WhatsApp To Allow iPhone Users to Transfer Old Chats To New iPhones Without iCloud

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As per the WaBetaInfo report, WhatsApp tests a new feature for certain iPhone users. This update is called the WhatsApp beta for iOS update, allowing iPhone users to shift their old chats from one iPhone to another without using iCloud. This update is currently available for some selected beta users only and will help iPhone users to save a lot of time and effort in transferring their old chats to the new iPhone. 

The report also includes a screenshot of the upcoming feature called ‘Transfer Chats to iPhone.’ This new feature will be found in the settings of WhatsApp, specifically in the Chats option. Simply, iPhone users will be able to shift their entire chats from the old iPhone to their new iPhone without any need to use the complex process of iCloud.

The new upcoming feature will make it easy to transfer the WhatsApp chat history and media files to the new iPhone in just a few clicks. Also, don’t forget to check out the Whatsapp chat lock feature update.

However, until now, you could transfer the chats with the help of iCloud. But iCloud offers only 5GB of free storage to keep and transfer the data. This storage limit can be increased only by investing some amount of subscription. Thus, this new update won’t require you to use iCloud and effortlessly shift all the data in just a few clicks. 

This new upcoming Apple iPhone feature is currently under the developing process and is only available for certain iOS beta testers to check if there is any bug or improvement needed. In just a few weeks, you will find out this feature is coming out for public use with an all-ready approach. 

In the screengrab shown in the report, you can find out the new option named ‘Transfer Chats to iPhone.’ It is located in the Chats settings of WhatsApp. According to the beta testers, when you click on the option, you will see a note claiming that this feature allows the iPhone users to make the encrypted transfer of all the old chats to the new iPhone. The best thing about this feature is that it doesn’t choose the lengthy process of iCloud and instead transfers all the data in just a few clicks. This new feature will require certain permission access from the user’s device to shift the data. 

How To Transfer The Chats From An Old iPhone to New iPhone? 

Here’s a step-by-step process to transfer the chats from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. 

  1. As soon as the feature is live, all iPhone users must download WhatsApp on their new Apple smartphone. 
  1. Now, you need to sign up with the same mobile number. 
  1. Furthermore, you need to scan the QR code in the new smartphone from the old iPhone. 
  1. This process will allow you to easily and successfully share all the chats without issues with your new iPhone. 

The benefit of the ‘Transfer Chats to iPhone’ Feature 

iPhone users generally have a huge amount of backup data to transfer to their new Apple smartphone. Since iCloud only has 5GB of free storage, the rest requires a paid subscription to transfer more data. At this point, this new upcoming feature WhatsApp update will help you make transfers in just several clicks without any complex or lengthy process. 

According to another report, WhatsApp will soon also bring out a new feature update to help users add the description in the forwarded media. This update is also in the beta version via Google Play Beta Program. Various testers have revealed that they can add descriptions to all the forwarded images, videos, GIFs, and docs.

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