16 Best YouTube Chrome Extensions For 2023

youtube chrome browser extensions

Are you using the best YouTube Chrome extensions/add-ons on the Google Chrome browser? If not, then these Chrome browser extensions will change the way you experience YouTube on Google Chrome.

Whether you are a YouTube addict, Vlogger, or a YouTube creator, you should definitely try these YouTube extensions to increase your productivity.

NOTE– This article has been updated with the latest YouTube extensions of 2023. We have also removed the extensions that have not been updated for the last 2 years or more. The list is followed by the latest and the best YouTube Chrome addons.

No doubt YouTube is the only video platform that hasn’t lost its charm over the years. Due to the varied and reliable content (both user-generated and commercial media content), it has emerged as a platform that millennials keep going back to time and again.

Over fifty million YouTubers are actively creating content, and five billion videos are being watched every day. As a one-stop solution to everyday issues, entertainment, and more, it gives way to a never-ending list of gaps.

While Google works relentlessly to address the customer-reported loopholes to improve the user experience, you don’t have to wait for your woes to be resolved.

It takes minutes or less to download third-party YouTube extensions for Google Chrome.

Top YouTube Chrome Browser Extensions for 2023

A lot of YouTube add-ons are available for the Chrome browser, but you don’t have to use every single one of them. Here, in this listicle, we have compiled 16 of the best YouTube Chrome browser extensions, which are handy and easy to use in 2023.

Moreover, these YouTube Chrome add-ons have got good ratings and were recommended by users who have already used them.

Let’s check out these best YouTube Chrome browser extensions-

1. Paradify: YouTube to Spotify 

With 4.79 ratings, Paradify is a Chrome extension that enables users to add any YouTube tracks to their Spotify list in just one click. This Chrome add-on is safe to use and doesn’t access any information from your Spotify account. 

best youtube chrome extensions

Paradify is widely used in 175+ countries, as it saves all the unnecessary efforts of the users and finds the track in just one click. This spotless extension is free for unlimited uses for all users. 

How to Use Paradify?

Watch this quick video tutorial or follow the steps below-

  1. First, you have to install the Paradify extension.
  2. Play the required video on YouTube. 
  3. Then, you will find a “Spotify Icon,” and you have to instantly click on it to add the track to your playlist. 
  4. You’re done with adding your YouTube track to your Spotify playlist. 
  5. However, if you do not find the “Spotify Icon” in your YouTube player, even then, you can always click on the “extension icon” to save your track in your Spotify account. 

Try Paradify Chrome Extension

2. Video Blocker for YouTube

Video Blocker is a Chrome extension that blocks unwanted YouTube channels, videos, comments, tags, and much more. 

video block chrome extension

With 4.32 ratings, this Chrome extension can block any YouTube content you don’t want in your feed. 

With the help of this extension, you can only allow certain whitelisted domains to play the videos. This extension was updated last month to fix any possible bugs, upload the pages faster, automatically remove unused notifications, and do much more. 

Features of Video Blocker 

  • Directly blocks the posts, comments, videos, and channels
  • You can block all the videos based on certain phrases or words in the title. (It is supported by regex). 
  • All the videos with specific links, IDs, tags, descriptions, and categories can easily be blocked. 
  • You can also block all the comments containing certain words or phrases. (It is supported by regex).

<Download Video Block Chrome Extension>

3. Unhook – Remove YouTube Recommended Videos 

Do you want to watch YouTube videos without any distractions? Unhook is a Chrome browser extension that helps users to remove all the distractions on YouTube. It includes the recommended sidebar, end-screen video suggestions, user comments, trending lab, and more.

best youtube chrome extension

With a 4.89 rating, this Chrome extension is widely used by over 400,000+ users. Unhook is compatible with almost all major browsers, including Chrome, firebox, opera mini, etc. 

Features of Unhook: 

This extension allows the users to hide various distractions, including:

  • Homepage feed
  • Video sidebar
  • Relevant videos
  • Live chat 
  • Playlist 
  • Comments 
  • Mix radio playlist 
  • End screen cards and video wall 
  • Merchandise, tickets 
  • Video info including share, like, dislike, subscribe button, video description, etc.
  • Header and Notification bell 
  • Irrelevant search list 
  • Section of Explore and Trend
  • Short tab, redirect subscriptions, autoplay, and annotations.

<Try Unhook Chrome Extension>

4. PocketTube: YouTube Subscription Manager 

With a 4.65 rating, and used by over 200,000 users, the PocketTube extension typically helps users to manage YouTube channels and subscriptions.

best chrome extension

It is a simple YouTube subscription manager that allows you to create a group of your YouTube subscriptions in a folder, a Video Deck for YouTube, mark the videos as watched, filter the YouTube videos, and much more. 

Watch this quick video tutorial of PocketTube-

Features of PocketTube: 

  • Create a YouTube channel group based on the topic.
  • Create a collection of subscriptions and channels. 
  • Select and add the custom icon for the YouTube collection.
  • Get your last YouTube watched videos in a collection or group and watch any of them through a YouTube playlist. 
  • Allows you to sync your collection automatically on iOS, Android, Firebox, Chrome profile, or Google Drive. 
  • Integrate with YouTube’s main page and tab. 
  • Allows you to filter the YouTube video topics on the feed page. 
  • Allows you to hide the YouTube video and search on your feed. 
  • Sort your YouTube based on your activity, a-z, subscriber count, and custom. 
  • Allows you to watch the tab groups on YouTube. 

<Download PocketTube Chrome Extension>

5. Screenshot YouTube 

Screenshot YouTube is a Chrome extension that allows users to take screenshots of any YouTube video in just one click. This extension adds a “screenshot” button inside the YouTube video player to take the screenshot of anything instantly. The screenshot instantly saves as a file or clipboard. 

youtube chrome browser extension

The screenshot YouTube extension comes up with 4.2 user ratings and is used by 300,000+ users. The extension is free from any malware, virus, or ads. 

Features of Screenshot YouTube:

  • Allows you to capture the screenshot while watching any YouTube video.
  • Downloads the screenshots in JPG, PNG, or WEBP format. 
  • Press the “s” on your keyboard as a shortcut to take the screenshot instantly. 
  • Keep your screenshot saved to the file or clipboard.

<Try Screenshot YouTube Chrome Extension>

6. TubeBuddy- Best Chrome Extension for YouTube Creators

With 4.6 ratings, Tubebuddy is the most important Chrome add-on for YouTube vloggers. The extension offers advanced YouTube SEO features like optimized tags, title suggestions, and descriptions. Over 10M brands, creators and vloggers are using TubeBuddy. 

youtube chrome addon

Once you install the TubeBuddy Chrome Extension, on the top corner of the YouTube page, you will find the Main menu of TubeBuddy.

Click on it, and you will be able to locate Dashboard, My Channel, Analytics, channel health report, Tag Explorer, and more. Check out this quick intro video of the TubeBuddy extension for more understanding-

Features of TubeBuddy:

  • TubeBuddy offers a Tag tool to explore related tags for your video.
  • The tag tool allows you to find related tags, the search volume of the tags, the competition of the tags, and the overall score of the tag.
  • From the analytics of a Tag tool, you can translate the tags.
    For example, if your channel has users from non-English regions of the world, you can translate your tags to different languages by selecting the country and using them to improve video ranking.
  • You will see a dropdown option for TubeBuddy’s tools under all your uploaded videos on the channel.
  • Video SEO tools, Promotions, Thumbnail generator, GIF generator, Annotation tools, and Schedule a publish tools are available for each video. 
  • A menu above the list of uploaded videos offers bulk processing options such as bulk delete, and bulk update.
  • While uploading the video, TubeBuddy offers on-page tools to optimize your upload process, and tag generation to improve SEO.
  • It also offers stats, tags, and video performance tools on the description page of your video. So, you can track the stats of your video from the description window while you are watching it.

Create an account on TubeBuddy to access more detailed analytics reports and video performance monitoring. If you have a YouTube channel, this YouTube data extension should be in your vlog management.

<Download TubeBuddy Chrome Extension><Try TubeBuddy Pro Today 

7. vidlQ

As a YouTuber or vlogger, you need strong analytical grounds to encourage well-informed judgment calls that yield results.

From questions on YouTube SEO to the ranking of search results on the platform, vidIQ, a YouTube-certified browser extension, will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the trade.

youtube chrome extension

With 2,000,000+ users and a nearly perfect rating of 4.5 stars from eight thousand users, a 2.46 MB browser extension software vidIQ is trusted by AOL, eBay, and Time Inc. vidIQ has been successfully managing over thirty billion YouTube views across eight thousand channels.

Features of vidIQ:

  • vidIQ offers a channel audit tool to show video performance. The tool is one of the best tools for channel marketing.
  • vidIQ also gives a score based on a video ranking algorithm. The score predicts the chances of your video getting recommended in related videos.
  • One of the features offered by vidIQ is a video velocity tracker, which identifies YouTube videos going viral based on the number of views in real time.
  • vidIQ Pro allows users to access historical data to check performance based on keywords. Users can research the best keywords for the video content with the PRO version of vidIQ.
  • vidIQ boost and boost+offers SEO features to boost your video and offers personalized coaching for YouTube video creators.
  • The tool improves brand awareness and helps you create an organic audience by deriving insights from both your channel and social media accounts.
  • Priced reasonably depending on your needs and usage, each of the four packages provides its means of advanced account management, content and channel strategy, community management, custom reporting and analysis, and more.
  • vidIQ also allows you to manage multiple channels, create relevant content, and inspire collaboration with fellow YouTubers.

As Paul Cooney, the YouTube Partnership Manager at AOL, says, “vidIQ tackles YouTube SEO head-on with Tag Recommendations, a crucial tool for the growth of AOL’s diverse brand channels.”

In addition to the browser extension, vidIQ also provides customized brand solutions, network solutions, and agency solutions for brands.

<Try vidIQ Today> <Try vidIQ PRO>

8. YouTube Video Downloader by Addoncrop

With a 4.6-star rating, this extension saves a lot of trouble downloading a YouTube video.

And not just video downloading, you can also download mp3 of the video by just selecting the option of converting to MP3. 

youtube chrome browser extension

You will be asked to install the extension via CrossPilot. Once you add this extension to your Chrome browser, click ‘Grant permission’ from the extension options to use the extension. This will help you to download both videos with HTTP and HTTPS URL formats.

Now, when you watch a video, you will see a “Download Button” below that YouTube video like this-

download youtube video extension

You can select any format such as MP3, MP4, or FLV, and download the video.

Features of YouTube Video Downloader:

  • Download any YouTube video in any quality, starting from 360p to 1080p with just a single click.
  • ‘Convert to MP3’ feature.
  • The extension allows you to choose the time interval of the video to download that portion of the video.
  • You can also download videos from embedded YouTube players by clicking on the Download button at the top right corner of the video player.
  • The extension also allows you to capture high-quality screenshots of the frames in the video. Just pause the video at a frame that you want to capture and click on the camera icon at the bottom right corner of the video.
  • Some advanced features of this extension are the dark mode option, float view, auto-pause the video when you leave the page, disables annotations, and much more.

Also, this YouTube add-on by default downloads 120-minute longer videos; you can change the setting from extension options to download longer videos. 

With these many awesome features, this is the YouTube extension that you can’t live without. It’s good for students, too, to download study tutorial videos, which are usually long. 

<Download YouTube Video Downloader Extension

9. Magic Actions For YouTube

With a rating of 4.7, Magic Actions by MYCINEMA is a multi-utility browser extension designed for a comfortable watching experience. It’s a lightweight extension offering a multitude of features used by 1,000,000+ users that turns YouTube into your personal home theatre.

magic actions browser extension

Magic Actions Features:

  • Magic Vinyl (transforms the video with zoom, horizontal-flip, vertical-flip, color filter, speed booster, and viewing buffering status)
  • Mouse Wheel Volume Control
  • Auto HD 4k capabilities that work with HTML5 videos
  • Dynamic Backlight feature with over 40 different color presets; customization is also available
  • Stops auto-play
  • Well-designed Night theme and OSD on-screen display
  • Creates an endless loop of clips that you want to watch over and over again; simple right clicks to enable and disable loops)
  • Previews of ratings
  • Hides page elements
  • Bypass country restrictions on videos, the Dynamic Backlight feature provides a relaxed ambiance to set the mood for a movie night.
  • The Quick Expand feature plays the selected video in the broadest possible player size, filling your viewing window.
  • The Auto HD feature allows videos at any desired resolution up to full Ultra HD 4k if available. When HD is not available for any video, it automatically adjusts to the highest possible resolution setting.
  • Help and Tips on Chrome, Firefox, and Mozilla

A functional blog with regular updates on Chrome, the browser extensions, and an in-depth explanation of each feature in layman’s terms.

Multiple themes and browser extensions for deleting and managing history, deleting cookies, and so on Contributions come via PayPal.

The premium features include the contributor’s name, and social media links featured on the website, access to the beta version of the application, and priority e-mail support from the team.

<Try Magic Actions Today

10. Loom YouTube Chrome Extensions

Loom, with 4.8 stars used by 6,000,000+ users, is one of the best extensions for users who want to create a YouTube video.

loom youtube extension

Over 14 million people across 200,000 companies (like Hubspot, Netflix, etc.) used Loom to record their screens and share thoughts visually.

The extension allows you to capture, narrate, and instantly share videos on YouTube. It offers three options to record the video, Screen+ cam, Screen only, and cam only. 

best youtube extension

In Screen+cam mode, you can record the screen along with a small camera circle to interact with people directly. The screen-only mode is best for those who do not wish to record themselves on camera. The last option is, of course, to record via camera. Watch this quick video tutorial of Loom Chrome Extension for more info-


  • Hours of recordings, no limitation on time.
  • Loom offers secure storage for a 25-video limit.
  • It gives an option for video trimming and video embedding with instant HTML code.
  • Users can integrate their Gmail, Slack, Jira, and many other accounts with Loom.

Loom Pro Premium offers more features, including HD video, unlimited storage, and a premium editing suite for $8 per month.


<Download Loom Extension Free><Try Loom for Business Today>

11. Looper For YouTube

Looper helps you to watch the same video on YouTube without pressing the replay button. It automatically adds a loop button below the subscribe button. Both the frequency and the range of the loop can be customized with the button. It uses Content Script, which reduces CPU usage and makes your device more responsive.

It’s a good extension with a rating of 4.8 and is used by 900,000+ users.

looper chrome extension

It comes with an embedded keyboard shortcut. Every time you want to activate the function, all you have to do is hit P on your keyboard.

Features of Looper: 

  • Looper allows users to set a loop in a portion of a range. 
  • A shortcut associated with the letter “P” starts the loop.
  • The autoplay option for the playlist will be disabled after pressing the loop button.
  • Looper displays translation according to the YouTube language. 

Looper, although, has issues with casting using Chromecast, which is a bummer.

You can append “&loop=x” or &start=aa:bb&end=yy:zz” to set the frequency and define the range of the loop by choosing your variables. Easy Peasy!

<Try Looper Today><More about Looper here>

12. Enhancer for YouTube

With 4.9-star ratings from 1,000,000+ users, Enhancer is a browser extension with approximately four hundred and ten thousand users worldwide.

Enhancer was the fortieth browser extension Microsoft Edge to be added to Windows Store.

youtube chrome extension


  • Mouse wheel-controlled volume 
  • The extension also removes automatically or on-demand.
  • It allows users to whitelist channels.
  • It supports auto HD playback mode.
  • Users, with Enhancer, can pin the video player.

Likewise, it offers more features to upgrade the user’s video-watching experience. 

<Try Enhancer Today>

13. YouTube Playback Speed Control

What’s the most boring thing when it comes to watching lengthy videos? Forwarding it to the important part without missing any details. YouTube Playback Speed Control allows you to increase the playback speed of the video by pressing the “+/-” keys.

youtube playback extension

With a rating of 4.7 stars by more than 100,000+ users, this extension offers the easiest ways to rule over YouTube playback speed 

<Try YouTube Playback Speed Control Today>

14. Improve YouTube Chrome Extension

Improve YouTube with over 480,000 active users, and a rating of 4.5 on the Chrome Web Store is a multi-utility extension for all the little things about YouTube that are not so perfect.

youtube shortcuts extension

This extension disables annotation, auto-play, and playlists. The h.264 encoding makes your device more efficient without draining juice from your device or without taking up too much CPU usage.

To add to that is the choice of customizing your video quality and video size. Add to that the option to control volume by scrolling away on your mouse, and we have got a win-win situation here.

While most of the features remain free, there is a small, one-time donation fee associated with the premium features via crypto-donation.


  • Creating loops, reverse playlists, shuffle playlist
  • Taking screenshots
  • Building custom playback speed and volume levels
  • YouTube Mini Player
  • YouTube pop-out Player
  • Default auto-play options (both on and off; works on playlists too)
  • Schedule player changes at night (includes dark color themes, blue-light, and dim display)

Recent updates fix YouTube autoplay, forced theatre mode, Pop-up font size, Moving thumbnails, and much more. 

Enriched with more than forty odd features, Improv YouTube is a one-stop solution for those looking forward to a better YouTube experience.

Improve YouTube Beta’s offerings remain the same for all the YouTube beta users out there.

<Try Improve YouTube Today>

15. Turn Off the Lights

If you are someone who uses YouTube for purely entertainment purposes, this extension will enhance the viewing experience for you. Watch this quick video to understand more about the extension-

Working on a varied range of web browsers and an array of websites including Hulu, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Metacafe, to name a few. With a rating of 4.6, this extension has been liked by 2,000,000+ users.

turn off the lights chrome extension

Turn Off the Lights has keyboard shortcuts to toggle the lights, the eye-protection feature, adjust the opacity levels, and timestamps, and zoom in and zoom out.


  • It supports an Auto wide mode of video playing. 
  • It has the option to make the screen dark when the user hits the play button.
  • Users can select a video quality up to 8K HD.
  • It has a feature of atmosphere lighting that shows glow around the video player.

<Try Turn Off the Lights Today>

16. Enhancer For Netflix

With 4-star ratings from over thirty-one thousand users, Enhancer for Netflix by SIMKL is a browser extension with approximately three hundred thousand users worldwide. Enhancer was the fortieth browser extension Microsoft Edge to be added to Windows Store.

enhancer chrome extension

Check how to use Netflix Enhancer in Chrome-


  • With a customized toolbar to suit your needs, including colors, keyboard shortcuts, custom speed, volume, resolution settings, and effects, this browser extension brings YouTube to your fingertips.
  • You can block YouTube ads automatically. However, individual channels can be whitelisted, a particularly handy feature for your favorite YouTubers to earn money.
  • The default settings can be adjusted with the mouse wheel once you have enabled the features.
  • The new update of the application released in August 2018 introduced the resizing and repositioning of the player.
  • The good old drag-and-drop gesture resizes the player, whereas a simple right-click will reposition the player making it convenient to browse for the next video that goes into your playlist.
  • Disables playlist playback.
  • Automatically pauses videos when opened in a background tab.
  • Disables video buffering when the video is running on a background tab.
  • Minimalist browser window that can both be used attached or detached from your browser.
  • The extension provides in-app paid products for a better experience.

Brownie points: All of the above is in addition to the cinema mode and filters. It works on embedded videos too if the src attribute of the video is HTTP:// only. Some embedded videos have the src attribute starting with //, and they are not compatible with this browser extension (Yet.)

Moreover, the tips and tricks and tutorials section on the website is coming soon. With added information, this browser application is already set to up its game — no active affiliate programs associated with this application.

<Try Enhancer Today>

Some Bonus YouTube Tips-

Before you end up reading the article, here are some bonus YouTube tips for you:

1. Download any YouTube video

You can download any YouTube video with a simple ss appended before the link. This should open a savefrom.net webpage in ten-odd seconds.

Choose the highest available video quality, and you will have it saved on your device in no time. Brownie points out this hack since it is compatible with all internet browsers.

2. Extract the audio

Follow the same steps as above and toggle on the video resolution bar to find the “Audio MP4” or associated MP3 format option listed in the dropdown list for your perusal.

When you download, it will extract the audio from the video only.

3. Create a GIF from YouTube videos

You can easily convert any YouTube video to GIF by adding GIF before the link and pressing enter. Once you follow that up with a couple of edits, you will be able to achieve the desired results.

Final Words: 

As an open information repository, there is plenty out there on YouTube alone. This has been prevalent to the extent that we have grown to embrace the fact that you shall have an alternate solution to our everyday problems out there.

To improve your experience, efficiency, and functionality on the platform, the Chrome web store has plenty of third-party browser extensions to optimize the existing galore of knowledge in place.

Mild, moderate, or severe, every YouTube user has a solution that is out there!

Do let us know which YouTube Chrome browser extension you use and why? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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