once you create a design, Stencil allows you to download the image in any size you want. 
  • With Stencil, you get access to more than 2M icons designed by skilled designers. You can use these icons to create a logo. 
  • The tool also has a good collection of quotes. You can use them to make inspirational posts. 
  • You can either use the Font family of more than 2950 fonts offered by Stencil or can upload your font if needed.
  • Stencil is one of the right options to create Facebook ads, grids, Instagram posts. Moreover, you can directly share the post created in Stencil to various social platforms.
  • Stencil also has addons for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Stencil also has a WordPress addon to use it for your blogs directly.


  • Stencil offers a Hobbyist plan free of cost with limited functionality. 
  • Monthly pro plan is for $15/mo, and Unlimited plan is for $20/mo
  • Annual pro plan is for $9/mo, and the unlimited plan is for $12/mo

<Try Stencil>

2. Snappa      

Even if you are not a graphic designer, Snapp is the best tool for you. Best suited for social media handlers and bloggers, the tool offers easy to use features. The tool has been one of the favorite alternatives to Canva for many designers.

canva alternative

Features offered  by Snappa:

  • One of the most amazing features of Snappa is its fully-featured graphic editor. 
  • Simple drag-drop, font styles, colors, effects, filters, shapes, and images. Everything in one place to design graphics.
  • Snappa offers an extensive collection of more than 3M photos, 100 thousand plus graphics, and a massive font family. 
  • To design social media banners or posts, blog banners or logos, Snappa has a collection of thousands of templates designed by professionals.
  • Resize image feature offered by Snappa is comfortable to use. 
  • You can upload your graphics, fonts, and even create folders for your projects on Snappa.
  • Snappa allows you to connect to your team members and assign them administrator roles. Adding and removing members is comfortable with Snappa.
  • You can connect your social accounts directly to Snappa to share the graphics directly to your social media.
  • Snappa provides video tutorials for newbie designers and has in-house email support to help.


  • The starter pack of Snappa is free to use for one user with limited services.
  • Monthly Pro plan is for $15/mo, and Team plan is for $30/mo
  • Yearly Pro plan is for $10/mo, and Team plan is for $20/mo

<Try Snappa>

3. Fotor

Fotor is another alternative to Canva, with more than 300M+ users. It’s a good photo editor and designing tool with tons of features.

best website like canva

Features of Fotor:

  • Under designing features of fotor, you can create social media posts, YouTube thumbnail, logos, blog banners, gift certificates, invitation cards, resume, and a lot more.
  • Fotor has thousands of templates ready to use designed by skilled designers.
  • Tons of font styles, image shapes, stickers make the tool more efficient to use.
  • Fotor also provides collage maker tools, portrait beauty features for photo editing.
  • You will find guidance blogs on fotor to help you understand designing basics.


  • The monthly subscription plan is at $8.99/mo
  • The yearly subscription plan is at $3.33/mo

<Try Fotor>

4. Visme

Visme is an all-in-one design website like Canva, which is suitable to create any design you want. Be it reports, banners, or social media posts, Visme has it all.

The tool has impressive features for an individual designer or even for businesses.

free canva alternative tool

Features offered by Visme:

  • Visme has a good collection of Presentation templates, infographic templates, document templates, website graphics, and social media templates, which are all easy to customize.
  • You can also create gift cards, invitation cards, Ebook designs, postcards, flyers, and even resume with this tool.
  • The editor of Visme is user-friendly; changing font styles, colors, inserting images, shapes, or charts is just a drag-drop away.
  • You can share your designs via email, directly to social media, embed on to your site, or present online. 
  • You can also set a password to your design to protect it from anyone outside your team. Sharing images, documents, video/gif, PowerPoint, and even html5 file is possible via Visme.
  • With a team plan of Visme, collaboration for brand design management is possible. You can create different folders for each team member. 


3 pricing plans are offered by Visme-

Individual plans:

  • The free plan is available with limited features.
  • The standard plan is for $25/mo  billed monthly and $14/mo billed yearly.
  • The complete plan is for $39/mo, billed monthly, and $25/mo billed yearly.

Business plans:

  • The single plan is for $39/mo billed monthly and $25/mo billed yearly. 
  • The team plan is for $117/mo billed monthly and $75/mo billed yearly.
  • Enterprise plan, you need to contact Visme.

Educational plans:

  • The student plan is $30/semester.
  • The educator plan is for $60/semester.
  • School plan, you need to contact Visme.

  <Try Visme>

5. Adobe Illustrator

Who doesn’t know the Adobe, it is the most famous designing tool loved by designers. The tool has various programs to use; one of them is Adobe Illustrator. The tool is best for logo designing and editing.

similar sites like canva

Features offered by Adobe Illustrator:

  • Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based software where you can create amazing over the top logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile.
  • The tool creates pixel-perfect designs, and software is more suitable for artists and designers.
  • Adobe offers advanced features such as snap to pixel capability, CSS extractor tool, advanced import-export settings, and much more.
  • Editing images, making realtime drawings, and logo designing are some of the best features of adobe illustrator.
  • You can scale your design to any size, create hand-designed art, and share your best work with easy export features. 


  • The annual plan paid monthly is for around $18.58/mo
  • Annual plan, prepaid  is for around $212/year
  • The monthly plan is for around $27/mo

<Try Adobe Illustrator>

6. ZillionDesigns

ZillionDesigns, as the name suggests, has tons of graphic designing features. It is a comprehensive tool to design your logo and icons.

It provides designs for business cards, resumes, letterheads, and more. The tool is one of the best Canva alternatives suitable for anyone. 

other sites like canva

Features offered by ZillionDesigns:

  • The tool offers website designs and templates with complete web design solutions.
  • Book cover design, bottle labels, ticket designs, wedding cards, door signs, and more designing options makes the tool multipurpose.
  • The tool also offers SEO services.
  • Startup contest and set up price where designers come up with the best work, and you finalize one winning design.
  • You get to choose your logo from a pool of designs that are made according to your requirements.
  • You can start the contest from four different packages that vary between $274 to 1173 dollars.


  • Dynamic Duo plan starts at $274
  • Wonderful web trio plan starts at $974
  • Perfect Print trio plan starts at $473
  • Creative Quartet plan starts at $1173

<Try ZillionDesigns>

7. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is the best tool for logo designing and favored for free business logos. It has a simple editor to design your logos or icons. However, the tool has other designing features like Canva too.

sites like canva

Features offered by GraphicSprings:

  • The tool offers customizable templates to create business cards, flyers, YouTube banners, letterheads, book cover designing, and much more.
  • GraphicSprings also has a website builder feature too. You can contact them to get information about website builders.
  • The tool also offers design tips for logo making under the learn section.


  • You have to pay an amount of $19.99 to download the high-resolution logo files.
  • They also offer a Pet custom logo design service at $149, where you receive three original logo concepts within three days.

<Try GraphicSprings>

8. Try Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful by Shopify is an exclusive logo making tool that enables you to generate logos within seconds. The tool offers amazing templates to make a logo. You do not need any technical expertise to create logos. It’s a great Canva alternative option as the tool is free to use.

hatchful canva alternative

Features offered by Hatchful:

  • It has an easy-to-use studio where you can customize logos that are specific to the industry and choose from a library of hundreds of professionally designed templates.
  • You can choose from beauty logos, business logos, clothing logos, food logos, and more such options on Hatchful.
  • As you start building a template for the logo design, it will ask you to 20 industries and then choose the visual style you are looking for in a logo. And in seconds, you are given hundreds of options to choose from in few easy steps.

<Try Hatchful by Shopify>

9. DesignBold

Creating simple yet stunning designs with DesignBold is easy. The tool’s interface is comfortable to use for non-designers too. The versatility in the features of DesignBold makes its entry into the list of Canva alternatives.

canva alternatives free

Features offered by DesignBold:

  • The tool has a massive collection of templates to use for various purposes. Resume templates, social media templates, Business cards, logo, email header, and much more.
  • Drag-drop editing features, filter options, font families, and more options to create your design. The tool also has keyboard shortcuts to ease the designing task.
  • DesignBold had millions of images to use for designing, more than 50 document formats, and trendy layout collection.
  • The tool allows you to download high-resolution images, upload your images, and share it directly to social media. 


  • With basic features, DesignBold has a free plan.
  • Pro plan monthly pricing is $9.99/mo
  • Yearly Pro plan is for $7.99/mo

<Try DesignBold>

10. Crello

Crello, another simplest tool to create graphic designs, social media posts, and animation. The tool’s features are commonly suitable for vloggers, bloggers, social media managers, designers, and ad campaign creators.

design sites like canva

Features offered by Crello:

  • The tool provides more than 25000 templates for commonly used social media, banners for blogging, YouTube thumbnail, business cards, postcards, gift certificates, posters, and much more. 
  • To create animated videos, Crello offers tons of animated elements, objects, and templates to put them together. So you can create a full HD video for your vlogs, blogs, Facebook page, and any other platform.
  • With a massive database of more than 500000+ high-quality premium images, the tool comes handy to create graphic designs by simple drag and drop.
  • You can also create presentations, eBooks, and flyers using Crello.
  • Under the tutorial section, Crello offers a guidance video on various designing elements that can be useful for newbie designers.


  • The free plan allows you to use limited features.
  • The Pro plan with a monthly subscription is for $9.99/mo
  • The Pro plan with a yearly subscription is for $7.77/mo

<Try Crello>

11. PicMonkey

A versatile tool with great designing features, easy-to-use interface, this tool makes it to the list of websites like Canva.

Any non-designer can use the tool to create top-notch designs. The tool is best for photo editing, designing, and touch-ups to beautify pictures.

sites like canva

Features offered by PicMonkey:

  • Simple photo editing options, filters, text editing in images, touch-ups by simple clicks.
  • More than 2400 templates to customize as per your needs, it’s easy to create multi-photo designs with PicMonkey.
  • You can create business cards, logos, invitation cards, ads, via this tool.
  • PicMonkey offers more than 3000 graphics, 200+ font styles, more than a hundred textures to make an eye-catchy design.
  • You can beautify a person’s photo by adjusting facial features and colors such as eye color, hair color.
  • The tool offers cloud storage, which makes it accessible from any device. Creating folders to access and organize your designs is a lot easier. 


  • The basic plan is for $7.99/mo or $72/year.
  • Pro plan is for $12.99/mo or $120/year.
  • The team plan is for $33.99/mo or $300/year.

<Try PicMonkey>

12. Piktochart

Piktochart is more of an infographics and charts designing tool. This one is useful for the sales department, the marketing team. The reason we picked Piktochart in our list of design sites like Canva is because of its unique features. 

canva alternatives

Features offered by Piktochart:

  • The primary niche of the site is infographics. It’s best to design reports, charts, and presentations. 
  • With simple drag-drop features and easy customization options, this tool is best to create any kind of business report. It also provides various color options, shapes, and images.
  •  You can also create social media graphics, flyers, and posters via the Piktochart tool.
  • After designing your reports, you can directly share it with your team, via email, or can download high-res images of the design.
  • The tool also offers video tutorials to learn the designing of infographics.


Piktochart offers three pricing packages:

Regular package:

  • Free plan with limited features.
  • Pro plan with $29/mo for monthly pricing and $27.17/mo for yearly pricing.
  • Pro plan with $52/mo for monthly pricing and $43.33/mo for annual pricing.

NonProfit plans:

  • Individual Pro plan for $39.99/year.
  • Pro team plan for $199.95/year.

Education and Classroom plans:

  • Individual Pro plan for $39.99/year.
  • Pro team plan for $199.95/year.

<Try Piktochart>

Final words

Every designing website offers different templates and themes. You might find what you’re looking for in more than one option.

Some of the designing websites like Canva mentioned above, have various designing tools, themes, and editors, along with good free plans and team plans worth a try.

Try the above Canva alternatives that fit best for you. Do let us know which alternative tool works for you and your experience in the comment section below. If you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations, do let us know.

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